Thursday, November 10, 2005

On the 29th of October my fiancee and I were assaulted and beaten up by bouncers at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur. We went over for what we thought would be a fun Halloween night out. We expected to see costumes, and pumpkins, and receive the odd scare or two. Never did we consider in our wildest dreams we'd be "seeing stars" and spending time in hospitals soon after.

This is our story.

My fiancee's name is James and I'm Ju-Lee. We've been going out for almost five years. He has had a string of health problems from birth. As he was born premature, he came out with a hole in his heart and liver complications. Then he had a series of blackout spells from a few years ago - the underlying problem of which numerous doctors have not been able to diagnose successfully. Needless to say when my fiancee tells me he isn't feeling well and it could be serious, I take it seriously.

We arrived at Zouk at about 11.20 p.m. We had booked our table that was on the first floor facing the dance floor on the ground. The drinks came about twenty minutes later, our friends came a little over midnight. They headed to the dance floor and we decided to stay. Shortly after James told me he was feeling ill and he went to the toilet.

He only had two heavily diluted whiskies with water, so no it was not the alcohol. Nobody was drunk. The bottle was still quite full and we had poured enough for five people, not once but two rounds. I am sure he didn't have too much - I poured the drinks for him and everyone that night. Dismissing it as perhaps a tummy ache, I let it go. The thought didn't even cross my mind that it was the alcohol. It wasn't.

For twenty odd minutes he did not return. I was starting to worry. I signalled to my friends to leave the dance floor and come upstairs, which they did. I asked a male acquaintance to go to the toilet to check on him but he never returned. I found out later that being a first timer at the place, he went to the downstairs toilet because that was the only one that was around. He didn't find James.

I received an SMS from James. His exact words were "Please Help Me". My heart raced, I knew of his blackout spells, the countless health problems and numerous trips to the hospital - many of which were late at night, distressing emergencies that scared me each time. My fear and protective instinct towards my loved one kicked in.

I told my friend to look after my bag, and that I was going to get James because things sound bad. I mentioned specifically he was in the men's toilet and that I was going to get him. She thought nothing of it but the fact that I was going to see to it my loved one got help.

My heart was pounding as I ran as fast as I could to the toilet. I knocked on the main door and informed the cleaner that he was sick and that he needed to go to the hospital and that I was going to get him. I called out to James and the only response I got was James's hand extend out under the toilet door. He was already on the floor. I panicked.

I expected the cleaner at this point to assist by getting help but he kept complaining about about the fact that there was a woman in the men's toilet. At that time I thought he was just a cleaner with not much education, when someone higher up finds out they're going to know James needs help. I'll just explain the situation and it will all be over.


I went into the cubicle which was tiny. James was slumped on the floor, I had pulled him up and sat him up. He was floating in and out of consciousness. His eyes kept rolling to the back of his head, his head cocking backwards and forwards. His tongue was stuck out, mouth wide open. I was wiping his face, dirtied from the bathroom floor when he passed out. I was in a state of utter panic. If he blacked out completely it would be hell trying to get him downstairs through the crowd and then outside and then to the hospital.

I locked the toilet door when I got in, thinking logically that someone might accidentally push open the door thinking the cubicle was vacant. James was sitting right beside the door and I didn't want him to be hit by it, basically . That proved to be a good move because soon after I did, a bouncer comes not knocking, but banging.

He was shouting at the top of his voice, full of rage. He demanded we get out of the toilet now. I couldn't possibly go out with James in that state, he was too ill. The man kept banging at the door and shouting, saying he will beat us up and trash us as soon as he gets his hands on us. That it's obvious we're doing "funny business" in the toilet and we should get out now. I continued to plead with him, I even apologised for my presence and said that I had no choice - I had to go to help immediately, and he needed to go to the hospital. He kept abusing the door with his fists - I was shocked, scared, and took his threats for real.

I opened the door to prove to him that James was really ill and needed help. The real nightmare now began.

He immediately dragged James off the floor, tossed him too his feet. He then grabbed my wrist and threw me out the door. I asked him what right did he have to touch customers like that? I demanded his name so I could speak to the manager about it. I certainly was not going to take pushed around and more so, having my sick fiancee pushed around over this.

He came right up to my face - I could feel him breathing right on me. He pointed right to my eyes and said, "If you want me to tell you my name, I'll take you outside and SHOW you my name". Not wanting to get into a fight or brawl, I decided imbeciles best be left alone. My priority this point anyway, was getting James to the hospital. James and I walked arm in arm out the toilet towards our table to retrieve my handbag and leave. He was still having trouble with his vision, walking was difficult and I helped prop him up with my shoulders. The sudden jolt off the floor kickstarted his brain but he was still feeling quite ill. That's the last he spoke to me before "the incident".

As we were going to the table which was about twenty feet away from the loo, we found ourselves surrounded by four bouncers. They started pushing and pulling us from all directions. There were two Malay and two Indian bouncers, including the lout from the toilet. They were rough housing us and shouting questions about our directions at that point - "Where are you going?/Kamu pergi mana?" The pushing and pulling got so violent I was screaming on top of our voice that we were going to get my handbag, that's all.

I just want my handbag and we will be going.

I need my handbag because my keys are in there.

My wallet's in there.

My identification card was in there. Please, just let me go get my handbag, for chrissake.

They screamed back at me - I was not allowed to get my handbag. That was that.

They lifted James off the floor and he kicked out in defence - God knows where they were going to throw him. It must have been difficult for him to have kicked them because he just had an operation on his ankle. He probably did it in desperation, even walking hurts him.

It got worse. They pushed him on the floor and in a second I found myself pushed on top of him. Then the beating began. All four men started kicking. I remember lying face down on top of James, and then receiving blows to the left side of my face. The pain was intense, sharp, and numbing. James however, sick as he was, got the brunt of the beating.

The patrons around us looked in disbelief but did nothing. We were helplessly being beaten up and people just crowded to watch. I was shouting and crying, begged the world for help - but realising soon that no one would get involved, I screamed at the patrons to "Get my friend with the blue top sitting over there". Somebody went to alert her.

In what seemed like hours, she turned up, saw us on the floor, bouncers kicking away. She tried to get into the circle of bouncers but got pushed off by one of them. She forced her way in - the most courageous thing anyone that evening did - and loudly announced, "Oh My God, what's happening to you guys?"

The bouncers realised immediately that we were not alone that evening. The last kick was delivered and they stopped.

I screamed at her to get my handbag and that we were leaving.

I was hysterical. Beaten, bruised, crying. My mouth was bleeding, the left side of my face swollen. Later that evening when I removed my make up did I realise how blue black my face and eyes really were. The inside of my mouth on the left side was cut - the blow to my face made the inside of my cheek impact my teeth, ultimately cutting a deep gash open. The teeth on the left side of my mouth still hurt till today.

James was in a worse state. His mouth was bleeding profusely. It cannot close properly anymore, his molars no longer align. They kicked him so bad his retainers behind his lower teeth in the front were bashed off, the wire exposed, cutting at his tongue. His front teeth are cracked - his mouth can't shut. Permanent damage. No one should suffer this, let alone a sick man.

He has bruises from head to toe, literally. When he came home he sat on the toilet thinking he was passing motion - it was blood that came out. He bled from the abdomen internally.

His left wrist was swollen beyond compare. He had scratches all over there - he distinctly recalls having to fight off one of the bouncers who was trying very hard to pull off his Omega watch. They were obviously trying to rob us. Trying to pull off his watch, not allowing us to get my handbag - they obviously wanted to retrieve that for later. There is no other logic to not letting me get at my handbag. We seemed like easy targets - a foreigner, possibly a weekend tourist, and a young woman. It didn't seem like we had friends till someone stepped in. We were probably targeted.

Zouk has till today, not bothered to contact us. I left messages with the gentleman I booked the table through - a "Zouk Ambassador" - asking him to get the management to contact me. I even asked the reporters who interviewed us to get them to call me back. Not a phone ring.

They don't care. The sheer arrogance is astounding. They are a big club and we are just two individuals, the little guys. I am not calling to complain about a fly in the soup or a bug in the salad, and even if I was, professionalism would dictate they call back. Their employees failed to assist when we asked for medical attention and proceeded to assault and try to rob us. Even if they think it is our fault, the least they can do is call back and answer to us. Tell us to our faces if you think you're right!

What is the point of having ambassadors when you have no sense of diplomacy?

And now they have the gall to release statements to the press claiming we were "making out in the toilet" and we were asked to leave, and that James proceeded to attack the bouncers afterward.

We share several homes together - due to the nature of James's work, we travel and keep residence in several countries. We have been going out for five years and intend to tie the knot soon. Our grannies know about us. We have a rock solid relationship and do not need to resort to making out in filthy club toilets. The suggestion that we were making out in the men's toilet is beyond comprehension and idiocy.

It is beyond insulting - to be bashed up and then humiliated in public, no less.

Then there's the question of a PhD holder known for his geekiness and health problems more than his brunt and braun attacking four huge bouncers. He kicked them apparently, two months flat after an ankle operation. He apparently attacked them but they didn't lodge a police report against him even though he's this violent individual who goes after massive bouncers. I don't think I need to reason that out with the logical, really.

And they claim in the press that I changed stories when questioned by the police - when in actuality I had not released any statements at the time and being the victim, I was not subjected to any kind of questioning. The police deny ever saying such things to them, they are in the midst of an investigation and have no apparent reason to state such facts or take sides.

Zouk is trying to discredit us in an attempt to salvage their business reputation. Ultimately they're saying their four bouncers had the right to bash us up because we were making out and James apparently kicked them. I guess that would make the public feel safe if it were true - get caught making out and you'll be bashed and ejected and then humiliated, that is our company policy.

We have a right to bash you if the circumstances justify it.

Common sense - you mean to say no one kisses and makes out in Zouk? You see that everywhere on the seats and the dance floor out in the open. So what if we were making out in the bathroom, compared to let's say, the dance floor? You mean that justifies a beating?

This is the club that's been hauled to court for lewd shows and they want to take the moral highground where making out is concerned. Give me a break!

The police have not been helpful either. I have had to justify numerous times as to why I was present in the gents.

If a woman jumped into the sea to save her loved one and drowned, people would herald her a hero. She instinctively dived in to save his life, how unselfish.

But when a woman runs into a men's toilet to save him, she's stupid. She has no pride. Why didn't I get a friend? Why didn't I get the bouncers? Why didn't I get the waiters? I've had to suffer the humiliation of being interrogated, harassed and questioned as though I was a criminal.

Sometimes I think based on all the questions and comments, I would probably suffer less flack if he had been left there to fend for himself and got really ill. That is the part that sickens me the most.

I did inform the cleaner and ask for help. Shouldn't that be enough? Aren't all their staff trained and told that if a customer needs medical assistance, to provide it? This is a club. People get asthma attacks, they get drunk and royally sick. Isn't everyone trained to help out when asked? Isn't it common sense to fetch someone and call the hospital when pleaded to?

No I was told - cleaners are stupid. Apparently they're just Bangladeshis, they have no brains. I should have worried about this fact and looked for someone more qualified to help me.

Apparently my mistake was not getting the bouncers. They have the ability to help out. The same people who bashed us up I am told are the ones with the power to save our lives. It was my mistake I didn't inform these "highly qualified" security personnel.

This is the reason why Malaysians think twice before they stop by the side of the road to help strangers. If you do so you will find yourself in a position where you have to justify your presence and your actions. It may land you in trouble. Helping is for fools, if you want to save yourself, you walk away.

This proves it. I didn't try to help just anyone, I tried to help my fiancee, the man I want to spend the rest of eternity with. And I've been judged and ridiculed and questioned for it, my intentions, actions and dignity.

Many can't see beyond the scandalous sign on the little boys room door to realise there's a bigger issue at stake - someone asked for help and it was given without question.

What's the wrong in running straight into the fire when you hear the word "Help"? Where is the care and compassion? Where is the sense of unconditional sacrifice?

This is the only country in the world where you have to justify going to someone's aid, where the mentality is so pigeon-brained there are those who are more concerned about the sign on the door or what others think before the actual situation - that someone needs assistance immediately, that he needs to go to the hospital.

I find that I've had to justify myself time and time again, as though I'm the criminal, and they're the victims, the big discotheque that now finds itself with a lawsuit and several articles in the newspapers. We've had to pay physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as reputation wise. Where is the justice in that?

As a human being I have my rights. Even if we were misbehaving there is no excuse to assault anyone. There is no justification in the law, if you're the authorities you should know that and protect the innocent. Not question them and make them feel awful.

Getting beaten up is no joke, watching your loved one get bashed up right in front of your eyes is even worse. It is a fate I do not wish on anyone. I hope people would be more understanding and less judgemental about this, we're having a tough time as it is getting through our physical and emotional scars.

I say this and I stand by it - I would give my life to James. I am proud I didn't think twice to run in and to help him and I would go wherever in the world he asks me. Be it a mountain top, or the sea, or the ends of the earth. Even a men's toilet, yes. I love him and I would give my life to him. I want to be his wife one day.

I will never forgive those people for hurting him.

Know this - if they can do it to a woman and a sick man, they can and will do it to anyone.

I want to get our story out.

I have a lot of people coming forward telling me their experiences being beaten up our threatened by bouncers. It's apparently common. For sharing their stories, I am eternally grateful.

Please keep them coming in - I have opened an email, . I hope to highlight this problem to the authorities, that more needs to be done to make the Kuala Lumpur club scene safer. It is a lovely city and does not deserve this sort of thuggish behaviour from a few rotten eggs.

To our friends and the many strangers who have stood by us and supported us - I have no words to describe what we feel for your help and care. Though this has brought out the worst in people, it has brought out the best as well.

And to the many Malaysians who love this country and want to make it a better place - Malaysia boleh.


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10 November, 2005 04:44  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Tell everybody, please.

More so because I don't want this to happen to anyone. That's the reason why I'm doing this.

Will check out your site.


10 November, 2005 06:06  
Blogger Jennifer said...

This is simply outrageous. Have you considered legal action against Zouk?

10 November, 2005 10:55  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

We have appointed legal counsel and are suing for sure.

One of the reasons these cases don't get so far is because lawyers are expensive. We managed to get one and since we're in a position to we'll go all the way with this, to be the voice for those who aren't in a position to.

They're not getting away with this scott free.

10 November, 2005 12:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do believe that this can happen...and can happen anywhere....but then again, zouk in kl is crowded and outside of zouk is quite open to public where anything can be seen, i do not think that no one will actually help or other workers there will just stand there and do nothing.. and i do not think that the bouncer actually know the condition of your boyfriend..i mean if they knew, it wont happen. i have the same prob, i faint most of the time and when that happens, bouncer throws me out. and of course by now i am used to it. bouncer here in aussieland are kinda big and strong...but i cant blame them, cause they probably think i am on drugs and they WILL not be responsible for it! and there is a pic of yours and your bf's back... why not show some pics of bruise faces? and if ya scared of getting recognised. blank ur eyes off or make it blurr... if you want more ppl to do something about the pictures of you getting bruises and cuts...i guarantee it will help heaps! don ya think so?

