Thursday, November 10, 2005


That's a petition against Zouk Malaysia's current policy of using violence on patrons when they apparently see fit.

There is no justification for assault by bouncers on patrons.

Please sign.

Stay safe!


Blogger extrinsic said...

Read your story and signed the petitions. Have sent to a few people. Hope this will stop violence in clubs.

10 November, 2005 12:06  
Blogger Asyraf Lee said...

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10 November, 2005 14:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he had surgery and leg problems. Why go out party man?

10 November, 2005 15:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not go out and party? Afterall it has been 2 months..The issue here is that the bouncers should NOT lay their hands on James nor Ju-Lee...

10 November, 2005 15:50  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

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10 November, 2005 15:51  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Because we thought it'd be an innocent night sitting down watching the costumes and people dress up. I went for last year's Halloween and thinking Zouk was safe and the dressed up people would be fun to watch, we booked a table upstairs where it was less crowded and where we could have a good view of the dance floor, and were safely away from the crowds.

The surgery was 2 months back anyhow. It's healed though it still hurts. More now than ever.

Which is why if you read our story, we were the ones seated while our friends danced. We had no intention to "party" per se.


10 November, 2005 15:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you even know why they started to beat him up in the first place?

if only you knew. sheesh...

10 November, 2005 15:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DO u know?

10 November, 2005 15:57  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

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10 November, 2005 15:58  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Yes I did. I was there, remember, walking arm in arm with him to take my handbag and leave.

They beat me up as well, I was there, so don't suggest I don't know what it's about. I have the scars to prove I do.

They did it because they wanted to prevent us from getting my handbag. If you read my story I was very clear about this. They pushed us around and lifted him up, he kicked back in defence, and they beat us up because of that. I was there, right next to him. We were happily walking to our table to get the handbag to desperately leave when this happened.

And besides, you condoning violence and saying people deserve to be beaten up because they irritate the other person for whatever the reason doesn't speak volumes of yourself.

People shouldn't be beaten up, full stop.

And a lot of people irritate other people. That's why the law says assault is illegal. You don't bash people up because you don't like their face or they said something you disagree with. Not even primates do that.

10 November, 2005 16:02  
Anonymous azrul said...

quote: "Anonymous said...
do you even know why they started to beat him up in the first place?

if only you knew. sheesh..."

--> if you do know something then come forward n make a police report. i'm sure we'd like to read it. if u can't put together a constructive comment, then shut your pie hole.

10 November, 2005 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree wif u Azrul...

10 November, 2005 16:07  
Blogger Rozana Aziz said...


Just recently read your blog and newspaper articles. It's funny how people like to condemn other people even if they are the victims, asking questions that has nothing to with the matter, like why did you go to the toilet.. does it matter? The point is you guys got beaten up. Nobody should be beaten up unless they are a rapists, pedophiles, robbers, terrorists and murderers, and any other unforgivable acts. But just cos you're in the gents? I understand how you're feeling Ju-Lee cos I would probably do the same if my loved one was in there calling out for help. Regardless of what happened though, the most important thing is you and your fiancee shouldn't have been beaten up like that. It's inhumane. Just for that. But then again, people should look for alternative means of winding down and having fun. Clubs aren't that great and the combination of late nights and alcohol usually breeds violence, in personnel and clientele.

10 November, 2005 16:29  
Anonymous SIDD said...

read it and weeped!!
well..I am with Ju-lee, no matter what we do in a club the bouncers hv no friggin right to touch anyone..they r obviously untrained,uncooth total shit heads!! WE - MALAYSIANS come frm a multi racial, multi cultural background, WE of all the people in the world should know what RESPECT and PRIVACY means...I am thinking that the bouncers at ZOUK did what they did because they could! I am even more surprised that the organisation didnt take any action at all.... I would like all of you to read and re-read ju-lee's encounter and at the end of it all, when you totally understand the grief and pain that she went thru - the end of it....imagine, if it were YOU or one of YOURS!! and truly, if u dense enuf to be unable to understand - do urself a favour and get hit by a truck - you're obviously a waste of space!! My heart is you guys Ju-lee..

10 November, 2005 16:33  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Thank you guys. It really means a lot to the both of us. The feeling of being bashed up by them, abandoned by the cops and made to drive alone to GH was horrible. We felt isolated.

It's comments like that that make it worth living. I still have not lost faith in this country, it's people like you who make it a worthwhile place.

Help spread the word. People have to know what's going on for real. If not God knows how many others will suffer.


10 November, 2005 16:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

imho, the comments (however crude/unnecessary shouldn't be deleted. it doesn't look good JL.

10 November, 2005 16:45  
Blogger extrinsic said...

Agree with anonymous.

10 November, 2005 16:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay safe? If u want stay safe then stop going to that kind of place.. Clubbing is suck in Malaysia. Don't be so stupid .. you won't safe if you go to this kind of place... Childish..

10 November, 2005 16:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sidd, If bouncers not allow to touch anyone, then Zouk employs bouncers for what? What are you trying to say like security guard are now allow to touch any thieve...

To stay safe, stop clubbing.

--The End--

10 November, 2005 17:09  
Blogger extrinsic said...

I respect your courage to fight back and pray that you'll get justice.

10 November, 2005 17:11  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Hey anonymous.... I didn't delete any posts except mine. This was because I needed to edit a whole paragraph so I just took it off and reposted the same thing with an addition.

Nobody worry, I won't take off even the bad comments. Should have a balanced view of things and I do realise that both good and evil must be shown.

Thanks extrinsic for your well wishes. Much appreciated.

anonymous who responded to Sidd - bouncers are not allowed to touch anyone. They are only supposed to eject the person from the club and call the police and get them to deal with it.

Which law gave bouncers the power to bash people up?

I have spoken to bouncers who work overseas and people who have seen fights abroad. What happens is the bouncers restrain the fighters, remove their weapons if there are any, and then they call the police and get them arrested.

There is no such thing as taking the law into your own hands and bashing people up because you decide that it's right.

On another note, can people please use nicks instead of posting as "anonymous" so it's easier to respond?

Many thanks again.

10 November, 2005 17:21  
Blogger Epocholyte said...


I dont know what else to say hasnt been said in emphathy.

But I am posting a link to this blog on all my forum groups. (no one reads my blogs (LOL).

by the way the petition form is not workiong for me. It downloads the perl script but no petition form..

10 November, 2005 17:56  
Anonymous Dawn said...

i do hope u and james are fine now. :)

This is really inappropriate. This is an issue of an abuse of power, and a total deflection of responsibility on zouk's management part. It is not a matter of whether clubbing is a safe activity or not, or an issue of what people are really up to in the club. So i really wish these 'anonymous' post-ers will stick to the topic and stop insinuating other things that isn't really the crux of the issue.

As with all businesses, bouncers/security personnels are there to monitor the situation and control the crowd. NOT to manhandle their patrons. The most that they can do to handle an unreasonable patron is to escort him/her to leave. NOT bash them up. And definitely not bash up and abuse people who are in need of help.

I'm thinking the police won't be of much help, but I do hope something will be done, for the sake of everyone.

so much for a "world-class" club. I'm boycotting them.

10 November, 2005 18:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just dont understand, y lock d door but not open it widely? shudnt ur basic instinct tell u to leave the door open, so d first person who come into the door cud hv found u? y didnt move ur bf to a wider place? i tot everyone know sick man need fresh air, no? strange....

10 November, 2005 18:17  
Blogger Dragon in the sheets said...

Something similiar happened to me while I was in Mont Kiara. Parked in one of the outside bays and there were no signs about indicating it was reserved for valet parking. When I returned to my car 5 hours later a guy wanted to collect money from me for using the valet parking spot. To be exact RM15. Was with a friend but the guy was too scared to do anything. He tried to grab hold of me but I told him that if he laid a hand on me I would scream till Mont Kiara came down.
He insisted I pay him the money. By this time I already had put my stuff in the car and got into the driver seat. I spoke thru him thru the window incase he decided to get violent. He tried to grab my hand again but I managed to put my window up and he pulled back. I quickly acceraletd and drove off with him hurling the parking cone at me.
I wouldnt have mind paying for the parking if I had known it was a valet spot but it was clearly a public bay. And he didnt need to ask me for the money roughly.

I really think that Malaysians need to control their temper and where is the courtesy we are supposed to be famous for....

I really wish both of you the best and hope that this incident doesnt damage both of you too much

10 November, 2005 18:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no pic of bruised face or anything? just a romantic picture of you both walking on the street at night dun seem to be much thing.

ohh yeah goin into newspaper is not a proove also as chinese newspaper sometimes even take rumours as news.

10 November, 2005 18:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


why dont u look for MCA or some political department to help you with these? obviously they misuse their power..i mean the bouncers

10 November, 2005 19:00  
Anonymous madmatt said...

"Goyh said...

by the way the petition form is not workiong for me. It downloads the perl script but no petition form.. "

I assume u must be using Firefox browser.Use Internet explorer to load the page instead.

Anonymous,stick to the topic and who are you to judge when you were not there in the first place!With regards to your "stay safe" statement.If you are so "safe", why don't you wished that you waren't born in the first place.You'll be safer then...geeeezzz....don't eat then, you'll prolly choke.Or even worst,don't shower cause' you might slip,fall down and break your neck!
And what's with the "20 questions"?Locked door or not,making out or not, do not try to justify it.The bouncers have NO RIGHT to beat up patrons,period!

Dawn, well said!

Julz, we support you no matter what. Just mailed to Kit Siang and SUARAM, hope they will help you get justice.Get well soon.Lemme know if you need help or need to contact anyone.Cheers.

10 November, 2005 19:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from what i remember how the heck would you kena the guy when there's a fat ass girl standing infront of it? locking it seems more suspicious. even if there's emergency, there won't come to my mind, "close the door first, scare ppl knock him."

to get help you need to inform ppl not just close door. so many questionable actions.

10 November, 2005 19:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another thing you might want to really know is that most of the bouncers stationed in KL's nightspot are linked to the triads. That's what happens when you get gangsters to control the crowd.

10 November, 2005 19:26  
Anonymous Habibi said...

There are indian and malay triads? What is this world coming to. As if there arent enough asian triads to warrant the hiring of indians and malays.

10 November, 2005 20:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"two heavily diluted whiskies with water"

Why did you let him drink? Isnt he not suppose to drink?

10 November, 2005 21:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To start with, I'm another anonymous, different to the ones already commenting.

What can i say...Most bouncers in msia are working as bouncers because most of them does not have brains, only have body mass. Hence,the work as a bouncer instead of a high paying position in a well respected company. They think being bouncers are cool because they have the "authority" to refuse entry to anyone they dont like, and in your case, bash people up. bullshit. That's pathetic and lame! Who even gives a damn about bouncers?

I am currently in australia and bouncers here are very nice. Once i got drunk was sitting on the sofa and had my eyes closed, they came up to me escorting me out politely saying that it's against the law to allow a drunk person to be in the building. Tthey brought me outside, got me a chair for me to sit on, and even went in and got be a glass of water! try beating that! The big FAT PIGS will not only fly but in reverse direction before u see bouncers in msia doing that!!

Referring to the guy who said "bouncers cant touch patrons, is like police not allowed to touch thieves". My dear ignorant friend, police are allowed to catch thieves, but NOT harm or kill them unless in self defence. Even soldiers at war are not allow to mistreat prisoners of war. They are to uphold the law not abuse the power. In australia, if police are found to mistreat civillian, they will be brought to court to face justice.

People in msia are too scared to do anything. everyone can just stand around and watch things happening infront of their eyes. The only thing missing is a bag of popcorn and a seat. Then it'll be like in the cinemas. Msians must learn to work together. If everyone stood up against the bouncers, i'm sure 4 bouncers will be out numbered by the crowd.

People who say "why go to night club? it's a dangerous place. should not go there". I have this to say to them. Why u drive? car accidents happen on the roads all the time. Should you start walking for the rest of your life? oh no... by walking outside, u might be robbed or even get hit by a car too! maybe you should stay at home for the rest of your life u sad nolife pathetic fool. same as life itself! why do u stay alive? you will die one day anyway. Might as well go and end yoru life now? There are danger everywhere u go. You just have to be careful. If people want to do something to you, even infront of your house it can happen.

10 November, 2005 22:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Which law gave bouncers the power to bash people up?"

no law except that paying customers have a right to be safe.

"He was floating in and out of consciousness. His eyes kept rolling to the back of his head, his head cocking backwards and forwards. His tongue was stuck out, mouth wide open."

then why did u lock the door and not drag him out immediately? how come u had time to think, squeeze into the cubicle, turn around lock the door and chk on your fiance?

madmatt >> "The bouncers have NO RIGHT to beat up patrons,period!" so who you gonna call when some asshole breaks a bottle over your head? grow up. clubs are safe because the bouncers are there.

10 November, 2005 22:12  
Blogger suanie said...

Note: bouncers can and will touch people. It is not easy being a bouncer, the same troublemakers every night, they have to be vigilant and then they can't really afford to care who you are. Learnt all this from this bouncer blogger in the US:

But they were not right in treating you and your fiance the way they did. Looking at it, it seemed quite... ridiculous at the chain of events. One thinks, how the eff could that happen? And people sitting around doing nothing? It could be that they didn't know what happened before in the toilet and perhaps the picture was given that you and your fiance did something wrong, perhaps too much trust in bouncers knowing what they are doing, I don't know.

It seemed quite effed up. In other clubs bouncers generally look out for women. Zouk sucks.

10 November, 2005 22:17  
Anonymous Mel said...

Ju-Lee, your effort to fight this is admirable. There are too many businesses in this country who do not understand the concept of customer care, much less customer protection.

If there were more Malaysians like you, Bolehland would be a much better place.

Your story is shocking and horrifying but what's more disturbing is the stupifying comments you are receiving from 'anonymous' who cowardly hides his/her identity while throwing cheap shots at you.

'Anonymous', public assault is a serious offence in most countries in the world. Please don't continue to embarrass our country any more than the bouncers have already.

