Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today I managed to speak to a more senior police official on the matter.

He questioned me till he was satisfied, I gave him all the details he needed and promised my full cooperation with the police.

Finally things are moving!

It doesn't make me particularly pleased though. Sadly you have to blow things out of proportion in the press and generate a public interest before things are done.

What if I was an ordinary Joe and didn't have the networking or pr skills? Not many people would think of doing what I did.

To be frank, I didn't. It was my friends who helped me make the calls.

I think the great majority of us have the fortune of not being bashed up. Or more like, the great majority of you people out there.

Personally for the both of us, it was a psychologically numbing experience. You take the physical abuse and then there's the time spent in your bedroom with the curtains drawn not wanting to go out.

I don't know whether it's different for women, but personally I took it horribly. My friends made sure I got out, they called me often, they took me out for my birthday... and helped me get the ball rolling.

Basically when you're in that state you don't know what to do for the next few days at least. "Why did this happen to me?" is the question that plays over, and over, and over again in your mind.

I do not wish this on anyone, that's what this blog is for. To give you, the reader, the oppurtunity to know what it's like and what's out there.

Whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice and personally I respect that. I've done my duty letting you know and it's up to you to decide things for yourself.

Peace and love to all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12 November, 2005 09:46  
Blogger suanie said...

i hope you and James fully recover soon from the physical assault, bruises bumps and all. the emotional assult may take a bit more time but i bet a positive outcome from this case will definitely help.

all my best.

12 November, 2005 10:13  
Blogger Nicholas said...

Cannot believe the barbaricness of the bouncers. Apparently they have orders from Management to "remove" "trouble" ASAP.

I was just wondering who alerted the bouncers.

Policewoman who couldnt speak/read english? What happened to the minimum qualification to join the Forces?

All the best for the lawsuit.

12 November, 2005 10:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally think that you guys got beaten up without a proper reason is one of the strongest point in your case.

the bouncers did not ask "what are you two doing in here?", did they?

they had based their actions on a presumption. and that is not right, by any standards.

all the best in the lawsuit and God bless.


12 November, 2005 10:57  
Blogger shells said...

i think that people don't understand the matter at hand and are asking questions that do not matter i.e 'why were you at a club when your boyfriend is sick', etc.

you were beaten. for no proper reason. that's what should be argued here.

all the best.

12 November, 2005 11:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to add in my point of view. i was there too the night this incident happened. i have been a regular patron of zouk and velvet. i know quite a few ppl there too. well you're story is very interesting. there are things i believe but i also doubt your story. if this was such a big incident, why wouldn't i know about it..i was in zouk afterall. usually there will be a big crowd and all when these things happened and the toilets there is often packed with ppl. i certainly didn't know about the incident. i am not siding anyone here. my advice is find the appropriate authorities and if you have evidence show it to them. there is not point just talking and writing blogs like this. my advice, stop all this act and save yourself from any further humiliation. no point backstabbing Zouk club. it not worth it. you're doing them a big favor .you helping them get some free publicity.

12 November, 2005 14:02  
Anonymous apek said...

yay yay sulah lipot polis. syabas ju-li, kasi lanyak sama olang yang salah. wa talak cakap lu salah atau bohong. wa cakap kalau ala itu bukit, alamak bukan bukit, bukti, kasi sama itu lawyer sama polis, biar meka berkas olang yang salah. Tapi kalu lu pon ala buat salah, baik minta maaf jugak la. Lua-lua pon boleh minta maaf. lepas tu yam seng, semua mana damai. Wa tau wa punya otak cetek, tapi jangan kasi pelang besar. Talak laku bagi lu sama olang dlm belog sini. Pasal lu, olang kena maki talak blajar mcm wa. wa tau wa kulang blajar, tapi wa tau kalau buat salah misti mengaku, samala lu ka, zuk ka, kita ekalang talak tau. tunggu bicala habis balu tau. selamat bepelang, saudali.

12 November, 2005 14:20  
Anonymous apek said...

air minerlal spritzer, wa mau pau itu air kasi wa punya penoreh getah. lu ade kasi diskaun kalu wa beli manyak ka? kalu ala, sila maklum sini. kalu talak wa kena pigi ini kafu atau tesko tapi manyak malas la. kalu boleh i beli sama lu, lepas tu, lu kasi hantar. bolih?

mcm juling, alamak bukan juling, jooli cakap, aman damai, lab to all.

12 November, 2005 14:26  
Blogger extrinsic said...

Agree with the anonymous above.

Curiosity's the culprit.