10 November, 2005 13:12  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Hi anonymous,

We tried with the frontal pics with blackout eyes but it made us look like criminals. And we're not.

So we went with the back view to show the softer side of things. Reviewed it with some photographer friends and everyone thought to go with this one - apart from anything, and more important than the bruises, it shows the solidarity, respect and love we have for each other. That goes beyond what these fools can do to us.

Thank you for your input and have a nice day :)

10 November, 2005 13:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brutal man Ju-lee, brutal. Remember what happened to Movement years ago? It can happen again, if you get what I mean ;)

10 November, 2005 14:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting experience... one that I wish that I will not have to go through.

I guess knowing James' condition, you should have someone accompany him to the restroom instead of going alone and thus, getting yourself into situation you got yourself into.

I guess it was a spur on the moment but you could have gotten the management to help you b4 you went and check on James'. The thing with those big Gorilla's by the door... there are just doing their job.. if they knew of James' condition, I am sure he will be treated a bit better. I guess it's thier fault for not askin but these things happen in the club all the time i guess.. and being tolerent is not one of thier virtues.

I think it's a great thing you're doing and it's good that you're able to voice out your disatisfaction. Hopefully the manamgement will change thier policy dealing with these kinda things.

All the best

10 November, 2005 14:05  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

My God, I just can't believe this happened - wonderful, the degenerates they hire to maintain 'order'. Just another reason for me to never set foot in Zouk. Damn, I hope you guys are a bit better now, sorry to hear this even happened. It's amazingly ludicrous. But I'm sure you're still raging. What are the police doing about it?

10 November, 2005 14:17  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

anonymous - I did look around very quickly while I was going there. No gorillas were around. There was the cleaner and informing him he needed help and the hospital should've been sufficient.

And when the gorilla came to the door, he should have brought help when I asked for it and not bang it down and accuse us of making out. I did tell him not once but several times he needs to go to the hospital. what's the difference if I met the gorilla in the cubicle, our outside?

Either way we would not have gotten help. Most of the stories I hear, they bash intoxicated and drunk people. They assumed that we were drunk, or that at least he was. Wrong.

The bigger picture is this. We had informed them numerous times. They did not give us help, they bashed us. We were obviously targeted to be robbed. Would me have informing them earlier at any point help? I don't think so. It's only an arguable point no one can prove.

This is not a question of me making a bad decision. This is a question of me making a hasty decision in an emergency and then taking on a beating and an attempted robbery.

But anyway when you're in an emergency situation you don't think, you just run and do. You find who you can and you make do. Emergencies are as such - if you dilly dally and look around unfortunately things get from bad to worse.

As per my example, if I had jumped into the sea to save him no one would have questioned my sacrifice going without a lifeguard. But a men's bathroom is so "taboo"... *sigh*

Then what about numerous other clubs in KL that have unisex toilets like Poppy and Liquid? So I don't get that logic that men's toilets buy you a beating.

suzanne - we are angry, yes. But it's now turned into a responsibility for us to get the word out so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

As for the police.... well..... all I can say is I hope more can be done on their end. I really can't say they did a brilliant job so far. I am disappointed with our Royal Malaysian Police. Mesra, cepat, betul? Hrmmm.

10 November, 2005 14:35  
Anonymous differ said...

i wish you all the luck in bringing all responsible to justice but...

do not get your hopes up in a country with corruption levels akin to a central african dictatorship; in a country that turns a deaf ear to the just & righteous; in a country that frees corrupted child-murdering politicians; in a country where you can gun someone down and get off scott free with the excuse "i'm sorry, i was very drunk"

you won't get any help from the police. you won't get any help from the govt. why?

first of all, you're of the wrong race. neither you nor James are "Princes of the Earth" and thus are both inferior in their eyes.

secondly (and most importantly), you do not have the proverbial political strings to pull. maybe if a close relation was at least a Tan Sri or Datuk Seri, then you'd get somewhere.

to summarise, for all the money you both have, Zouk has multiples more. they have strings to pull, strings that go very high up. they have "Prince of the Earth" partners who prolly by now have bought their protection from the Law.

"Laws change according to whoever is making them; but JUSTICE is JUSTICE..." - Odo

our country has the Laws. but JUSTICE? nah, i think that particular virtue has long since been extinct and taken it's place amongst Parameswara and Puteri Gunung Ledang. a mere folklore we lie to kids to keep them smiling.

10 November, 2005 14:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the fact that Zouk KL bribes the Police with a copious amount of cash to sustain their operations. How else can a night club still be operating after all the things that has happened there?

There were also rumours that they were running without a liquor license during the first 6 months of opening. Can't comment on the authenticity of this rumour tho, unless someone has a contact inside who's willing to impart with the said information.

10 November, 2005 14:59  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

I acknowledge the difficulties faced. I know what you people are talking about, I take some of these things seriously now that we have come face to face with the system. It is a selective one that protects you only if you have friends.

That's why I called the press to my doorstep and brought this blog up. Because as the consumer we should not be giving money to clubs that think they have the right to treat people like this.

When we stop giving them money, they stop business. We won't get hurt.

As fellow consumers we have to show them that consumer is king. The little guys count.

10 November, 2005 15:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what did u say the reason for him getting beaten was?

10 November, 2005 15:59  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Please refer to post. The whole story is there for you to read.

He wasn't the only one beaten, I was too. Please read the story, I've explained it clearly.

Have a nice day!

10 November, 2005 16:07  
Blogger Lil Patchee said...

I'm sorry this happened to you and your fiancee. :( *hugz*

10 November, 2005 16:34  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Thanks patchee... we're sorry too.

But we're here to make sure people know so it won't happen to anyone else again. It shouldn't.


10 November, 2005 16:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hurt them where it hurts most......
start a 'Don't go to Zouk' petition instead

10 November, 2005 16:48  
Blogger ninja-L- said...

Sorry to hear about your experience...
I really feel sick in the stomache about this....
Somehow though.. I really doubt anything will be done...
Its sorta like... whos go tthe $$ and whos got the power wins in a lot of situations in Msia...

I respect you for pressing hard to have justice served though...
Good Luck...

Oh and not all Bangladeshis are stupid ...
Just cos in MALAYSIA most of them are cleaners and 'help' and stuff... doesnt meen theyre ALL stupid yeah?

Take care and God bless

10 November, 2005 16:52  
Blogger ninja-L- said...

I dont go to Zouk anymore...
Went there ONCE and never again.
It was my elder sisters wedding week...
The inlaws family and friends were down from belgium....
about 20 over of them...
I brought them to Zouk on a friend recommendation.
I dont go clubbing much in KL....

There was a raid... by the Religious Department...

I was in the toilet when the raid started... and the officers.. refused to let me out.
My guests were lost and confused..

Got them all out eventually and everything was okay... but it was definitely an ordeal.

It was definitely a culture shock for these Belgians to watch Muslims being packed up on to trucks like animals...

Dont think the officers that refused to let us out were Zouk officials or bouncers though...

10 November, 2005 16:57  
Anonymous I.was.happier.then said...

It's sad to hear about what happened to you & James. Unfortunately, it seems to be the way this country is headed these days.
Check out this blog --> Drug Bust Jails 22 innocents. It's about another person who was abused by the very people who were supposed to protect.

Good luck in your quest and you should be proud for going this far already. Not many will have the tenacity and funds to take matters like this very far. Your voice will be heard!

10 November, 2005 17:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's interesting to read all these stories and realise how confused,insecure and contridictory Malaysia is. Is it Islamic or is it progressive and open? Rule of law or the jungle?
Civil liberties or protection of the elite?
By the way what has ever happened to the reform of the police force?

10 November, 2005 17:10  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

ninja-l ... i wasn't the one who said they were stupid. This was what a police officer said to me. I wrote it in context of the police. She asked me why I didn't alert anyone as to the fact he needed the hospital, I told her I told the Bangladeshi cleaner and he was supposed to get help. She told me they're usually stupid and uneducated. They don't know what help is. I should have got the bouncer or a waiter. I am not racist and I don't really care where you're from - your intelligence depends on you and you alone, not your nationality.

anonymous... I think your questions are more statements than answers in some ways. It's good to question, keep it up. It's patriotic too. Only then can we realise our true identity and help shape this nation.

10 November, 2005 17:18  
Blogger Epocholyte said...


10 November, 2005 17:51  
Blogger ninja-L- said...

Ju-Lee: Yeah... I thought that it was very un-Assuntarian to say that Bangladeshis are stupid... :)
ANyway, I have put the links of your site here on to my blog site

... hope thats alright with you...

Take care and God bless
Good luck

10 November, 2005 17:51  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

ninja-l :

Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem!

Assunta Rocks.

10 November, 2005 17:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is wat happens when u get a dyke to run a club ... Try n get hold of Karen, she's the co-owner, she's singaporean and she owns Salt in Melbourne too. She's filthy rich, loves women in more ways that i can tolerate (sorry i'm a bloody cretin). Call Zouk up and ask 4 her like you r looking 4 a friend... i would give u her mobile if i had it.

I know the world seems unfair when shit like that happens... but i guess everyone has a point of view on how the thing went down and it's a battle between he said she said ... only thing we can do is petition ... end of the day... don't let them win and let this traumatize u 4 life... move on n marry the guy... it's the only thing to do.

10 November, 2005 18:14  
Anonymous CikTalib said...

Why the hell you mention the bouncers were malays and indians?? Does it make any difference to your story??? And who started the fight first?? Who kicked who first???

10 November, 2005 18:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ciktalib... i think the point was to describe the bouncers, and one way was to use race (although in this context it could be case of misjudge in ascertaining the race). point of the blog is not to start racism or discrimination... i think it would be appreciative to NOT blow things out of preportion

I am truly sorry for what happened by the way.

10 November, 2005 18:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you would like more coverage and want some help in pulling some strings you should contact Jeff Ooi from

Tell him your story and see what he says. If the authorities and press is uncooperatives then you will need all the help and attention you can get with regard to your case.

10 November, 2005 19:15  
Blogger Mark said...

I would strongly urge you to get in contact with a good lawyer and press for charges. What they did is criminal and also beyond all forms of reasonableness.

I'd strongly suggest you get the ball rolling with a good lawyer and highlight your case with Michael Chong of the MCA.

All the best and hopefully you are successful in getting justice.

10 November, 2005 22:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say. Even guard dogs behave better than bouncers there. Everyone should boycott Zouk and dont go there anymore.

10 November, 2005 22:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yada yada yada. i just think you were stupid to start off. your fiance has health problems..liver problem especially. and you people still go drinking. knowing he has frequent black out spells also and still going to clubs. blackout spells are very often mistaken as taking drugs, espcially in places like these. and the bouncers are supposed to just throw them out. i do however agree that the beating houldn't have occured. but this could have been prevented if you weren't so dumb as to take a sick man with a liver problem & frequent blackout spells to clubs for drinking parties.

10 November, 2005 22:34  
Anonymous ConcernedCitizen said...

First of all, I would like to say that I am against the violent behaviour of the bouncers involved. Completely unacceptable.

But, I can also see that this is a case of misunderstandings. Let me explain...

Your actions may have led the bouncers to assume that you were participating in indecent behaviour while in the mens. To illustrate this fact, imagine a male in the females washroom.

Closing the door (and locking it) was not a wise decision. At the state you described your fiancee was in, what should have been done was to call for help immediately, not shut the rest of the world out. What were you planning to do with the door shut? Are you trained in the medical profession to help your fiancee?

Having the door closed did not lead to the bouncer knowing that your fiancee was in need of medical attention. It is not surprising that the bouncer assumed lewd behaviour was occuring behind those doors. An attempted kick by your fiancee did not help matters.

I understand you asked the cleaner for help. Equally as understandable was his stupidity. In Malaysia, one is not a cleaner with an expected level of intelligence heheh. Getting back to the point...I assume from your time keeping that it is around 1am when your fiancee SMSes you. The 29th of October is a Saturday night, and a Halloween celebration as you say. Were there not any other patrons in the washroom to request aid from?

Don't see my post as an interrogation. I only wish to help by pointing out avenues of attack that legal prosecutors might take. It might be in your interest to have the answers to the questions I posted above.

You mention that there are alot of people coming forward with experiences of being beaten up or threatened by bouncers and that it is common. Well, let me tell you now that bouncers are not there in the capacities of a babysitter. They are there to prevent trouble from occuring, ie. stop fights, evict rowdy individuals, etc. There are many members of the public out there who are not as civil as you. Perhaps those 4 bouncers are to be singled out for their behaviour but other bouncers are only there to do their job. It does NOT help them (or society) for you to build up public resentment against them as a group.

You argue that "if we were making out in the bathroom, compared to let's say, the dance floor... that justifies a beating?". My answer is no, that does not justify a beating, but that is STILL unacceptable behaviour in a public place. I hope by now you can see where the misunderstanding begun.

To conclude, I would like to comment that the management of Zouk KL is particularly incompetant and they should start looking for employees with a moral responsibility to the public.

The Malaysian public should also be aware of the dangers when visiting such locales. Do not go expecting a McDonalds family atmosphere.

10 November, 2005 23:08  
Blogger Azel said...

Hello there...
I was hanging around forums when I came across your nerve twitching blog.

First and foremost, I'm really sorry that this had to happen to you guys. You have my pity and support.

Secondly, as a Malaysian I myself sometimes, wish that those pea brains will rot in their own filth rather than harm the innocent. This is definitely very unfair.

And the concern you have for others is really astounding even after what happened to the both of you. I wish I could help you guys out...

Anyway just leaving a message here. Hope you guys recover soon and good luck!!

10 November, 2005 23:41  
Anonymous Jiane said...

I'm really touched by this story. I think you're awfully brave and strong about it. Don't worry, I've made my tributes to the petition and I hope James is alright. He'll be in my prayers. Take care you both.

10 November, 2005 23:49  
Blogger elleashley said...

I used to work as a manager in Zouk & have resigned a couple months back. Many of these so-called bouncers are not only ex colleagues of mine but friends… Good friends. They earn a minimal sum & yes I agree that not all of them are extremely well educated. However this only stresses the point “Why would they do something that would cause them to loose their much needed job? Like beat up a sick man & a helpless lady?” If you ask me, it just doesn’t make sense…

What puzzles me most is… If James’ medical condition is so critical, why the hell were they in a club in the first place? I mean, if he experiences series of blackouts spells & has liver complications he really shouldn’t be drinking at all! I felt so strongly about this matter that I decided to write a post on this subject. Kindly go to for the full posting.

I just want to stress to all who are reading this posting… Do not believe everything you read completely…

11 November, 2005 00:18  
Blogger yenshiong said...

james & ju-lee,
came across ur story while flipping thru the threads at lowyatnet. im deeply enraged by the acts of those zouk bouncers. cant believe how a person can brutally beat up another without any pityness or guilt. i certainly hope those fcking animals will get their well-deserved retribution sumday.

as for both of u, i hope u guys have recovered from that traumatising incident. but lets not suffer thinkin abt the past shall we? its time to look ahead n pursue watever legal action thatll put those retards behind bars for the rest of their lives.

peace be with u. u have our support.