Ju-Lee, your petition site is not working. Please post a new link for it.

Keep us posted on your pursuit for justice.


10 November, 2005 22:40  
Anonymous ConcernedCitizen said...

First of all, I would like to say that I am against the violent behaviour of the bouncers involved. Completely unacceptable.

But, I can also see that this is a case of misunderstandings. Let me explain...

Your actions may have led the bouncers to assume that you were participating in indecent behaviour while in the mens. To illustrate this fact, imagine a male in the females washroom.

Closing the door (and locking it) was not a wise decision. At the state you described your fiancee was in, what should have been done was to call for help immediately, not shut the rest of the world out. What were you planning to do with the door shut? Are you trained in the medical profession to help your fiancee?

Having the door closed did not lead to the bouncer knowing that your fiancee was in need of medical attention. It is not surprising that the bouncer assumed lewd behaviour was occuring behind those doors. An attempted kick by your fiancee did not help matters.

I understand you asked the cleaner for help. Equally as understandable was his stupidity. In Malaysia, one is not a cleaner with an expected level of intelligence heheh. Getting back to the point...I assume from your time keeping that it is around 1am when your fiancee SMSes you. The 29th of October is a Saturday night, and a Halloween celebration as you say. Were there not any other patrons in the washroom to request aid from?

Don't see my post as an interrogation. I only wish to help by pointing out avenues of attack that legal prosecutors might take. It might be in your interest to have the answers to the questions I posted above.

You mention that there are alot of people coming forward with experiences of being beaten up or threatened by bouncers and that it is common. Well, let me tell you now that bouncers are not there in the capacities of a babysitter. They are there to prevent trouble from occuring, ie. stop fights, evict rowdy individuals, etc. There are many members of the public out there who are not as civil as you. Perhaps those 4 bouncers are to be singled out for their behaviour but other bouncers are only there to do their job. It does NOT help them (or society) for you to build up public resentment against them as a group.

You argue that "if we were making out in the bathroom, compared to let's say, the dance floor... that justifies a beating?". My answer is no, that does not justify a beating, but that is STILL unacceptable behaviour in a public place. I hope by now you can see where the misunderstanding begun.

To conclude, I would like to comment that the management of Zouk KL is particularly incompetant and they should start looking for employees with a moral responsibility to the public.

The Malaysian public should also be aware of the dangers when visiting such locales. Do not go expecting a McDonalds family atmosphere.

10 November, 2005 22:59  
Blogger Darth Perfidious said...

while i sympathize with ju-lee and am appalled at the experience she and he boyfriend went thru, there's only one sure fire way to stop this.

zouk is a business, and like all businesses they depend on customers. now if YOU, as they paying customer were to vote with your wallets and stay away from zouk for one whole month, that would send a clear message. this would cement your seriousness and resolve in the matter. thus, it would be much better to rally folk and to petition people to stay away from zouk. you can start with a peaceful protest outside of zouk, telling customers of what zouk's policy is and their apathy.

if this is not done, then your efforts will be purely rhetoric for it wont be able to achieve anything nor change anything.

10 November, 2005 23:11  
Blogger Darth Perfidious said...

and the petition page doesnt load on firefox and mozilla. it's a bug with the script running on the webserver itself, not the browsers. so unless this is fixed, you're going to be losing signatures from people on non-IE browsers.

10 November, 2005 23:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
I am sorry that this thing happened to you.
If the ploice cant or wont help/take action, WELL



10 November, 2005 23:18  
Blogger Jennifer said...

For those of you who think you're being sensible by considering that JuLee here is lying, then consider this: Even if people are making out in the loo, is it cause for violence? For FOUR physically superior trained individuals to beat up TWO?

This is not bouncing. This is just violence, plain and simple, and should not be condoned. Even if it is at a club where crime may be more concentrated, it is still a business in civilised society.

Please think for a second what you are representing when you post a comment like that.

11 November, 2005 00:29  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

jennifer it's well said. Even if the people are making out, that's just no reason to bash people up.

If we are suggesting that our society is so low that it's ruled by perception and emotions at the given moment, then there is no use saying we're democratic and free.

A true democracy gives people the right to misbehave and protects the rights of even the most dastardly.

That is a *civilised* society.

People ask me questions as to why I locked the door, why I didn't call this person and that person, yada yada yada. I'm sorry but I was in that situation and I made the call. Some may consider themselves to be experts in an emergency situation and they may have done things differently.

But I did it this way. And that's still not a good enough reason to "justify" or even "understand" a bashing.

Please people, for a moment, recognise the fact that we were not bashed inside the toilet. We were bashed Outside the toilet while I tried to get my handbag. That proves quite correctly it's not a question of making out. It's a question of being targeted for something more.

And then there's the question of the management's response.... or lack of it. If this was really a misunderstanding and they knew it, why didn't they call back?

I will look at fixing the petition sites. I'm not a computer person, please give me some time with this. Thank you all for your patience.

11 November, 2005 01:07  
Blogger sunnydays said...

Hey Julz,

Kudos on keeping your cool with some of these 'anonymous' spammers. Some people just can't make constructive criticisms.

In relation to concernedcitizen's comment that "It does NOT help them (or society) for you to build up public resentment against [bouncers] as a group."
--> you are right. We Don't want to create discrimination against them. What we want however, is to have some rules regulating their behaviour.

With regards to suanie's reference to "people sitting around doing nothing?"
--> sadly that was exactly what happened. When I found Julz and James, they were surrounded by bouncers on one side and curious on-lookers on the other (if there were any numbers to be taken, some would have probably bought 4D or toto numbers).

Here's my part of the story folks

Me and 2 other friends met up with Julz and James at Zouk.

We (minus the lovebirds) then went dancing when I got a message from Julz asking us to come up quickly. It seems James had been gone some time and she was worried. We packed off our guy friend to look for him.

Julz then subsequently gets a message from James for help and she rushes off to look for him and asked us to wait. (Our guy friend comes back later empty handed but we told him it was ok, Julz had gone to look for James.)

Some time passes. Some strange girl waves at me excitedly saying that my friend was looking for me. Puzzled, I followed her and turned to where she was pointing.

Shock and horrors!

I saw Julz on her hands and knees crying and James on his back on the ground! I pushed through a wall of men in black surrounding them (and curious on-lookers on the other side of a partition). One of the men (I believe they were all bouncers) tried to stop me by pushing me back but heck my pals were in trouble and no fat bouncer is going to keep me from getting to my friends!

As I pushed through I saw one of the men in black aim a kick at James! Julz was crying hysterically at that point and said over and over again to me to please please grab her bag and let’s go! I was at that point in the middle of a group of men in black in what felt to be a rather volatile situation with my friend in tears and her fiancé prone on the floor with what seemed to be blood on his face. I didn’t know what to do. So I did what she told me to do. I ran back, grabbed her bag and handed it to her. We somehow made it out without being further accosted by the bouncers.

I also got So mad when Julz told me what happened when she tried to make a proper statement to the police much later. The policewoman who was taking her statement told her she should be ashamed of herself for being in the men’s toilet and that she should watch her behaviour! And when Julz wanted to make a statement in English, the policewoman asked her rudely why she was speaking the ‘white man’s’ language and not bahasa melayu. The policewoman claimed she did not understand English. (Note: you have the right to make your statement in the language of your choice). So Julz gave her statement in bahasa melayu. She had to correct the statement several times for spelling corrections because the policewoman’s command of her native language was obviously not exactly first rate.

God what happened to sticking up for your fellow women? I tell you sometimes it is our own gender that makes the worst perpetrators of discrimination, which is totally unforgivable.

Anyways. I’m just so mad coz Julz and James got bashed!!!!

One more thing, I went to the police station a few days ago to make a report as an eye witness but the policewoman told me I had to get the Investigating Officer’s approval first. Which is total crap really. You have the right to make an independent report of an event you have witnessed. Anyways, we went back again today with Julz lawyer in tow and the police took both my report and my statement. (Julz’s lawyer is the Best!)

Another thing (last one promise!) – if you are unhappy with the way a government servant / department has treated you – call the Public Complaints Bureau (Tel : 8888 7777, Web : Apparently they love hearing from the public.


11 November, 2005 03:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear JuLee, while your efforts do deserve support, but i do believe you handled the situation incorrectly to responding to ur guys distress call via sms.

Locking the door proved fatal. Thats all to it.

"I continued to plead with him, I even apologised for my presence and said that I had no choice"

Did you plead with the doors closed? Was James seated on the toilet bowl at this point of time with his eyes rolling and tongue out? The moment you started your pleading, you should have opened the door at that instant. The fact that you opened the door after "He kept abusing the door with his fists" is just suggesting that some "funny" business may be going on.

Im not surprised. Have you even noticed the way you "demanded" his name and manager? Were you in a fitful mood? I would have thought so after your loved one is shoved around.

Firstly, you are in the wrong for being in the guy's toilet. Second, you did not open the door as demanded with the suspicion of you making "funny business". Third, have it occured to you that you may have been extremely rude while demanding his name and manager?

No doubt they were wrong in their violence, but primarily they were doing their job. The suspicion of a girl making out with a guy in a male toilet behind closed doors in the toilet cubicle. The fact that James had his tongue stuck out, eyes rolling and all did actually suggested he may be sick. TO the bouncers, it may also seem that James might be hi on drugs and you 2 may be really making out "heavily". Bouncers has seen it all. People hi on drugs, drunk and at the same time emotionally disturbed, ppl crying, shouting, you name it. I guess they actually did the correct thing to drag you guys out of the toilet.

All im saying is, try to be in their shoes. In their view, in this situation, in the bouncers head, his thought may be:

"we have a couple makin out in the toilet, probably both are hi, girlfriend refuse to open the door, have to shout and threaten, open the door, boyfriend looks like he is peaking on drugs, ok. Now, have to get him out and the girlfriend. what? wah, this bitch, makin out in the toilet, now demanding my name? knnccb, wat the fuck? kena tangkap oledi, now asking for manager some more? I'll take you outside and SHOW you my name".

"not allowing us to get my handbag - they obviously wanted to retrieve that for later. There is no other logic to not letting me get at my handbag. We seemed like easy targets - a foreigner, possibly a weekend tourist, and a young woman. It didn't seem like we had friends till someone stepped in. We were probably targeted."

have it ever occured to you they wanted to check your bag for drugs? after all, you are indeed still in their premise? No? James was very sure the bouncers tried to nick his watch? You sure? He sure? I though he was sick right?

Hey, i have nothing against you or James. But the "bashing" started after James kicked one of the bouncers while he was being lifted. No? So,who is the first to strike? The bouncers or James? Prior to James kicking one of the boucers, did the bouncers at any time kick, punched, slapped or stomped on any one of you? Yes? No?

11 November, 2005 08:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, James wasnt so called helpess, he could kick the bouncers.

You expect a Bouncer to hold your hand and lead you out like a lil girl crying?

Too many doubts in your story.

He wasnt even suppose to drink and you gave him so called 2 heavilty diluted whisky. Alcohol is still alcohol doesnt matter how diluted it is.

11 November, 2005 08:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Common sense - you mean to say no one kisses and makes out in Zouk? You see that everywhere on the seats and the dance floor out in the open. So what if we were making out in the bathroom, compared to let's say, the dance floor? You mean that justifies a beating? "

Hello? Anybody home up there? Common sense? You and James are in the damn toilet behind closed, locked doors.

"Zouk is trying to discredit us in an attempt to salvage their business reputation. Ultimately they're saying their four bouncers had the right to bash us up because we were making out and James apparently kicked them. I guess that would make the public feel safe if it were true - get caught making out and you'll be bashed and ejected and then humiliated, that is our company policy."

Of course they will try to discredit you. After all, it was James kicking one of the bouncers that started the bashing. Thry just retaliated in self defense.

11 November, 2005 08:44  
Blogger my name is fake said...

To balance out things, here's an opinion from an ex manager of Zouk:

Whatever it is, hope things settle peacefully in the end. good luck!

11 November, 2005 08:51  
Anonymous zuone said...

Hmm i dunno anything about clubbing and all but what the bouncer do is obviously not right...But will this petition makes a differents?...not trying to comment just asking

11 November, 2005 09:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

still no picture of your bruises means overexaggerated story.

11 November, 2005 09:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did u go to the doctors and make a medical report diagnosing your wounds? that would help alot legally i think.

11 November, 2005 10:05  
Blogger Jennifer said...

And posting comments without leaving your real name and email means you're a chicken shit and shouldn't be taken seriously?

People are motivated in different situations to do a range of different things. Maybe because she locked the door because she was in a man's toilet and felt awkward. I assume the man's latrine at Zouk has piss bowls in front and she didn't want to see some guy pee or a drunk bang in and rob them or something. Who the fuck knows why you do what you do when you're panicking? People shouldn't jump out of the 80th floor even when the building is fucking burning, but they do. People hang on to their homes when they know there's no chance they will survive a 10-storey wave but they do. People post fucked up comments without their real names and think people will not find out who they are when they're fucking wrong, but they do. Why? People are stupid when they are motivated by this unreasonable, unexplainable instinct called fear (although the last example is just out of pure stupidity). If all of you posting here are human, you cannot claim to be immune from it.

Why didn't they photograph their bruises and put it here? It is clear it is NOT them who took that pic in the blog. It's taken by a friend and is now used as the infamous where-are-those-bruises? pics.

The next time any of you get beaten up, the first things you better fucking be whipping out your phones and taking pictures of your bloody mouths and gaping wounds.


11 November, 2005 10:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha, i would do take the pic of my battered face should i'm being bashed up.

still no pic means no proof.

11 November, 2005 10:49  
Anonymous hantu said...

sorry, your story is too long winded. just wanna know, is there a police report been made ?

11 November, 2005 11:40  
Blogger aVieo0o said...

What a weird time...but..Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem!

11 November, 2005 11:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Lordwater2002 from NMT Autoworld

After reading your friends blog, I found out one thing that it might
really against her and a stupid act!

