Saturday, November 12, 2005

Witness's Post

Hello everyone.

This is a post in the comments section by my friend who witnessed the thing and basically stepped in and saved us. I decided to highlight it in case some of you missed it... understandable considering the comments box is small for some browsers.

What she did was brave. All the other people around were just watching like spectators in a bull ring. She took a big risk, pushing her way in through the ring of bouncers and seeing to it that they knew we were not alone. For that I respect, admire and thank her for. I'm eternally grateful.

If there is a true hero in this story, it's her :)


Hey Julz,

Kudos on keeping your cool with some of these 'anonymous' spammers. Some people just can't make constructive criticisms.

In relation to concernedcitizen's comment that "It does NOT help them (or society) for you to build up public resentment against [bouncers] as a group."
--> you are right. We Don't want to create discrimination against them. What we want however, is to have some rules regulating their behaviour.

With regards to suanie's reference to "people sitting around doing nothing?"
--> sadly that was exactly what happened. When I found Julz and James, they were surrounded by bouncers on one side and curious on-lookers on the other (if there were any numbers to be taken, some would have probably bought 4D or toto numbers).

Here's my part of the story folks

Me and 2 other friends met up with Julz and James at Zouk.

We (minus the lovebirds) then went dancing when I got a message from Julz asking us to come up quickly. It seems James had been gone some time and she was worried. We packed off our guy friend to look for him.

Julz then subsequently gets a message from James for help and she rushes off to look for him and asked us to wait. (Our guy friend comes back later empty handed but we told him it was ok, Julz had gone to look for James.)

Some time passes. Some strange girl waves at me excitedly saying that my friend was looking for me. Puzzled, I followed her and turned to where she was pointing.

Shock and horrors!

I saw Julz on her hands and knees crying and James on his back on the ground! I pushed through a wall of men in black surrounding them (and curious on-lookers on the other side of a partition). One of the men (I believe they were all bouncers) tried to stop me by pushing me back but heck my pals were in trouble and no fat bouncer is going to keep me from getting to my friends!

As I pushed through I saw one of the men in black aim a kick at James! Julz was crying hysterically at that point and said over and over again to me to please please grab her bag and let’s go! I was at that point in the middle of a group of men in black in what felt to be a rather volatile situation with my friend in tears and her fiancé prone on the floor with what seemed to be blood on his face. I didn’t know what to do. So I did what she told me to do. I ran back, grabbed her bag and handed it to her. We somehow made it out without being further accosted by the bouncers.

I also got So mad when Julz told me what happened when she tried to make a proper statement to the police much later. The policewoman who was taking her statement told her she should be ashamed of herself for being in the men’s toilet and that she should watch her behaviour! And when Julz wanted to make a statement in English, the policewoman asked her rudely why she was speaking the ‘white man’s’ language and not bahasa melayu. The policewoman claimed she did not understand English. (Note: you have the right to make your statement in the language of your choice). So Julz gave her statement in bahasa melayu. She had to correct the statement several times for spelling corrections because the policewoman’s command of her native language was obviously not exactly first rate.

God what happened to sticking up for your fellow women? I tell you sometimes it is our own gender that makes the worst perpetrators of discrimination, which is totally unforgivable.

Anyways. I’m just so mad coz Julz and James got bashed!!!!

One more thing, I went to the police station a few days ago to make a report as an eye witness but the policewoman told me I had to get the Investigating Officer’s approval first. Which is total crap really. You have the right to make an independent report of an event you have witnessed. Anyways, we went back again today with Julz lawyer in tow and the police took both my report and my statement. (Julz’s lawyer is the Best!)

Another thing (last one promise!) – if you are unhappy with the way a government servant / department has treated you – call the Public Complaints Bureau (Tel : 8888 7777, Web : Apparently they love hearing from the public.


Anonymous williamclw said...

wow... a nice cup of freshly brewed espresso.

see JuLee? at now i believe your story. Cause before this your story make no sense. But after reading this, i really felt zouk should take full responsibility.

good luck.

12 November, 2005 09:40  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Now you tell me if this policewoman deserves to be locked up herself or not.

Fucking unbelievable.

12 November, 2005 09:56  
Blogger suanie said...

laa... lots of ppl comment w/o reading all the comments - you do have to admit that there are a HECK LOT of comments in all the posts on this blog.

the way ju-lee wrote her post was rather emo also, jump a bit here and there. a lot of people are skeptical after the guy who lambasted and did nothing, the wariness is still around.

honestly i don't blame readers for doubting. now that ju-lee has taken the positive and appropriate steps of standing up for her rights, then people will automatically sedar sikit.

chill eh ;) :D

p/s and zouk's a femes reputable club, all more the wariness i guess.

p/s/s don't flame me, i'm cute

p/s/s/s zouk sucks

12 November, 2005 10:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cute?? perasan.

12 November, 2005 10:22  
Blogger suanie said...

memang pun.

12 November, 2005 10:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn cool, Julz. You compose this story to justify your earlier one. Good move. Now everyone will believe you. Steady.

12 November, 2005 14:31  
Anonymous krang said...

Put it this way, if I got into deep shit, and my good buddy was there, I'd make sure he churns out a story just the way i'd like it.

12 November, 2005 15:01  
Anonymous gary said...

still cant believe your story... BUT how u were treated at the police station? that i can believe. Malaysia should really up the standards of our police. The policewoman probably treated ju-lee the way she did because like many of us, she coudn't believe your story...still, she had no right whatsoever to treat you guys like that! i'd say you have a better chance winning a court case against her than zouk.

ive yet to see the pictures!...c'mon i really want to support you in this but there are just too many loopholes. solid proof please!

