Thursday, November 10, 2005


Sign the petition to better regulate Security Personnel in Malaysia. It's too much to stomach that bouncers are apparently allowed to beat the living daylights out of customers if they see fit.

I hope that this will create awareness as to the ongoing problem in Malaysia with regards to security personnel - they are not trained, they are not vetted for criminal records. They are sometimes thugs and gangsters. They do not face the brunt of the management or the law when they harm others. They act with fists and not with brains, they pick on the small. Be it security guards, bouncers, or other security personnel - more needs to be done to educate them. They need to be checked for diseases such as AIDS because like it or not they may bleed on others if a fight or stabbing breaks out. Why aren't there these rules in place? We have the tallest building in the world but certain regulations are still primitive.

I want to collect as many signatures as possible and to see to it that there are better laws in place. I know not all Security Personnel are bad people - I just think that the time has come to create a more desirable career oppurtunity for people who are serious about the job. They deserve better pay and training. The rotten eggs who are there to cause trouble and bring the good workers a bad name should be thrown out.

Take care.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sympathise with your unfortunate incident.Even if you did it or didn't do it, Zouk staff have no right to use their fist on people. If they want to he moral police then there should be no Zouk at all. Zouk staff should not play judge, they should stick to their line of duties that is making sure a crazy place with alcohol on the list should safe with no fights, no fire, no gangterism, no bullies and all the negativity that will spoil their customers good night out.

10 November, 2005 15:27  
Blogger Han said...


AIDS is transmitted by direct exchange of bodily fluids, so if blood is exposed to the air, it will not contain HIV.

I wasn't sure, so I looked it up.

The quality of crowd at Zouk has been slowly deteriorating, my friends and I no longer think it's a nice place to go out anymore.

10 November, 2005 18:04  
Blogger very polite bugger said...

Bolehland laws don't seem to apply to bouncers.

10 November, 2005 21:29  
Blogger Mark said...

No one is ever above the law.

Stand your ground and pursue it through the legal system, there certainly appears to be plentiful evidences.

People always seem to underestimate laws in this country but often fail to realize that the failings is often due to the lacking in willpower of the ones pursuing it in the first place.

10 November, 2005 22:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think fights will transfer AIDS, even if there are cuts involved

think about it. even if the AIDS infected blood was to land on somebody's cut, the wound will be bleeding too. that blood would 'wash' out the infected blood. so the infected blood would never have entered the bloodstream anyway

10 November, 2005 22:37  
Anonymous joe said...

you see this is what non educated people do, they have no freaking brains!! i hope your bf is doing alright , and i honestly would have helped if i were there, those people who watched what happened were plain cowards..typical fools!!words cant express how i feel so i will leave it like this.

10 November, 2005 22:53  
Anonymous anti Zouk said...

i feel for u guys ..well, the fact is this big club is trying to cover up. all the best to u n james .

11 November, 2005 00:23  
Anonymous ed said...

I think you didnt really deliver this story correctly. I think you and advertising are no different. 90% bullshit. I was there when this incident happened, i didnt see anyone kicking James, except for James kicking the bouncer. Maybe, you'll prefer a country like the USA and hire lawyers to sue them for something not real. You would really really make a good writer cause you lead yourself to believe what happens in your mind, not in reality. With all due respect, I'll take on your comments privately via email cause I would rather not embarrass you in public. Your blog is after all your private public space. I respect that. But you need to give credit to the Zouk bouncers. They are one of the best bouncers in the KL clubbing scene. Even the Bangladeshis you mentioned that serves you your tissue after you're done with your business, have more education than you think. Stop discrimating and feeding the general public with make believe.
There's so many contradicting remarks in your blog alone to prove your stupidity and immaturity. You really really belong out of Malaysia. This is a beautiful country and the people working in Zouk is not as bad as you portrayed.

Like i said, i'll take you on privately via e-mail, all you have to do, is reply this comment.