Some people just like to watch people get bashed up coz' the one that was hurt is not them.

When you watch formula one grand pri, people like to see crashes.

When you watch football, people like to see something happen, people fighting.

Malaysian Idols, people like to watched the criticism from the judges. People like to see the idols cheers and cries.

When accidents happens, people like to watch how bad they hurt.

When I watched a video of a live man eaten by a herd of lions! I lost my appetite to eat for one whole day 'coz I could not digest such horror.

Human nature. Can't help.

12 November, 2005 14:33  
Anonymous Dawn said...

heya there..

I'm glad u managed to get progress with the police. Dealing with the violent assault was bad enough. Dealing with the inefficient police force is another nightmare altogether i had enuf of their inefficient "apa boleh buat?" attitude when i was once mugged and harmed. definitely don't have anythg good to say abt the police. But hey, all the best with ur lawsuit.

you've got great friends too, n i'm really glad coz im sure it certainly helps. so just hang in there yeah?

12 November, 2005 14:40  
Blogger extrinsic said...


Agree with you the police should be more competitive. You know what, if you are not good in english, you can still join the police. Any government jobs.

And tell you the truth, in malaysia court you have to converse in BM 'coz if you tell them in english, they will not understand your plead and tell you your plead is not relevent, no case, go home.

I onced attended court for traffic offence. I explained in english, the judge asked me "apa awak cakap?". I had to explained in BM.

We respected our national language too. But some people just do not want to improve and stay behind for decades until the spider webs grow all over.

12 November, 2005 15:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging fr the Justice system over here, this aint gonna get far.

But well, Zouk is here to stay and your so called sad story wont shut them down.

12 November, 2005 15:41  
Anonymous Jim Choo said...

On a not so related event.
it came out in the star today that a china housewive got abused and wrongfully detained by the cops.
And she was abused by a policewoman. Oh My God.

The Star

maverickysm's blog

Theresa Kok's blog

12 November, 2005 15:42  
Blogger kimfluttersby said...

my goodness gracious, julee..i'm really moved by your entries. i believe such a thing is happening out there esp in malaysia.

this reminds me of an incident also in zouk during mambo jambo on a wednesday where the Jabatan Agama Islam W.Persekutuan (JAWI) raided zouk to "humiliate muslims". you may read about it here in one of my past entries.

the part you wrote about lodging a report reminded me when i lodged a report after losing my handphone and some belongings in a club. the feeling of losing something was horrible enough. like in your case, the police who attended to me couldn't understand english and was computer illiterate! i really felt like jumping behind the table to the computer to help him file the report. there weren't anyone else around and it took him an hour to get things done.

why aren't these police taught communication skills of how to handle situations diplomatically, instead tell you that you weren't right by going into the gents' even if you had to save one's life?

good luck and recover well.

12 November, 2005 16:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know the extent of impact that you've managed to stir up but I was in zouk on thursday and i've never seen bouncers so polite.I swear.It was surreal.It could just be a facade and they would beat the crap out me if i was to misbehave but i was amused on how they behaved.I hope both you and james recover from this ordeal.Time will heal everything. :)

12 November, 2005 16:41  
Anonymous frank_omatic said...

Dear Ju Lee,

I read about your story in Malay Mail last week. I was angered about how the bouncers in Zouk treated your boyfriend and you. I wanted to blog about this last week but forgot about it because i was busy (lame excuse =P). If you do not mind, i would like to blog about your story, and your blog with the rest of the world.


12 November, 2005 16:57  
Blogger hyatt said...

I have posted your story at

I hope you guys are ok now... You should highlight this matter to Siasat at NTV7 too.

12 November, 2005 17:03  
Blogger kimfluttersby said...

i have highlighted this issue on my blog at:

12 November, 2005 18:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cop beaten up by gang at scene of accident

JOHOR BARU: A police detective who stopped at an accident site to advise the victims to lodge a report was allegedly attacked by a group of up to eight men here last week.

Following the incident, the police have picked up four men, all in their 20s, in Tampoi, near here, and in Kluang.

The police also recovered a mobile phone stolen from the detective during the attack.

In the 10pm incident, the unarmed detective, in his 40s, stopped his motorcycle along Jalan Munshi Ibrahim in Tampoi where a collision had occurred between two cars.

The detective advised the parties concerned to go to the nearest police station to make a report.

Two men in one of the cars involved, however, phoned their friends and, within minutes, about seven to eight men accosted the detective.

He showed them his authority card to convince them he was a policeman. However, they started to punch and kick him. They then grabbed his chain and mobile phone before fleeing.