First of all, her mistake is not to alert other men in the toilet to help-
out and secondly she should walk to the toilet with her friend telling
that his fiancee in trouble.

Secondly, I think her friends is just barely friend and not the close
type. I would suggest that they should be avoided better than close!

Althought so many mistake she had made during the saving process, I also
can see so many opening point to get her back into the case and be
straight towards her point in the intergorration with the police.

1) Remember this, they had no rights to beat you or doing anything that
life threathing to you.

2) There is NO law stating that a bouncer or security CAN injure a person
unarmed unless he is dangerous to the extend that will threathen their

3) You receive a SMS stating that your fiancee request for help. That can
be evidance for your statement "I rush in to Gents to help him"

4) You had notify the cleaner but he insist on helping BUT he did know
that you went in, he can be your solid witness to your apperance in
urgency look. The guys in the toilet also can be your witness.

5) Tell them they should not be racist against any other nation's
capability. If the cleaner's nation is brainless, they wouldn't had a
country of their own.

6) Medical record of your fiancee on that night and past record will help
you through regarding your reason for rushing in.

7) Send a letter to the Ministry of Women and Family Affair stating that
4 strong men surround to gang bashing you defenseless in the public.

8) Send your complain also to SUHAKAM (Commissioner of Human Rights in
Malaysia). Stating that the bouncer doesn't help your fiancee instead
defamed you for making out in the toilet.

11 November, 2005 11:42  
Anonymous Shelter_7 said...

Real sorry to hear wat had befell u n yr fiancee.Had forwarded to my frens bout the incident to notify them.God Bless.

11 November, 2005 11:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you and your boyfriend is fine now. About the pursuit for justice, we all know this is a coutry which actively practice double standards.

Court hearings or not, I'm sure "missionaries" from Zouk will find their way through and settle the case out of court. You might even loose money along they way, but ofcourse I hope you do not. Just be cautious not to dump too much money while getting back at them.

I don't know if signing petitions helps but we can spread the news. Give Zouk the bad name, the internet is full of wonders.

All the best, stay out of bouncers as they're ruthless at times.

Philip Mak

11 November, 2005 12:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree wit you,they are rude!!!

11 November, 2005 13:03  
Anonymous spoonkin said...

Ju-Lee, honestly your stories has alot of vague points, but as I experience some of bad moments in Zouk myself, I can say its NOT IMPOSSIBLE that it happen.

btw - I post your site on my blog.

take care

11 November, 2005 13:03  
Anonymous GreyShadow said...

Hmmm... wonder why my previous comment was deleted... Here's the same thing I've posted. Hope it won't get deleted again

I doubt your story tells the 100% truth, beaten up? yes... but for no reason? I doubt it...

Having liver complication and yet still having alchohol? Doesn't both of you know any one with liver complication should avoid alchohol at all cost? You are just asking for empathy by stating her bf's illness.

If he's so ill, still got time to type SMS in full "please help me" ??? Why not just press a few button to call her? I doubt I still able to type so many characters if i'm about to pass out or too ill..

You still got time to close and lock the toilet door after seeing your bf in that state? for what? Why not just leave the door open so that anybody can see that two of them is not doing any hanky panky stuff in there... That's what would I do also if i went into gal's toilet to help out my friend. Common sense man~!

Continuosly kicked by bouncer?? but only received some bruises?? Oh my~~ 2 you them must be Superman and Superwoman respectively. It's amazing that two of you doesn't has any broken bone or fracture ribs, and still manage to WALK out after repeatedly kicked by huge bouncer? Hmmm... I wonder...

From what I see is the fight started after the bf trying to kick one of the bouncer, he's ill or high I dunno lar... but any sane guy wouldn't try to be funny with a huge bouncer. doh~

As reported in Sinchew, Zouk manager claim there's actually TWO bouncer in the toilet, one of them climbeb up and have a peek and saw them hugging and kissing in there.... Hmm... I wonder whose side of story is the actual one...

11 November, 2005 13:12  
Anonymous Tun M. said...

This story is only one sided. Have you guys spoken to the people at Zouk before passing judgement. It's always easy to believe a story filled with emotion and sadness without understanding the barefacts.

I have a question .. if James was hurt and Ju-Lee was in there. Why close the door? Why wasn't it open? If you kept it open, no one would swing the door open by mistake. Everyone could then see James is unwell and offered help. Why did ugly bouncer need to keep banging on the door? Why did you not seek his help immediately? I am sure if the ugly bouncer could see what was happening, he would not have been so quick to jump the gun, no?

I am not saying that Ju-Lee is lying ... what I am saying is that the picture here could be as such ...

"Girl and bf went to Zouk to have fun. Ugly bouncer came along and said stop. Couple (could) have mouthed back. Ugly bouncer got angry. Bf also got angry. Egos took over. Fight ensued. BF got hurt. Ugly bouncer looked like the bully. Couple is the victim."

After all, she did write this

Quote ~ "Common sense - you mean to say no one kisses and makes out in Zouk? You see that everywhere on the seats and the dance floor out in the open. So what if we were making out in the bathroom, compared to let's say, the dance floor? You mean that justifies a beating?" ~ Unquote

Look, we all know sometimes, nitespots, alcohol, lights, intoxicants, egos play a part in shite happening.

So, let's not all be judgmental. Ju Lee said her piece in her own perspective. Zouk deserves theirs.

By the way, I'm a Malaysian ... and damn proud of being one. If you think this country sucks, Ju-Lee, you can take ur BF and get the eff out. Don't criticise the country for your one nite of shite k. The country didn't ask you to go out at 1120 pm to a club and to indulge in the activities you chose. You made those choices yourself.

It's Malaysians like you who thinks just because you have a caucasian in tow, all of sudden, you become a politician and expert in the laws that have governed us all this while and deem it not good enough.

Stop generalising Malaysia at your whim and fancy, Ju-Lee. A lot us call this country our home, make a living here, support our family and live off the land.

I am sorry things happened the way they did for you.

But am pissed because you could generalise Malaysia and remark the way you do.

Not all Malaysians go to Zouk. Not all the people that didn't help you were Malaysians.

11 November, 2005 13:43  
Anonymous charles said...

what I would like to suggest is to petition to boycott the liquor boys who sponsor events at Zouks. Guiness has many events there. Take the petition and boycott to the partners who work with Zouk...if you want to hold a on people to boycott the venue and the sponsors who hold events there.

11 November, 2005 14:02  
Blogger extrinsic said...

Thanks to my name is fake for the other side of the story.

Ju-Lee, the bouncers didn't hurt you, did they? You don't have to exagerate you know. If they are wrong, they are wrong, exagerating would not do you any good, conversely it makes your story very doubtful.

I had some thought, how could those big guys bully and hit a lady until she bleed so seriously in front of the public??? Its completely out of the logic! Even the sucking mofos mention by "abettermalaysia"'s blog let the girls go untouched.

I'm not saying I'm against your petition, indeed I had signed and did not regret because I think the public we deserve a safer place.

Here is a little advice, tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in court and bring all medical reports as evidence, or the juries will doubt your story, when the juries doubt your stories, your will most probably lose no matter how well you twist and talk through, juries only look at EVIDENCE as well as any justice system in the world.

If your fiancee and you have been hurt that seriously (until internal bleeding), from my experience, the bruises will still be there now because it is less than 14 days since the incidence. If you didn't take any photos of the bruises, do it NOW as your solid proof evidence. Annuar did!

I acknowledged your efforts in fighting for a safer place, also not saying you lied.

There's always two side of the stories. We only read what you guys write and we did not see what happened. So we can't say who's telling the truth unless there are proofs.

If you do not want to, you are not obliged to answer or proof to us, I have no problem with that. Just hope that you do this professionally.

11 November, 2005 14:05  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Hey guys I will have to talk to you later. Am going to meet a high ranking police official. He has seen my case and in fact, we are not the first to be bashed up in this place. So I'm going to talk to him about what happened and hopefully get the ball going. I will make another post soon.

As for all these facts thrown in, like why I locked the door, it's explained in the blog. The toilet is so small if I don't lock the door someone will push it open and perhaps knock into James. I didn't think it was a big deal because anyway I'm not doing anything that requires "hiding".

I don't really have time to respond to everything right now but thank you for your comments. What I'd like to do from this blog however is to highlight to the public what had happened.

If you want to believe it or not it is really entirely up to you. I am not here to convince the world, my friends saw it, we went through it, and the fact that we are Fighting This Tooth And Nail should prove how much we believe in the truth.

If I really was making out with him in the toilet, think I'd have the gall to take it on to this level? I don't think so. I must be very stupid if I didn't think we were covered from all ends to pursue it this far.

So please let the comments come in, good or bad. As long as we're discussing this it's fine. Let's just keep it civilised and like Jennifer said, use real names please. All this anonymous heat is really not cool.

Peace to the World.


11 November, 2005 14:09  
Anonymous ConcernedCitizen said...

I did not say or imply that JuLee is lying. And as I stated on the first line of my post, I do not condone violence.

What I am trying to do is point out that if JuLee intends on bringing this to court, it would be beneficial to her if she cleared up some of her actions that night.

I am not an expert in emergency situations and I am not suggesting you do things differently. I am only trying to get you to understand how the misunderstanding developed. You have every right to defend your actions. Just be sure those arguments hold up in court.

I am aware that you were assaulted outside the toilet. The reason I mentioned events occuring while inside the toilet was only a leadup to what happened outside. Basically, what I am trying to say is that what happened outside is a consequence of the actions while in the toilet.

I am trying to get you to understand the misunderstanding so that you will be better prepared if you do decide to stand up against them. Why did Zouk's management not call back? Simple. Its better for them to deny than admit.

To jennifer's comment: No, people making out is not cause for violence. I never said it was. But it sure is understandable from the bouncer's point of view. If you read other comments here about how bouncers act and behave in their environment, it is hard to put blame on them. Dont mistake this by thinking I am agreeing to their behaviour. As I keep pointing out, it is all a case of misunderstanding.

And you have to be realistic. "Even if it is at a club where crime may be more concentrated, it is still a business in civilised society." I agree with you. But in different businesses, there are different practices agreed? As an extreme example: if I were to trade alcohol in Colombia, I would be sure as hell to adopt different measures to if I were attending a computer software conference in Silicon Valley. They all operate in 'civilised society'.

You argue that people are 'stupid when they are motivated by this unreasonable, unexplainable instinct called fear'. Have you considered other human emotions that evoke this 'stupid' state too? Like anger for instance. In a dangerous line of work such as a bouncers, thats an emotion easily evoked. Especially when they have to deal with possible druggies or publicly unacceptable behaviour.

Your arguments of a 'civilised' society are twofold. So you expect people to be both civilised AND subject to human emotions at the same time? Let me clear things up for you. People are civilised UNTIL they are emotional. So dont expect 'civilised' treatment from the very same people who you expect human emotion from. Having double standards will get you nowhere.

Let me take this opportunity to remind you all that we are in Malaysia. The argument of a 'true democracy' present here is very open to debate. Now let me haul ass before ISA gets me hahaha.

JuLee, you said that 'A true democracy gives people the right to misbehave and protects the rights of even the most dastardly.' I hope you are thinking of the bouncers too when you proclaim this. You may be trying to argue that you had the right to misbehave if you wanted. This works both ways. The bouncers have the right to remove misbehaving patrons. It is their job no?

Let me get back to topic by urging all parties to 'walk a mile in the other person's shoes'. And good luck to you JuLee in this matter.

11 November, 2005 14:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

miss ju lee, it's widely known many ppl go to club toilet have some 'fun'.

see the durex survey.

no picture no evidence.

11 November, 2005 14:25  
Blogger boycottzouk said...

zouk is going to be in trouble now.

11 November, 2005 14:34  
Anonymous Sean said...

I agree that the message posted earlier by Anonymous was purely a coward act. One whom only dares to sneak behind ppl's back and make hideous comments.

Back to my point, regardless how silly anyone could react, it does not deserve bashing. Even though she locked herself in the toilet, which I presume is just an act of panic. As suspicious as it could sounds, they were responding to the bouncers every now and then during the incident.

You don't go around bashing ppl up just because you don't like their face. Assault is definitely against the law. In her case, it amazed me that someone could state that the bouncers was acting as a state of self-defense. What kind of utter nonsense is this ? Few big well-built men bashing up a sick weakling is self-defense ??? It's purely brutal.

My perception is Zouk is not aware that they've employed such irresponsible staffs. Please do something about it. This applies to all clubs, bouncers are to maintain security and order and not to abuse power.

11 November, 2005 14:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

( my name is A)
First of all i would like 2 say i feel sori for u, Ju Lee. but i still dun understand wat r u trying 2 do?? yes, no doubt no bouncer is allow 2 bash anyone up but has it come 2 ur head that u should hv made a police report?? no matter wat, without a police report u cant do anything. zouk is an international club & they will do anything 2 defend themselves. u have 2 make a report within 24hrs but did u?? if u didn't, u hv 2 giv a vr good excuse 2 the court and even that ur only apealling only but wat was ur excuse?? u needed to bring him to the hospital?? or the both of you needed to enter to the hospital?? fine, if that's ur excuse, wat happen to ur friend?? she wittness everything right?? y dun she make the police report?? everything is against u at this point.
yes i do agree that no one should best u guys up no matter wat, but wat is the story behind all of it?? y was ur story not publish in the newspaper?? it has nothing to do with who's the owner or what kind of biz its running. every reporter loves a juicy news like this for example:there was once Callifornia Fittness was in one of the topic in malay mail saying they cheat ppl's money. dun u think jackie chan ckub is more bigger than zouk?? y malay mail dares 2 publish?? y after i did so much research since 30th oct till now, there wasn't any news about it?? i'm juz trying to point out this so that ppl can think first b4 they giv any comments. but no matter wat i will try 2 investigate this matter and will let u know. i'm oso trying 2 help but if this is a fake, believe me, u will not only b send 2 jail and fine for all this fake publishing, zouk is goin 2 sue u 4 attempting to ruin their biz and believe me, everyone will start 2 haunt u on this.