11 November, 2005 04:28  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Hi Guys,

AIDS tests are pretty standard for people who go to the police and security services because the chances are there that there might be transmission in a freak accident. Say if someone has a gunshot or stab wound and you attend to them on the scene and you have a cut on your arm, however minor, you're coming into contact with infected blood. It's just procedure, and really, why not. It protects us, right? A lot of corporations also do that for corporate individuals, let alone security personnel.


I may be 90% "bullshit" but you score at 100%.

Are you trying to make me scared? That I should reply in private email and you'll tell what my fiancee apparently did?

I don't understand. If you have the real story, TELL ALL. Right here. But don't flaunt around with empty threats.

If you have a real story please tell it here.

Don't trick me to go private email with you so you can then say I'm hiding stuff. I'm not. Keep it out here baby.

If you have something extra to say, please make it an urgent quest to go to the police and report your version.

Do not forget to give your full name and background. It is imperative they get whatever evidence they get on both sides.

And I'm serious. If you have something that you need to say to the authorities do it. If you saw someone kick someone else, you should've lodged a police report immediately. It is your duty as a citizen, not to come here and challenge me to send each other emails.


As for giving credit to Zouk bouncers, pardon me but that's beyond my capability right now to say they're all fantastic, especially the four who sent us to hospital. I am not saying all bouncers across the board are bad. There are nice ones I've met. Some are my friends. Unfortunately a few rotten apples screwed the basket. So maybe people can stop judging them, perhaps.

You think I don't feel bad for them? I am actually hoping and fighting for a higher minimum wage and training for security personnel. Doesn't that get them a better deal and a better life?

So Ed what's your big story. Say it and tell the world in the open. The itch to find out is killing me. (not quite)

But you don't look very credible coming in here waving a flag saying you know what happened without even saying it.

I didn't take this blog on as an extra hobby to entertain these things. It's a mission to inform the public and get things changed.

Have a nice and sunny day!

Peace and bunnies to the world :)

11 November, 2005 05:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,

Vince here (PT Foundation) aka friggindildo. ahaha!

damn, sorry to hear what happened to you and your fiance. Those jerks deserves a couse in common courtesy and manners!

hope you two are recovering well enough and that you seek the proper justice. wish i can offer more than words of support and encouragement.

and to Ed...what is your problem?

yes, i think Malaysia is totally f'ked up place half the times, and yes, i am a malaysian. and believe me, it is just the same in any part of the country, or the world. u seem to looove to kiss the dirt floor of Zouk so much! might i wonder if you just happen to be a "loyal" customer of Zouk?

And do not get me wrong, i HAVE personally met the manager, Cher and found him to be amicable and friendly and am suprised that he would authorise such apes to work for the enstablishment.

Bottom line is: a person kicking out in self defense is just that. How would you react if you were suddenly surrounded by apes threathening to push and shove you out like you were garbage?

Get a clue, Ed!

TAKE CARE, Ju-Lee, be strong!

11 November, 2005 09:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ju Lee and James

Your experience at Zouk is very unfortunate. I have seen my ex bf being beaten up by 3 big bouncers at an English university many years ago and that memory still haunts me.

Bouncers and security personnel often think that they are above the law and that everyone should kow-tow to them because they are THE men to suck up to at clubs.

I don't go clubbing anymore partly because I don't enjoy techno or club music and partly because of my awful experiences at clubs in KL (not bothered to relate all bouncer-related stories).

Do the public a favour and make sure you see this entire case through. You owe all of us to make sure that the government does something about these bullies. No one deserves to end a supposedly happy night out in the hospital.

I have never been to Zouk and I don't intend to either.

James, I hope that your opinion of Malaysians don't change because of what happened. There will always been arsewipes where ever you go.

Cheers and love! zK

11 November, 2005 10:33  
Blogger caffienhigh said...

i don't want to say I believe and I do not want to say i don't believe. From the many times I have witnessed fights and brawls in pubs and clubs, and the occasions I have had to rescue male and female friends alike from toilets I have never ever had the situation whereby the bouncers ever gotten physically voilent with me. One dude even waited with me on a curb of the road (i have 2 drunked gfs with me) while the guy went to get the car. Made sure we got in and were safely on our way.