The lone motorist in the other car also sped off.

The policeman sought the help of a tow truck operator and then lodged a report at the Tampoi police station.

He later received outpatient treatment for injuries to his head and body.

* from The Star today.


What I'm trying to demonstrate there will always be good and bad. Just like that dude Tun M or something said, don't just generalise and prosecute the entire force.

12 November, 2005 19:22  
Anonymous stc said...

hi i just read your entry about the incident. Frankly speaking, like others said, zouk is not a 'right' choice for clubbing. I'm a clubber. I guess u don't know the real clubbing scenes in KL. Drugs. Whatever. People get drunk. Girls get molested etc. Since James is sick and weak, you don't know WHEN he's goingt to fall sick. Both of you should not go clubbing/or even drinking if he's in such a condition. Tho it sounds awkward. In order to protect your loved one, don't repeat the same mistake again. Cause you never know what will happen next. I pity both of you. I hope you win this case, and your bf recover asap. If you wanted to go clubbing or pubs, Make sure you, your bf and friends always tag ALONG. Do not go alone! Whatever it is, Clubbing in KL is NOT SAFE at all! That's all. Peace

12 November, 2005 21:04  
Blogger mob1900 said...

Just remember to pick out their hideous masks they called a face in the identification parade. ;[

12 November, 2005 23:00  
Anonymous Kiru said...

I jus read ur artical. Have signed both ur petition's. Hope it helps.

13 November, 2005 01:07  
Anonymous Maranz said...

Dear Ju-Lee,

i sympathise with you over the incident.

1) i'm appalled by the impertinence and non-diplomatic manner of zouk's bouncers. i guess bouncers are like that - brawns and no brains. heck, if they had brains, i doubt they'd be working as one. lol.

2) i'm horrified to find out that the policewoman knows not english. so much for vision 2020. stick to Malay, if they want - it's their loss, really.

BUT, i agree to a slight extent to what stc said but would like to "correct" (in my own opinion) it - i would say that it's better to just not go clubbing.

haha. i probably sound like some ignorant, no life fool, but well, i'm a Christian and i have strong principles and i love my God. clubbing is not for me.

But anyhow, i do wish you all the best. i hope zouk gets what they deserve. i say don't give up and fight, lest it happens again.


13 November, 2005 01:16  
Anonymous Layman said...

for those who's sceptical about wat julie said, think with ur brain, there's no reason of making this public when ur in the wrong. and for those who were there dat nite and didnt know about the incident, ur too drunk to know anything...

i personally think julie is telling truth. gd luck in the trial.

13 November, 2005 01:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May both of your recover from this ordeal soon. Its both humiliating and heart wrecking to view the working ethics in our systems. There has been lots of complains but the fact is everyone is turning a deaf ear unless they were the victims of assault.

By law they have no rights to assault anyone of you because you are a entering as contract licensee. Perhaps the most which could be done is to shoo both of u out if they suspect something amiss. If police does not work, try reporting to SUHAKAM - human rights commission or ACA - anti corruption agency or better still write address a mail straight to the PM to bring his attention into this matter.

Good luck to both of u and God bless.

13 November, 2005 02:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hv jus come across your article and i do not intend to give any comments to your ordeal which i would normally sympathize, if only you could just understand the importance of evidence.
It is not only pointless, but rather irresponsibble of you, to tell a story yet not prove it. Yes, telling us the incident would make us be more aware of the danger we face out there. However, you can very well see that it has caused many to have a bad impression on the bouncer profession(when it is just their job to keep troublemakers away) and now, u guys actually have somthing against people who can't speak English?
Thus, i m writing regardin to what Nicholas, Dear Extrinsic , you others out there think.
YOU ARE IN MALAYSIA. YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE IS BAHASA MELAYU. and when YOU cant speak YOUR NATIONAL languange properly, YOU should be the one who is ashamed of yourself.
Who are you to say that they have to "improve" themselves to YOUR level?
are you MORE superior than them just because you speak an International language?
If you do not appreciate the importance of having an identity as a nation, then i feel sorry for you.
Appreciate your roots.