11 November, 2005 14:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

poor guys

11 November, 2005 15:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it might not be nice to post up picture of your scars and all sorts to show everyone here, but some extra pictures could proof that things are real cuz i've heard alot of people saying they dun trust your story.

11 November, 2005 15:08  
Blogger Fernatical said...

So wait... lets recap the story.

White guy gets bashed up. And a Singaporean owned night club gets sued.....

A win win situation?

11 November, 2005 15:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's the picture?where's the front taken picture?why not take front picture?u can censor ur face or watever hell what?!
where;s police report?not going to suspect but need more evidence plz..

u are blogging these out not going to accept only positive comment but negative comment too right, so pls accept negative comment too and try not i mean not to scould them back especially the negative comments...let the pics and evidences be the judgement

11 November, 2005 15:42  
Anonymous jared l. said...

we should start boycotting Zouk... or at least publicize the issue over the WWW, so that foreign tourists and locals are aware of their actions...

Hope you folks are well now..

11 November, 2005 15:52  
Anonymous Madmatt said...

Regarding the statement made by anonymous "A" ....Gaaaawwwwwdz!Things that we have to put up with.Of course they made a police report!Please make constructive comments and do your so called "research" first before you ask stupid questions.If you have been reading the blog, you would have not ask stupid questions like "how come it wasn't publish in newspapers?".Shhheeeeeeezzz!
*Press Reports*

These are the various articles that have covered the issue.

Our plight has also been highlighted by China Press and Sin Chew Jit Poh, I unfortunately do not read Chinese and do not have the links. If anyone can help, that would be great.


11 November, 2005 15:52  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Dear ConcernedCitizen

I'm sorry but your stance is just ridiculous.

Unrealistic as it may be for bouncers to remain unemotional while they are doing their jobs, and as hazardous as that job may be, they have an obligation to be PROFESSIONAL. This is expected of ALL of us in whatever capacity we are in professionally.

Are you telling us that it is okay for people in such capacities to LOSE IT simply because they have high strung and high pressure jobs? Come the hell on. So if I work as a kindergarten teacher (which was rated SECOND after the most high-pressured job in the world, which is being the president of the US), I am empowered to slap the kids around until they crawl home?

BECAUSE their jobs are in security, ALL the more bouncers should learn to control their emotions so that they can perform their duties, which will no doubt include having to escort unruly patrons out the door on a daily basis, in what may be a firm but professional manner. Not gang up for cheap thrill violence on two unarmed CUSTOMERS and cause them bodily harm, thus not only committing a crime but also a tort, because you work for an organisation that has the legal obligation to ensure the safety of all who visit the premise of business, ESPECIALLY its customers, never mind its staff, passers-by and even fucking trespassers.

This isn't about bouncers beating up a mixed couple who might or might not deserve it in a club. This is about the abuse of power and the wrongful use of violence to resolve an issue, plain and simple.

Strip away everything else and think for a second about the fact that one day, you might be next in line for more than simple spit in your soup for returning it.

11 November, 2005 15:55  
Anonymous madmatt said...

11 November, 2005 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ppl watch too much tv, Msian Court where got juries?

11 November, 2005 15:58  
Blogger Jennifer said...

On an entirely different note, Madmatt!!! It's me, Jenn! We used to visit Diver's for foosball!

11 November, 2005 16:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wtf?!!!why u delete my post?!!




11 November, 2005 16:03  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Put in your real name and email add and your comment won't be deleted. 'Boyscout'


11 November, 2005 16:08  
Blogger cllyming said...

seriously, i feel something is non-logic...

11 November, 2005 16:09  
Anonymous Spritzer said...

Dear Anonymous,

If she ever did remove your comments which i believe she didn't, it's because you're behaving really immaturely. You're trying to divert people's attention to you own selfish comments. One advice to you : Grow up kid!

11 November, 2005 16:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come for Upfront at Zouk featuring Architecture in Helsinki , 23 November!!! mari kita berpesta!

admission only for the non-sickly.

11 November, 2005 16:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear JL
One thing I do know about nightclubs and patrons is that zouk has probably seen plenty of troublemakers like you on a daily basis. Sure the bouncers need not have acted violently on your bf. But I highly doubt that the bouncer would make the FIRST MOVE on your bf unless he provoked the situation. Bouncers are humans too. They are there to restrain or prevent a situation, not to beat people out of nothing. According to YOUR story, it was unprovoked and out of nothing. Thats according to your story JL. You may want to cut and paste whatever you feel makes your story more heart-wrenching. However, for a club that has been around for so long, do you actually think that the club would condone employing people who would in full view of everyone beat someone up over absolutely nothing?!?! Something tells me that in the midst of trying to remove you and your BF who were probably kicking up a big stink about being asked to leave, your BF most likely became violent first....that would be the more logical explanation. I have seen bouncers removing some difficult customers before - some people are thick-skinned and just wont walk out graciously...and in the midst of getting removed, there are bound to be some scuffles, hands and legs all over. I ask this - if you are not wanted in the club, why not just get up and go?

I need to caution you JL, that while you bring up heartwrenching stories about your BF's condition with his health, his recent operation etc etc, you are still going to find it hard using all these in court to prove that you were not doing anything indecent in the toilet, and that when you got asked to leave - that you did not hurl abuses and get violent first. There may actually be a good reason even the police did not believe your stories....If you have a theory on why you think the police did not really believe your story then pray, enlighten us.

I also caution that you are walking on very shaky ground right now. Recently 2 Singaporean bloggers got jailed for making racist statements in blogs. I wonder if you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing as your accusations are very serious and I am sure that a company like zouk would also respond to your campaign and attacks against them very seriously. For all the houses and homes and companies that you have built up for yourselves and brought up, you sound like you have some stability in your life. And that stability may just change. Just look at what happened to TT Durai of NKF who thought he was really tough and smart taking up a legal suit just to prove his point and protect whatever "honour" he was protecting, but in the end it all blew up in his face. Why? Because when it comes to that point, expect every section of your life to be dug up, and every skeleton in your closet to show. It's easy to engage in war but very hard to stop one.

Every clubber has had hiccups and problems in a nightclub one time or another. I hope you and your BF will just get over this and move on. Peace

11 November, 2005 16:49  
Anonymous damryn said...

Even if what was said had been exaggerated, no one should be put through even 1/10 of such an ordeal (in what we call a 1st world country-seeking nation). I really commend you on what you've done to stand up for what's right and wish you all the best.

It will be best to try all the channels possible (no doubt you are doing so) because I'm sure many will give you the cold shoulder, even if they seem interested...some will even turn it against you and this is a fact that most rational malaysians know.

You say shite happens TUN M; do you know why shit such as this happen? Because people like you don't stand up for your rights when it happens. Instead you pick and criticize other people (criticizing is another bad trait we all have; we don't complement enough). When it happens to you, you whine and bitch about it but don't stand up against this shite. (unless you related to those who are in authority and I don't mean only having links, if you catch my implication). Why don't you stand up? because there's so much ignorance, corruption, indifference and lack of support going around in
Malaysia its silly.

I am proud to be a Malaysian (ou country, cultures, lifestyle, way of living) but unlike you I am not proud of a lot of the internal shit occurring in Malaysia. You say she generalises Malaysia...I think she is justified in such a generalisation seeing all this crap. Open your eyes to the world and you'll realise that although we may be pretty well-off comparatively there's much to be desired. If you were really proud and you loved your country you would seek out these issues and help address them, not criticize them.

You say she has no right to deem laws not good enough...well even if the laws are good enough there's little evidence that it is being carried out with the due process and fairness that a system of just law should be operated.
Moreover theres much to be said about th avenues for fighting one's rights at the moment in our country.
So don't give her crap about generalising Malaysia because if you think of Malaysia so highly then you are biased and ignorant.
If she had a caucasian in tow so what? Many things can be inferred from infer negative things but there's many flipsides as well. YOU dont GENERALISE people instead.

flame away...thats my dua kupang.

11 November, 2005 16:52  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Those who have made the statement that sick(only ref. to those without contagious sickness) people shouldn't go out to have fun like the rest, should get sick when they turned up at Zouk this 23 December or whensoever :)

Pergilah berpenyakit! :) Hope the all of you bad hearted people get sick and stuck at home for the rest of your life.

11 November, 2005 16:53  
Blogger extrinsic said...

Sorry I was not aware malaysian jury trials was abolished in 1995.

Anyway, the judge only conclude based on pure evidence at the end of the trial. The judge that handled Anwar's case has told before, he said,

"A signal must be sent that the verdict given at the end of the trial is based on pure evidence and nothing else"

11 November, 2005 16:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so many people trying to jump the bandwagon when we ourself don't even know if the girl is bull$hitting or not.

if she is, would you help her bear the cost for being sued by zouk for defamation?

know both side of stories first b4 jumping into conclusion.

11 November, 2005 16:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could not sign the petition, something's wrong with the site.

11 November, 2005 16:56  
Anonymous ConcernedCitizen said...

Jennifer, I do not presume that bouncers in their line of work have the right to 'lose it'. Nor do I doubt that they have an obligation to be professional. If you have read my very first post, that is in fact, exactly what I proposed.

But, as YOU yourself have pointed out, it is unrealistic to expect them to be unemotional. This leads back to me trying to reveal both sides of the argument. Thats all I am trying to do.

The rest of your argument deals with how a bouncer should do his job. Are you a certified job analyst? Childish comments on how a bouncer should perform in his job serves no purpose here. You are better off writing to the management of Zouk and tell them what you 'expect' of their staff.

Note that in all my posts, I have never stated what I think a bouncer should do for its not my place to do so. If everyone were like you, we would have 100 more posts about how we think a bouncer should do their job. I can see that it is easy to critise someone elses job, but ask yourself: what does that solve here?

Yes, I do agree with you that this is about the abuse of power and the wrongful use of violence to resolve an issue. Dont you think then that steps should be taken to identify WHAT the issue is by looking at both sides of the argument?

Perhaps you should ease your resentment and reread my comments. You will find that my 'stance' as you like to call it is only one trying to promote understanding and responsibility for all parties. If you find that ridiculous, then God help Malaysia.

11 November, 2005 17:08  
Blogger extrinsic said...

I agree with Wendy...

zouk november 23? up to you guys lah but I ain't going.

But don't cry went someone sets a bomb there and explode, and you loose your limbs or legs.

The bouncers can continue to be bullies, I have no problem 'coz I aint going there.

Sometimes I think the bullies trigger the terrorists to bomb their premises.

Just like many has said bouncers do not bully for no reason, terrorists do not bomb for no reason too! Zouk, crowded, foreign, Singaporean, pro-american, a perfect terrorists' target!

I'm not saying Ju-Lee and friends are terrorists, don't get me wrong. Coz' they keep bully people, one day the person they bully could be a real terrorist.

11 November, 2005 17:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clubs and Mamaks are not meant to be safe and never will, u only see ah beng ah lian in this kind of place. If u want to be safe the best way is to stay out of those places, it's always ur choice to be there or avoid it.

11 November, 2005 17:31  
Blogger extrinsic said...

anonymous 11 November, 2005 16:55

The story maybe exagerated and I believed so, but the bouncers did kicked the briton. It was stated in the malaymail, sinchew and chinapress about the kicking, the bleeding and the bruises.

11 November, 2005 17:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zouk stands by action of security personnel


Zouk’s night operation manager Mak Kim Siang maintained that the couple were ‘making out’ in the toilet and that was why they were ordered out of the premises.

In a statement to The Malay Mail, Mak said the incident occurred about 2am on the 2nd floor male toilet. He said a cleaner saw the couple going inside the toilet cubicle and alerted security.

“When our men went to the toilet to investigate, they heard noises from the cubicle. One of them climbed over the partition and saw a couple hugging and kissing.

“He knocked on the door and asked the couple to leave. As part of our standard house rules, anyone caught committing an indecent act must be told to leave the club,” he said.

“The male patron, however, refused to leave and made a scene outside the toilet.”

Mak said the situation got worse when the man kicked one of the security personnel.

Mak said there was a scuffle but he did not agree with Ju-Lee’s version of the alleged assault. “The security team then got the couple out of the premises.”

He said an hour later, the couple came back with a few policemen and Zouk’s security chief had to give a police statement on the incident.

“After the police officers heard our side of the story, the woman was again questioned on the alleged beating by our security personnel. Her story, however, was different. This time she claimed that only her male companion was assaulted, not her.”

Mak said she was reprimanded by police for not being consistent with her story.

11 November, 2005 17:37  
Anonymous Kelina said...

I got your site from Edwin. I'm shocked that bouncers could be so rough. The ones where I go clubbing are pretty nice but we are in diff parts of the world so that's different. I hope that club shuts down for good!

11 November, 2005 17:40  
Anonymous Nigel Lee said...

Frankly, I find this story very entertaining. The author must have great imagination to cook up something like this.

Your story's dramatic, yes. I must admit, during my first time reading your story, I actually thought it was in some way genuine. Until i read it again, and noticed the finer details.

Why in the world did you lock the door behind you? Furthermore, you didn't even open after the first few knocks. I don't know what you and him were high on, but that wasn't a very good move. Yea yea, i know you've been asked this many times, but you havnt really answered them did you? Picture this, Girl rushes to washroom to help boyfriend, Girl finds boyfirend sprawling on floor, rushes in, and locks the door. knnccb.

You taking dope in there is it? honestly, there are so many people at zouk that night, you think nobody uses the washroom? nobody there to help you is it? Using the "afraid of someone slamming the door on his head" is a totally lame excuse and i think only you can come up with that sorta thing.

And to put the icing on the cake, you give us a lovey dovey pic of both of you from the back, hugging one another while walking away. knn. You think you're doing a cover for a romantic novel??

I'd say, give us some frontal pics. Show us the innjuries. Saying you look like criminals is lame.....when you visit Michael Chong, the reporters will even ask you to pose for the camera, so whats there to be shy of?