Maybe I am lucky and Someone upstairs was looking out for me.

Anyway... if your injuries are as bad as you claim, then I hope you had pictures of you guys taken - frontal view - or hospitals records of your injuries. having a great lawyer doesn't help without actual proof. And if this is as serious as you have said, then I am sure your friends will have no qualms to come up and testify to support. (ed, if you have a different story, you can share your testimony to the other side ok)

If what you have experienced is serious, then let it all out and shame the devil - show pictures of your injuries here... so ppl will not doubt the sincerity of your situation. I am not saying you have to prove to the world but (assuminglah) what you are saying is 90% BS, you are getting Zouk into a lot of shit with your defamation and can be sued in return. By you coming forth and sharing your experience, I am sure you thought of that lah... :)

let justice be served accordingly :)

11 November, 2005 10:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ju-Lee,

For myself, I don't really 100% believe any story said by anyone. To really proof your innocent, pictures and evidance of medical record will makes lots more real to the story. I have NO doubt about your saying regarding the bouncers. I've been there and experience the whole service, they are just plain bouncer with no respect. I know more bouncer that is much better than them. They are just arrogant and rough men. A real bouncer isn't like that!

Take my words to it. PEACE with them!

11 November, 2005 10:54  
Anonymous Tun M. said...

This story is only one sided. Have you guys spoken to the people at Zouk before passing judgement. It's always easy to believe a story filled with emotion and sadness without understanding the barefacts.

I have a question .. if James was hurt and Ju-Lee was in there. Why close the door? Why wasn't it open? If you kept it open, no one would swing the door open by mistake. Everyone could then see James is unwell and offered help. Why did ugly bouncer need to keep banging on the door? Why did you not seek his help immediately? I am sure if the ugly bouncer could see what was happening, he would not have been so quick to jump the gun, no?

I am not saying that Ju-Lee is lying ... what I am saying is that the picture here could be as such ...

"Girl and bf went to Zouk to have fun. Ugly bouncer came along and said stop. Couple (could) have mouthed back. Ugly bouncer got angry. Bf also got angry. Egos took over. Fight ensued. BF got hurt. Ugly bouncer looked like the bully. Couple is the victim."

After all, she did write this

Quote ~ "Common sense - you mean to say no one kisses and makes out in Zouk? You see that everywhere on the seats and the dance floor out in the open. So what if we were making out in the bathroom, compared to let's say, the dance floor? You mean that justifies a beating?" ~ Unquote

Look, we all know sometimes, nitespots, alcohol, lights, intoxicants, egos play a part in shite happening.

So, let's not all be judgmental. Ju Lee said her piece in her own perspective. Zouk deserves theirs.

By the way, I'm a Malaysian ... and damn proud of being one. If you think this country sucks, Ju-Lee, you can take ur BF and get the eff out. Don't criticise the country for your one nite of shite k. The country didn't ask you to go out at 1120 pm to a club and to indulge in the activities you chose. You made those choices yourself.

It's Malaysians like you who thinks just because you have a caucasian in tow, all of sudden, you become a politician and expert in the laws that have governed us all this and deem it not good enough.

Stop generalising Malaysia at your whim and fancy, Ju-Lee. A lot us call this country our home, make a living here, support our family and live off the land.

I am sorry things happened the way they did for you.

But am pissed because you could generalise Malaysia and remark the way you do.

Not all Malaysians go to Zouk. Not all the people that didn't help you were Malaysians.

11 November, 2005 12:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sue Them all the way ! They are a big establishement ! They have deep pocket !

11 November, 2005 13:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tun M, I'm Malaysian too and I agree whole heartedly with Ju-Lee about Malaysia. I don't have a caucasian boyfriend or girlfriend so I guess your reasoning is thrown out the window isn't it? The fact is Malaysia is a shit place to be. The people are shitbrained, the government is shitbrained, the police? Hahahah the police is a bad joke. Who needs gangsters when you've got the PDRM?