11 November, 2005 00:20  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Hello all.

Firstly, thank you for the positive comments.

Secondly... when someone says the sick and infirm should stay at home, the two people who come to my mind are Kim Jong-Il and Adolf Hitler. Both propagated a perfect society where only the perfect were allowed out, lest they be shot. Those were societies where people with disability and illness were not allowed out.

Can I ask you something, if you are an asthmatic or if you have health problems of some kind, do you stay at home all the time? No you go out every now and then to try to have a good time. You don't wait for your twice a year spells. You trust in the fact that you live in a civilisation that is capable of providing help when needed.

We are not regular clubbers. James certainly does not club, it's not his scene. The reason why we went to Zouk was because I went for Halloween last year with a friend and saw the costumes, I thought the people did a great job dressing up. Coming from Europe he has never experienced Halloween, it being a mainly American thing. The idea was to book a table on the first floor where it's less crowded. Face the dance floor and watch things and have a good time. Like I said we were not dancing. We were looking around, enjoying ourselves.

And then he got sick and it went down.

Do I know when he'll get sick? Tomorrow, day after, next month, next year? No. I do not. He does not. And face it, nobody does. Not even you.

Does that stop our lives? No. We still go out. If he happens to fall ill in public we hope to get assistance as we have in the past. Simple case of, sorry, we need to go to the hospital now. And we're shown the way out and the closest route to help.

All this judgement is really depressing because we are supposed to be a civilised and intelligent society. It's not easy to have to go through being bashed up and watching someone bashed up and now I'm hearing these stories that I did a bad job as a fiancee and we should have stayed home instead. Because I was too stupid to know he was sick.

See the point please. Anyone and Everyone should have the right to go out and the right to receive medical assistance when asked. Nobody deserves to be beaten up.

If we start locking the sick up at home we go back to the Nazi era. That is a propaganda that was last propagated by Adolf Hitler - the sick and infirm should stay at home and be shot. The world is only for the perfect.

elleashley - I am not denying there are good and professional bouncers out there. I'm sure you've met good friends in Zouk who have done a good job. And guess what - I have good friends who are bouncers too. I'm not against them as a whole. There are these four rotten apples in the basket and if you believe strongly in your friends and the good job they do, you'd want these four individuals to take responsibility and reform.

I just happen to be against these four people who whacked us that night - and the sad fact ciktalib is, that two were Malay and two were Indian. Not a racial thing, it's just a description. The more intelligent "anonymous" was right.

Mark - Thanks babe. And, we got the best lawyer around. He's doing a great job. In fact, he's representing two other people who got bashed up by nine (or was it ten) bouncers at Zouk as well.

So no, we are not the first.

Peace to the world.

11 November, 2005 01:33  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Hello all.

Firstly, thank you for the positive comments.

Secondly... when someone says the sick and infirm should stay at home, the two people who come to my mind are Kim Jong-Il and Adolf Hitler. Both propagated a perfect society where only the perfect were allowed out, lest they be shot. Those were societies where people with disability and illness were not allowed out.

Can I ask you something, if you are an asthmatic or if you have health problems of some kind, do you stay at home all the time? No you go out every now and then to try to have a good time. You don't wait for your twice a year spells. You trust in the fact that you live in a civilisation that is capable of providing help when needed.

We are not regular clubbers. James certainly does not club, it's not his scene. The reason why we went to Zouk was because I went for Halloween last year with a friend and saw the costumes, I thought the people did a great job dressing up. Coming from Europe he has never experienced Halloween, it being a mainly American thing. The idea was to book a table on the first floor where it's less crowded. Face the dance floor and watch things and have a good time. Like I said we were not dancing. We were looking around, enjoying ourselves.

And then he got sick and it went down.

Do I know when he'll get sick? Tomorrow, day after, next month, next year? No. I do not. He does not. And face it, nobody does. Not even you.

Does that stop our lives? No. We still go out. If he happens to fall ill in public we hope to get assistance as we have in the past. Simple case of, sorry, we need to go to the hospital now. And we're shown the way out and the closest route to help.

All this judgement is really depressing because we are supposed to be a civilised and intelligent society. It's not easy to have to go through being bashed up and watching someone bashed up and now I'm hearing these stories that I did a bad job as a fiancee and we should have stayed home instead. Because I was too stupid to know he was sick.

See the point please. Anyone and Everyone should have the right to go out and the right to receive medical assistance when asked. Nobody deserves to be beaten up.

If we start locking the sick up at home we go back to the Nazi era. That is a propaganda that was last propagated by Adolf Hitler - the sick and infirm should stay at home and be shot. The world is only for the perfect.

elleashley - I am not denying there are good and professional bouncers out there. I'm sure you've met good friends in Zouk who have done a good job. And guess what - I have good friends who are bouncers too. I'm not against them as a whole. There are these four rotten apples in the basket and if you believe strongly in your friends and the good job they do, you'd want these four individuals to take responsibility and reform.

I just happen to be against these four people who whacked us that night - and the sad fact ciktalib is, that two were Malay and two were Indian. Not a racial thing, it's just a description. The more intelligent "anonymous" was right.

Mark - Thanks babe. And, we got the best lawyer around. He's doing a great job. In fact, he's representing two other people who got bashed up by nine (or was it ten) bouncers at Zouk as well.

So no, we are not the first.

Peace to the world.

11 November, 2005 01:33  
Anonymous GhettoGal said...

With increasing nasty incidents like these, Zouk KL will never gain the reputation of its flagship, Zouk (S'pore).

People of authority should not abuse their power by assaultment and causing bodily harm. It makes Malaysia looks like a lawless country. Definitely, such a case should be pursued and the defendants charged for the common good of the citizens.

Clubbing/Pubbing is not supposed to be a bad activity. Look at how people in overseas wind down after their office hours. Unfortunately, that's not the case in Malaysia. Clubbers are persecuted for going to chill out by narrow mindedness of certain people. Eg: "who ask you to go such places?" >> Erm......KL is supposed to be "cosmopolitan" and "tourist-friendly"?? You cannot curb people from clubbing, the least is to make it safer.

11 November, 2005 02:26  
Anonymous Ryan said...

No matter what, nothing justifies beating. even if someone is making out at the toilet, it doesnt justify beatings. it's against the law to take the law into your own hands. plus a person is innocent until proved guilty.

so even if i assume that james did kick the bouncer, they're drunk/on drugs, rude and making out on the toilet. It STILL doesnt justify beatings. especially from bouncer who's job defination is supposed to keep order to cause chaos themselves.

I hope both of you are ok. I will never go to zouk kl ever again unless they do something about this incident.

11 November, 2005 03:20  
Blogger sunnydays said...

With regards to Anonymous's question about "what has ever happened to the reform of the police force?"

--> The Royal Commission was set up on 16 May 2005 to make recommmendations on police reform, so they were a one off thing.

After consultations with civil society groups and the police, they released a 607-page report on police reform, which includes sweeping measures to eliminate corruption and human rights abuses within the police force and to improve the resources and training available to police officers. Ivy Josiah (my hero!) was on that task force. Unfortunately there isnt a deadline for these reforms to take place. I'm not sure whats going on with it right now.

--> On a related note, if you want to make a complaint against the police or any other government servant/department, you can do so via the Public Complaints Bureau (tel : 8888 7777, web : Apparently they love hearing from the public.

11 November, 2005 04:02  
Anonymous ed said...

aww cmon.... this is bullshit... even weirder than the bullshit you find on the UK tabloids!

Get a life!

That kick your "nearly passed out, after ankle surgery" james gave the bouncer was good enough a reason for me to kill someone.

Who was the surgeon? I'll definately go to him for my next bone related operation.

like i said,
GET A LIFE! and read my other comment!

11 November, 2005 04:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Secondly... when someone says the sick and infirm should stay at home, the two people who come to my mind are Kim Jong-Il and Adolf Hitler. Both propagated a perfect society where only the perfect were allowed out, lest they be shot. Those were societies where people with disability and illness were not allowed out.

Can I ask you something, if you are an asthmatic or if you have health problems of some kind, do you stay at home all the time? No you go out every now and then to try to have a good time. You don't wait for your twice a year spells. You trust in the fact that you live in a civilisation that is capable of providing help when needed.

We are not regular clubbers. James certainly does not club, it's not his scene. The reason why we went to Zouk was because I went for Halloween last year with a friend and saw the costumes, I thought the people did a great job dressing up. Coming from Europe he has never experienced Halloween, it being a mainly American thing. The idea was to book a table on the first floor where it's less crowded. Face the dance floor and watch things and have a good time. Like I said we were not dancing. We were looking around, enjoying ourselves.

And then he got sick and it went down.

Do I know when he'll get sick? Tomorrow, day after, next month, next year? No. I do not. He does not. And face it, nobody does. Not even you."

You havnt answered, why did you let him drink? Just giv him coke.

You know his liver cant take it. Why giv him drinks?


11 November, 2005 08:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm appalled by how both of you were treated. My suggestion would be, hire a lawyer and take it to court. In other words, sue the management of Zouk.

11 November, 2005 09:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all, i'm sorry to hear about your predicament.
and yes, i do agree with one of the poster,who suggested both of you to goto Michael Chong from MCA.
He has helped a lot of ppl.

11 November, 2005 09:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur stories in the newspaper...

11 November, 2005 10:20  
Blogger elleashley said...

With the questions I (& others) have raised… unanswered/ dodged… It sounds to me that most of the accusations that have been made against Zouk in this blog, is without substantiation.

I don’t buy the whole “back view to show the softer side of things” when the victims are clearly so distressed (to the extend of hiring the best lawyers & organizing petitions). This is contradicting the whole situation altogether.

Once again I stress to all readers, do not believe all that you read here blindly… Thanks "MyNameIsFake"! For pointing out the importance of listening to both sides of the story. To be fair, please read Blog Title: Zouk Debacle @

11 November, 2005 10:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well from my point of reading on your site, i come out with one or two solution maybe an advise for all of us in future (sorry i dont mean to act cool or whatsoever)

- as u notice ur fiancee had a medical problem, do u think zouk is the best place for him?
- as you think in a human rights i do feel sorry for what has happen but is there anymore nowadays? i dont think and believe so

so sorry and dont mean to harm others and u. get well soon.

11 November, 2005 11:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a load of crap.
even barney the purple dinosaur is more interesting.

11 November, 2005 13:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea why all you people are asking for substantiation for what she had posted. I thought that the main issue of the whole thing is Zouk shouldn't be beating people up as freely as they wish. Why ask so many questions that will end up hurting the victims more?

If you can't seem to agree with what she has posted, just shut up. Don't rub salt into their already-bleeding wounds.


11 November, 2005 13:28  
Anonymous derick said...

in the first place why u lock the cubicle....u could have call the cleaner to carry your boyfriend out from the toilet....considering u locked yourself and your boyfriend in the cubicle of coz alot people will misunderstood what both of u doing something refer to ed says can kick a guy after james went to ankle surgery...i am quite agree with wht he has say...totally crap~!!!...tht surgeon must be that damm great...btw your story has alots of crap inside makes people cant trust it that much...i find that even ghost stories is much more nice and enjoyable than your craps over here...

11 November, 2005 13:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's common.

zouk and perhaps other clubs such as those in melb (as far as i've seen) use excessive force when it comes to dealing in such situation.

the moment the bouncers sees you walking sideways instead of a straight line, they throw you out and threaten to hit you even if your excuse is that your bag is inside. they don't care. they're only bothered about money.

11 November, 2005 14:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is total bullshit ... does guys siding and saying this story is crap are probably ppl who loves zouk so much or probably ppl who are working in ZOUK themselves ! lmao look at the way he is talking ... where is brains man? in ur arse? wat she is trying to say no matter wat the situation is bouncers Should NOT i mean SHOULD not have hit them under those situations... they are just as brainless as the guy who pointed out that both of the victims are talking carp... omg get a brain can?

11 November, 2005 14:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sue them pls ... zouk needs to know tat this is bullshit ... the way the club is managed doesnt seem like an entertainment outlet anymore ... ppl are coming in to have a good time and go out with bruises and cuts? SUE ZOUK ! take them to court do wateva is necessary

11 November, 2005 14:45  
Anonymous Elena Wong said...

Hi. My name is Elena. I was at zouk that night with my friends. We weren't at the specific area but did manage to listen to people talk so we roughly know what happened. zouk is just trying to cover up their mistakes. My friends and I have vowed to boycott zouk and will continue to caution our friends to do so too. In times like this, we prefer to go to places with a better reputation when it comes to taking care of their customers.

11 November, 2005 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have read elleashley's blog and strangely, i think she may have a point. there's always another side to a story.

i think the best way to prove what really went down that night once and for all is for the eyewitnesses to come forward. surely, there must be at least one person who saw that incident.

11 November, 2005 15:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, sorry to hear about the incident. If the bouncers act were true , they should really be punished. Furthermore, Zouk's reputation hasn't been to good here in Malaysia anyway so fuck Zouk. Whatever the ex zouk manager and whoever said that sick people should stay at home, i think you should consider about people's feeling before you point that out. They should not! They have the rights to enjoy their life till God knows when is the end of their days. Are you saying people who have AIDS and all should stay at home too and they should be kept away from people. Yes, the achohol could be a mistake but no point to pin Ju Lee down for that. And furthermore when there's an urgency, I believe and trust that most woman could never be calm to handle things. They are normally panic and would perform mistakes when trying to help.
Ju Lee,
maybe the "help me' sms sent by James can help? as part of your evident to your statement.
Besides that, your friend, should be your witness. Didn't he help in your statement, I mean the guy you asked to go to the toilet to find James?
You need to bring your facts in so that people can stop questioning.
Anyway, hope you guys will recover soon.

11 November, 2005 15:04  
Blogger jerng said...

okok... so the victim wasn't thinking straight and did some dumb stuff that exacerbated a situation and got her into trouble. Fact. So what? It happens to everybody. Shit happens. Malaysian shit, no less than American or Belgian ;P

11 November, 2005 17:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of crap...

11 November, 2005 17:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zouk stands by action of security personnel


Zouk’s night operation manager Mak Kim Siang maintained that the couple were ‘making out’ in the toilet and that was why they were ordered out of the premises.

In a statement to The Malay Mail, Mak said the incident occurred about 2am on the 2nd floor male toilet. He said a cleaner saw the couple going inside the toilet cubicle and alerted security.

“When our men went to the toilet to investigate, they heard noises from the cubicle. One of them climbed over the partition and saw a couple hugging and kissing.

“He knocked on the door and asked the couple to leave. As part of our standard house rules, anyone caught committing an indecent act must be told to leave the club,” he said.

“The male patron, however, refused to leave and made a scene outside the toilet.”

Mak said the situation got worse when the man kicked one of the security personnel.

Mak said there was a scuffle but he did not agree with Ju-Lee’s version of the alleged assault. “The security team then got the couple out of the premises.”

He said an hour later, the couple came back with a few policemen and Zouk’s security chief had to give a police statement on the incident.