11 November, 2005 17:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several questions after I read the story:

1) Why you lock the door?? I believe everyone here wish to know the reason.
2) Mind to show us medical report or proof that your Boyfriend having heart problem. How can one still drinking liquor if they got liver problem and even hole in the heart?? (My cousin suffer from same heart problem and he can't consume liquor)
3) Yeah, shouldn't you post some pictures to show injuries and to convince us how serious you both got beaten up?

11 November, 2005 18:03  
Blogger Jennifer said...


The issue here is violence should have NEVER reared its ugly head, NO MATTER the circumstance. And you, being a member of an increasingly apathetic public, require a fucking CSI episode to convince you before putting your precious signature on a petition that is simply to say no to violence and to regulate individuals working in a line that gives them power that can so easily be abused.

It does NOT matter what J&J were doing, whether they were exaggerating, whether they were making out or having a game of chess in the damned latrine, whether James was in fact in the pink of health but got a little tipsy. Hell, let's even disregard the witness (yea! read it!) who's posted here to conceded to all the points that Jules has made, that the two were INDEED being outnumbered and rough-housed.

Short of them pulling a weapon on the bouncers or were actually shooting damn porn in the loo, the latter should NOT have laid a hand on them. Fact is, THE BOUNCERS CAUSED GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM. For that, they must pay.

Er, the kindergarten scenario is childish? Why, because omfg, I SO hit the nail on its head?

Errant teachers, nannies and babysitters hit up kids every damned day and in some situations, many would agree that the kid probably deserved it. But to slap him up so bad that he needs a visit to the doctor's? Pour hot water on him? Strike him with a hot iron? Stick a cig bud on him? Enough to make a police report?

Hell, I can even think of a few kindy teachers who will make excellent bouncers!

I say take that damn police woman down as well. These are the same people who blame rape victims for being female.

11 November, 2005 18:11  
Anonymous killuminati said...

i'm signing the petition - and i'll sign a paper one too. this reflects VERY poorly on the club. bouncers are front line customer service staff, the first person a customer sees when he/she enters a club and the last one he/she sees when they exit.

this sort of behavior is unacceptable, full stop. read your story, am truly sorry for what happened.

11 November, 2005 18:11  
Anonymous Mad Matt said...

Sorry julz, about the off topic....
To Jennifer.Haha,small world.Good to see you here.Sold all my clubs and pubs some time back (bored after 6 years in the entertaiment business),but i kept the foosball tables.hehe.Just mailed you.Oh,btw,good one on the "boyscout" lol!

11 November, 2005 18:17  
Anonymous damryn said...

"Yes, I do agree with you that this is about the abuse of power and the wrongful use of violence to resolve an issue. Dont you think then that steps should be taken to identify WHAT the issue is by looking at both sides of the argument?" - concernedcitizen

like i've said earlier her story may be an exaggeration. still...
in you saying so you admit that there was abuse of power and the wrongful use of violence. That is the main issue many of us are concerned with, not the issue you are looking at ie how that wrongful violence and abuse of power was brought about. I don't deny that you're on the right track in trying to find out who is responsible and so forth;
Someone said that we jump on the bandwagon without knowing both sides of the argument yadda yadda. Most people who jump on the bandwagon, as I said, are concerned about the wrongful violence. You don't beat up someone just because they provoked you first. Are you uncivilized? Was the issue that wrongful violence was applied to them contended? It doesn't seem so at this stage.
it is true that more evidence of the injuries sustained would clear more of the issues up, although they may have healed by now.

(one of the reasons why my arguments may seem more biased is because I've known a number of people who've gone through similar ordeals...its easy to talk about something when its not someone you know. Also, regarding the issue of her questionable actions...(maybe) not all humans react with such precise rationality during that moment, as when we can in hindsight? just an argument put forward)

11 November, 2005 18:21  
Anonymous innocent bystander said...

may i ask, how many of you guys here actually found out about what happened to JL in this blog or in the news. so how did you guys found out? Through MSN? ICQ? e-mails? yahoo!? AOL? SMS?

well, i'm not here to argue wheather JL and her boyfriend is guilty or not, just that i couldnt' figure it out. i found out about this blog through the forum i always log on.

11 November, 2005 18:28  
Blogger extrinsic said...

For me I know about this blog through another abuse blog called "" but that guy is a looser. He chickened out. Ju-Lee is more agressive. Hope she do not chickened out later.

11 November, 2005 18:48  
Anonymous innocent bystander said...

haha.. god knows.

11 November, 2005 18:50  
Anonymous Vince said...

To all the Nigel Lees and the other chicken shits out there:

If you guys have nothing good to say shut the fuck up.

Please understand the simple meaning of that. If your skull is too dense, I'll help you out again.

SHUT THE FUCK UP. If you have nothing nice to say.

This is a girl that dares to take on motherfuckers who abused her, which is more than I can say about the apathetic Nigel Lees and the other chicken shits out there.

She has the courage to fight out against the establishment.

In the meantime all you other fuckers whine about shit but never get your ass off doing anything.

Would you go through all this shit if you're fucking guilty? I wouldn't. Hell, if I have to face fuckers like Nigel Lee, I'd rather remain silent.

Point is, Ju-lee is courageous for doing this, and she doesn't need nincompoop balless chickens like Nigel Lee to say shit about it.

I know she don't want your pity. It's not worth crap. She doesn't want Zouk's money, James is richer than your father and your grandfather combined.

No, this girl, she wants change.

That, my friend is worth more than you could ever achieve in your pathetic lifetime.

Sue that bastards Ju-lee!

And fuck the bastards who have nothing nice to say!

Oh, and go visit cuz she's a blogwhore!

11 November, 2005 20:25  
Anonymous damryn said...

Dear all

I am sorry for posting my opinions on this comments. I may have also antagonised some people here, who are just sharing their opinions.

I am sorry because I have just recently broken up with my boyfriend. You see, I am gay and I am somewhat the girl in the relationship, so I hope everyone can excuse me being overly emotional.

I am just working off my frustration on other people's comments because I feel so frustrated about what has happened to me.

You see I have no life. I can only behave self-righteous and criticise other people's comments to boost my own small little ego. I know it's wrong but what can I do, when I have always been the b*tch in the relationship?

People should be entitled to their own comments and we shouldn't criticise them. I will learn from this. What I need is probably a good c*ck up my not-so-tight a**.

Again, my sincere apologies to everyone on this blog.

11 November, 2005 20:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vince: u're a postwhore
Damryn: Why bother saying sorry when u did something wrong
To anyone else: If we cant post our comments in this blog, the owner should just shut the fucking blog off

I hate to use words like fuck and suck but some ppl got no respect at all.

11 November, 2005 20:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no evident provided here n I see only one-sided story. You would oso say Zouk is having one-sided story right? Abt both of you making love in toilet.....

Ju Lee, if you oredi file a police report and taking the case to court. You should leave the case to the authority. Creating this blog will not help you in anyway. Consult your lawyer abt this blog n I believe he'll advice you to shut it down.......Before Zouk get hold of your "article" n sue you for defamation. Unless you think M'sia dun have law to cover the internet. Pls think again.


11 November, 2005 20:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So anyone here wants to refer this blog to Zouk? Wonders what will happen next----->?

11 November, 2005 21:01  
Anonymous malaysia.can. said...

Zouk seemed like a great place. fun, good music, good drinks. I spent a lot of time there. But i will not go again. and i will tell many of my friends also not to go. If we get enough people to not go, then they make less money and, hopefully, apologize and fire those men!

11 November, 2005 21:11  
Anonymous Nigel Lee said...

Haha Vince!

You're probaly from the same groups of people who feed on the bullshit that govt. controlled newspapers and politicians dish out.

Here, take a napkin, you have shit dribbling down your mouth. knnccb.

It's a damn simple fact that if you're gonna lay accusations, be sure to back it up with solid evidence. Otherwise, it's pretty damn baseless. So what do you expect from us? Blind sympathy for anyone who publishes a sad story on net?

Anyone with an ounce of writing skills can cook up something like that. And it doesn't help either to leave suspicious gaps here and there within her "story". You expect us to lap it all up and go "Awww, so sorry to hear that, we feel for you and blablabla". If all she wanted was to hear the good stuff, then a blog like this is the wrong place to be.

Don't get me wrong, no one should be beaten up the way she claimed she was. If it really happened, they should be punished to the maximum accordance of the law.

What I'm trying to point out is how she so boldy lays accusations so openly, without providing any evidence. I ask you Mr Vince, where are the evidence to back up her story? Even in newspapers, you see people holding up their bills, receipts, showing off their wounds for the camera in front of Michael Chong.

So where is her evidence? Please do tell. The fact that she refuses to elaborate on why she locked the door behind her instead of getting help fuels fire to further suspicion. So Mr Vince, care to explain on her behalf?

All we asked was some simple evidence, to back up the story. Otherwise, be prepared for a barrage of cristisms and suspicions, its only normal. Unlike you Vince, who laps everything up like the dog you are.

Smart people view things from different angles, they question, and they dont take things at face value. There's always two sides to a story.

To sum it all, we need evidence. Until then, her story is bullshit.

11 November, 2005 21:17  
Anonymous Spritzer said...

Yup, i agree that is a blogwhore. Reason being that i posted my message on her site and she dare not publish it.

Why JL took effort to post all her dreaded stories on blogs ? The simple answer is that she's a caring person trying to raise awareness and seek justice when it is blind.

Do you think she's trying to seek glamour by doing all this ? Is she trying to arouse public just to satisfy her inner dissatisfaction. NO! Wake up for those whom are not aware of the situation we're facing. Try doing this in USA or Australia and you can kiss Zouk goodbye.

Come on, we need change our mindset to open way to a more civilised culture. Why are we still a 3rd world country when we once own the tallest building in the world ? It's because we are not ready to be classified as an advanced country. To be there, how can we tolerate uncivilised bastards abusing power to bully the weak ?

11 November, 2005 21:27  
Anonymous nigel lee said...

To be fair, if in any event she proves this story to be true, then an apology will be on the way.

Just because it's on a blog and written dramatically doesn't mean anything.

11 November, 2005 21:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where the heck is the picture's?

where's the medical bills?

where's the police report?

11 November, 2005 21:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said... blogwhore??

how bout these?
who's more whoring now?

still said no one now should jump to definate conclusion, which person is wrong here, heck we don't even know the bashing is true due to lack of picture evidence.

pics and those medical, police report on this blog would get more supporters instead now all we get is just a pic of their back and a long writings here which fuels more questions than answers.

11 November, 2005 21:48  
Anonymous UnconcernedCitizen said...

Jennifer, look at the world around you. Start by reading the newspaper. There is violence everywhere and at a higher frequency these days. In an ideal world, I would want to live in a utopian state too. But guess what? Welcome to the real world. This is a harsh world where in countries less fortunate than ours, men fight and kill for lesser reasons. Violence has reared its ugly head time and time again DESPITE the circumstances. This is how the world is. It is about time you left your sheltered life to face the cold, hard facts.

For your information, the first thing I did after reading JuLee's story was to sign the petition. My opinions posted here thereafter was to express my mind and wish that JuLee has considered every possible avenue of defence from a legal perspective. You state that "It does NOT matter what J&J were doing...". Oh, but in court, it DOES matter. Sad stories by itself will not win a legal case. Think about what you are saying please.

Again, you state as a fact that "THE BOUNCERS CAUSED GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM". This I do not deny. But if that 'grievous bodily harm' was caused as a reaction to an assault first (JuLee's fiancee kicking), then those bouncers have a defence right there. If JuLee cannot rebut that, her case will be greatly weakened or in fact, dismissed. NOW do you see the importance of getting all the facts right?

And by the way, I have noticed your heavy use of invectives when referring to my opinions. Why is this so? Does what I say anger you so much? If it does, why is this so? I have stated before that my opinions are meant to bring out the good in people by trying to understand the issue in its entirety. Does my opinion offend your values? Or is there something hidden which my inquisitive posts might be a threat to?

To quote you Jennifer, "I say take that damn police woman down as well. These are the same people who blame rape victims for being female.". This is where I draw the line. Not only have you gone off topic but your lack of maturity and common sense has led you to condemning our public service. I will not be a part of this debate any longer.

Your arguments grow weaker with each successive post and I am unable to tolerate your infantile behaviour. You think that im part of an apathetic public? Why then would I bother posting anything and suggesting that everyone take a understanding stance? Upon reading these posts, my friends ask me “Why do you care? Why are you getting yourself involved?” I cared because I too, think that JuLee has been wronged and that she should take legal action against Zouk. I would like to see them take a proactive stance towards treating patrons right. This will not be successful if she is unable to provide details or defend her actions. All my posts so far has been to make her realize that or at least to think about it.

Regardless, I shall now become what you say apathetic. Your misdirected resentment and lack of respect towards my opinions have left me no longer concerned. I will no longer debase myself by arguing over irrelevant issues. Kindergarten and teachers? Hahahaha. If anything, you have been amusing.

For those mature folks that have been following my posts, I pray that you find it in your hearts to look at both sides of the story. Do not let anger cloud your judgment.


11 November, 2005 21:50  
Anonymous Glay said...

ZOUK Management should be sued through there living skins for u being manhadled....and for bad employment...get a report...dont just go to the news papers...coz it will only hurt Zouk's popularity....nth more..coz they will still get their usual daily suggested that u hit then low and hard....ifu can..get Zouk closed down......
one can reach great hights if one put his/her full effort into it...

11 November, 2005 21:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Sam

Pottu Tahkke...kuranje velai, neranje surr...