Fuck the police and the stupid blind Malaysians who love Malaysia blindly. It's time to change Malaysia, or be left behind.

11 November, 2005 14:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Deserve A Right There!

with full support.

vin. k2oc

11 November, 2005 14:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please post some pix, like my friends say... No Pics No Talk. :)

"the government is shitbrained, the police? Hahahah the police is a bad joke. Who needs gangsters when you've got the PDRM? "

Can't agree more on this... LOL!

11 November, 2005 15:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its true that there are some Malaysians that are ignorant and shitbrained but you shouldnt generalize it the the general population. Does that mean that you yourself are shitbrained as well?

I sympatized with what happened to you and your Bf but at least, like what the dude say, publish some pictures of evidence to be fair to both side.


11 November, 2005 17:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posting up a blog doesn't mean you are telling the truth.

Read what they are saying over here -

So please post pictures of yourselves so we can judge for ourselves.

11 November, 2005 22:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

still no pictures or evidence?? pity.

13 November, 2005 17:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia is our homeland, despite her faults and shortcomings, if you don't like the system, either do something about it (action speaks louder) or get the eff out.

13 November, 2005 21:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg that is so sad...i feel so sorry for you. anyways get well soon and iam here to suport u!

13 November, 2005 22:13  
Anonymous ~angel~ said...

First of all, I feel sorry for you Ju Lee and your fiancee. May god bless you and hope your fiancee and you have fully recovered.
Secondly, folks, please post only constructive comments instead of your irrational and own personal thinking comment. Otherwise this will turn into other religion issues and etc.
To make such a comment on girl who so happen to have foreign BF is so rude and disrecpectful. She has never say Malaysia is 100% bad and I agree with her completely. This country if not because of Chinese, I don't think it will exist till today and maybe if depend on the malay well it has long wiped out from the World Map.
I was there in Zouk when the raid was held and I thought they raiding the underage and it took damn long for us to realise it was a raid. After the Zouk management talk to the police then only they let other patrons to leave as long as they prove they are not Muslim. I don't exactly know how this thing work and I am not in the position to question it as I aint no hardcore religion person but if Muslim against so many fucking things then why everyday when we read newspaper, the thief, dad raping daugther, drugs and illegal racing all done by majority Malay?
If they are not allow to go drinking and womanising then set the rules at the door and block them from going in! oh I dont think that will solve the case cuz apparently even the Malay Minister and Politician go to all these Dangdut Disco! So at the end all this rules are plain stupid.
Some other pub's bouncer are so much better compare to Zouk as Zouk has been so fucking arrogant with their status hence the bouncer working there act like they are more superior and like the head of Bukit Aman Police Station. The Loft (Heritage Row) is another club similar to Zouk style and if this can happen in Zouk then those who go to The Loft better beware then. The point is Zouk want to establish themself as one of the top club and classy but yet the management sucks big time. If you want to minimize the Malay crowd well then kindly do cover charge at The Loft(Zouk) because currently there is no cover charge and it's full of Malay there and that indirectly bring Malay crowd to Zouk which cause damn lot of trouble. Sorry but since you guys are Muslim then just do whatever you are allow to do according to your religion. If you think that's crap then just change your religion but as far as I know, you can't then you just can make one choice. Dont make life difficult for the rest of the people. We never question why you Bumi guys get 5% off for purchasing property, even though you are stupid but yet can go to Local Uni but for chinese and Indian there is a quota and the rest I dont want to go on and on.
I wish you all the best in your case and do update here on the status and may you and your fiancee live better off somewhere cuz I dont think Malaysia is a great country full of uncivilized and uneducated (even though they hold degree that doesnt mean they are educated) people...


13 November, 2005 23:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is bordering on ridiculous..

If its one thing that's been done is that everyone is going at everyone else..

Correction Ju - lee, it's not my duty as a citizen to report someone kicking another person.

I stand corrected, but please show me the relevant laws governing this area.

And you seem mighty happy.


14 November, 2005 00:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes we need to see proof of what has happened to you and James before I can really make soem judgements. I do symphatisised with you but actions speak louder than words!

14 November, 2005 00:42  
Anonymous C. K. Raj said...

Dear Ju Lee and James,
I am very sorry to hear that both of you got assaulted like criminal thugs in a situation where some irresposible people were trying to take advantage of you with some hidden agender.
Nobody has to go through what you went through at Zouk. Nobody has the right to physically assault you, it is against the laws of Malaysia.
Thank you for warning the rest of us. I for one will not waste my time or money in Zouk.
Now go a get some very good Litigation Lawyers.
Go to Bukit Aman with your Lawyer and make a detail report on what took place when made your first Police report, include the treatment and comments you got.
The only massage the Managment and the Bouncers of Zouck will understand is to sue them untill it hurts.
What can we learn from this incident?
Always be very careful. Although we say we are now living in an enlighten age that is civilise where law and order rules, sadly it is still a jungle out there.
There are a few parasites who are willing to break the law to take advantage of the helpless. If the respective authorities are spineless they will turn a blind eye.
The are aiways some pe

14 November, 2005 15:39  
Anonymous C. K. Raj said...

Dear Ju Lee and James,
I am very sorry to hear that both of you got assaulted like criminal thugs in a situation where some irresposible people were trying to take advantage of you with some hidden agender.
Nobody has to go through what you went through at Zouk. Nobody has the right to physically assault you, it is against the laws of Malaysia.
Thank you for warning the rest of us. I for one will not waste my time or money in Zouk.
Now go a get some very good Litigation Lawyers.
Go to Bukit Aman with your Lawyer and make a detail report on what took place when made your first Police report, include the treatment and comments you got.
The only massage the Managment and the Bouncers of Zouck will understand is to sue them untill it hurts.
What can we learn from this incident?
Always be very careful. Although we say we are now living in an enlighten age that is civilise where law and order rules, sadly it is still a jungle out there.
There are a few parasites who are willing to break the law to take advantage of the helpless. If the respective authorities are spineless they will turn a blind eye.
Take courage and pursue the matter throught legal channels, it might take some time but do not falter. Ignore the negative comments and losers. You know what happened and do not let fools shout you down.
Hope both of you will recover and be strong and healthy again.
Be strong and take courage, there a fair number of people willing to stand with you.(Earlier post sent by mistake)
Best wishes,
C, K. Raj

14 November, 2005 16:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well - I heard ur story from a fren of mine when i was at Zouk last Saturday. Yes - I do agree that Zouk have the worst reputation when it comes to security.
Just like a few months backs - a fight occurred that involved my bestfren's sister. Anyway - her fren got beaten by these "monsters" who claimed to be "security. My foot. where do u go off siding a datuk's son who clearly tried to "hassle" this guy's girl? and because of some high paying motherfuckers - bouncers decide that it is better to side some rich man son than a person who was there just to have fun? and slapping a girl and shoving her? that is so MANLY. wadever. no one hits a woman. A man who hits women are just plain whussies. literally cant pick someone their own size. zouk did nothing to help my fren. he had stitches on his head and brusies on his face. hello? some club that abuses power?
and a girl got raped at the carpark - no one did anything. and zouk said it was her own fault. how is that? cos she was wearng skimpy clothes. what u wear isnt doesnt give anyone the RIGHT TO RAPE for any reasons.

i havent been to Zouk for a long while now ... my reasons - it just got overrated. ppl arent civilised anymore.
ur story could be true and untrue. u wrote it. but no one can just beat the crap outta u without a valid reason. yes bouncers have the power to hit u but without any EXPLAINATION i think it's just pure BS. Yes - just sue their asses. Please if anyone of u think ZOUK is tha place to party... u all are very extremely sad. why? there are far more better clubs in the world who serves the ppl and care of the ppl who visit their clubs. Zouk - i am still waiting for the day ur club just die and u cant make anymore money. classy? u better think twice cos u dont filter ur crowds . any tom,dick and harry are going in and manhandling girls like no body's business.
Zouk better tapau ur business... the amount of dirt i can tell ppl abt the management and the so- called drug free clubs. please !
90% of the ppl there are pill poppers and ur DJs are smoking weed while playing thier sets. drug free? haha... zouk do amuse me sometimes just cos they can amuse ppl. just that saturday - a bunch of pill poppers are popping pills IN FRONT OF THE BOUNCERS they couldnt even care less abt that. so wad makes a clu great? i think zouk is not one of them. such bad publicity.
dun worry james and ju-lee. i have ur back. u deserve better even if u were making out in the toilet(there's another version of this story) u know the truth and so does james. u have to let ppl know u got rights and not just there cos some club think they are so great.
zouk should really explain why genting refuse them to use their venue. and how do they get the license to have a big raves ? bribing money. it's all abt bribing. no one is that stupid not to know. I know almost everyone who works there. just matters of who they are is another story. sue them all - get the best lawyers. dont think twice. if it was me, it's over for them.

14 November, 2005 17:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah anon...

how come no one came and report about the bouncer beating up your sister's best fren(sic)? Please consider doing so, your sister best fren(sic) might just eb as famous as Ju Lee and James.

or nothing ever came out in paper about a girl being raped at the car park?

Oh ya, how come Ju Lee and James didn't go to hospital after that, but went home straight ah? I thought she pleaded with the bouncer to send him(James) to hospital?

also, the picture above looks clean la...after golek golek on dance floor and toilet, still so clean one? Where's the bruises on the hand?

pictures please? since you already started this blog, might as well show the whole blogsphere what the supposedly "2 malay and 2 indian" bouncer did to you and james...

14 November, 2005 18:26  
Anonymous Buayloti said...

You stupid asshole.
Heart got hole still go and drink alcohol ?
Bullshit story. Try harder next time.

From EDMWer

14 November, 2005 21:44  
Anonymous Celestial_Devil said...

Heart got hole cannot Party meh?

Ppl, it is Halloween for goodness sake.

Psst... i hope your lawyer doesnt get bribed by them.

15 November, 2005 11:45  
Anonymous Celestial_Devil said...

Ah well.. I could only say that, assuming the gal's story is the truth, it's the right thing to do (coming to her Fiance's aid) coupled with many small wrongs.

Plain unfortunate.

If it is not, well...

Illegal beatings is still uncalled for.

15 November, 2005 11:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) if you have a string of health problems, you go to places with access to fresh air, non-crowded and you stay at home to avoid crowds during events and festivals. you DO NOT visit a CLUB in confined space on HALLOWEEN. going to a club was already suicidal. its like a person who cant swim jumping into a pool 3 meters deep. your stupid.

2) heart got hole can party, its like a dude who can't swim jumping into a pool 3 meters deep. sure you can, you're just a fucking idiot.

3) if your boyfriend is DYING you ask for HELP, NOT LOCK YOURSELF IN THE TOILET. what would that achive? so that he can die in your arms and it'd be a romantic scene? you fucking idiot

4) seeing that james is an idiot, for going to a club when his health doesn't permit, and julee is an idiot, for locking herself and a dude who's clearly dying in the toilet. you're both fucking idiots and perfect for each other.

by the way, stupid people shouldn't reproduce. we have enough stupid people thank you.

16 November, 2005 17:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant you people pick on a new gossip already? this one is outdated!

Heart got hole, don't drink la... stay at home, patch that hole...

Why zouk got fight i dunno wan? i every weekend there wor... I never see circle of people in black. never see mat salleh bleeding oso...
something wrong with my eyes ah??

But Ju Lee... i suggest, you sue them kau kau la... Zouk everyday makes millions of money... Really you and your kwailo and your fren who find u enuff to stand in court and win the case already lor....
then u call malay mail one more time when u win the case, sure next time can be rich wan...