“After the police officers heard our side of the story, the woman was again questioned on the alleged beating by our security personnel. Her story, however, was different. This time she claimed that only her male companion was assaulted, not her.”

Mak said she was reprimanded by police for not being consistent with her story.

11 November, 2005 17:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think you should take photos of the injuries and post it. No point showing the soft side of it since you two have been beaten and kick around like some unworthy criminals.

And what is the status of the civil suit that you are taking against ZOUK. Any documents filed into Court yet?

Keep us all updated here.

11 November, 2005 17:51  
Anonymous williamclw said...

how the hell you get ppl to read this blog? MSN? ICQ? YAHOO!?
why not post your blog in the news paper? why not buletin utama or my news network? let the whole malaysia know, let even the Amah in the kampung also know about zouk? If your story is true, do it. instead of letting your stories here.

11 November, 2005 17:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you went with your friend to the club that night, why didnt you get them to clarify that you have been beaten as well... surely your girlfriend that have come to your aid would have seen that you have been beating.... Why didnt you two go directly to the police station after the incident? Why didnt you two went to the pondok police nearby that area after the incident. I know for a fact that there are 2, or at least 1 pondok police nearby.

11 November, 2005 17:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO! This is not real!
Pls dnt trust Ju Lee, that night i was with my friends clubbing in ZOuk Club!

My fren saw them Making Love inside the man toilet and someone inform the Zouk Management!

That day Zouk Club damn pack, and they saw Ju Lee BF was drunk! How can a guy who unhealthy can drink so drunk there?

Zouk Club is the top and highclass clubbing place in KL, they wont let this EMBRASSING shit happen under their roof!

Ju Lee, pls dnt make noise again since you are guilty party here!!!

11 November, 2005 18:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju Lee, you can only say so much in this Blog, if you are really innocent, go to the police. if not go to the media. i'm sure they will be more than willing to listen to your side of the story. until they prove that you and your BF are innocent, i'll still say that you are guilty.

11 November, 2005 18:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... to the post posted by anonymous at 1800, its your friend, not you saw sure he saw it. and someone...who is that someone? you? your friend? and how do your know someone complain to the management? your saw that someone complaining? or just because you read it in the newspaper?

Even if there was a complain, or even if they were making out in the toilet, do they deserve this kind of beating? Is it right for 4 person to beat a guy and a WOMEN?

Hmmm... to the post above this, they have gone to the police.... the media came after the police...

11 November, 2005 18:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okie, so they have.. so whats the verdict? innocent? guilty?

11 November, 2005 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say you spent time in hospital... show the receipt... provr your claim.... you'll need all that in court.

11 November, 2005 18:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is guilty and who is not? Are we to judge or the Court?

11 November, 2005 18:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is guilty and who is not? Are we to judge or the Court?

we? there is no we...there's only me. and i find herr not guilty.. haha

11 November, 2005 19:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right said by the person who say "Who is guilty and who is not? Are we to judge or the Court?". We are in no position to judge them.

11 November, 2005 19:01  
Anonymous Special Authority said...

Well, no one have to believe or even say it’s not true since no one in this page witnessed the whole scene.

Anyhow, I still believe bouncers may do that. I ain’t a saint or what as I’ve bashed few guys in the past along with my bunch of friends (who were bouncers).

I was regular at clubbing spots couple years back just to hang around at the clubs where my friends work so that I get discounted drinks…sometimes even free jugs from their account. All these are for reason, they r just like predators who wait for a victim, which means waiting to bash somebody up even for a slightest mistake they can find from the victim. Once they in, then it’s PARTY TIME for them - bashing up to glory. Then, other friends of theirs and I (none of us are bouncers) will be invited to join the bashing party to share our bit of pieces on the victim.

I was enjoying those kinda violent party until one day I became the victim of those bouncers, luckily I escaped with just broken fingers and some bumps on my face as I did defend myself at that time. Just after that incident, I regreted my violence acts against those victims who were beaten up severely.

Now when I look back at bouncers, many of them are just babaric and egoist men who just deserve to go back to the caveman age.

The answer of these attitude is just simple… given an authority to a school-dropout, unexposed, uncivilised and dumb-headed men! What would u expect when they r given these authority? Their ego will boost high sky rocking.

Not just bouncers, any stupid Malaysian will do this if given them an authority or power. Why go too far, how bout Malaysian cops? Can u remember any incident you’ve encountered with unqualified constables or even those higher ranked (got promoted just because they are THAT race)?

If these things need to put into end, then I think going against them legally wouldn’t bear any fruits. Everywhere is very political in Malaysia, let it be in a company, clubs, government agencies or police, they r just the same it different ways.

I AM HERE TO END THESE! I’m travelling around the city with mini cams and voice recorders exposing true Malaysia. Might teach a violent lesson to all of them. I’ll SHAKE them off. Keep waiting, I’ll post it all in my site one day…for u to see and laugh how they’ll get embarassed and assaulted. Lets see what the press(good for manupulated news) would publish on media bout that in future! :)

11 November, 2005 19:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suppp PPL tonight got John Digweed ler anybody going?? PARTY ONNNNNNnnn! PEace out!

11 November, 2005 19:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YeH i AM! alRigHt Man! SweEeTttTTT!!!!!!!

11 November, 2005 19:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, wanna go for a drink?

11 November, 2005 19:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey sure anonymous.. ..we go for dinner then head down to Zouk...mmmkaysss

11 November, 2005 19:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool anonymous...coming to pick me up? anyway my name is anonymous...hey! we have the same name! CooL!!

11 November, 2005 19:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey wassup lah.. we were separated at birth mar.. remember same father but different mothers...How's dad anyways? Is he still scratching backside?

11 November, 2005 19:58  
Anonymous anonymous said...

i think ED is right.. ill people shouldnt be locked in the house 24/7, but heyy.. if u wanted to chill out , zouk is totally a no! y didnt u just go for a drink or two (not alcohol)at the bars around there instead of going to zouk? and y didnt u take him out instead of locking the door?
sorry to say this i think both or u were a first timer and once uve gotten urself drunk u forgot everything and not to sound harsh, both of u were horny and made love in the toilet! after both of u were wacked by the bouncer ure conscious, forgot everything and started to manipulate the whole story! sorry for creating my own version of story but its from my logical thinking. hmm what past is past anyways.
im not a clubber myself and zouk isnt my fav too, people. so im neither on hers nor zouks side. GET WELL SOON.

11 November, 2005 20:03  
Anonymous anonymous said...

the previous post makes sense crap crap crap crap crap

11 November, 2005 20:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you and your boyfriend. I feel an ultimate disgust within that these people have the nerves to claim their policies as bashing people makin out in the bathroom when u guys weren't ? when the first bouncer came in barging on the doors, couldnt he see that your boyfriend was already in a very bad state? Does that prove that You both were making out ? Does it even look like you assaulted him? No. What right do they have to bash u guys up? Especially you, a lady. Clubs are never safe. I hope u get well soon.

11 November, 2005 20:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Make Love No War*

11 November, 2005 20:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just wondering.Why didn't you ask your friend to help you when you know he is in danger in the toilet ? If more people it would be better. Should ask your friend bring the bag along and go take your boyfriend. Else they would have mistaken you making out in the toilet. And where is all your friend? Have they not help you take your bag and go with you? This really confused me....As i can see that you went there with your friends.

11 November, 2005 21:18  
Anonymous ghettogal said...

sincerely, i has a bad experience with Zouk KL before, so I am all for legal action against Zouk KL.

Quite unfortunately (fortunately for us clubbers), this time the scoundrels picked on someone who has the wealth to engage a legal counsel.

Please make them close down their business soon!

11 November, 2005 21:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, don't get all riled up over this blog. Find out the truth first.

Read what people are posting here -

If you have any evidence, please show us now. Until now, I have seen nothing of that sort.

11 November, 2005 22:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Ju-Lee you're not the first people to have been assaulted by the fucking pariah ass bouncers from zouk, a mutual friend of mine had to undergo cosmetic surgery of sorts. You can contact one of them at 0123022571, he calls himself nineo and my did he get a great bashing there. Maybe you guys can get together to share a counsel or something. Good luck with everything and do take care.

11 November, 2005 22:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'spice' of this story is not the bashing, but merely because it happened in the infamous Zouk. People getting beaten by security personels is nothing new. It happens everywhere, including Malaysia. It's the 'Zouk' factor that makes it hot.

Many people wanted that controversial place to close down because of its 'evil' activities. People may create stories just to give the place a bad name. The ones who are benefitting from this is definitely other rival clubs.

Petition or not, Zouk regulars will continue flocking the place. Good luck in pursuing justice.

11 November, 2005 23:37  
Anonymous fed up with some comments said...

Pleasela. some of you ppl should open your eyes, read and then think. Quit asking her 'why she didn't get her friend to go', ' why she didn't get the bouncers' etc etc?

hello. first of all, her bf said PLEASE HELP ME. if you got that sms, how can you think straight? obviously, your first thought is to HELP the guy, not running around making sure that you've exhausted all avenues of HELP before you FINALLY decide to go to help your bf, okay?

secondly, about 'why you didn't get the bouncers'? again. HALLO. THIS IS ZOUK, OK? somemore it's halloween. don't you think zouk will be too crowded for ease of movement? do you know how long it will take to get out of the main room/velvet underground, get a bouncer and then squeeze your way back in again?

thirdly, even if *some* facts are not accurate or whatever doesn't change the fact that they got a beating. and that is the crux here. WHY SHOULD THEY GET BEATEN UP? even if someone was making out or whatever DOES NOT justify a horrible beating okay? Not to mention, beating someone up is a CRIME and punishable by imprisonment.

To Ju-Lee - all the best for you and get well soon. My sympathies.

11 November, 2005 23:52  
Anonymous fed up with some comments said...

oh btw, for those of you saying that 'oh james kicked him first' and said that the bouncer fought back IN SELF-DEFENCE (elleashley said that in her article too), well, SELF DEFENCE can work only if you employ a REASONABLE force. Does 4 burly bouncers ganging up on a sickly man and woman sound like reasonable force to you?

I thought not.

11 November, 2005 23:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever that has been said and done, it does not warrant abuse, physical or otherwise by an authority figure (bouncers etc).
When someone is in a state of panic, it's normal to loose all common sense i.e locking the door etc.
I'm appalled at some of the posts here who despite being intelligent professionals still responded with the "why did you..." questions.
It's just like people asking "why did you wear such clothes" after a rape or "why did you walk alone" after a robbery.
These type of questions a.k.a mentality NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW!

I doubt anyone would 'lie' and put themselves in the front line just to get publicity, or to get a quick buck out of a civil suit? This is not like suing a multi million company. Sorry but Zouk isn't THAT rich.

My point is violence should not have happened in the first place, no 'buts' about it, there is no justification in the eyes of law to warrant even a kick. Bouncers are big and are probably trained to restrain drunks or troublemakers. If it really gets out of hand (i.e riot) then that's what our task force are for. If a person kicks the bouncer, then 2 bouncers should be enough to restrain 1 man. Right?

Why the beatings?

12 November, 2005 00:03  
Blogger revealen said...

shall go sign the petition.

12 November, 2005 00:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12 November, 2005 00:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After all that is being said, there is still no solid evidence. SAy what you want, but there isn't anything here that can back up what she wrote.

12 November, 2005 02:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, this needs to get to some authorities. Knowing that you guys are foreigners, I suggest you complain these things to the Embassies. I believe they've a much stronger political power.

Else, get it to the press. Go for the bigshots like TheStar, NST and the other chinese newspapers. Make it big, and make zouk shake.

12 November, 2005 02:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 1 and only question....

if you were in an emergency situation... why did u lock the toilet cubicle door? isn't it suppose to be wide open that someone might see and come to your aid?

12 November, 2005 03:14  
Blogger Adrian Choo said...

ju-lee, u have my support. take them on and teach them a lesson. they'd probably try to settle out of court and avoid the publicity ... but just stick to your guns on this one. i'd throw everything and the kitchen sink at them if i were in your shoes.

p/s i am a close friend of the 'courageous friend with the blue top' who came to your aid =). she told me all about this blogsite.

12 November, 2005 03:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju Lee, you keep deleting my posts. Deleting things you don't like others to read, that's really the thing to do for someone who's telling the truth? Disappointing.

12 November, 2005 03:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey julee,

Been following up your story and felt like putting a word or two down. The one thing Ive learnt in proving one's position/case is to always be constructive and i hope my comment would be of help to you.

Im not here to judge but I do hope that you are doing the right thing. As I try to re examine the situation, I find certain things pretty dubious and I hope you could help to clarify it.

a) You said you were beaten. Question, have the both of you gotten extensive medical examination to certify this?? Cos we all know, without ample proof, you cant possibly win the case. Moreover with the fact that bruises fade very quickly. Secondly, It just doesnt make sense tht these ppl knowingly attacked you. Especially when it comes to beating a woman. I frequent zouk a lot, and trust me, women are the ones who get protected alot by these bouncers when it comes to sexual harrasment,crazy boyfriends, etc etc. Moreover, their paychecks are dependent upon their actions and attacking the 2nd most vulnerable section of the society doesnt gel with the idea. I dont think their crazy or dumb enough to do just that.

b)It is highly unfair for you to assert tht your boyfriend was almost robbed off his Omega watch. Why? Firstly, you cant simply proof that just yet. If there was a brawl as youve might suggested, wouldnt you think tht scratches left on your fiancee's wrist was unintentional by them? Secondly, by stating this without any hard proof might eventually get you into trouble. DEFAMATION my friend is no cupcake, especially with the current concerns on our cyberlaws and you explicitly stating it on your blogpost. dont get me wrong, Im just saying things might blow up in your face if you are not careful.

c)Lastly, I advice you to be really constructive on your story. I do really want to think that this blogpost is worthwhile to read, esp in highlighting power abuse that happens often in our country. And I hope you are doing everything that you could to push your case forward. I wish you all the best and if you were indeed victimized, Im bloody sure your cause will prevail, considering the degree of coverage this story is getting.

p/s: Hope your fiancee is all well now. And Im sure everyone is curious as to why he hadnt given his insight to this story at any point.

12 November, 2005 05:51  
Blogger suspiciousbastard said...

WTF? They beat up a lady? What the hell are those fuckers doing? Why aren't they fired? In fact, they should be reported in the papers.

12 November, 2005 05:57  
Anonymous Paul Van Dyk said...

What a whole load of bullshit.

12 November, 2005 07:01  
Anonymous gary said...

im sorry i can't believe your story 100%, but i can support your petition for i do believe Malaysia needs better security personnel.

i'd also like to say that you should ignore all who give you the shits about going out that night. it might not be wise but its a decision you guys made, it doesn't make your story any less belieavable. soccer players for example continue playing even after numerous surgeries and broken bones. its a choice.

but what i do find questinable is the fact that you locked the door that night? why? in a court case the opposition is gonna want to know the answer to that.

your description of the injuries caused were pretty detailed. PERMANENT DAMAGE too. if it is so, this blog woudn't even exist! that's proof enough that a beating did occur and the police would have arrested the bouncers and you guys would have won.