12 November, 2005 23:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, krang tat was my sentiments LOL .. guess my sarcasm didn't come true.

13 November, 2005 11:18  
Anonymous ANONYMOUS said...

hmph.. why la u people can simply believe a story? evidence comes first, man. PICS?!! not just a plain writing and 'so-called' best friend's story. haih. people people.

13 November, 2005 20:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this is true, why you didn't join Julee into the search or at least accompany her into the toilet. At least not many ppl believe in orgy (not that popular in Malaysia) if you would have join her in the toilet.

13 November, 2005 22:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fucking liar. There were so many people at Zouk that night and there tonnes of witnesses that saw you making out with James. Please stop all this nonesense as you will definately lose your integrity and dignity. It's only your friends who are supporting you.
I would really advise you to take a break from all this and maybe reflect on what really happened. Dont persue this anymore as you know that you will end up losing much more than your dignity.
You will lose your friends once thy know you are a liar and all this is definately for attention.

13 November, 2005 22:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

two thumbs up!!

13 November, 2005 22:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should just forget about this whole thing.You are not getting anywhere with this as there were tonnes of witnesses at zouk and the only people that is supporting you are your friends. what you wrote is partially true and you know it.
Please try to salvage what's left of your pride and dignity and let all this go.

13 November, 2005 22:23  
Blogger josephine said...

oh so u mean u saw too la?!if they r making up for hell sake so mani ppl go n see meh???damn liar la u!!

14 November, 2005 02:36  
Blogger Azxel said...

it's sad that a lot of our cops still have that 'guilty till proven innocent' mentality. there are some good cops out there though.

14 November, 2005 09:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Lordwater2002 from NMT Autoworld.

Ju-Lee, my trust about your story had getting better since the first post. I really had no doubt about the goverment servant attitude and behaviour. Sometimes I don't blame the Malaysia Goverment but infact their low mentality staff really given them a bad remarks. Our Goverment really can be the best but with this KAMPUNG with 3rd WORLD mentality servant. We hardly will be successful in the coming future. Wake up servant people!

14 November, 2005 10:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Lordwater2002 from NMT Autoworld.

Oh! YA... One more thing... Anonymous that said Ju-Lee was making out in the toilet! Well, If they did make out in the toilet. What's wrong with it? If you think is obscent, go report police right now and proof that they do and they should be charge under Syariah Law. Unfortunately, you enjoy the show so much that you dare not to make the report. Go jack off and repeat their action so you can do it another time.

By the way, even they make out in the toilet! They are not deserved to be bashed up! For me, I will bashed up those bastard that selling DRUGS or HARRASING and RAPIST! I only will take law in my own hands to these people but not making out.

Go bash up your God for creating Adam and Eve else these unstopabble loving lust view wouldn't happen!

14 November, 2005 10:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant seen a pic until now...

btw, if got liver and heath problem what for go drinking chivas??happy enjoying lifes?

14 November, 2005 11:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read her blog properly, James kicked the bouncers 1st.

14 November, 2005 13:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the above statement.Even so, it does not warrant a beating from 4 bouncers especially on a woman too, for voicing her displeasure and for wanting to retrive thier belongings.
So, you are saying that if you push a bouncer for manhandling you, or talk to them rudely,you deserved a bashing by 4 bouncers??!!
Thank your lucky stars that this has never happened to you.But whut if it did??!!Ask yourself this question first before you justify thier actions.

14 November, 2005 14:08  
Anonymous Zaesar said...

hey, i wonder if any of the witnesses in the toilet actually go online. maybe they tell what they saw from an undistorted and unbiased viewpoint.

I came, I saw, and I Blogged.

14 November, 2005 23:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lodge a police report yet?

15 November, 2005 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lodge a police report yet? Malay mail?

15 November, 2005 15:13  
Anonymous Virgin Boy :) said...

i'm an 18 yr old dude. and though naive and inexperienced in life i may be, I just don't buy Ju lee's story. it just doesn't add up. she did all the things that i wouldn't do at a nightclub. hmmm but maybe that's what dating a white partner makes you do....the unbelievable. Thaaat's it! i'm finding myself a white girl!

15 November, 2005 22:48  
Anonymous Pangsai Skywalker said...

Embrace the Dark Side of the Force, Ju Lee, and you'll be able to defend yourself!

15 November, 2005 22:57  
Anonymous Greenpeace said...

Goddammit, Ju Lee. You're creating distrust and sowing hatred against an innocent entity. Innocent because there hasn't been any credible witnesses so far.

This is equivalent to industrial sabotage!

There should be laws against people like you.

16 November, 2005 01:12  
Anonymous Jim said...




I could write something better than that..

Why don't you let me be your friend.. i will gladly testify for you in Court.. you re good with your words.. and i think i can pull it off..

Let's talk money though.. my acting fees are reasonable..

HAHAHAHA fucken funny..

16 November, 2005 16:37  
Anonymous Ripcord said...

To the person that said...

"Anonymous said...
Damn cool, Julz. You compose this story to justify your earlier one. Good move. Now everyone will believe you. Steady."

I think you've been watching too much TV. You should get out more often to see the real world instead of living in an imaginary one. Here's the witness, Wei San, and her blog post about what she saw.

24 November, 2005 14:17  

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