11 November, 2005 22:30  
Anonymous Pakcik MMA said...

Izinkan I berbasa dlm Melayu lah. I nih takder duit nak masuk Zouk. Padahal apo ader kat dlm Zouk saya pon tak tau. Yg I tau, I sdg guna PC kawan I dan terjumper blog nih. Apa lah u nih semua? Ko semua ni baca citer pasal budak kena belasah dah anggap kesian kat dia. Dia citer tera punya sedih, kamu semua dah berair mata. Manala u tau apa yg terjadi sebenarnyer. Maklumlah kan, takder api mana ado asap? Walau mcm mana sekali pon Malaysia kurang selesa di khayalak mata mu, ini tetap tanahair kiter. Kalau takder tanahair tercinta ni, kamu semua dah tak bernegara. Mmgla undang2 negara kiter ade kekurangannya, tapi dlm negara mana tanah tak di timpa hujan? Ala amik aje contoh 3R, rilek dulu, respek org lain baru respon apa yg patut. Kiter nih bangsa Malaysia, buatla contoh yg terbaik. Jgnla amik teladan kurang asam dari barat ke sini. Walaupon org kiter yg berbuat salah, baik selidik dulu. Tapi inila nasihat saya, kalau kamu main mainan tradisi mcm gasing atau congkak sambik minum teh ataupon kopi. ikut selera la kan,ini semua mungkin takkan berlaku. Ini la saje saya nak pesan. Pakcik dah penat jaga bank satu hari nih. Semoga anak semua prihatin la sikit akan gejala remaja masa kini. Pasal masa tamadun baru ni, macam-macam ader.

11 November, 2005 22:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

picture in the front page seems to be rather.....'interesting'

zoom in, look at the hands, no bruises, no cuts, not bloood, by the time after all the ordeal, it's enough time for the bruises to be obvious in slightly blue black.

look at the shirts, so clean, no crumpled, no blood, not wet. hmmm lying on toilet which the girl said it's filthy.

look at the guy's hair, still looks good, well he might use a good hairgel, but anyone who gone throught a struggle would have their hair untidied.

look at his ears, not red.

11 November, 2005 22:41  
Anonymous Makcik Cucur Udang said...

Makcik memang setuju dengan pakcik jaga tu...dulu kita orang tua-tua main buaian takder pulak sampai kena taruh macam ni...naik pi toilet belasah semak tepi sungai ajer...hah yang pandai tu mengendap show. Makcik pon dulu ada pernah try romen romen dalam tandas nih...tapi takder la teruk sangat...setakat mencuba jer la...maklumla...tempat projek byk lagi kat kg buat apa nak projek dalam tandas kan...nanti malu kena tangkap...buat susah orang tua jer...ingat anak-anak semua...tepuk dada tanya selera...jgn main hentam jer...selidik dulu mana betul mana salah...sekian dulu...makcik nak pi sidai kain kejab...aduh!!...sakitnya pinggang nih

11 November, 2005 22:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now wait a minute, you said the guys was very very ill unable to walk, and then after the whole incident you hang on him instead of assisting him to walk from the pic. hmmm where did he suddenly got so active??

11 November, 2005 23:04  
Anonymous Abang Anwar said...

Kalau la dulu I ader prihatin macam makcik cucur udang nih, tak mungkin I akan kena tangkap masa I main bontot dulu.

Tapi itu merupakan suatu ajaran bagi saya dan saya harap bagi kat semua remaja buat masa kini, terutamanyer si Damryn ni. Janganla terlalu sedih, takde batasannya anda bersedih.

Tuhan dah menkurniakan kiter dgn kote dan pompuan dgn burit, bagai kan plug dgn soket. Gunakan la nyer dgn tepat, Damryn.

Bertaubatla sebagaimana abang dah kembali ke pangkuan kejantanan ni.

11 November, 2005 23:07  
Anonymous Apek said...

fuiyoh lu org skg mcam itu celita teebee ... apa dia panggil cee s i, skg dah jadi teliti sekeping gambar tu. Boleh cali bukti sama ah moi ada tipu ka tarak. Bagus bagus! manyak cerdik lu olang.

11 November, 2005 23:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both standing in the middle of the road, waiting to be "bang" :)

11 November, 2005 23:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After an incident like that, their friends still have time and mood to take pictures like these. Heck, they even have time to compose the shot. Artistic talent at its best.

11 November, 2005 23:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

take this into consideration given by your friend here "James on his back on the ground"

his shirt so clean, so dry. wow i've been down on my knees in clubs toilets and dance floor, sure their floor ain't that clean till no stains on fabric.

11 November, 2005 23:55  
Blogger jj said...

hey i just came by n read the oct 29 post. well i know it's unfair.justice must be done =) i support ya !

12 November, 2005 00:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't waste time with that oversized lump of pork lard Jennifer Tai.

She is a brainless fatty pork ass kisser to many people and she thinks she knows everything. What a waste to hire a retard in GameAxis.

Furthermore her husband prostitutes for Microsoft.

Don't take these bozos seriously.

12 November, 2005 00:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of those fictional blogs that are all the rage right now right?

12 November, 2005 00:52  
Anonymous Spritzer said...

It's just sad how some typical Malaysians react on a serious issue like this. I'm referring to those taking this as a joke, one fine day when it happens to you or your family, then you'll know the impact. Now i understand why when someone felt on a street and lots of bystander just watch.

12 November, 2005 01:07  
Anonymous krang said...

How'd you expect us to take the story seriously, when the story is totally one sided. What's more, there aren't any solid proof besides a picture taken from the back.

She's avoiding obvious enquries, and that even makes it all the more suspicious.

We can't be too trusting and naive when it comes to these kinda situations.

12 November, 2005 01:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for saying that about Jennifer Tai and her family. I officially retract all my statements and will proceed to jump off the Penang Bridge with a butt plug up my own rectum.

I'm an asshole and a Griefer who trolls forums for a living (or lack off) because I'm retarded and have no life.

My most prized possession is my favourites folder. It contains all my trolling URLs so that I can quickly harass other people because i grew up all wrong by abusive and bad parents.

please forgive me.

12 November, 2005 01:49  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh for Pete's sake, will you just once and for all fulfill all your fantasies and ask me out already. No need to follow me around other people's blogs!

UnconcernedCitizen, firstly, I don't think you remember which policewoman I am referring to. Please scroll up and read about what she said to J&J, as accounted by a third-party, at the PS. If you're female, which I think you are, you SHOULD be appalled.

And please. I am by nature, vulgar. Do not confuse my inability to control my use of expletives with anger.

I applaud you for wanting to look at things objectively before passing judgment but my arguments were strictly for supporting the regulation of security personnel (or babysitters) because at present, no such laws exist. Do not lose the forest for the trees. Even if J&J's case may be sketchy due to details they have left out deliberately or otherwise, their case brings up the fact that there lack guidelines on how privately owned companies and privately hired personnel can police their customers.

That has been my point from the start and this is STILL my point.

If I have offended your sensibilities in anyway, I apologise.

12 November, 2005 02:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like this blog got serious attention at even the Rojakpot. That's a tech site. I think this is the link Hope it works. Happy to hear you got a lawyer.

12 November, 2005 02:15  
Anonymous Apek said...

Wa sekalang talak bulih tinton. Sulah kasi kira itu biri-biri pon tak bulih tintun. Lu olang ade apa-apa obat ka boleh kasi apek tido. wa sulah cuba lancap, mandi sula masih on la. Ini manyak susah, esok pagi kena keluar pi estet jumpa samy, mau kasi amik itu looi dali hasi getah. Samy manyak kuat o. Tiap-tiap pagi pukui 5 sulah ade estet kasi toleh getah. Lu olang apa bikin? Sini jugak kasi komen pasal budak kena belasah dalam jamban kakakaka.

Apek ketawa sampai gigi jatuh la baca komen. Manyak lucu. Kalang-kalang kalu bulih gelak besar, apa salah, talak salah.

Itu air mineral spritzer ade feeling apasal? Mau komen, komen la, jangan bawak olang punya famili, bini, anak semua masuk. Olang gelak olang punya suka la. U feeling apasal?

12 November, 2005 02:24  
Anonymous WCL said...

Hey Ju-Lee,
Looks like you have some international support from some Belgian guy commenting at this Ninja or something website

Quote :"The story about Ju-Lee.. another example that bouncers aren't trained persons.. but fucked up people wanting to beat the crap out of people ..."

12 November, 2005 04:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju Lee a caring person?

You retards must be blind after reading such an emotional story.

If she is so caring, why still giv James alcohol?

Erm, mayb she wanted to kill him but plan bakcfired and created something like this.

12 November, 2005 07:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh come on you guys, stop writing and flaming each other already. Ju Lee does not post here anymore.

12 November, 2005 09:05  
Anonymous damryn said...

lol I love little snitches who take over other people's nick...:) haha

Yes I have no life at the moment; I've got my finals on and I'm studying 12/7 to finish up my studies. so jerk-off and find some other post-whore to leech on :P

well I am entitled to criticize and so are you...and so am I entitled to compliment people when I can. and I am also entitled to be wrong when proven wrong...and I am entitled to acknowledge that I am wrong.
thats what everybody is entitled to. Do you know the truth atm? If you don't then we are entitled to flame away.
the problem is...people don't want to criticize on the topic...instead they deviate and launch attacks the individuals with no constructive criticism.

who's the gay bastard now? you...the srut who doesn't dare to use his own nick... lol (I have a feeling you know me ie from my nick. wanker :D )

finally...I retract "his" sincere apologies because I've nothing to apologize for...for now.

12 November, 2005 09:06  
Anonymous damryn said...

Dear all

Again my sincere apologies for the above posting.

I have just found out that I am both gay and a schizo. I can't help myself. You try having a dick and not know what to do with it. You will also have the same problem.

I will take Anwar's advice and try and change. I am also deviating from the topic as I too am at fault for launching attacks on individuals posting here.

I try to be self-righteous but sadly being the loser that I am, I also have joined the other "wankers" here in abusing others.

I love this as this is my only outlet to express my frustrations at the world for my being gay. I apologise to the gay community for my behaviour. I know I am giving all of you a bad name.

Since my breakup I am not sure of my sexual preference anymore. Being an ACDC is not easy. I am trying to convert myself into a bisexual whore.

I know also that it takes two to tango. If I did not launch any personal attacks on anyone on this list, I will not be feeling this way. But I like a number here like being self-righteous gits. That is why we give everyone a hard time.

After all, I am just a student. Like I said No LIFE. All I can do is wank to magazines every chance I get.

I retract my retraction of my apologies and apologise vehemously once again until a good hard c*ck gets right up my flea infested ass.

I also apologise to my parents for embarassing them. They have no idea I would turn out this way when I appeared from my mother's c*nt. I overheard when I was 8 that she had an affair and I am a child out of wedlock. I am a bastard. A sad one at that.

12 November, 2005 09:28  
Anonymous spritzer said...

hey apek, if you're trying to be humorous or maybe lame, please choose another spot. People like you are just troublemakers with no intention to help at all. And if you don't understand what i'm saying, tolong balik sekolah dan baca.

12 November, 2005 10:20  
Anonymous spritzer said...

one more thing to the cowardly anonymous poster that commented that JL wasn't as caring person, do you know her in person ? i think you must be really dumb not to understand what's heavily diluted whiskey. I do understand that one should not drink if they have health problem but such a mild drink, even a doctor wouldn't stop you. I'm saying this as a fact because my friend is going through the same health problem and the doctor says not to exceed the limit.

what you are trying to mention here is whenever someone is ill, even to the slightest point, he should prison himself at home. Use your brain numb nuts

12 November, 2005 10:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no alcohol means no comsumption you dimwit. mild, light still alcohol.

12 November, 2005 10:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems like you have a fan damryn

no beating is justified but there has to be evidence to prove it even if the pics you took are not good enough in your opinion...

12 November, 2005 11:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you have a medical degree now?

Liver condition means 0 tolerance of alcohol.


So what if ppl post with anonymouse or with a name like stupidbitch? doest it make a diff? Someone can use a very nice common name and post crap. So tell me the diff?


Heavily diluted whisky, is still whisky!!!

12 November, 2005 11:08  
Anonymous Spritzer said...

I think you're the one speaking as if you're with the medical degree my cowardly anonymous friend. Clearly you're a shallow guy whom know nothing about medical or encounter anyone with the similar condition.

Wise up, did JL says her bf is dying of a liver condition? She just mentioned that he had a history of health problem and it's his own freewill to choose to drink. Even if he developed liver cancer due to drinking, he made the path. Back to the motive of the posting here, we're trying to raise awareness about bouncers abusing power on the weak and not to debate on his medical problem. Whether he's sick or not, he does not deserves bashing in public.

Anyway, i rest my case. I meet ppl like you every now and then which are plain ignorant. Full stop.

12 November, 2005 11:54  
Blogger extrinsic said...

Found some info relevant to alcohol consumption for people with liver disease.

"How much alcohol can I safely drink? Because some people are much more sensitive to alcohol than others, there is no single right answer that will fit everyone. Generally, doctors recommend that if you drink, don't drink more than two drinks per day." -

"What quantity of alcohol usage should be seen as being a risk to the liver? First, it should be understood that alcohol is a poison. Any amount of alcohol can produce damage to the liver. In an otherwise healthy person with no underlying liver problems, the general rule of thumb is different for men and women. Men metabolize and are able to clear alcohol more efficiently than women due to body size, body fat and certain enzymes. Because of this the maximum "safe" daily intake of alcohol for a woman is 1 - 2 drink per day; for the male it is 3 - 4 over a 24-hour period. It is also important to recognize the body and the liver in particular does not distinguish between different forms of alcohol. Beer and wine are not "safer" than whiskey or spirits. One drink is defined as one shot (1 and 1/4 ounces) of whiskey or spirits, one four-ounce can of wine or one 12-ounce can of beer. If an individual has an underlying liver condition such as hepatitis B or C, or prior damage from alcohol or other diseases, the liver is very sensitive to any amount of alcohol. In those conditions, the only safe dose of alcohol is zero." -

12 November, 2005 12:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we don't even know how diluted is the heavily diluted drink he had. 2cm whisky + 4cm of coke also can be regarded as heavily diluted according to any regular minum kaki.

how the heck you know she's been beaten or the abuse of power? proof?

it's just like the nimala's case where this indon claims her employee beat the crap out of her, everyone blames the employer but records show she inflict herself. another one the finger in soup case, everyone starts boycott the restaurant but then found out it was fake.

we don't even know how the REAL story goes, from what i read there's too many questions and no pictures of proof. it might be she got slapped for being rude, then the guy kicked the bouncer in retaliation, bouncer kicked back. we don't know rite?

