Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mr. D's Story

Today I met a wonderful gentleman. Never seen him before in my life.

He asked me about what had happened to the both of us, he was away in Shanghai when we were beaten up.

I told him everything. His first question to me was, "What can we do?"

It immediately lifted me up. Amongst the sea of ignorant, rude, mean, armchair critics, there was someone who understood and wanted to do something good, someone who wanted to help.

He shared a story to me about how he almost got beaten up in a ladies toilet by two security personnel in K.L.

He has an adopted daughter who has AIDS. She gets horrid reactions to the medication, terrible vomitting ensues. She was in the ladies throwing up, and mind you she's five. He rushed in to help her and two security personnel went in soon after. While he was helping her throw up they threatened him, and he reallly felt fear. It almost became violent, they wanted to take him out and beat him up. They were harsh and horrid, right in front of his five year old child.

Luckily in his case, the manager of the establishment came and calmed things down. He diffused the situation by finding out what was really happening and then telling his bouncers to sod off. The gentleman received an apology from them immediately.

He completely sympathised and understood my story, he had to rush into a toilet to help his child and he did it without question. The fear one has when you're faced in a situation where your loved one can be hurt is overwhelming. He told me that when you have children, you have to be prepared to give your life to them if the situation arises, you drop everything and run when they need help. I could understand because that's what I felt for James at that moment when I was on top of him receiving blows to my face. I would do so again, rush into the toilet to see to it that he got help.

The ridiculous part of both our stories is, people cannot see beyond the sign on the door. The level of pigeon-brained madness is so severe they overlook the entire picture, that a person was in need of help, that the anxiety of a parent or a fiancee is larger than prejudice and petty mindedness. It seems as though they're desperately searching for the oppurtunity to make a mess of things.

It's sad that in Malaysia, running in to help your loved one gets you beaten up, humiliated and scorn. To those of you trollers - you're really not human afterall. I guess you're just not used to receiving/giving help when it's needed, you seem to think it's completely beyond imagination or capability. For that I pity you, and await your flowery and insulting comments, for in this country, there are some of us who still respect fundamental liberties like the right to free speech... Though you could not be bothered to respect or protect another's right to stay alive and to even go so far as to mock it, I look forward to being your saviour.



Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Ju-Lee....this Mr. D, is his occupation a classical musician and music store owner?

Sounds darned lot like my godfather, who has an adopted daughter with HIV...and whose shipment of musical supplies come from China (hence his trip to Shanghai). If he is, send him my warmest regards. He is a good man to have on your side.

17 November, 2005 06:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heartwarming story.

ur still a cunt tho generalising about the country and the people.

Ur stories are now bordering between ridiculous and a fabrication. You're really milking this for all its worth.

but i've got to give it to you, u can spin a story to fit urs and then, hope to gain sympathy out of related stories.

My father is a security guard and he died protecting people like you. He got beaten up when he tried to stop a fight ... not in the toilet but a regular one on the street. So, don't fucking generalise that occupation to suit ur whim and fancy, ur whoring cunt!

It's people like you who think justice should be served in accordance to ur will.

Security guards are not bouncers, u stupid girl. You can't even get ur story right.

How the hell did ur fren see that his adopted daughter was throwing up in the ladies toilet. He could see thru walls issit? Security officers dun simply threaten people, so stop fucking exaggerating. If they could see the condition of the girl, they would be sympathetic and even help.

You fucking trying to paint a picture like all security guards are brainless and even term them as bouncers, mother fucking cunt that u r.

Nobody is questioning u abt running in and helping. U dun have to justify that. Everyone in sympathy of u agrees that it is wrong that the alleged violence was used. You and ur bf possibly got a raw end of the deal if anything u say is true. But stop fabricating stories to justify ur exaggeration.

I bet u like it rough in bed as well. That explains why u like making out in public toilets.

Ur such a lying cunt!

17 November, 2005 09:28  
Anonymous REVOLKOUZ said...

Ju lee,

Alot of ppl that u claim to be troll are not insensitive, heartless people. There is no use for u to tell one sad story above another.

And yr constant attacking on malaysian men being cowards does not help yr cause either.

As for Mr D's case, there is a fundamental difference. U see, he was helping his sick daughter throw up in a ladies...

you were in a club drinking whisky , allegedly trying to save yr sick bf with the doors locked ???
If u intended to save him, what good is locking the doors ? u want him to die in yr arms issit? u jump, i jump issit?

no one is questioning u being in the male toilet. we r merely questioning yr side of the story which is filled with irregularities.
we doubt tht the severe beating took place.
We doubt yr reasoning as to why u were in the toilet in the first place.
simply because of the lack of solid evidence such as eye witness from tht crowded club. since u said alot just stood and watched, how come no one spoke out on this incident.

and enough of yr crap about "in malaysia helping a loved one is scorned upon" or " malaysians love to watch and do nothing" ..cut tht crap... just because ppl dont believe yr story doesnt mean tht we are monsters. there r 2 sides of every coin. As for now, zouk's side of the coin sounds more logical and convincing. Since they have taken the correct path and allowed the police to handle it instead of flaming hate and anger.
They made a proper press statement, one which was not over-blown or exagerrated like how u claimed yrs to be.

both yr sympathisers and doubters were not there on that day. so no one knows for sure what had happened. As much as ppl have the right to support u , ppl also hv the right to question u . no one can claim to know the ultimate truth ..until there is concrete evidence.

alot of questions were brought up on the incident, you have avoided answering all of them. Instead u respond by calling them names.

u can have as many ppl on yr side u can make as much noise at u want. at the end, the evidence in the court of law will prevail.