By the way ah, you no study or anything ah? stay here and reply people's comments only ah? This ppl all sick in the head wan lah, you so layan them for what wor? better u write letter to abang abang in Bukit aman they speed up your case liao....

16 November, 2005 19:52  
Anonymous head_twister said...





16 November, 2005 20:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jules,

I've now read two sides of the story - yours as well as that printed in the paper. It's not enough to make me conclude on who's right and who's wrong, but out of this experience I can only share my views that no matter what, these things are REAL(both ways). They can and will happen. Question is WHEN?

But we don't go looking for it right Jules? In fact, what we can hope to see happen out of this unwelcoming experience is a greater awareness (and lesson) about - rights, policies, conduct, civility, and moral ethics. I may be missing a few more. Ultimately, it's about the underlying principles of our day-to-day living.

In the case of the bouncers beating up people - it is unfortunate that this happens (and yes I've seen my share of bouncers beating up drunkards, unruly people). One can't say bouncers are all bad. You have two kinds - the professional and the bully

I used the word "bully" because that should encompass the kind of attitude (that we feel is rotten) that bouncers have all over the world. Show-offs, degraders, freeloaders, sneakers, etc. I also refer to them as mind and body molestors in suits.

The professionals - I've seen bouncers who don't fight back even when they are hit or punched. No matter how badly bruised the egos are. They just restrain (with the help of other bouncers) the person; contact the police and leave it to them. Of course, you can't avoid the pushes and tackles but NO 1 priority -- NEVER the one to create fault. The bouncers are the front line of any outlet/company. So they are the first impression of any customers before you enter a place.

And..the professional bouncers are those who KNOW their public relation skills and are level-headed.

So where does the fault lie? I believe it comes down to the employers. (Let's not delve on moral teachings or society's upbringing..that we know can be an unending issue) In this case, what does Zouk represent here? What do they want to represent? If they don't care about this and believe they are above the law, then it's hard for anyone to change their perception. Afterall, they own the place. But don't stop fighting for your rights Jules if that's the truth here. Having your thoughts heard is already a good start.

In the end, the hardest thing to do, is to walk away from it and hope your voice will help make more people realise the seriousness of it all.There's no shame in bowing away from the devil. Just don't bow down to him.

I mean we aren't hard-up for Zouk right? A big fancy outlet, without the people, it ain't the place. The people make the place happening, not the place makes the people.

In your case, right or wrong, truth or false, let that be another exciting blog to share. But you've highlighted a scenario that can happen and what kind of results there are if it does happen. There are many scenarios to a plot but no matter what is the conflict, people always search for a resolution.

So where do we start and what's the way forward? This is what the real fight should be about.

All the best.

17 November, 2005 16:48  
Blogger Edison said...

alrite alrite alrite... k... hear me out... after like... FIVE HRS of reading ALL the comments... the WHOLE BLOG .. and AVTHING... (i noe... it's exam time n yet i'm doing SHIT like this... but hey... it's addictive... SsSsHHhH.. dun tell my parents...) well.. ok.. NEways... i have come 2 a conclusion that... "ju-lee"'s story is only HALF TRUE.... not the WHOLE TRUTH... bcos hey... we ARE after all... human... & yada yada yada... we tend to twist things/stories around 2 fit our situation... rite?? but STILL... doesn't gif d bouncers NE rite 2 roughen them up... so.. i think.... IMHO... that what TRULY happened was that... alrite... they were at the club rite... then... suddenly that thing happened... so.. she got scared, panicked... din RELI think straight.. but not her fault wat... it's her fiance ok... someone she was gonna marry for life... js txtd her... "pls help me" (which BTW, can b typed in 15 secs wif eyes closed so u silly buggers who say:"how can he still txt u & y not call" r js PLAIN.... silly... BTW, calling also probly cannot hear wif all d loud music wat)... wud b like.. "OMG... wat happened?!" so.. RUN... go in toilet... found him... she opened d door... & was like... QUICK... RUSH IN... locked d door... dunno y oso... but gif her d benifit of doubt that mayb it was JS A REACTION... rite?? 1st thing u do when going into a toilet cubicle(if u're a female.. cos men usually dun)?? lock d door la... NEway.. too 警张(gan jiong, panicky) redi mah... & so then NEthing during that time wud haf made sense la... even when she thot she was "thinking logically"... so... NEways... now 2 the part where 1 of d bouncers climbed up & saw them hugging & kissing... d one that was even reported in MM rite? well... maybe she was js trying 2 comfort him leh?? trying 2 wake him up?? telling him: "oh.. c'mon dear... it's gonna b alrite... we'd get help soon k?" then kiss on d FOREHEAD mayb? the bouncer say hug & kiss... din say they were gropping & all rite? (PLS clarify on this part, J.L.) n then... yada yada yada... bout them not wanting 2 leave d premises... i guess that's d part where she wantd 2 go get her handbag lo...