12 November, 2005 12:28  
Blogger extrinsic said...


"How much alcohol can I safely drink? Because some people are much more sensitive to alcohol than others, there is no single right answer that will fit everyone. Generally, doctors recommend that if you drink, don't drink more than two drinks per day." -

This statement is for people without the disease. Most doctors recommend ZERO level alcohol.

I believe the other anonymous who raise their doubt in J story about James condition is relevant in arguing on the ground whether her is story is true or false, or how bad he is hurt, she could tell us one story, a different story with the police, and another different version in court. What if the senior police she met read her blog and compare the stories she told? What impression will the police have on her? What impression will the court have on her? Do you think the judge will believe every word she told?

If this the exactly the same story she told the court, the same questions will be directed to her, medical reports, proofs, stuffs like that.

She already admitted she blow things out of proportion in the press just to attract attention on her latest post, believe me, this story as well!

Which part is the truth and which part is false, the public deserves a right to know! Hear me Ju-Lee?

To me, this is what I believe. They were in the toilet, for what reason I'm not interested. The bouncers dragged them out. James started with a kicked (how strong and where? is it on his balls so trigger such anger?). James could be too strong they called more bouncers for help. James was finally hurt. Someone stopped the bouncers.

Do I believe the bouncers should be refered disciplinary action? Yes.

Do I believe Ju-Lee's story completely? No.

Is James a healthy man? I don't know. If he were, he should be responsible also for his first kick.

12 November, 2005 14:10  
Anonymous apek said...

Wahh manyak malah la lu air mineral spritzer. Kalau wa mau buat lawak, wa punya pasal. Wa tau wa talak mcm lu ala ijazah. wa hanya ala estet getah. itu saja hasil titik peluh saya. bukan semua olang talak blajar bodo tau. bukan semua olang bepelajalan mcm lu tu cerdik. u tau toreh getah, tau process getah, tak tau kan? lu hanya tau lancap. lu ade lu punya kelebihan, wa pon ala. tak payah kicikkan olang pasal talak blajar. mau masuk jamban, mau pakai keta, mau pakai baju, mau pakai pc hentam olang talak blajar, semua pon manusiya yang bikin. Lu ingat bapak lu bikin ka? Bapak lu masa kongkek mak lu kuar char siew macam lu, lu tau apa jadi, itu loktor kasi sepak muka mak lu, lepas tu bapak lu, kasi pesan, apa hal talak pakai kondom kuar anak mcm ni.

Hidup Senalio, Hidup Yasin! Saya kasi lu peace, blader.

12 November, 2005 14:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 11 November, 2005 22:41,

You see the white car on the left? Thats my car, I used a binoculars to spy on them. I saw his left ear was torn. One of his eyes popped out dangling halfway at the nose level.

wtf.. what happen to them!

12 November, 2005 15:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In those conditions, the only safe dose of alcohol is zero"

Very true, only Retards like Spriter will wanna argue. Common sense will tell you not to drink.

JuLee said James kicked the bouncers, so he started the fight 1st.

Bouncers dont start fights 1st. They want to keep their job too.

This bitch is really farked up in the mind. I've seen too many girls making up stories when things dont go their way.

12 November, 2005 15:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it doesn't matter if the story is true what matters here is that violence is not the answer. Its bad enough to beat a guy up whats more if it is a woman.

For those of you who are sceptic and who are against their story and are judging them, I think you guys should just try and put yourselves in their shoes and think about how you would feel if you were in thier position. It might happen to you one day, would you like mean and cruel words hurled at you and people disbeliving and giving you an ever harder time after the ordeal? I think NOT!

This story regardless if it is true has opened my eyes and served as a warning for many of us who enjoy clubbing.

Goodluck to JuLee and James.

12 November, 2005 15:57  
Anonymous neutral said...

Ju-Lee, first of all I would like to say that I am sorry to learn of your unfortunate incident in Zouk. We go to clubs to just unwind and have a good time with friends, and never in our minds do we imagine that our nights are capable of turning out so tragic.

I noticed that there were numerous earlier comments of "why did you lock the door / why didn't you bring your friend along with you / etc". Sitting here in front of the computer in the comfort of our armchairs and sipping on our hot coffees, perhaps it's so easy for us to evaluate the situation rationally and know right away what should have been the best thing to do (or not to do) at the time. But when we are in an emergency situation, it is most often difficult to think rationally and consider all the implications.

I also do not agree with those who feel that you shouldn't have gone clubbing with James considering his health problems. Having lived with the condition all his life, I'm sure James understands his body best and would be in the best position to know the extent of his alcohol tolerance. Anyway, just because drinking is bad for you does that mean you won't drink at all? I think the smokers would beg to differ.

Whatever happened in the men's toilet is your word against theirs. But that's besides the point. Whatever happened in there does not justify the kind of assault that you described. Even if its in self defence, I think only reasonable force should be applied. And I don't see the "defence" in four men repeatedly kicking a prone man and woman.

However, I should add that in my experience in KL clubbing scene, most of the bouncers I have come across have been courteous and friendly. And also helpful. I can appreciate the fact that in their line of work, they are constantly exposed to the likelihood of physical harm. In trying to keep their club in order, they must be wary that there are customers out there to cause trouble and wouldn't think twice about knifing any bouncer who intervenes.

Anyway these are just my evaluations of the events based on what I read in your blog. Zouk will probably have their version of the story. Whoever is telling the truth, that will be decided by the courts, not us.

Hope you get your justice.

12 November, 2005 20:31  
Anonymous spritzer said...

dear apek, if you are as primitive as you mentioned, how on earth would you know what's a blog ? i don't think the jaga at my company blogs. Don't be a loser, which the fact you are now and find some other entertainment like gasing or sepak takraw. If you can't even combine a constructive critisism and trying to be funny with your bahasa kampung, then go screw your children like what you all always does.

Sorry, i'm not being a racist here but just referring to that lamer apek.

12 November, 2005 22:13  
Anonymous gary said...

oh my..,ive postd before in another section so im gona make this brief.

1st of all...PEOPLE, SIGN THE PETITION! forget ju-lee's story and just sign it coz we do bloody need better security personnel.

now ju-lee this is the 4th time i'm pleading with you, show us some pictures or any other solid proof. i really want to support you in this and go all out, but the loopholes!...darn it their glaring!! going to the club that night is a choice u made, thats fine, people should not judge you for that...

but locking the door so that it wont hit james? how about opening it wide open and propping him against the door? i know you could argue in a panicked state you made some mistakes but believe an emergency situation when your senses heighten, you would NEVER lock yourself away and isolate yourself from help.

again when you were dragged out...ANGER was the first emotion you expressed? demanding the bouncer's name? your fiance was semi-conscious! INSTINCTIVELY you would forget any and all rudeness and ask for help.

i say it again...too many loopholes. please, some solid proof so that i can do my part in spreading the word.

13 November, 2005 00:33  
Anonymous krang said...

Typical rich kiddies trying to garner attention.

For what reasons she wants to spend time creating this whole thing up, only she knows.

She and James got beaten up, that I can believe. What I don't believe is the story of WHY and HOW she go beaten up.

Up till now, we still don't see any solid evidence.

13 November, 2005 03:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Power man this post
""This is really an academic discussion. Will what we say here change anything? Frankly speaking, no.

In the first place, what's written in any blog should be considered as hearsay, unless it's backed by evidence and witnesses. Particularly so when the real identities of the persons involved are not stated.

All we have is one person's view of the whole affair. I'm not saying that she's lying. But it's a fact that she can tell what she THINKS is the truth and yet not tell the truth. What a person thinks is the truth is sometimes different from the truth.

Regarding her questionable actions in the washroom, well, the reason why people harp on it is not because we are prudes and think they shouldn't have done it in the toilet. No-no.. Statistically, some of us here will actually have done it in the toilet.

The reason why people pick at different parts of her story is because if she lies or embellishes her story, it puts her ENTIRE story to question.

Were they actually beaten and kicked to the point they have to go for plastic surgery? Did the bouncers kick or beat them without provocation? Or did they start it off themselves?

When I first read the story, I got just as pissed as you. What gives the bouncers the right to bash someone up? Kissing and even having sex in a toilet does not warrant such treatment.

I too thought that Zouk should be sued and the bouncers + manager brought to justice. I also thought that the behaviour of our police force was typical.

But a lesson I learned not so long ago was to listen to BOTH SIDES of the story. Like it or not, people tend to exaggerate their stories to make them look better.

We can choose to ignore the other side. After all, we love to see David win against the Goliath, wouldn't we? But is it fair?

WHAT IF the truth was totally different? What if they were drunk and high; and started the fight? Would the bouncers be right in kicking them out of the club? Would that be the real reason why the cops did not seem cooperative? Is there even a reasonable probability that Ju Lee was not telling the truth, as the truth should be told?

If the answer is yes, our duty as responsible citizens and netizens would be to question her claims and examine the other side's story BEFORE we make a judgement that may impair the company's and employees' reputation.

For all the sympathy that a compassionate human being like us may feel for Ju Lee and her boyfriend, we MUST be equally compassionate to the other party. They are also someone's boyfriend / husband / friend / relative. We have no right to convict them morally based on a SINGLE testimonial which is legally and psychologically prejudicial.

If we simply roar in outrage and go boycott or trash Zouk up, we will be nothing more than animals who cannot rationally evaluate an issue. Worse, if we finally discover that Ju Lee was lying all the while, we would have committed a crime, if not legally then morally.

Therefore, I would say it's not only our RIGHT to question such allegations, but also our DUTY to do so.""
copy from hre:

13 November, 2005 03:43  
Anonymous sandy said...

hi everyone. i'm a blog surfer n so happened i came onto this one. i feel so sorry for u ju lee for what u n ur fiance have been through. total scary mary after i read this. hope both of u r ok now. i'm a hardcore partyanimal n surely hell i hope not this will happen to me. *double sorry* for u coz it definately has not occured to u that ur post may cause such a battle amongst the readers?

(special note to the anonymous!) u're being such a pathetic.jerk.jack.ass.joe no offence. i honestly think u have a personal conflict or something against the author no? then y go gaga over n again for pictures medical report questioning questionable loopholes etc etc. it's clearly up to her whether she wants to place a copy in the blog or not.

inevitably, the issue at hand is to raise public awareness so that they know what's right, what's wrong, what's important n what's not on this violence that ends up in silence n make a stand to stop it. believing it, good for u, n wanna do ur part to stop violence by any would-be oppressor, sign the petition; if u don't, once u're done reading shut this damn blog n go on with ur life; whatsoever it may be. it is for the betterment of mankind attitude.

SOoo, y make a big fuss over all this n bitching on who (be it julee or the zouk?)'s story being more convincing? i genuinely hope, this battlefield will come to an end.

cheers peeps, n have a good day.
-the mutual reader-

13 November, 2005 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

which anonymous sandy? don't shoot all anonyous. We are not the same. :p

it's up to her if she wants to show proof or not. but read what others have posted. no proof no talk.

too many assholes posting fantasy stories online to believe when there is no evidence. one picture also dun have. one witness also dun have.

her friend only saw her after she kena tendang. what happen in the toilet, before that or after that, who knows? do u?

don't be a jerk and support her just because u are a party animal. worried that zouk may treat u like this?

13 November, 2005 17:24  
Blogger catshyte said...

O'm with goyh.. I'm only getting the script page, not the petition itself. I've put in a link of your blog to mine.

JL and James, my heart goes out to you, esp James - poor dear (note: not pity, but sympathy)... I'd have done the same thing JL, I'd have rushed to the rescue of the love of my life. It is what I've seen him do for me. It is truly sad that we live in a country that, while beautiful in too many ways to mention, manages to co-exist in absolute ignorance when it comes to things like this. Being somewhat pint-sized I'd have not backed away from chewing off the ear of the first bouncer (the one that came in to the gents) with his reply of "come outside n i'll "show" you my name) HAH what a line..
Like JL, I too have good friends who are bouncers. Fortunately my friends are educated and as such don't just throw people out of their clubs. They make inquiries first. I understand that not all situations call for the civility of "looking before leaping"... alas I'd have assumed that common curtesy would have called for it. Then again, in situations like these, as an outsider, it's ALWAYS easier to point-fingers and say "I'd have done this..." or "I'd have done that"... Sight.. I guess what I'm saying is, I wasn't there. I wish I was there tho, 'cause I'm one of those Malaysians that stops to help. Girl or not - I'd have helped... sigh.. my two cents of something.
Plse keep us informed on your legal action(s).. I'd like to know how I would be able to help in any way even if it's just about spreading the word... tc and God bless you and James! and Congratulations on your impending nuptials.. may this new chapter in your life be the best one yet!!

13 November, 2005 17:44  
Anonymous Joanne said...

Darth Perfidious is right. We may not be able to fight this like Ju-Lee. But we are paying customers and we can fight back another way. I, for one, am not stepping into Zouk again. It sucks big time. And its highly unprofessional. Disgusting behaviour!

13 November, 2005 22:49  
Anonymous sandy said...

--- anonymous.., haha definitely not refering to u, the one who sent right before mine. it is the one who has been posting comments n signing in as anonymous n pestering for the evidence n once u read his/her comment u know he/she is totally unsatisfied with the author, for god knows the reason y. anyways, im entirely outta this. my feeble heart just cant bear all this drama. im just a simple girl dropping a mutual comment. not gonna do any condemning or praising here now. =) cheers. ---

13 November, 2005 23:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its amazing how julee still has faith in msia, IMO, msia does not give their ppl human rights,i truely believe her, i had lost faith in it,and are overseas and this week im going to amber and not zouk.

fellow msians, dont get hyped and heated up easily just because someone is banging the country, if facts are facts u cant deny it, if msia is a shithole, u cant say its not,.just because its ur country u cant just blindly supports it without looking at facts.
my 2 cents anyway.