17 November, 2005 09:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julee, you know what your problem is? You are an insufferable DRAMA QUEEN. That is where your weakness lie. Why couldn't you stick to the story and purpose of this blog? Which is the fact that Zouk abused you? Why must you bring in sentimental bullcrap like all the other post which only dilutes your message? Say what you must but this is why people are getting sick and tired of you. It's a neverending cycle isn't it, people getting sick and tired of you?

Do yourself a favour, stick to the original post. Your reputations already soiled as it is. James is a wise man.

17 November, 2005 09:52  
Anonymous u-so-dumb-la-ju-lee said...

Hey julee what u trying to do now ahh?

put things straight la ..
u got beaten up, yr gwailo bf got beaten also.

then take action la. stop whinning abt bouncers la, security guards la, malaysian man la, bangla toilet cleaners la.. how does this substantiate the events ? HOW ????!!

U insult ppls intelligence but u yrself dont act very smart la. Take this case to court la . go and collect medical evidence. go and make police report. u think what? u tell story about gorilla, insult others , tell sad stories means u correct ah?

u think we r stupid but we r not ok? dont come and keep talking cock abt how insensitive we r .
yr story too much exaggeration la. ur bf sick as a whore, just after an operation decides to go to a crowded club and risk being hit on his recovering ankle??? come on la cunt.. hole in the heart drinking whisky ahhh? sounds like a guy who bungee jumps without a string la wei..

stop beating around the bush.. it appears that u r not doing anything abt it. yr lack of action spells yr guilt.

17 November, 2005 09:53  
Anonymous male nurse said...

how come yr eye witness friends all keeping quite?

u said u poured whiskey for 5 ppl.. where r the other 3? they didnt see it? why they dont speak up?
i think they scared to take part in yr scam la...

17 November, 2005 09:55  
Anonymous Flammer by profession said...

revoulkuz: You spelt it right man. Glad to see a Smart MSIAN. Kudos mate.

17 November, 2005 09:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking at the comments and responsed from those mofos...i';m wondering if you guys are malaysians too???

now i fully understand why such incidents happend..hmmph..


17 November, 2005 10:02  
Anonymous REVOLKOUZ said...

hey anonymous fogger..

stupid or what ?

ur the pathetic one to believe anything u read on the net. Do u believe there r elves & hobbits on middle earth too?

for u to understand why this incident happened in , u must be sure that it did happen in the first place.

17 November, 2005 10:10  
Anonymous notconvincing said...


I hate it when you insult the malaysians. Please stop the names calling. You're unluckily screwed doesn't mean you can behave like a whore and scold everyone you deem fit.

If you want to attack, be tactical and attack the four bouncers that attacked you guys. Don't start to attack every security personnel in the world, bitch!

If the story about this girl is true, the security guard did a pretty good job in ensuring security. What if the man is a maniac rapist? The little girl would be in damn great danger! That case is completely irrelevant to your case.

By the way, you are not that good in story writing. Not that convincing after all.

17 November, 2005 10:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 17 November, 2005 10:02

looking at your comments and ju-lee's attitude, no wonder so many children rape case in the toilet in malaysia is happening. u a rapist?


17 November, 2005 10:14  
Anonymous u-so-dumb-la-ju-lee said...

notconvincing ,

good call buddie!

Ju lee, again u made yrself look stupid . The security did a good job inMr D's case. It was a female toilet. they saw him approach a little girl in the cubicle. they had to make sure things were in control. U would rather they left a man to just walk into a female toilet ah?

what if he was a paedophile? stupid la u !!!

17 November, 2005 10:17  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Ju - Lee (if that's who you are)

In so far as this blog is concerned, you have done an excellent job in making me visit this blog once a day.

I enjoy posting comments and i enjoy reading them. So thank you for a good time.. But like most others my attention span diminishes. 'so what?' you may ask.

Well I realize that the time i spend here i can do other things. I can be a heartless bastard sometimes, but when you re in a valid fight you will want this motherfucker to be on your side. I am serious. So far, i have read your postings.. and i have to admit the last two.. are really irrelevant.

Why are you pulling in the PM and Dr. M? It doesn't matter if its the big picture. You started off by painting a postcard and you re not even done with that.

I have questions here and if you would answer, i would appreciate it greatly. Otherwise i will cease to visit this blog or even think about it.. after a while it just gets sien you know.. when theres nothing new to hap about.. so believe me.. it will happen to alot of people too.

This is not a warning.. but a wake up call to myself that i am wasting my time.

1. