Friday, December 23, 2005


Am taking a bit of a break from this blog..... the investigations seem to be moving pretty well albeit slowly. (biar lambat asalkan selamat, I'd like to think)

Brought in all the necessary medical records, they've been flown in, duplicated and submitted to the appropriate people.

I'm also meeting a healthy number of people who have been bashed up. It is quite alarmingly, shocking and appalling. But two heads... or should i say, more heads, are better than one.

Need to take a break. May head off to our apartment in Milan and then the country home in Como sometime soon for a nice chill, some shopping and a good detox since things seem to be moving fine. This time of the year is also great to ski, and the view from the back of the house faces the Alps... sunrise right now is breathtaking. It makes you forget about all your worries and concerns and opens your mind and heart to new feelings and possibilities. When I'm there I like waking up extra early, making a cup of hot chocolate and watching the snow change hues as the sun comes up.

I miss the people I have there too, family and friends and then there's just Italians in general.... such a colourful nation. And I think that after going through sooo much in Malaysia it'll be nice to see the others I consider family and that other place I consider home, just to relax and take a break. I am Malaysian and will always be, through and through, but getting beaten up in a public place and then encountering all these difficulties over what should be a small issue to tackle is distressing. How come there are so many beatings, why is it nothing much is being done on an administrative level, why is it such an uphill battle for a victim in a place considered "developed"?

First world infrastructure, third world mentality... that's what someone said to me once.

Hope I can make a change with this, there's no other reason why I feel so strongly about this whole thing.

p.s..... people who have apartments in Milan and appreciate the morning sunrise over the Alps do not "do" public toilets.



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