13 November, 2005 23:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the annonymous above..

if ur so unhappy wit malaysia, y dun u just get the fuck out of it and stay in some other country. wtf u still staying here if ur so unhappy. im sure no one wants such a traitor in our country. u can just fuck off or shut the fuck up. gosh wat a loser knnccb..


14 November, 2005 00:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Kyle, i've been to zouk a couple of times in the past and i think overall its a very well done-up club. Well done meaning the setting, but in terms of Club PR ...the bouncers think they're some ghetto fabolous multi million dollar, lamborghini driving, hoochie momma magnet, big dick playa kinda of people. to me its simple...bouncers are dogs in black suits, we can't have real dogs cause they dont communicate stupidly like the bouncers in zouk,

this big size Ulfasar warcraft lookalikes are actually pea brained hearing from julee's story that they whallop the living day lights of her fiancee and her, seems to be an understatement. Its lucky she got away alive... cause once their pea brain shuts down...its all about bashing only

okay..back to julee's story...ur bf's sick, he's drinking whisky (dilute or not doesn't matter), he's had heart problems (clubbing again?) he faints due to black out spells, he shits blood from his anal, he's mouth is torn apart from the bracers that were disfigured, u bleeding like a rat who got the tail chopped off,

and there's no picture...? malaymail ALWAYS has pictures to show the buyers...its their bread n could they not have pics?!

anyways...if u were making out instead of reviving ur fiancee from the dead, its okay....toilet makeouts or doesnt matter

but for f#%^# bouncers to beat u n ur fiancee up...less touch u a BIG NO NO.









14 November, 2005 01:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to mandy, im already out, like i said, dont get heated up look at it and calmly look at the facts, as much as we call it our home, its not, its malay's country. we are still being viewed as outsiders, so if we gonna be viewed as outsiders y wont we get viewed as outsiders in another country that we are being treated better. have u lived overseas? in a more developed country where they have human rights, try it, and u will see the difference just compare it, instead stop using vulgarity it doesnt get anywhere.

14 November, 2005 01:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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ARE YOU CHINESE? , yes that comes first in this country and then my nationality.....although i'm malaysian.


end of story.

14 November, 2005 01:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaa shuddap la. You are all idiots. She is playing you for fools. I waste time read all the fan and flame posts. Only 2 people in this blog and elsewhere make sense. Read la people.

"""" Mowkob said...

I have read most of the comments posted thus far and I have read the blog twice and get Ju-lee's 'Version' of the story.

I use 'version' people, because in a situation like this there's always another side to a story. Please consider that.

Some of us here have rightly pointed out that you should always. . . always hear what the other side has to say.

In a situation like this, it's clearly a 'he say, i say, they say' situation.

And pardon me for saying. With the exception of those being objective, those of you who are generous with your sympathies must really be naive to wholly believe Ju-lee's version without considering what the other side has to say.

For those who are going to ask me to shut up, it's not that i don't too.. it just irks me when people are 'chui kong, lampa song' which translates to, mouth talk dick happy. And yes i am that free to be here and comment.

I will list my points for ease of reference.

1. Firstly, i am sick of people saying that the big establishments 'suck' and that they prey on the little people and what have you. Please. If you think it sucks, don't go there.. there are tons of other places to go like say, i don't know, church? Gee peeps. chill. Don't like it don't go. Save yourself the cover charge right? (if you re not paying, just hang out at a mamak lo.)

And yes, we have all heard from our friend, cousin, uncle, aunty about bouncers beating up people.

Please bear in mind that i have seen for myself, bouncers beating people up here in Malaysia and Australia. Why they were beating them up is non of my business.

2. Ju - lee, if your story is indeed true, you must understand with those who show dissent that reading your blog leaves many unanswered questions.

If you are trying to get your story across, no one should diss you, they made a choice to read it so put up or shut up.

But if you re trying to make a point, which i think you are, then please do understand that most people need more concrete evidence.

'Substantiation' is the word i believe used by another person here. Call me insensitive, but its true.

3. I am not even going to go into the legal aspects of this matter, which i would gladly analyze. It just boils down to the fact there is nothing here that will allow a lawyer to form an opinion.

4. Know that i am not here to post a an opinion, nor i am not here to defend Zouk. (I don't go clubbing anymore)

Know that i am not against Ju-lee, or that i believe/don't believe in her story. Guys until there's more, really, just observe. It takes two people to tango man. It really does.

And yes, like i said above, i have the darn time on this Sunday night to write about this.

What i am hoping gets across is, people, don't take things just on face value, there's always another side to the matter. Considering both sides is the smart thing to do.

And that's what being a Malaysian is all about.

13 November, 2005 22:47 """"
Other one from outside link. I put my favourite here. The rest you go read at
""""Try this - create a blog stating that an Indian gang beat you up because you, a Chinese kid, was trying to court an Indian girl. Claim in your blog that they told you pure Indian blood should not be sullied by a Chinese pig. Throw in some racial slurs. Everyone loves a scandalous story like that. Next thing you know - the blog is as famous as Ju-Lee's blog with tons of people condemning the Indians.

Heck, if you throw in a sob story of how you, a sickly kid with haemolytic anaemia, had to fight off 5 burly Indians shouting Tamil obscenities at you before they stomped and broke your leg, you may even see Chinese boys going on a riot and bashing up innocent Indians.

The point of this story is.. well, on the Internet, any Tom, Dick or Harry can concoct any story they like. Taking time to create a blog or any story doesn't make it any more truthful than the latest gossip you heard from your friend, who heard from his friend's friend's friend.

Humans are very easily moved by words. As Hitler once said, the bigger the lie, the easier to fool the people. As you have seen, no matter how questions are raised about the validity of the various claims she has made, her supporters remained unfazed. They will support her even if the Supreme Court decides that she was lying all the time. Vice versa for those who disbelieve her.

IMHO, even she doesn't really know the truth anymore. She has hammered her side of the story into her psyche, forever and ever. The ONLY impartial witness would be a video recording of the entire event. That is something that can never be fooled by human emotion or words. """"
Can see some Zouk members are here. All shaddap la..

14 November, 2005 01:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good for the anonymous that has migrated to some other country. at least u r not like some others who are complainin about malaysia but are still there. i jus dun get them. if u dun like somthing, somwhere so much, why r u still there?
oh yes, dear anonymous, for my case, i HAVE stayed in overseas before. my family is in america, i'm in australia studying.
but i have never called anywhere home except for malaysia.
I feel very sorry for you that you feel like an outsider in malaysia, did they throw stones at you? and call u names? u sound like u had a really bad childhood. I apologize for all those who have hurt u in the past.
Sigh, well, at least those ppl who hurt u did somthin good in the end. Giving a sad, traitor like you a reason to leave, and leaving more good things for those who really love , appreciate the harmony that we have achieved.
i understand that most of you out there think that the system has been really unfair to us, non-bumiputra's , but can u name ONE country that has a perfectly just system? a system that every citizen is happy with? and do you honestly think that we have been deprived of so much by the government? Do you not have a good and happy and contented life now?
i just think that we should be really proud of the unity that we have and not spoil it. Don't magnify a few spoiled eggs. Remember the wonderful culture that we have.
Peace out.

14 November, 2005 11:34  
Blogger kazu said...

Oh..I'm feel sorry when I read this story..poor him.So what about him?Is his okay?

14 November, 2005 11:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bravo to the anonymous who copy the two pieces of text. shut up everyone and go watch TV. this blog is just wasting time.

14 November, 2005 16:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bravo too to that anonymous. wasting time blog. zouk fans also buzz off la.

15 November, 2005 02:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget those that don't believe your story and are even questioning you Ju-Lee.. you have many supporters out there!!

I hope you and your fiance get well soon and in the mean time.. let's boycott Zouk for their lies and violence!!!


*don't have time to sign up for an account, so will be anonymous for now*

15 November, 2005 10:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


15 November, 2005 11:01  
Anonymous KhooTeckLoong said...

I just signed the petition but i think the description is very vague. The petition is too short and doesnt say much. By the way, come to Q-Bar and have a drink and ill show you a much better time Ju-Lee then your fiancee. Let him rest.

15 November, 2005 18:33  
Anonymous Proud and deservedly so said...


SO EVERYONE ELSE WHO DIDN'T SEE IT but are slamming Zouk and bouncers (bear in mind i don't like Zouk, so i don't GO!) ARE IDIOTS! SO SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES! VIOLENce smiolence.. kanne..

HOW UNFAIR CAN YOU BE? OH just because ZOuk are a club that makes them the big bad establishment? and the bouncers who work there are alleged 'brutes' everyone else can slam them la? WTF! YOU ALL NEED TO CHECK INTO TANJUNG RAMBUTAN AND MAYBe get reaquainted with the word 'nuetral!'


To Those who are neutral.. i salute you.. you re true msians. The rest of you are just. . . i can't even bring myself to say it.

*phew that made my day.

15 November, 2005 18:46  
Blogger Edison said...

alrite alrite alrite... k... hear me out... after like... FIVE HRS of reading ALL the comments... the WHOLE BLOG .. and AVTHING... (i noe... it's exam time n yet i'm doing SHIT like this... but hey... it's addictive... SsSsHHhH.. dun tell my parents...) well.. ok.. NEways... i have come 2 a conclusion that... "ju-lee"'s story is only HALF TRUE.... not the WHOLE TRUTH... bcos hey... we ARE after all... human... & yada yada yada... we tend to twist things/stories around 2 fit our situation... rite?? but STILL... doesn't gif d bouncers NE rite 2 roughen them up... so.. i think.... IMHO... that what TRULY happened was that... alrite... they were at the club rite... then... suddenly that thing happened... so.. she got scared, panicked... din RELI think straight.. but not her fault wat... it's her fiance ok... someone she was gonna marry for life... js txtd her... "pls help me" (which BTW, can b typed in 15 secs wif eyes closed so u silly buggers who say:"how can he still txt u & y not call" r js PLAIN.... silly... BTW, calling also probly cannot hear wif all d loud music wat)... wud b like.. "OMG... wat happened?!" so.. RUN... go in toilet... found him... she opened d door... & was like... QUICK... RUSH IN... locked d door... dunno y oso... but gif her d benifit of doubt that mayb it was JS A REACTION... rite?? 1st thing u do when going into a toilet cubicle(if u're a female.. cos men usually dun)?? lock d door la... NEway.. too 警张(gan jiong, panicky) redi mah... & so then NEthing during that time wud haf made sense la... even when she thot she was "thinking logically"... so... NEways... now 2 the part where 1 of d bouncers climbed up & saw them hugging & kissing... d one that was even reported in MM rite? well... maybe she was js trying 2 comfort him leh?? trying 2 wake him up?? telling him: "oh.. c'mon dear... it's gonna b alrite... we'd get help soon k?" then kiss on d FOREHEAD mayb? the bouncer say hug & kiss... din say they were gropping & all rite? (PLS clarify on this part, J.L.) n then... yada yada yada... bout them not wanting 2 leave d premises... i guess that's d part where she wantd 2 go get her handbag lo...

BUT... NOW... d interesting part.. & d part where i THINK has been (even Ju-Lee said it.. altho i'm not sure if she was referring to this) "blown out of proportion"... if d roughing up... i dun think it was BASHING up la... cos like what so many people say... no proof & all leh... maybe jus pushed them round abit... MAYBE slightly kicking... like prodding kind of kicking... like "eh... get up la..." bcos... after all... James was semi-concious rite & this JL was alredi traumatized.. so wat do women do when they're traumatized? "DON'T YOU DARE ROUGH US UP LIKE THAT YOU &!#!*&^*&!!" n then... emotions get in the way... misunderstanding... bouncers thot "他妈的!this gal think she got ang moh BF can talk to us like that la!!" n then mistook it that James was drunk/high...actually from ur account- "They lifted James off the floor and he kicked out in defence", JL, it depends on HOW they lifted him off d floor rite? maybe they were using both hands? n not like what we readers wud imagine.. by the neck or smth like that... but NEways... james tried 2 kick back... so... angry lo... then maybe they manhandled them a bit la... (bcos that's jz wat bouncers ACTUALLY HAVE 2 do sumtimes rite?? DuH! what if there were REAL troublemakers?) but BASHED?? i dunno... i dun think so... i think that's why JL has not shown NE pics of the bruises or cuts that she claimed have been made by the bouncers... bcos there weren't any... SORRY JL if they ACTUALLY DID... but then ur pictures from d BACK... like wat NUMEROUS ppl haf said... ur shirts, hair, arms & all... show no signs of serious beating/bashing... but i wud like to state again that... there shudn't even haf been a "scuffle" (as stated by the manager of Zouk himself) at all... the bouncers should have been more civilised by no.1: not ganging up on u 2 intimidate u. no.2: giving u both a chance to explain urselves... n SOLELY for the reason that "security personnels have 2 b more trained" ... i wud be signing the petition...

but JL, pls... if u have blown the whole thing out of proportion... n added salt, pepper & vinegar... pls DO RE-tell us the WHOLE TRUTH & nth but d TRUTH... cos i think if that WASNT d truth rite.. it wud b reli unfair 4 ur readers who sympathize with u fully js bcos u added a few bits & pieces 2 manipulate them... but IF u r still sticking 2 ur version of they ACTUALLY FREAKING BASHED u up INHUMANELY... then yea... some photos as evidence would REALLY REALLY help...
i liked the quote that one commentor gave from JFK or sumbody... bout "you may be able to fool some people all the time, or everybody for some time. BUT, you can't fool everybody all the time"

all the best in ur pursuit for justice & for a better system of things in M'sia. but don't let your personal agendas get in the way ya? i'm NOT saying u r... but jz... I think the reason why you have so many supporters is because of your "I started this blog only to inform the public about what happened to the both of us." statement... well, at least that's y I'M supporting u... so... stick 2 that pls... cos even though i'm not back in M'sia now... i wish one day the place i call home will be truly developed & without all these problems...

18 November, 2005 20:12  

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