13 November, 2005 04:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey above. are you an imbecile or something? Malaysia is a developing country and it is essential that we are able to converse in the international language..that being ENGLISH. Our police should be able to speak and understand english. Even a little bit would help. Let me ask you,is everyone here in Malaysia, Malaysian? Do we not have foreigners? tourists? from other countries? who DONT speak Bahasa Malaysia? How would it be if one of them needed to report something to the Police? " Oh tak tahu Bahasa Inggeris lah, tolong panggil interpreter ? " really... use your brain a little. Sure we should know BM, i'm certain that Ju-Lee could speak some BM during any normal occasion, but she had just been assaulted and i think we'd tend to use the language we NORMALLY use innit? our FIRST language? in Joo-Lee's case.. E N G L I S H. so step off. Appreciating your roots has nothing to do with having excellent command over Bahasa Malaysia. If you think that everyone in Malaysia has BM as their FIRST language,think again.Your first language is the language your parents raised you speaking.get it?

13 November, 2005 04:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey above, yeah yeah english is the international language. i don't quite agree with wat u wrote there. it is not a matter of roots and all, people who do not speak english do not deserve to be discriminated and all. there isnt a proven fact that if u speak english then you're smart k!. think of Japan and france, do most of the speak english, well respect our national language, its a multinational country you're staying here ok. it is not the policewoman's fault that she do not know english. ju-lee was at fault there and she is asking police for help so i am sure you know the meaning of the word polite is. as for ju-lee's case, show us some evidence alright. its hard for us to believe that it really happened when all you do is whine and talk crap from something u might have made out to protect your dignity. everything does not make sense at all. you b/f is sick and has injuries, why the hell do you still bring him there. all the things you said don;t even make sense at all. you lock the door with ur b/f inside the cubicle and do you know how big the cubicle is?. if wat u said is true, the very first thing a normal person would do is get help. no point blaming the innocent cleaner saying he is stupid and all. wat you di in there, only you, james and god knows. well just one word, if it is you dignity at stake, cut the crap and get back to your life.

13 November, 2005 05:46  
Anonymous Pakcik MMA said...

Nak, anda semua di perbesarkan di negara ni. Tak baik lah kalau maki tanahair sendiri serta bahasa negara. Negara ni pernah ditakluk, pernah dijajah. Sekarang kiter dah merdeka. Itu tak bermakna dengan kemerdekaan, kami boleh kutuk sesuka hati. Memang tidak dinafikan, negara kiter serta undang-undang ade kekurangannya, tapi kalau anak-anak sekalian pi kat tempat macam England, Amerika Syarikat, Peranchis, meka pon ade prejudis jugak. Ader jugak orang yang kurang ajar dan biadab. Jadi apa pakcik nak pesan ialah bertolak ansur la. Kalau sesorang tu kurang ajar dengan kamu, anda janganlah ikut sama jadi macam dia. Tak mungkin negara ini tak ader undang-undang yang dapat memulihkan ni semua. Kiter hanya perlu untuk bertekun. Tapi bertekun tu bukan lah dengan cara memaki dan mempamarkan kutukan anda dalam penyiaran sebegini. Penyiaran sebegini hanya demi kepentingan diri anak aje. Kalau betul-betul Juli ni dah dianaiya oleh sistem undang-undang kiter, baik bongkarkan dalam penyiaran rasmi, di suratkhabar ker, tv ker. Pakcik yakin itu semua akan mempercepatkan perjuangan juli. tapi sebelum tu, baik pastikan jiwa, aksi dan tingkah laku juli ngan kawan juli pada malam tu takla melanggar peraturan tempat tu dari segi moral dan akhlak. Memang bouncer tu salah kalau meka memukul anda. Anda boleh dakwa meka kerana mencederakan kamu. Tapi kalau anda berdua bermaksiat sebagaimana meka menuduhkan, baik anda berdua menutupkan siaran ni. Janganla sampai pasal bermaksiat, kemudian kena belasah dalam jamban,sekarang pulak nak bagaikan diri sebagai puteri anak dara.

Tak berguna menyalak bila anda sendiri jugak bersalah, sebab dalam dunia ni, macam-macam ader.

Anda boleh kemukakan dan memaparkan semua ni kat perlembagaan yang betul.

Kalau anda rasa negara ni tak berpatutan, amik aje Air Asia ... apa meka cakap ... now, eberyone can fly ... kuar dari sini, bukannyer mahal nak ngi Indonesia, Thailand. nikmatila hidup kat sana. Kalau sanggup dan kemampuan, amik la MAS, pi jauh sikit. Ini la dasar negara kiter, anda semua ader pilihan untuk bermastautin di negara lain.

Tapi tolongla, jangan kutuk pasal negara, basa dan org tak kira Melayu, Cina, India dan lain-lain yg takder kena mengena dengan kamu. Isu anda bersama zouk.