BUT... NOW... d interesting part.. & d part where i THINK has been (even Ju-Lee said it.. altho i'm not sure if she was referring to this) "blown out of proportion"... if d roughing up... i dun think it was BASHING up la... cos like what so many people say... no proof & all leh... maybe jus pushed them round abit... MAYBE slightly kicking... like prodding kind of kicking... like "eh... get up la..." bcos... after all... James was semi-concious rite & this JL was alredi traumatized.. so wat do women do when they're traumatized? "DON'T YOU DARE ROUGH US UP LIKE THAT YOU &!#!*&^*&!!" n then... emotions get in the way... misunderstanding... bouncers thot "他妈的!this gal think she got ang moh BF can talk to us like that la!!" n then mistook it that James was drunk/high...actually from ur account- "They lifted James off the floor and he kicked out in defence", JL, it depends on HOW they lifted him off d floor rite? maybe they were using both hands? n not like what we readers wud imagine.. by the neck or smth like that... but NEways... james tried 2 kick back... so... angry lo... then maybe they manhandled them a bit la... (bcos that's jz wat bouncers ACTUALLY HAVE 2 do sumtimes rite?? DuH! what if there were REAL troublemakers?) but BASHED?? i dunno... i dun think so... i think that's why JL has not shown NE pics of the bruises or cuts that she claimed have been made by the bouncers... bcos there weren't any... SORRY JL if they ACTUALLY DID... but then ur pictures from d BACK... like wat NUMEROUS ppl haf said... ur shirts, hair, arms & all... show no signs of serious beating/bashing... but i wud like to state again that... there shudn't even haf been a "scuffle" (as stated by the manager of Zouk himself) at all... the bouncers should have been more civilised by no.1: not ganging up on u 2 intimidate u. no.2: giving u both a chance to explain urselves... n SOLELY for the reason that "security personnels have 2 b more trained" ... i wud be signing the petition...

but JL, pls... if u have blown the whole thing out of proportion... n added salt, pepper & vinegar... pls DO RE-tell us the WHOLE TRUTH & nth but d TRUTH... cos i think if that WASNT d truth rite.. it wud b reli unfair 4 ur readers who sympathize with u fully js bcos u added a few bits & pieces 2 manipulate them... but IF u r still sticking 2 ur version of they ACTUALLY FREAKING BASHED u up INHUMANELY... then yea... some photos as evidence would REALLY REALLY help...
i liked the quote that one commentor gave from JFK or sumbody... bout "you may be able to fool some people all the time, or everybody for some time. BUT, you can't fool everybody all the time"

all the best in ur pursuit for justice & for a better system of things in M'sia. but don't let your personal agendas get in the way ya? i'm NOT saying u r... but jz... I think the reason why you have so many supporters is because of your "I started this blog only to inform the public about what happened to the both of us." statement... well, at least that's y I'M supporting u... so... stick 2 that pls... cos even though i'm not back in M'sia now... i wish one day the place i call home will be truly developed & without all these problems...

18 November, 2005 20:16  

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