Another thing is pictures. SERIOUSLY if your aim is to get people to believe you and sign the petition, post up the pictures. I think you are the first person i've known hiding the pictures just coz u wanna show the "softer side of things". and u say u look like criminals? i don't get that.

also, being so afraid of your fiances health, the first thing emotion you show when being dragged out of the toilet is...ANGER?
quote: "I asked him what right did he have to touch customers like that? and demanded his name so I could speak to the manager about it."
now i'm no expert but if i were in your position, petty acts of rudeness like that would have been nothing compared to the need to help my loved one. I would have INSTINCTIVELY swallowed all my pride and ask the bouncer for help. my anger receptors would have shut down completely.

point is, maybe you are blowing the story out of proportion and that might actually hurt you in the end. hope you guys recover soon.

12 November, 2005 09:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 sides to the story u must hear.
Going to a dark,rowdy drinking nightspot to celebrate halloween you should not
when ur still recovering from ankle injury,suffer liver complications.
locking up in toilet, u shld not wt a member of opposite sex.
on slightest provocation, bouncers will act.
by kicking out 1st, bouncers will take it as further provocation and chance to whack.
it is nature of their job.

ju-lee; wrong choices u made many. sue in court u can. fail most likely u may.
won't be signing petition.
so tired.

12 November, 2005 10:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think u will win this case
cos in the 1st place there is no case
the bouncers deserve to do wat they want if the situation go out of control.

they have a club to take control of.

2nd, why u still have time to lock the door up and help ur bf clean up but when the bouncers knock on ur door u didnt want to open? busy putting ur clothes back? or to scared n shy to go out?

if u r helping ur bf, u should instantly open the door up and tell the bouncers he is drunk n sick and ask them to help u take him out(that's a bouncer's job too u know)

3rd u should show the whole world ur beat up face if u wanted to sue them and win this case... and get everyone to sign the petition...

u just can make me trust that u and ur bf were doing nothing behind close doors.

and he sitll take the time to sms u telling u to help him? why can he walk out of the toilet and look for u or just ask some waiters there to take him to a better ventilated place? hmm...
there is alot of things not supporting ur way...

hope u win ur case appoint a good lawyer, a clever and expensive one..

cos i believe if u go to court, zouk will get a better one....

12 November, 2005 14:16  
Blogger dailyqt said...

now my two cent's worth to all the sceptics out there is this. What has Julee got to gain by just erecting this blog and cursing zouk... good question eh... so if it's money she gets from doing this .. then er.. fine .. that's justified.. but I just can't seem to think of anything that she'll get in trades for putting up stories like this.. and unless you guys are in her situations.. then don't make conclusion based on what you think.. coz you might never know.. you might be the same as she is .. when it's your turn..

12 November, 2005 18:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, real nice Hallmark story about your boyfriend's sickness. Question. Did your bf have a deathwish? Lets see shall we?

"He has had a string of health problems from birth. As he was born premature, he came out with a hole in his heart and liver complications."

Solution? Let's get drunk and drink like there is no tomorrow and hopefully be diagnosed with liver cirrhosis so the Jamestor can die faster! Yep.... righ on the money!

Two words, J Lee. Prove it! Show the pictures of both your banged up faces. No point showing the "softer side" of things ok. Zouk can easily counter-sue you for defamation. Unless you've got the proof to support your accusations like hospital receipts and testimonies of witnesses, I'd say you are royally screwed! I was a former court journalist so I have sat through these cases numerous times.

Secondly, why on earth did you have to lock the toilet door? since it was a case of life and death, shouldn't you have left the door open stressed that you needed help from the toilet attendant? It is unnecessary to condemn the guy who was just doing his job of CLEANING PEOPLE'S SHIT, RIGHT? I don't condone Zouk's policy of beating the crap out of its "misbehaving" patrons, BUT you should really have some concrete evidence to back up your story.
In the newsreport, one of the bouncers said he peeked in and saw the both of you getting jiggy. One whammy for you right there.

Before you get all gung-ho about suing Zouk, just remember it's your word against theirs.

Good luck.

12 November, 2005 22:01  
Anonymous Chris said...

Sweet Christ! I am so so sorry to hear about this. Public apathy sucks. Believe me, if me and my gym friends were there, I swear we'd have stepped in and given them a piece of their own medicine because we're basically bigger than those pussy ass bouncers who think they're big mofos. I know how public feels like because during my sis' car accident, people just passed by despite the fact she was bleeding to death on the roadside. She's alive, thank god. I want you to know you're not alone on this. There are people who will help, too bad there were just too many dicks around that night, the type of people who wouldn't give a damn. You take care. I got this site from a link in lowyat forum.

13 November, 2005 02:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got this link from the rojakpot forum. Pity you two but what they say there is true. Evidence speaks, not claims.

13 November, 2005 03:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok peeps, look: When everyone's asking 'Why didn't you open the door straight away when the bouncers asked to?', Ju-Lee mentioned that one of them was practically yelling fiercely as though he was gonna beat them up once she opened the door (which happened). She also mentioned that she was scared and all. For heaven's sake, you people should think about it. She's just a lady. Of course she'd be worried and all. & in such situation who'd have time to analyze: 'Oh what'll happen if i open the door? Should i?'

When she said that the bouncer was yelling at her, it's definitely normal, and logical, for her to keep the door locked.

& also, for you people who think that James shouldnt go to Zouk at the first place, what came to my mind's: Why Not?

Nobody goes clubbing expecting themselves to be caught in a fight or something. Ju Lee and James were prolly wanting to chill in the club, and like what she's said - To look at the clubbers, the dancefloor, and the costumes. And it's truly acceptable as it was a Halloween Celebration. Wee bit of alcohol doesn't do any wrong.

G'Luck to you Ju-Lee. Malaysia isn't that bad without shit like this happening anyway.

13 November, 2005 04:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing which stuck me about this page was not so much the story itself which though evidentially flawed is believable enough to anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with the gentlemen who work in zouk. It is in fact, the crude and really uncaring attitude which some (and I do stress some) people seem to be directing at the victims. Although I myself reserve judgment on zouk until the case has been proven, least we forget the principle of innocent until proven guilty, it strikes me that we as fellow Malaysians ought to be sympathetic and supportive toward the couple during this difficult period in their life.
For one thing they ought to be commended for not simple accepting such abuse as many are apt to do but highlighting this incident even at the cost of being themselves a target for people with all the wisdom of hindsight to criticise. Critics should bear in mind that, should this couple succeed, it will have a positive effect on all patrons of such venues. Zouk of course are vicariously liable for the acts of their employees. A case such as this may finally end the practice of these clubs simply hiring un-trained and quite frankly unstable individuals who are in reality glorified thugs as security staff. It should be remembered that bouncers are meant to be there for the patrons’ protection.
Another thing which has bothered me has been the fact that so many comments have been left which suggest that the couple themselves had a part to play in the cause of ordeal suffered. I distinctly recollect one stating that if he had been kicked out at the way the bouncer had been, it would have in his mind justified murdering the perpetrator. All I can say to that is that I hope our paths never cross. My point however is this; a bouncer who is an employee of the establishment and is there to, in essence, provide security for the patrons, should not be allowed and defended when he has used physical force which is more than necessary to deal with the situation at hand. Obviously there will be times when reasonable force will have to be used to restrain a person etc but this case hardly seems to fall within this category. Bouncers need to understand that they do work in an environment where people are not at their best behaviour. They need to just take a professional approach of dealing with the problem and then getting back to their job. Taking out their frustrations on defenceless patrons ought not to be part of the job description. Zouk and other clubs would do well to keep this in mind.
Finally I just want to say best wishes to the couple. One thing though, I’ve lived in Europe before and believe me when I say that they celebrate Halloween much more than we do.

13 November, 2005 05:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju-Lee sorry to hear that..hope you and James are fine now. What time doesnt the thing ends?I was there on the 29th.

13 November, 2005 12:49  
Blogger SABRINA said...

Oh my god i hate Zouk. How could they do this? Stupid cleaners. I'm so sorry to hear this.
I'll share this story in my blog too..

How are you and your boy friend now? Hope those scars heal soon.
Hope you win the case (the suing thing). You will win the case.

13 November, 2005 17:33  
Blogger creation said...

i'm sorry to hear that. they will pay for what they've done one day.

13 November, 2005 18:05  
Anonymous ANONYMOUS said...


13 November, 2005 19:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's quite depressing to read all the comments. Frankly i haven't been through it all. But you are making a difference, and i think that's what this is all about.
You will be in my prayers.
Take care.

13 November, 2005 20:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your story but still left me wondering how truth is the truth.

Personally I don't think that Malaysian is really that bad but is all because of foreigner or especially "ang moh" that most of the time do not behave appropriate. For god sake if you really making it out in the toilet, this is the circumstances that you need to face.

13 November, 2005 22:05  
Anonymous Mowkob said...

I have read most of the comments posted thus far and I have read the blog twice and get Ju-lee's 'Version' of the story.

I use 'version' people, because in a situation like this there's always another side to a story. Please consider that.

Some of us here have rightly pointed out that you should always. . . always hear what the other side has to say.

In a situation like this, it's clearly a 'he say, i say, they say' situation.

And pardon me for saying. With the exception of those being objective, those of you who are generous with your sympathies must really be naive to wholly believe Ju-lee's version without considering what the other side has to say.

For those who are going to ask me to shut up, it's not that i don't too.. it just irks me when people are 'chui kong, lampa song' which translates to, mouth talk dick happy. And yes i am that free to be here and comment.

I will list my points for ease of reference.

1. Firstly, i am sick of people saying that the big establishments 'suck' and that they prey on the little people and what have you. Please. If you think it sucks, don't go there.. there are tons of other places to go like say, i don't know, church? Gee peeps. chill. Don't like it don't go. Save yourself the cover charge right? (if you re not paying, just hang out at a mamak lo.)

And yes, we have all heard from our friend, cousin, uncle, aunty about bouncers beating up people.

Please bear in mind that i have seen for myself, bouncers beating people up here in Malaysia and Australia. Why they were beating them up is non of my business.

2. Ju - lee, if your story is indeed true, you must understand with those who show dissent that reading your blog leaves many unanswered questions.

If you are trying to get your story across, no one should diss you, they made a choice to read it so put up or shut up.

But if you re trying to make a point, which i think you are, then please do understand that most people need more concrete evidence.

'Substantiation' is the word i believe used by another person here. Call me insensitive, but its true.

3. I am not even going to go into the legal aspects of this matter, which i would gladly analyze. It just boils down to the fact there is nothing here that will allow a lawyer to form an opinion.

4. Know that i am not here to post a an opinion, nor i am not here to defend Zouk. (I don't go clubbing anymore)

Know that i am not against Ju-lee, or that i believe/don't believe in her story. Guys until there's more, really, just observe. It takes two people to tango man. It really does.

And yes, like i said above, i have the darn time on this Sunday night to write about this.

What i am hoping gets across is, people, don't take things just on face value, there's always another side to the matter. Considering both sides is the smart thing to do.

And that's what being a Malaysian is all about.

13 November, 2005 22:47  
Anonymous Mowkob said...

People, i slept with Angelia Jolie and all i got was this stupid t-shirt.

Seriously, its true.

See what i mean.

13 November, 2005 22:52  
Anonymous Yap Chee Sing said...

Under whatsoever reason or circumstances, Zouk's bouncer(s) had definitely no right to trespass a person, not even to mention beating up their customer. If Zouk has claimed that their victims were making out in the toilet, at most, what they could do is to (1) report to the Malaysia Royal Police of improper behavior and conduct in public (2) use a non-violent manner to escort their customer(s) out of their premises.

If Zouk has to beat-up their customers that are making out in the toilet, Zouk bouncers better go and read the Durex sex survey 2005 report that pointed out that toilet is one of favorite places to “make out” for Malaysian. Zouk as a nightclub/disco, I am sure that they face the situation of people “making out” in the toilet many times, I am just wondering whether “beating up the and trespassing a person” is what their legal adviser group has instructed the bouncers to do?

Since it is a potential criminal offence, it is very important for the victim(s) to prove with solid evidence that they were beaten up and trespassed by Zouk’s employees. Once they prove this, Zouk it definitely is on the losing side.

13 November, 2005 23:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mowkob, u talk like this guy -

same people?? from there run until here?

14 November, 2005 00:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Kyle, i've been to zouk a couple of times in the past and i think overall its a very well done-up club. Well done meaning the setting, but in terms of Club PR ...the bouncers think they're some ghetto fabolous multi million dollar, lamborghini driving, hoochie momma magnet, big dick playa kinda of people. to me its simple...bouncers are dogs in black suits, we can't have real dogs cause they dont communicate stupidly like the bouncers in zouk,

this big size Ulfasar warcraft lookalikes are actually pea brained hearing from julee's story that they whallop the living day lights of her fiancee and her, seems to be an understatement. Its lucky she got away alive... cause once their pea brain shuts down...its all about bashing only

okay..back to julee's story...ur bf's sick, he's drinking whisky (dilute or not doesn't matter), he's had heart problems (clubbing again?) he faints due to black out spells, he shits blood from his anal, he's mouth is torn apart from the bracers that were disfigured, u bleeding like a rat who got the tail chopped off,

and there's no picture...? malaymail ALWAYS has pictures to show the buyers...its their bread n could they not have pics?!

anyways...if u were making out instead of reviving ur fiancee from the dead, its okay....toilet makeouts or doesnt matter

but for f#%^# bouncers to beat u n ur fiancee up...less touch u a BIG NO NO.









14 November, 2005 01:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 malayze 2 indianos bouncers = a dumbass team

i think it went like this

2 malayze bouncers : eh kao ni nak bantai (beat) budak putih tambah itu bini dia ? jom kita kasi tu bangan tunjuk sama dia tu kita terror! eh saya punya rambut best ka? ada macam itu appa....itu apa...itu john travolta kar? ADA?!!? ADA?!!

2 indianos bouncers: ADA la... aiyoyoyoyoyoooo saya mau makan sama itu roti putih TAMBAH DAL LAAAAAA...itu bini dia itu bagi saya picit sama itu roti planta...bagi saya la anehhhhh

2 malayze bouncers: oka la tambi minachi tambah dal.... lu punya la saya bagi sama uuu laaa..besok u bagi u punya minachi bagi saya kongkek boleh arr...boleh laaaaaaaaaa...


[end of story]

[after fight]

2 malayze bouncers : alamak...saya bagi itu budak muka sampai pecah la anehh....macam mana sekarang....polis nanti tangkap saya...aiyoooooo habis la saya......saya punya 20 anak semua mana mau cari makan...aijoooh bodoh la saya..kenapa saya SANGAT BODOH! (isn't it obvious?)

2 indianos bouncers: mahhhhhhhh puki!..apa saya takut...saya tak ada anak...bapa sudah curi saya punya duit makan tahi....apa saya takut...mari la polis..tembak saya!..saya orang halimunan (invisible man)!...saya nanti makan it roti telur sama dal kasi banjir sikit....saya jadi kuaT wooooh
(2 indianos bouncers are actually drunk from drinking from the urinal bowl.

zouker management miss chinos : jaga takutttttttttttt..saya bagi protection...jangannnnnnn takuuuuuuuuuttttt....pegi tidurrrrrrrrrrrr....nanti saya pegi jumpa sama saya punya nenek moyang tanya sama dia itu macam mana mau kasi dia itu gwailo sama it cinabini berada dari m'sia...saya ada konection.

end of drama

moral of the story : no moral values in m'sia nowadays. the people are one bunch of embeciles...but thank god its only a handful.

14 November, 2005 01:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone called the police?! So many customers there and no one helped?! RIDICULOUS!!! Someone should called and alerted the police.

But a lot of times big clubs like this will have someone high up in the society backing the place. Even the polices are afraid of them. But still, all the people who were there that night whom witness the torturing should go to the police and report the case. Or else volunteer to be a witness during the trial.

14 November, 2005 01:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed with 14 November, 2005 01:29 post...

this is the real world..face the fact..u were at the wrong time and at the wrong place...shit now you should've got a taste of the real world! wiser next time..learn your lesson..get well soon!..

14 November, 2005 02:40  
Anonymous jay said...

well...i do think its kinda crap...

u did stuff that u wasnt supposed to do...lock urself up and stuff....

zouk is not a good club...we can see people got beaten up everytnight..

basically..i do think this is a scam to robbed zouk..which i think sucks..good idea...but very bad executed...theres tone of better way to rob zouk....sheesh...

bouncers can be stupid..but hey..they just doin thier job..bouncer was suposed to look doesnt matter its in zouk or othe clubs...bouncers are just people whose tryin to make a livin...they keep the club runnin..they got paid..dats how it werks...

zouk is a singapore club..singaporean all langsi...

this is the pros and cons of clubbin..

shyts happens..and sumtime theres nothin u can do bout it....

the story is a bit..tipu lar......

anyway..wish all da best

14 November, 2005 05:30  
Blogger Linx said...

OMG..can't believe this is happening!!! WHo do they think they are beating ppl up like this?

14 November, 2005 09:20  
Blogger Azxel said...

Regardless, bouncers should never resort to violence. Bouncers are not (suppose to be ) gangsters. Good bouncers are diplomatic and courteous. If someone creates a problem, they don't (and should never) beat up that person. Why? Simply because they are (or rather should be) trained to diffuse situations without violence. A good bouncer can lock up someone's movement and 'escort' the troublemaker out.

I hope things work out for you and your fiancé, Ju Lee. I think it's best to stay clear off discos from now on.

Stick to pubs and mamaks like me. :P

14 November, 2005 09:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, did you and james did it, or not?

you seems to be eluding that question.

14 November, 2005 09:53  
Blogger Hartz said...

Did you and James did i or not???
come on anon 9.53am..Give me a break!!!

What a stupid questions ur asking.
Read Ju-Lee's story again before asking these questions!

14 November, 2005 11:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THERE'S ONE funny case in melbourne australia, when i was still studying there, the club we went at that time was WAREHOUSE (now its called SALT , last i heard it was sold off after some thugs killed someone in there, and the owner, a singaporean girl call karen made a nice profit selling off to the idiot that bought it, and after a month or so...the city council closed down the place.)

okay here goes the story, at that time warehouse was nice...a big hall, with alot of vietnamese dancing to the house music...then there was this particular midget like viet who was on the big ass sound system jump on it and started dancing with the glowing lights swinging from left to was pretty funny, but to the bouncers it was nuisance.

then came the bouncer tappin on the guy's ankle (the viet was high up on the sound system). He said " sir u have to come down from there, not allowed to dance on the system" , as usual the viet said " ngoi ka pong ta kong mo tai" which i don't know what the fuck that means....

he continues swinging his hands and dance to the music, the bouncer got really pissed, again he tapped him on his ankle...this time the viet shouted really big time...and thinking the bouncer would walked away...he cont dancing...

the bouncer was like 6ft 5 inches tall....he got fucking pisssed...made a jump and grabbed the viet by the shirt and the midget fell to the ground...the bouncer then twist both of his hands behind his back (like how criminals are cuffed frm behind).

and then the best part was...he used that little midget as a door opener...there was 2 doors, and the bouncer drove that midget through both doors (BAM! first door opens, BAM! second door opens...and chuck that mothafucka out like a dirtbag.

it was hilarious....and then that midget started cursing..and cont dancing on the sidewalk..

now that's a story i will never forget

damn freaking funny

14 November, 2005 12:04  
Anonymous Malaysian Citizen said...

Simple.. Dont go to shithole like Zouk..

Only Stupid fuckers.. and stupid shitters who goes to places like that...

damn it! both of u deserved what happened.

the next time u feel like making out or fuck urself or whatever.. try getting some money and get a HOTEL or get the fuck else where and not in some clubs.. jerk off..

or better off.. shitheads like all of u should get back where u belong... dont be hating this country or its judiciary... its you thats a fag and stupid.. its you that goes to the wrong place and get treated the wrong way.. serve u right..

ur lucky ur not DEAD.. u should have been.. so that there will be lesser losers like you... and ur stupid sick boyfriend..

14 November, 2005 12:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for what happened to you n ur fiance. I agree that the beatings were not necessary at all. And also that, yeah, bouncers and cleaners are not the most intelligent people on earth. I am sure that there are unjustified people out there who went thru the same thing that you did. But they just kept quiet about it.

I support you and the actions that you're taking. We have our own rights. Whether the Malaysian law courts are capable of proper justification is another issue altogther. I'm sure your lawyer will do a good job.

However, I do agree with others who opined that since your fiance is in such a weak state, that he shouldn't have had alcohol... however little the amount. The club atmosphere is bad enough... I know its ok to go out and have fun once in a while, but you really have to take into consideration the state of your health and think twice before going for social functions which are 'risky' in nature.

True we cannot predict on when your fiance will get sick. But the mere fact of his health history, means that there is a high risk of him getting sick no matter where he is. And being in a club doesn't help at all. I'm being naggy. Pardon muaa... =p

Nevertheless, sick or not, whatever happened to you n ur fiance does not justify the beatings and abuse.
It is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Provided of course every part of your story is 100% true to the bone.
It's bully. It's uncivilised. It's unnecessary.
SHIT HAPPENS. It happens to everyone.
And this time, someone wants to do something about it.
Let her. It's her shit, her mess, and if she wants to clean it up with style, let her do it.

14 November, 2005 12:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I would like to give you my support and sympathies for what you were made to go through. And I would also like to praise you for standing up for what you believe in.

Secondly, no one has the right to beat someone else no matter what authority you have, unless you are a prison warden in charge of caning. That is why we have laws eg. causing grievious bodily harm. But then again, how can these laws be implemented when the ones who are supposed to carry it out (ie police) are also doing the same to people under remand. How many times have we heard recently about ppl being beaten and tortured into confession.

For those of bloggers who write negative comments and miss out on the real point of the situation, are more interested if you were making out or not etc....I think it just shows that they have the same IQ as the 4 bouncers and the cleaner. No disrespect to the other more intellectual bouncers and cleaners. I won't be surprised if they are the bouncers themselves who are posting it if they know what a computer is. Just to stress again, bouncers have a right to throw you out of the club, have a right to refuse entry, but have NO right to beat a patron.

For those who keep asking you to post your photos up, I made an observation that they go by the names of anonymous. Maybe if they publish their photos and names before asking you to post yours, then maybe then should you entertain those requests. Why the hell would someone want to put up their photos..... to be branded by the half-wits of society? Note that the more intelligent ppl have not asked for your photo.

Just to add, the beating by the 4 bouncers represent a power trip for them. I wouldn't put all the blame on them, because it is their only claim to power after the frustrations of their own life. What do they aim for in life anyway, to be head bouncer, or to sometime in the future scrap enough to open up their own pub. As for the cleaner, a toilet supervisor? They would not have the same aspirations of educated ppl, climbing the corporate ladder, starting new businesses and to be captains of industry in the future. The power that they know will never compare to the power that one would have when one works hard and succeed. But to beat someone up, is the peak of the power that they can ever achieve.

Just my two cents worth.

14 November, 2005 12:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guessed some of you here aren't any better to classify that cleaners and bouncers aren't really that inteligent and all that...

moreoever this report was highlited in the front page of Malay Mail...

anyone of you that knows this paper knows that it sell on sexs and scandals...

oh ya, for those that thinks malaysia isn't a great place to be, why not go and apply for PR somewhere else? Maybe then, you will be treated as equal.

14 November, 2005 13:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok from the story i read you lovebirds really are too much in love... but what made you enter a guys bathroom of all places!! even if your fiancee is sick in the mens room you could at least wait for a while and ask a another guy who was going in to check on him or You could have ask a WAITER OR A BOUNCER TO ACCOMPANY YOU INSIDE... so stupid girl... stupid stupid.. GO ALONE SUMMORE see your foolishness made ppl misunderstand... ALSO ANOTHER THING WHICH I FIND STUPID OF BOTH OF YOU!!! YOU KNOW he has A CONDITION yet you still want to go of all places to ZOUK a DISCO mind you... you should have gone to a more quiet pub or lounge.. but heck of course you want to be IN THE CROWD!! GO TO THE HAPPENING PLACES.. DONT WANT TO BE LEFT OUT!!! Anyway i dont think the bouncers should have wacked the shit out of you all but then again.. let this be a lesson to avoid going to discos if you are unprepared and plan and USE YOUR BRAIN before you enter a GUYS BATHROOM AGAIN!!!!


14 November, 2005 15:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those who questioned Ju lee's credibility cuz she lock the door, and refusing to open up when the bouncer came banging ferociously on the door.

To be fair to the bouncer, no one knows wad 2 behind a closed door will do.
But to be fair to Ju lee, how will u react when someone came banging ferociously on ur door. In addition to that, threatened to beat u up. It's like asking her to open the door to get beaten.

To those that claim the bouncers start the assault cause they got the rights to do so to any patrons that did indecent act in their premises. Moreover James was the one who kicked the bouncer 1st(despite his operation not long ago and which is why some may have doubt the credibility of this happening).

Bouncer's job ain't to beat the crap out of ppls. They are to enusre order within their premises. If they found any indecent acts, they COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE escort em out of the premises instead of taking matters in their own hands.
And seriously if that kick is the spark or fuel of all that beating, then it's just BULLSHIT. A sick man struggle to kick the bouncer all because he wanted to protect his fiancee, and it's understandable. When one detect hostility, they'd have react accordingly, especially when they see their Loved Ones in trouble. It's the strong love shared between the 2 of them and yet people judge base on the mildest things.

To those who said they had this coming because they should have stayed at home during Halloween Night due to James medical history.

Again it's crap. We are not in the era of elitism. Only the strongest and fittest can go out. At least not yet.

To those who claim for evidences(pics)...

Seriously, if there's pics of their bruises/injuries, there might be comments such as "these pics are doctored/photoshopped"
And i also believe there'll be ppls who will think that Ju Lee is just trying to win sympathy from the masses which i think is not the case. She's just doing what she deem as the right things. So by not posting pics of their injuries/bruises is not the main issue here. Those pics or rather evidences you guys are demanding ought to be presented in court not here. Agree?

To those who tried to classified the 2 Malay bouncers, 2 Indian bouncers, and the Bhangladesh Cleaner as stupid, pea-brained being.

Judge not by their race. Judge not by their lvl of education. It might be a misunderstanding. It might be a tactless approach of handling things. But it is never stupidity.

But then again, there's always 2 sides to a arguement. Perhaps this is a case of misunderstanding? That cleaner didn't understand what Ju lee's talking abt(essence), hence the wrong move of calling the bouncer. And the bouncer weren't tactful enough to handle this situation well. Emotions over Reasoning.

Just my worthless view.

14 November, 2005 15:29  
Anonymous Sherlock said...

Well, this still sounds quite incredulous to me. Let's see, i'm a guy, and if my gf/fiancee/wife/sister is sick in the toilet in Zouk, and considering that I have decided not to ask a female stranger to help me, would it be sucha wise idea for me to just barge into the toilet and oh yeah go into the cubicle and lock the door. Even if I did, and gotten all those nasty looks and comments from the girls inside since I'd kinda be a pervert there, I wouldn't lock up the cubicle door just for the sake of transparency. Pple can actually see that I'm helping her out cos she's really sick and we're not engaged in any hanky-panky.

So her fiance apparenlty sent her an sms....Boy if i'd been able to send an sms while being so ill in the toilet, I'd darn right be able to get my ass out of there.

I'm definitely against the overkill that the bouncers inflicted on the couple, but I wouldn't be too sure about why and how she ended up in the locked cubicle. Something just doesn't sound right there. Basic common sense would say that's like everything they shouldn't have done if it was a real 'emergency'.

BTW I don't frequent Zouk, so don't call me a Zouk sympathiser. In fact, I never really liked Zouk anyway.

14 November, 2005 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hartz, that question is not stupid at all. but you seem more stupid because you didn't read all her posts. She said she had blown the stories out of proportion to get attention. stupid ass like me won't know which part she was faking.

14 November, 2005 16:13  
Anonymous Dr Watson said...

Here's what I learnt from Law School. Guilty Unless Proven Otherwise. Is that right? But fuck that law shit. I say she's sore about getting her guts knocked out of her as she was about to CUM inside the cubicle.

14 November, 2005 16:36  
Anonymous DJ I'm Not A Loser said...

Dumb ass shoulda stayed in with Mommy if he can't handle Booze & loud music like real men can!

14 November, 2005 16:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sherlock, anon, dr watson...i seriously agreed with what you all just wrote...

bees won't sting if you don't poke their nest.

Oh ya, is there a need to brag about james' being a manager in some multinational company that has a Ph.D degree? or she being a director of her own advertising company?

or the "artistic" picture taken from the back that appears in MM???

gosh...get a life!

Didn't Ju Lee got hauled up again for giving different story and police report?

or those that claimed to had witnessed the incident, why didn't you go do your friends a favour and make some police report also?

oh ya, JU Lee, i understand that you are from some girl school in PJ that uses Bahasa Malaysia as the teaching medium, you meant, after leaving school, you can't speak/write BM anymore?

14 November, 2005 17:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im reli shock wif ur story..i feel so bad..diz wuz my 1st time spending half an hour on ppls blog n read..i totally hate zouk now..ill spread de story 2my frens..ill b supporting u!god bless

14 November, 2005 19:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a malaysian doesn't mean we can speak Malay fluently...especially those who left school for so long...

Please do remember that Chinese always communicate with friends in english during school...Unless, they are conversing with the Malay teachers or malay friends...

And I think, we should speak with the language we are comfortable with when giving a police report...

The policewomen should have polished her English up instead of condemning Ju-Lee...Malaysia is unlike Japan or France where the national language is the only speakable language in the country...Please note that English is seen as important as (or maybe more important than) Malay in Malaysia!

Poor Ju-Lee who had been treated unfairly by the policewoman.

14 November, 2005 20:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont know what happened, i wasnt there and im not going to say james and julee are telling the truth. but, how can anyone defend what the bouncers did? as people have been saying, bouncers are suppose to use reasonable force. it would only take 1 bouncer to control both of them and you probably wouldnt of even needed to use violence. what the bouncers did was wrong, fullstop.

now onto peoples rude, ignorant narrow minded view of disability. people with medical conditions dont have to stay home. they can go wherever the hell they want. and if they want to drink they can. yes, it is quite ok for someone who has had previous liver problem to have a drink or 2. even someone with current liver problems can sometimes have alcohol in small amounts as long as they are given the all clear by their doctor. life doesnt stop when you have a medical condition. if it did there would be a hell of alot of miserable homebodies. so to the people who think the disabled need to be locked away like lepers, grow up and stop living in your own little fantasy world where everyone is healthy.

14 November, 2005 22:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah silly "dj i'm not a loser" is really evil. i think that all disabled should be allowed to go out.

Apologise to James, you motherfucker!

14 November, 2005 23:10  
Anonymous My Director said...

i'm a director of my own company too. cool or not?

14 November, 2005 23:12  
Anonymous Kiev said...

Come to think of it, about what that guy said regarding people with medical disabilities should stay home. I wouldn't exactly agree with what he said, but if i usually did have some problems when I drink, I'd be more careful WHEN i go clubbing....
People with medical disabilities shouldn't all stay home, but when they go to some places which might put their health at risk, they should be more vigilant in preventing such untoward accidents.

14 November, 2005 23:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear James and Ju Lee

Felt very sad when I read your post. It must have been an extremely traumatic experience, and recounting it in words must have been painful as well, no matter how many times you've had to do it.

Just want to encourage you to persevere in seeking justice. I guess you would have received many comments about how you are of the 'wrong race' and you do not have the 'right connections' but I just want to affirm one of God's promises to you "the king's heart is in the hands of the LORD; he directs it.." Proverbs 21:1. I don't know what is your faith, but I am convinced from the bottom of my heart that God wants you to know that everything is in His hands, do trust in Him, and allow Him to be your partner in establishing justice, and your comforter in the midst of your hurts and pain.

Last but not least, remember that it's kindness and forgiveness that leads to repentance. never underestimate the difference 1 repentant bouncer can make the this whole 'bouncer-bashing' situation in malaysia, and even in this world.

You'll be in my prayers.

15 November, 2005 05:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James and Ju Lee had every right to be in Zouk so stop talking about medical conditions etc.

It was unnecessary for the bouncers(4 of them?) to react that way. Very unprofessional.

15 November, 2005 09:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there.. perhaps u could contact Zouk Singapore... maybe they would do something about it.

15 November, 2005 10:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about what happened. having worked in a club before, i know bouncers are always looking for a chance to draw blood....i know that sounds shity but it is true. Make them know they picked the wrong people.

15 November, 2005 13:05  
Blogger abettermalaysia said...

Dear Zouk Abuse,

What happened to you was terrible. I have an experience of a different kind, being locked up in jail and all, it was police abuse. But that's besides the point.

After the incident that happened to me I could hardly live my life, the incident took over and I could hardly work, in fact, my performance in my work went down so drastically I had to resort to not reading my own blog and I haven't done so for almost a month(

So let me just give my 2 cents. You are unfortunate to be in such a circumstance and the people who beat you up have to pay for their crimes, but you are fortunate in a sense that these people are from a private corporation and not law enformement.

Sue them. But remember that if you do, your lives will be severely affected. Life will not resemble anything that you once knew. The case will take a few years, but of course if you do take up the case and you do win, it will make it all worthwhile.

I am ashamed to say that I walked away from my problems with the police. I'm also ashamed that I let 21 other people down by doing so. But they too wanted to go back to their lives and forget. If you want to make a difference and you have the strength for it, by all means go ahead. Our prayers are with you.

Reading your blog reminds me of the pain and suffering that lead me to write my own blog. It all sounded so familair, the tone, the anguish, even your grammer.

God speed zouk abuse.

15 November, 2005 13:42  
Blogger abettermalaysia said...

Oh and one more thing zouk abuse. In blogs you get comments on both sides of the fence and even some from those sitting on the fence. You cannot let those saying you are a liar, the naysayers let you down. Do what you think is best forself first and foremost. Take the good and throw away the bad.

I learnt this the hard way. I took it all wrong. Don't want it to happen to you.

15 November, 2005 13:47  
Blogger Ichimaru G I N said...

the best thing is dun go clubbing when u r not in the best of health.. esp heart problems.. the smoke there is enough to make u feel even more sick..

15 November, 2005 14:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beat up in Zouk and nobody knew about it??? That is total bullshit...

Think about it...

I've been going to Zouk since they opened... And honestly speaking, I’m not saying that they don't have their faults... But the Management there and every single employee in Zouk has been hand picked and have been trained and are all qualified and they know their job of what to do and what not to do...

And beating up customers for no reason isn't something they would do...

Ask anyone who has been to Zouk... The regulars, the people who go there once in a while even some of the first timers... As long as the clubbers don’t do anything STUPID in the club... The employees won't do anything to them...

Points why I say that your "Young and Dangerous" story is full of shit are cos:

1. If you and your "fiancée" were really beaten up on Halloween nite in Zouk, why doesn't anyone in Zouk know about it?
- Think about it, everyone knows when any fights happen...Further more, its Halloween nite... There was an event... There were so many people there...How can in be possible that 2 people got beat up upstairs, got "dragged" downstairs and "thrown" out of the club and nobody knew about it???
- Damn, must have been a really silent beat up... Either that or everyone in Zouk that nite suddenly had a "blackout spell"
- Another point to ponder... I was there that nite and my table was upstairs too... Close to the toilet... I was there at 11 and left when the lights came on...So how come even I don't remember seeing a crowd at the toilet??

2. Which brings us to another point which is, if your table was facing the dance floor and whatever… That would mean you were either at the Salem recharge area next to the toilet or the Recharge area near the VIP section. Both places, you can see the toilet very clearly. How can your "male acquaintance" get confused and go to the toilet downstairs??
- Its logical common sense that there would be a toilet upstairs as well as downstairs. And like I said, the toilet is very visible from wherever your table was situated. So how could your "male acquaintance" get confused and go to the toilet downstairs? First timer in Zouk or not...
- Even if he was really so blind and if the situation was such an emergency as you put it, I’m sure your "male acquaintance" would also be smart enough to actually ask the bouncers or the servers who are around where the nearest toilet is. Again, its common sense. But instead he goes on a wild goose chase and finds nothing.
- And also, if the situation was such an emergency and you were so very worried bout your very very ill "fiancee"..Why didn't YOU direct your "male acquaintance" to the nearest toilet to search for your ill "fiancée"???
- Lost your mind? Couldn't think properly? So worried that you didn't think about it? Or were you just thinking, "Where are you?"

3. When you were in the toilet with your "fiancée" and the whole time that the cleaner was complaining bout you being there, the bouncers beating the door to get you guys to come out and when the bouncers were whacking you and your "fiancée"...Way wasn't there anyone around?
- Don't tell me that just at that perfect moment, all male clubbers on the top floor didn't need to go take a leak...
- Even if you added another twist to your fictional story and say that there were bouncers outside the toilet not letting anyone in, then there is your proof, your eye witnesses...
- All those poor male clubbers who were not given the chance to ease themselves because the bouncers kept them out...
- And even if because of some weird mysterious reason, there weren't any male clubbers going to the toilet at that time, I’m very sure that there would have been a few female clubbers who would have seen something happening at the gents when they were going to the ladies...
- But still until now you have no eye witnesses… Why is that?

4. Your "fiancée" has a liver problem and he still drinks??
- You said yourself that your "fiancée" has had a series of blackout spells from a few years ago and numerous doctors have not been able to diagnose what exactly is wrong with him. So shouldn't he be keeping away from alcohol?
- I don't have a PhD but usually alcohol isn't a good supplement for your liver. Especially if you have a liver problem. Right??
- Not saying that he should be home 24 seven and not enjoy the nite life, but just think… Liver problem which cannot be diagnosed or explained by doctors after so many years, thing NOT to do… Drink alcohol, in any amount… Why? Cos you wouldn’t know the short or long term effects.
- So if you love your "fiancée" so much that you were willing to risk walking into the Gents to look for him, why didn't you or why don't you tell him to stop drinking and take care of his "mysterious health problem"???

5. Show us more proof, pictures of your bruises, receipts from the hospital you were in, doctor’s reports about your injuries, eye witnesses, etc… The amount of proof you can or could have shown us to prove that your story is true is endless but why haven’t you shown anyone anything except this “story” of yours. Hiding something?
- You said that you don’t want to show your faces because it will make you look like criminals?? Take a look at the Malays Mail, see that Chinese national? She was forced to strip and she showed her face. And the reason why she did that was cos she has nothing to hide.
- Now that’s what I call solid evidence…

I'm not supporting any side, honestly...But its just that your story has so many questionable sections... So if what happened to you guys really did happen then explain all this... Please...

15 November, 2005 14:38  
Anonymous Too Happening Are We?? said...



Ju-Lee : OMG he only drank so little...
Doctor : OMG youre really retarded to bring a sick person to a DISCO you are truly heartless.. he almost died...

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT : Does enjoying Halloween mean actually going to a DISCO? You could have done alot of things but why of all places Zouk? HEck you could have dated in a park or take a drive to genting... or even go to a WONG KOK Restaurant and celebrate...

CONLUSION : Unable to Sympathize.. due these stupid facts and actions you have condone.. you wont even be able to sue Zouk.. cause if you go to court you will definitely lose the case...

15 November, 2005 17:57  
Anonymous ghetogal said...

I changed my mind Zouk is a happening place! Love the atmosphere. Im sorry the two of you got beaten up. well you learn something in life and sometimes the hardest part is getting up and crawling out of the ghetto. Stand up and look yourself in the mirror and have a few moments of silence. Reflect on your errors and you smile. Take care gal!

15 November, 2005 18:03  
Anonymous dewypeterson said...

hmmm my friends all agreed it was your fault, after reading more postings i realise something, life is more important than minor enjoyments

15 November, 2005 18:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think referring to Ju-Lee's PHD means Permanent Head Damage... Her Fiancee is down with PHD guys.

Anyway look after your fiancess head Ju-Lee and take cares *hugz :)

*Im signing in for the petition for bouncer brutality against ppl with disability here.

15 November, 2005 18:27  
Anonymous Danny McCoy said...

really asking for trouble when you know you cannot take alcohol....and yet you drink when you go out clubbing. People with PhD should know better than that. Not saying that people with disabilities should stay home, but be street smart and play it safe when your out.

Wanna drink? Drink at home! That way there'll be no one to harass you or haul you to Chow Kit and sell your ass if you pass out.

But damn, those bouncers are blood thirsty, i reckon. God Bless America!

15 November, 2005 19:17  
Anonymous Danny McCoy said...

Omigosh, did i say "America"? I meant "Malaysia"!

15 November, 2005 19:18  
Anonymous Holy cow said...

Ok, in response to the comment justifying why Ju Lee wouldn't have opened the cubicle door right away....

BUT!'re FEMALE...and you're in the MALE toilet. Now correct me if i'm wrong...but aren't you in someplace where you're NOT supposed to be in? So who could be banging on the door? Other patrons who need to use the toilet urgently for purposes such as puking/shitting/peeing? Or others who wanna join in the 'fun'?

Gimme a break. Logic (which btw is needed by PhD holders) tells you that it's got to be the security personnel!!!!

Damn...the more i think of this, the more incredulous i feel this story is.

15 November, 2005 19:30  
Anonymous Religious chick said...

Someone commented with a phrase from the bible.
Read Matthew 5:40. 'whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also'


But I do have to remind you with the ninth commandment after reading your posts; "Thou Shalt Not Lie".

15 November, 2005 19:35  
Anonymous kuntong zai said...

Amen sista!

15 November, 2005 19:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...'s times like this when i say "YAAMAAAAAA!!!!!"

15 November, 2005 19:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what scares me the most?
It's that people believe this one sided story straight away with no thought that it could possibly be a lie to defame Zouk. That is a big problem in Malaysia.
At this present moment in time, having spent a while analysing this case and searching on the net for more information and I can safely say that I have no idea whether this occured or not. In Ju-Lee's story there are lots of anomalies which don't add up. However, if this story is true exactly how you say it is then Ju-Lee and James have my complete support. But as it stands? I don't know if this is BS or not. I just wish other people could be more analytical and less emotional one way or the other.

15 November, 2005 20:15  
Blogger adelyn loh said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15 November, 2005 20:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not a clubber and never been to Zouk. However after reading Ju-Lee's blog im truely shocked with how cruel life can be on the otherside. I was born with a heart problem. However, I am enjoying my life to the max right to know there's still lotsa beauties in msia other than goin to a club to know what is fun. Anyway, if what you are saying is real, im truly sympathized with u n James and may God bless you both till d end. I believe in justice and the truth will somehow finds its way. Lets put it this way, u dont need kazillions of debates on who's right and wrong but only the truth will follow you to your grave.

Peace and take care.

15 November, 2005 20:53  
Blogger Hui said...

Sue Zouk.

15 November, 2005 21:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For pip's sake, why didnt u engage a lawyer and sue them?

15 November, 2005 21:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For pip's sake, why didnt u engage a lawyer and sue them?

15 November, 2005 21:37  
Anonymous Clubber69 said...

yeah this could all be a ploy by some other nightclubs to defame zouk. Ju Lee's probably not gonna care much about whether she wins the court case, cos she's prolly already gotten paid for setting this blog up....

15 November, 2005 22:44  
Anonymous Bouncing said...

wait till Mahathir hears about this blog. he'll fume cos you're like scaring tourists away from the country!

and when tourists no come. I no earn money from my job as bouncer in club (not zouk). I no food to eat also! I will hungry! And I also no food feed my 19 children! Then how? We starve to death.

Then next day the Malay Mail reports that got 21 (plus my wife) pple died as result of drop in tourists arrivals cos they read Ju Lee's blog.

How? How?

All because someone got pissed that her bf lost a fight that he provoked. :'(

16 November, 2005 01:20  
Anonymous tilly said...

Hi, I just spent the last hour or so reading through your blog and all the comments that came in. I'm truly sorry about what happened to you and your bf, but what's even sorrier is the mean comments that have been said about this. Everyone wants to put in their two cent's worth and sure, you have the right to say what you want. But hey if you can't say anything nice or constructive, your silence won't be missed. Seriously.
To those who question the 'truth', come on admit it. You don't care about the truth, you just want to hear juicy stories and great goss. Someone said he's witholding judgement until the court has made its decision. Well I can tell you this: the truth doesn't always stand up in court. I was involved in a court case some time back and even tho we had all the evidence and witnesses to back us up, at the end of the day, it's about how well your lawyer can argue against the opposing side. JL I'm glad to hear you have so much confidence in your lawyer. Even if you don't win the case (touch wood!), you know you've already won half the battle by standing up for yourself and in doing so, helping the rest of us be aware of such happenings. Make all the noise you can gal, I'm behind you all the way!

16 November, 2005 01:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really does make me feel surprised that some of you would even think of denouncing what she did that day. In the midst of all that, you're like asking her to think straight and proper. FFS, her fiancee is sick. Things like these happening being a ploy by other clubs or the fall in tourism is plainly retarded comments by uneducated people who have too much time on their hand. This may seem harsh on my part and I apologise for it. But then again, I feel sorry for your comments since they not only makes you look stupid but they shamed your parents. You know who you are.

I'm a Malaysian currently doing my Masters in the UK. I do not know JL but I really feel for her. The KL clubbing scene has always been bad although a small minority of us always supports clean clubbing and the odd night out. Bouncers were never seen as providing security.

This will not be long even though I have a lot to say but I am a bit busy at the moment. But still, I would like to take a moment to say that good things come to those with clear conscience. You show them that, JL! Good luck with life and best wishes from someone afar.


16 November, 2005 02:23  
Anonymous Wais - unbelievable said...

Woah!...this blog is so hot!. my advice is get over it and continue on with your freakin life. the is not point arguing over matters we all do not know. the truth is out there....ya right...the truth is Ju lee....This is her blog remember?. all she did was write a few sad stories and then ppl write comments about it...dun you all get it...she just wants some attention. she is a blardy Attention Seeker. Why do you think she will make out in the toilet?.....she thought it was great and when things turn out the other way, she was embarassed and then they retaliate....wat happens when they lost the retaliation, she comes into these blog to get some support to feel good about herself again....i am not saying this to kick her in the face once again...i am saying this because i have read a lot of comments that really was idiotic. tell me wats wrong when i say she is lying? i am wrong if i commented her saying she was lying..wat about those that supported her and said the bouncers were wrong la bla bla bla...the policewoman was wrong cause she speak no enguish...hahaha...who r you to tell us wat to believe and can support Ju-lee i can also support the people that think this story is total Bullshit. the only thing i know is to those people that said " give her a break and stop questioning her about why she locked the doors and why she was in the club when her b/f was sick"..why not it is just common sense that she a person that is so highly educated would know...if this comments makes me stupid then f**k it. i dun care since there are people in here that thinks rebutting the stupid people makes them smart then ..hmmph how should i say it, you're even worst yourself....all we read and know is her side of the story.....frankly i was there on the night of the acccident and i was sitting at the table right behind hers (didn't see her though, if her table was upstairs facing the dance floor then i am right i was actually sitting behind hers)....i was the guy in white hair and my friend was in blue hair....we did not see anything.....if there was a fight there should be at least some busybody right.....Proof lady show some proof......

16 November, 2005 03:38  
Anonymous Clubber69 said...

Draven: i'm sorry i'm not as smart as you to be doing your Masters in the UK.
but yes i am retarded for making those comments and my parents are so ashamed right now that they're considering sending me to the mental asylum so that i may receive counselling and treatment for my retardism. But well am I really glad that with your high level of education, you realized that those comments I made were really dumb. Guess an education really does make you smart to know the difference between dumb and evil.

I also wanna go to the UK to study. But I'm confused with your statement "I feel sorry for your comments since they not only makes you look stupid"? I thought my kampung English teacher taught me that 'makes' doesn't go with 'they'? UK can make my english teruk or better ah?

yeah yeah yeah say i'm lame for pointing that out, blah blah blah. but when u say people are uneducated and retarded, you'd better darn make sure you're not!

16 November, 2005 03:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said... you even know where this thread is going ? so draven probably did some typo and that invalidates his comments? Take a hike buddy.. Good luck in the asylum btw

16 November, 2005 06:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uHm. if you were so traumatized, why bother wasting time and effort to create a new blog to just bitch about it? go to the media, the press, they'll be more than happy to listen to you and bitch about it on your behalf. this is all bullshit. get a life and move on. honestly i don't think the bouncers in zouk are that stupid.

16 November, 2005 12:19  
Blogger extrinsic said...

A lot of people just jumped to the conclusion the incident happenned as she claimed - that is just simply naive and definitely not a smart move.

It is okay to sympathise, but wouldn't it smarter to find out the truth first before expressing your sympathy?

Even a charity begger on the street shows you some documentation that they are really from a charity organization. Just because they show me some pictures of the unfornate doesn't mean they are real charity.

I was cautioned a radio station MYFM DJ, warned the public that we shouldn't give money to such beggers. The DJ announced any charity activity must be informed with the perbandaran of that town and has to be in a fixed premises.

Yet there are a lot of people spoiling them just out of "sympathy" without even bother to find out the truth.

"sympathy" is a weakness in human. Control your feelings and act rationally people. If the conmen or conwomen finds out its easy to con the public there will be more conmen.

There are a lot of conmen and conwomen out there. They even show you pictures and a few sad stories of the unfortunates and the address of the charity organization. But no name card and they operate at night. Still there are naive people believes them and give them money out of sympathy. Whether the money really goes to the needy or they put them in their own account, no body knows.

Its easier to verify if a charity begger is honest 'coz they come to you face to face. Trust me if he is REAL charity, he'll show you his IC and give you the contacts of the charity organization. I've done this so many times 'coz there are so many charity beggers out there you don't know who is conning.

As for Ju-Lee, I never demand any pictures from Ju-Lee because I think there's no point to. As far as I'm concerned, she is still a virtual person and not a real one.

Yes, I didn't sympathise her. How can I if I'm not sure of the incident?

Well, there are simple steps here for those who has doubt with her:

1. If you believe she is creating this blog for publicity and want to generate income out of it. Leave the site forever and don't come back. The less hit she got, the less chances she'll be able to generate income from the site.

2. There maybe other supporter who starts shooting you and each other to generate more hit. Again, there is no point to respond.

For her supporters:

You can keep supporting her out of your sympathy without knowing her real motives. That's your business.

This will be my last comment here.

16 November, 2005 13:08  
Anonymous Sekolah Pondok said...


do we need to know ur doing ur master in UK?

is that Ulu Kelang or something?

it makes no differences with you and her(JL and James) bragging about being a director and being some manager in a multinational company, based in china (???)

i envy those two high acheivers la, been working almost quarter of my life and i'm no where near what/where they are in life, in terms of career. But at least i got more sense to just stay at home and save my hard earned cash for other more useful activities.

perhaps i'm just stupid, and not as clever as you or JL and fiancee....

16 November, 2005 13:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Douglas from here. I've cut and pasted your article under the zouk section of ohgenki which can be found under:

Entertainment --> Clubbers, Pubbers, Nightlifers --> Zouk

to further warn the users. Thanks!

16 November, 2005 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Douglas here from ohgenki again, correction, i didn't post up the content as that will infringe your copyright. Would be nice if you could register in and paste this over instead.

16 November, 2005 13:58  
Anonymous jasmine said...

For f**cks sake she was panicking! have u never been in a situation where emotions over-ruled reason? do u seriously think she could forsee what was going to happen? her bf falling sick, the bouncers coming, the bouncers beating her up. hey, these things happen out of expectation. that's why accidents happen. when you do something in a state of haste, anxiety and worry, your decisions can hardly be the best, nor the most logical. furthermore, i think the emphasis is, the bouncers should NOT have beaten them up. even IF they were making out in the bathroom. violence wasnt necessary. they could have just thrown them out. simple. AND for the idiots who are asking for proof that this incident even happened, the management of zouk gave a statement to the Malay Mail concerning their explanation of what happened. saying that it was james who instigated the fight etc. so they're acknowledging such an incident la! which brings me back to my point, the bouncers could have, and should have chosen a non-violent way of settling the situation. have a heart people.

16 November, 2005 14:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said... fucking lamers...what is done is done..stop crying over spilt are not getting any sympathy from me bitch !!!

16 November, 2005 15:21  
Anonymous Kiss my ARSE said...

hahahahhahahaha..... I have a heart... its say's i dun care to belive in exaggerated stories... Besides that with my encounters with bouncers even if you are making out in the toilet they just bang away and then yell at you but never have they laid a finger on a person unless that person has either assulted them in any way; be it physical or verbal... Knowing the owner of this blog id say that abuse of some sort was involved. from what i have read so far it sounds more like this person has a really big ego and is just "hurt" that her/his ego took a batter. There just wasnt any reason to lock the toilet door, no reason to getting kicked when there was no provacation. Think about it logically, we are not animals like what the arthor makes us people out to be. we dont fight cause we like to and we're all way past the age of being school bullies, and KL isnt a place where "People live in TREES". Stop being a whiny insufferable spoilt brat and get on with life. I'm not going to be commenting on anything else with regards to any replies or anything that gets posted here... so please please... be free and badmouth this comment. :D .

Id really like to see what a PG Grad from UK (Ullu Klang) has to say. FUCKERS ! ! !

16 November, 2005 16:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have a good heart. I'm not to flame you but argue with reasons.

"the bouncers should NOT have beaten them up. even IF they were making out in the bathroom"

The incident did happened - agree with you. As you know there are two side of the stories.

We don't know now if she is telling the truth about making out and her bf sickness. Private properties have private rules people needs to follow - this you need to take note.

The same thing can be said the other side "he should NOT have kicked first even IF he dragged him out because they were really making out and resisted"

If they are really making out in the toilet, they have the right to drag him out if he resists because its a private property (if he is sick - of course the bouncers were too much. but how sure are we that he is really sick?).

If james is healthy and attack, they have the right to act on self defense. His ankle had an operation, again we don't even know if this is true.

All we know is the fight happened. We did not see it. The details everyone can say their stories. The truth, only hard evidence can proove.

16 November, 2005 18:26  
Anonymous EDUCATED MO'FO said...

I'm a Malaysian doing my PhD in Antarctica. And I think I'm smart as hell. All you pple without PhD or Masters, stupid la. I is Smart, OK?

16 November, 2005 19:27  
Anonymous Bitch Intolerance said...

So what abt ppl who have a masters and a phd and someone who is doing a second phd? And if they agree that the owner is just crying foul cause they want to, without any basis? I is SMART OK? hahahaha. I'm sure as hell laughing my head off reading this blog. First cause of the fact 1) Sick person should not be drinking any pint of alcohol, 2) Rules of premisis should be abided to else this is what happens. 3) If it were a girl that was sick would a guy enter the toilet to check on her? (This is very doubtful that a guy would) 4) Ankle operation done and finds it hard to walk yet goes to a club where possibilities of getting hit on the ankle is quite high! ! ! 5) Sickness really TRUE? ? ? 6) Did they really get beaten up or did they slip and fall in the toilet while getting jiggy with it hahahahahahaha. Sorry that last comment was just to have a laugh...

16 November, 2005 20:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally elleashley is full of shit. She and her Zouk Debacle...please incidents like these happen all the time behind closed doors, like as if you know everything that goes on. You are one naive chick that hasnt been going out much and just because you have worked for zouk as a so called manager of shit you think you know everything that happens in the club?...omfg..Every club has incidents like these, it just so happens that this time someone actually tries to do something about it rather than keeping quite and nursing their injuries.

Ju-lee, truly sorry to has happened to you and your fiancee James. It was terrible that this happened to you guys. From experience i think that, maybe, you over reacted in a way that the bouncers found offensive and somehow thought you retaliated against them when they asked you to leave. Dont get me wrong, i believe that beating anyone in a club is most definitely wrong. I just think that in a Club with an area with so many people the bouncers sometimes are weary of the people that they tell to leave, as at anytime people can stab them and over power them anytime.

I think bouncers in most clubs are like that, bouncers over here in Perth are not much different. Incidents like these happen way too often, and there's nothing done about it, unless someone dies or something like that. Anyway, good luck on the legal battle with Zouk, from what i have heard in previous incidents like the case at backroom, movement and atmosphere, i guess you really have to make it as public and as much noise as possible to win this, and hopefully get a huge settlement that you can enjoy your honeymoon with your future husband:)

17 November, 2005 01:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come all the people who are arguing against the blog have such bad english?
Leave well enough alone, and if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.

On another note, please sue Zouk

17 November, 2005 11:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

which clubs in Perth are like that? The Church? and Metro City? Hehe those bouncers over there have to watch out for those Vietnamese Doh Mahs.....

17 November, 2005 13:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

come read my blog!
I am an eye-witness...

i've got solid evidence

18 November, 2005 05:19  
Anonymous JohnLim said...

hi im a singaporean here and someone told me about this blog.. anyway i carefully researching what said here and i thinking this is either a cheat job or james and ju lee just got a few slaps at the club and they claimed the bouncers terorrised them. (You girl and guy are weak ppl) I was there on halloween night and I and my friends were in our Sith Clothes :D, besides halloween night ive been to malaysia with my group of friends and clubbing in zouk a couple of times and i notice in my times i come over i never see any fights also. Everyone is smiling and ejoying! Love the crowd alot of nice malaysian girls :) from the way i see this story is like if such a big case happen there would be police officers appearing. because after all there are undercover policemen there. it seems that nobody here witness the incident and it like a hoax. im very sad to see ppl put down a good clubbing joint. People like this Julee and James should stay away from clubbing scene because you make Zouk (originally from SG) look very very bad. Im ashamed of how Malaysian like these ppl here are quite naive. (no i do not discriminate malaysians but seeing and reading this story makes me feel like cheated by malaysian chinese, im chinese by the way so i feel some shame by this) Anyway heres a toast to all the friends and ppl who make Zouk the best Disco during my visits over in Malaysia! (Never witness any nonsense like this article said b4)

18 November, 2005 17:00  
Anonymous chris said...

okay report came out in malaymail just read it guys its an official statement, looks like everyone knows that this is a publicity stunt and a hoax. please close this misleading blog.

"Youre lucky Zouk wont sue you both for defamation of their outlet."

18 November, 2005 17:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clubbing is bad, stay at home.

18 November, 2005 20:22  
Anonymous Evil Inc said...

Well if it is really a hoax that would explain why they didnt want their "swollen/beaten faces" up cause they would get bashed in sometime in the future and besides that if their names are tarnished already... too bad Zouk wouldnt sue... would love to sign a petition against ju lee and james to get sued provided Zouk gets one up soon. hehehehe... that would be nice.

20 November, 2005 21:12  
Blogger missosixxxnineherself said...

if this really happened as dramatic as the way you're saying it, then i'm really sorry for what happened, but a few things got me wondering especially after reading some of the comments which made some sense. But my question is, why take a picture (as shown at the top) after being beaten up? itss ridiculous and stupid for someone to actually take a picture, WITH camera effects after something this tragic had just happened.

21 November, 2005 02:30  
Blogger missosixxxnineherself said...

i dont deny that this thing is true. it would take someone a lot of courage and time wasted if this was a lie. im not taking sides obviously, im just expressing my comment, because i find it weird.

i myself go to zouk a lot, and have seen a whole lot of gangfights outside of zouk, and there were times where the bouncers had to get involve.

it was wrong for them not to say sorry and stuff, but maybe the hactic situation they had to go through for work made them react the way they did. maybe they didnt had much time to think & things like making out in the toilet are too often done by others. it would be logical for the bouncers to bang on the door and stuff, because of what they THOUGHT you two were doing.MAYBE.

but i do think it was wrong for them to kick and abuse the two of you like that.

sorry if i offended you. best of luck.

23 November, 2005 07:10  

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