Inila ucapan Pakcik bagi anak-anak semua. Undang-undang dalam negara ni dah disediakan. Suka tak suka itu lain hal. Tapi janganla main maki hamun aje.

13 November, 2005 11:16  
Anonymous Blue November said...

hey Ju-lee,
I suggest u should bring this matter to the attention of Singaporeans, since Zouk is a Singaporean based company, and so are its owners/owner. They are indirectly responsible for this for not enforcing proper staff recruitment policy in its overseas subsidary.

You can try putting this up at

Another suggestion, you should put pictures of you and James injuries here to garner more support.

13 November, 2005 11:21  
Anonymous errol said...

girl, i feel for you. how's james getting on? i've worked in emporium before, and i'm really suprised how these things should come to pass. bouncers should have a very good sense of PR. i don't care about the issues of BM/english, lousy bouncers at zouk, police that aren't up to par or whatever. those can be tolerated. ISN'T THAT WHAT WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE? MALAYSIANS WHO TOLERATE ONE ANOTHER? WE'RE A MELTING POT OF RACES, REMEMBER? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO ACHIEVE CULTURAL INTEGRATION IF YOU GUYS SHIFT THIS ISSUE INTO SOME LANGUAGE BARRIER PROBLEM OR INCOMPETENT POLICE FORCE? the government is already working on that. let's stop pointing fingers and complain. let's start with our hands instead of our mouth.
i just hope that you and james can get over this ordeal. you guys are in my prayers.

13 November, 2005 11:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


got your story from a friend. this is appaling and should be stopped. regardless of what happened. bouncers and management have NO RIGHT whatsoever to do what they did.

pathetic. i agree that the authorities in Malaysia have no SENSE whatsoever when it comes to taking down information and a version of what happened.

i live overseas, therefore my BM issint that great. and they WILL NOT speak to me in english. sigh. this is is the 21st century, EVERYONE spaks english, maybe except uneducated idiots.

you CAN do something and SHOULD be applauded for it. i will DEFINITELY spread the word around.

stay strong. you have support!

p/s ignore idiots who think ZOUK is fantastic. i went there beginning of this year, it sucks. if that is the best in KL, i rather stay overseas. and diluted is right. YUCKS!

13 November, 2005 12:03  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Isn't it interesting to note that MOST (not all) of the Anonymous comments are meant to flame?

Knowing English doesn't put one above the rest. It just means you can communicate with people around the world better. Hard as it may to believe but the French and Japanese DO speak SOME English.

And in case you haven't been following current affairs, the govt of this country wants all its public servants to learn and use more English!

And what is wrong with speaking TWO languages? Or THREE? Learning more means you want to improve yourself, an ambition that this policewoman clearly lacks.

Appreciate your roots? For all YOU know, you might have a Chinese or Mayan ancestor somewhere down the line: are you speaking THOSE languages?

And what's with the policewoman telling her she should be ashamed of herself for being in a man's toilet. WTF?! Is there a law against that?! Fuck, I've seen female cleaners washing men's toilets ALL the damn time! Oh noes! Catch them!

The policewoman has already judged Julez before she's even taken her report, and that's plain wrong. Plus she could use some training in the manners department.

13 November, 2005 12:24  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Holy cow, guys! I'm sorry to hear about this tragedy. I wish you success in getting some justice out of this....and sue Zouk out of business.

That's a common problem I've always noticed with bouncers in the allegedly-trendy KL clubs. They think they're a bunch of freakin gods. I've personally come across more asshats than decent bouncers in such clubs.

These low life bouncers should be put to rest with a bullet each in their heads. The last thing society needs is a bunch of half-evolved Neanderthal thugs from the village.

Good luck on your quest for justice.

13 November, 2005 12:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could either stay where we are and be contented or seek for improvement. Here is an issue that needs to be rectified. Malaysia needs to be moving forward, like it or not. Apathy is detrimental to the country. The people who really care for this country would want to see it improve. We shouldn't lose sight of the objective. The issue here isn't about race, language, religion , back ground, etc. Rather, couldn't the situation be handled more professionally? "innocent till you are proven guilty". Sadly, in most cases that are dealt with here, you are guilty till you are proven innocent. Clearly there is a need for more human rights in Malaysia.

13 November, 2005 13:28  
Anonymous coll said...

Malaysia police sucks. They hired school dropouts to serve the country because it's easier to patronize them. They sucks to max, they can't understand ENGLISH. Even if they could, those are minorities.
I have no idea why the police department put computer illiterates and people who can't understand english to be in-charge of taking phone calls/making reports. This is very dissapointing for tax payers like us. I'm saying this is because they can't understand 'sexual harassment' and 'flasher' the last time I called them.

I hope you and your friends get the right justice. Keep on fighting for the truth ;)

13 November, 2005 13:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEs. APPRECIATE your ROOTS and the TANAH AIR that made you wat you are today! i stil stick to my point, as a matter of fact, my ancestors ARE chinese and i DO speak PROper mandarin.
If it being able to speak english doesnt put one above the rest, then why all the fuss about the policewoman not being able to speak english in the first place?!
why cant u jus say that it was unfortunate that both of u cant communicate in our BAHASA KEBANGSAAN n just leave it at that without condemning the policewoman?
You are exactly right Jennifer, French and Japanese do speak SOME english, but still they DON'T speak it even if they know. i m sure anyone who has been that can concur that and i dun see any of you complainin bout that? why issit that when you own countrymen dont speak SOME english, it is such a big deal?
n AFTER USING MY BRAINS to think , i can say that our FIRST language is BAHASA KEBANGSAAN n our 2nd language then is your MOTHER TONGUE, the language your parents raise you with. THAT"S WHY U HV BM AS YOUR CORE UNIT IN SEKOLAH??!!!! hallloo?
and if JL can express herself better in english, y cant we also say that the policewoman wanted to help her and so she would like to UNDERSTAND JL better by askin her to speak BM??????
like wat Pakcik mma say. Kalaulah tak gembira dengan negara ni ,pergi la negara lain. If u dun appreciate what you have, go to some other places wher u think is OH-So-Perfect.
n my name is Angelene. we dun stay anonymous because we wana cause a controversy. it is simply more convenient............

13 November, 2005 13:45  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Hi I can't quite respond to all but I just want to say this -

there is NO Proper Reason To Beat ANYONE.

Even if the person is drunk and solidly stupid at the given moment, they can be ejected from the club.

But the law does not give an excuse to assault anyone.

As for the policewoman, I speak perfect Malay and five other languages. I have no problems with whatever choice of language she wants. The only reason I wanted to give my statement in English because if the papers come up in future, James can reference it. He does not speak Malay.

Whatever the situation it was rude and wrong of the officer. When someone has been abused in any way it is their right to give the statement in the language they are most comfortable in. The police have to see to it that the individual in question is receiving all the sympathy and support needed because he/she is the victim and their job is to help the innocent.

Not to question and condemn their intelligence.

I know of a case my friend handled. Woman was chinese educated. When she went to report the fact that she was raped, the cops told her off for not being able to speak Malay. That's Terrible.

On a funny note, the policewoman who took my statement made a helluva lot of spelling errors. When I checked my statement I was horrified. I told her off about that - she claims I'm uneducated because I can speak English and the only language she can read, speak and write in, she basically can't.



13 November, 2005 14:20  
Anonymous worldangel said... those who think that it is not wrong for the policemen to not be able to speak English, I think there is seriously sth wrong with a thinking like that. how are we going to move forward if we all just want to stick to one language? English is an international language for goodness sake. And this is a matter of life and death, can she just make her statement in English without making more trouble for her?

Just total inefficiency.

13 November, 2005 14:56  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Ms Angelene

The fuss is NOT about the policewoman not being able to speak English. It's that she ridiculed JuLee for NOT speaking BM.

Or are you too obtuse to know the difference?

13 November, 2005 15:55  
Blogger Thinkerholic said...

I did not read ALL the comments but I will continue with mine.
It was indicated in your blog, "There were two Malay and two Indian bouncers". With a bit of thought, and relating to some of my various experience with those 2 races, I'd side on the latter more. The former, Malay, has a reputation of being barbaric and stone aged. Personally, I have various experience where malays (NOT ALL of them) will react quicker physically, than mentally. Meaning, they will opt to fight first and talk later. Then, they will rely on their other own kinds, usually the police, to back them up, which they, the authorities, would usually do because they all the same kind, treating each other as "their own people." Please NOTE that this IS NOT, I repeat, NOT a racial remark, statement, comment or whatever anyone would want to refer to it by.

Why is it that it is just so much of a coincidencet that incidences that causes damage, be it on humans, properties, assets, etc. are mostly done by malays? Motorbikers who beats up people for no reason, riding their motorbikes around like mentally retarded monkeys and ignoring the damage on other people's vehicle that they have done, shooting the red light in large groups even though the other side has already turned green for more than 10 seconds, damaging other people's properties (including cars, walls of houses, public toilets, etc) when those properties are not even in their way, public vandalism, demonstrations and riots, raping of their own daughters, wreckless driving of large buses (interstate buses, etc.), etc. For those who tries to avoid generalization, even they would have to eventually agree that a large number of malays would be the cause of those mentioned incidences. I myself try not to generalize but time and again, they just prove to me that I can't move into the believe that they are not that bad.

