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and page 3 of the Malay Mail, 13th March 2005

Couple questions delay in police probe


It has been more than four months since a Malaysian businesswoman and her British fiance alleged they were beaten up by bouncers at a nightspot in Jalan Ampang on Halloween night last year.
But it was only last Thursday that they were asked by Dang Wangi police to identify their attackers.

The businesswoman, who wanted to be known only as Ju-Lee, 26, was able to positively identify two men.

Her fiance, known only as James, however, said he could not positively identify his attackers as it happened some time ago.

James now questioned why investigations into the alleged assault, which occured on Oct 31 last year at Zouk Club KL, had taken so long.

“I don’t want to accuse the wrong persons. So I told the police that I am not 100 per cent certain.”

“The incident took place a long time ago. At the time, all I could feel were blows coming from all directions.”

The 25-year-old manager with a multinational company in China said they spent about five minutes each in a room with the suspects inside and were told by police to point out their assailants during the identification parade.

“It was traumatic for us as we had to recall the incident.”

Ju-Lee, meanwhile, said she is fearful that the attackers can now identify them after seeing them at the police station.

“We had to come face-to-face again with our attackers. Of course, I can remember their faces but over the course of time, some of their features like hairstyle and body size may have changed.”

She said she had changed her cell phone number, claiming that several weeks after the incident, she had been receiving strange calls.

She said they will continue with the lawsuit against the nightspot operator.

“We want to see justice done and don’t want the same thing to happen to anyone.

“We were never there (in the toilet) to ‘make out’ as the club claimed, and we want this to be clear. It has been a difficult time for us since the incident.”

The Malay Mail reported on Nov 5 that the couple were assaulted at Zouk after they were accused of ‘making out’ in the men’s toilet.

Ju-Lee had said that she went the toilet to attend to James, who had a health problem and was sick at the time of the incident.

Dang Wangi deputy police chief Superintendent Mohd Rodzi Ismail said the case is classified under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

He said as the case is a non-seizable offence, the police had to get the order to investigate from the Deputy Public Prosecutors before taking any further action.

“There was a lot of process involved before we can call for the identification parade.”

He said since the two alleged assailants had been identified, police would continue with the charge soon.


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