Those who are offended with my comments, please feel free and enlighten me with facts and figures, not cursings, flamings, objections, etc. that has no facts and figures to back them up.

13 November, 2005 17:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

juz one picture is all i ask. no evidence until now. what can i say?

13 November, 2005 19:23  
Anonymous worldangel said...

to anonymous:

she has already provided the newspaper clipping and such. Why would she let her story be featured in a paper unless it is true? And why would the paper published it if it is fake and risk to suffer from the public's wrath?

Pls stop making things even more difficult for people who are already suffering. If you are still filled with disbelief, just stop coming here. To keep demanding for pictures when they are reluctant to give it to you (maybe for privacy reason) is uncalled of.

To Ju-Lee, I have written about this incident in my blog. Hopefully more people will come to know about this and demand Zouk to do something to ensure a safer environment for clubbers who visit that place.

14 November, 2005 01:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaa shuddap la. You are all idiots. She is playing you for fools. I waste time read all the fan and flame posts. Only 2 people in this blog and elsewhere make sense. Read la people.

"""" Mowkob said...

I have read most of the comments posted thus far and I have read the blog twice and get Ju-lee's 'Version' of the story.

I use 'version' people, because in a situation like this there's always another side to a story. Please consider that.

Some of us here have rightly pointed out that you should always. . . always hear what the other side has to say.

In a situation like this, it's clearly a 'he say, i say, they say' situation.

And pardon me for saying. With the exception of those being objective, those of you who are generous with your sympathies must really be naive to wholly believe Ju-lee's version without considering what the other side has to say.

For those who are going to ask me to shut up, it's not that i don't too.. it just irks me when people are 'chui kong, lampa song' which translates to, mouth talk dick happy. And yes i am that free to be here and comment.

I will list my points for ease of reference.

1. Firstly, i am sick of people saying that the big establishments 'suck' and that they prey on the little people and what have you. Please. If you think it sucks, don't go there.. there are tons of other places to go like say, i don't know, church? Gee peeps. chill. Don't like it don't go. Save yourself the cover charge right? (if you re not paying, just hang out at a mamak lo.)

And yes, we have all heard from our friend, cousin, uncle, aunty about bouncers beating up people.

Please bear in mind that i have seen for myself, bouncers beating people up here in Malaysia and Australia. Why they were beating them up is non of my business.

2. Ju - lee, if your story is indeed true, you must understand with those who show dissent that reading your blog leaves many unanswered questions.

If you are trying to get your story across, no one should diss you, they made a choice to read it so put up or shut up.

But if you re trying to make a point, which i think you are, then please do understand that most people need more concrete evidence.

'Substantiation' is the word i believe used by another person here. Call me insensitive, but its true.

3. I am not even going to go into the legal aspects of this matter, which i would gladly analyze. It just boils down to the fact there is nothing here that will allow a lawyer to form an opinion.

4. Know that i am not here to post a an opinion, nor i am not here to defend Zouk. (I don't go clubbing anymore)

Know that i am not against Ju-lee, or that i believe/don't believe in her story. Guys until there's more, really, just observe. It takes two people to tango man. It really does.

And yes, like i said above, i have the darn time on this Sunday night to write about this.

What i am hoping gets across is, people, don't take things just on face value, there's always another side to the matter. Considering both sides is the smart thing to do.

And that's what being a Malaysian is all about.

13 November, 2005 22:47 """"
Other one from outside link. I put my favourite here. The rest you go read at
""""Try this - create a blog stating that an Indian gang beat you up because you, a Chinese kid, was trying to court an Indian girl. Claim in your blog that they told you pure Indian blood should not be sullied by a Chinese pig. Throw in some racial slurs. Everyone loves a scandalous story like that. Next thing you know - the blog is as famous as Ju-Lee's blog with tons of people condemning the Indians.

Heck, if you throw in a sob story of how you, a sickly kid with haemolytic anaemia, had to fight off 5 burly Indians shouting Tamil obscenities at you before they stomped and broke your leg, you may even see Chinese boys going on a riot and bashing up innocent Indians.

The point of this story is.. well, on the Internet, any Tom, Dick or Harry can concoct any story they like. Taking time to create a blog or any story doesn't make it any more truthful than the latest gossip you heard from your friend, who heard from his friend's friend's friend.

Humans are very easily moved by words. As Hitler once said, the bigger the lie, the easier to fool the people. As you have seen, no matter how questions are raised about the validity of the various claims she has made, her supporters remained unfazed. They will support her even if the Supreme Court decides that she was lying all the time. Vice versa for those who disbelieve her.

IMHO, even she doesn't really know the truth anymore. She has hammered her side of the story into her psyche, forever and ever. The ONLY impartial witness would be a video recording of the entire event. That is something that can never be fooled by human emotion or words. """"
Can see some Zouk members are here. All shaddap la..

14 November, 2005 01:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If her story is SO VERY TRUE, it would have been on the Front Page of every Daily in this country with PICTURES to back her claim.

I hope the Police arrest this stupid Bitch and let her do time!!!

14 November, 2005 08:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Readin the comments of some of these idiots are hilarious. Thanks for makin my day guyz. But hey..every1 ere is subjected to their own opinion. Like it or not suckit'in. Dun really think u b in any trouble wit defamation by postin this blog, i mean its not like zouk has a "reputation"to keep. Guyz try to understand the fundamentals n laws of DEFAMATION. Idiots?
firstly ju lee allowin ur fiance to zouk is suicide! its either ur aimin on his insurance policies or plain stupid. im surprise he even madeit 20mins in zouk wit a hole in his heart?? secondly, every1 loves to b adventurous. Heck ill make out anywher anytime just to soak up the rush. but hey makin out in the toilet wif a weakin fiance is not necessarily smart isnt it?
thirdly even pea brain bouncer has some common sense in them. Unlikely anyone would wanna cuz grievious pain to some1 tat seemed already sick or in a bad state. unless ofcuz aggravated.
Look girlfren u got to get ur story straight. I hope u find some justice ere but highly doubt so. Its malaysia babe if ur not fr ard ere mayb u wouldnt know.
anyway i admire wut ur doin. providin entertainment to every1. But i would suggest tat u take seriuos thought n common sense in the decisions u make now n in the future. it only takes a little common sense to avoid to avoid a major shit fr happenin.

14 November, 2005 17:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i been reading your blog and i am truely sorry about it. but i start to judge is the guy who used annoumous like me is one of the bouncer in Zouk or the SUPER FAN for Zouk cause he is being irritating and pain in the ass.well, cant blame him, he is too into Zouk till he being throw out like dog frm Zouk he is still crowing back there,waving his tiny little tail and pay them to do it again.what a shame, clubber, we have our pride but i guess not for him. he prefer to be insult.

14 November, 2005 21:11  
Anonymous pro zouk said...

I think all the zouk supporters should go and visit this blogsite i found. Its ilovezouk. Go and share the same ideals there.

people who support ju lee or are neutral can stay here

get lost zouk fanatics

15 November, 2005 00:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the shaddap anonymous make most sense. the statements he copied are the ones here that make sense. julee fans and zouk fans should all shut up and go TFK. can u guarantee she or zouk is telling the true story? read what ppl with brains post above..see shaddap anonymous's post

15 November, 2005 02:26  
Anonymous Smart Msian said...


Yes. Please read what the sensible people have to say.

15 November, 2005 18:39  
Anonymous Computer Geek who has fallen in love with Ju lee from seeing a photo of her BACK! said...

Here's an advice, Ju Lee. if you wanna take revenge, don't go to court la cos you just won't win with your unconvincing story.

Instead, level up to 21 first and then go back to Zouk and wallop all the bouncers kiao kiao. cos i tell ya, those bouncers at level 20 are pretty hard to fight. Would you like an artifact to help increase your stats? But by all means, do buy lots of Tome of Intelligence. You really need it!

15 November, 2005 22:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AIYOOOOOOO!!!!!!! shut the fuck up....aiya.....all the comments are so stupid. all of you just get a life

16 November, 2005 03:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

think you need a life too since you're reading these stupid comments. ;)

16 November, 2005 03:51  
Anonymous nightstalker said...

(behind the pillar jumps out Ashton Kutcher)

"You got punk'd, Ju Lee!"

16 November, 2005 04:00  
Anonymous dum said...


I love to flame and swear..

really truth is no longer relevant.. let the retard games begin!

16 November, 2005 15:09  
Anonymous dr giggles said...

Ju Lee, thanks for setting up a blog so that we can abuse you and all those other retards who support you without thinking properly.

16 November, 2005 22:49  

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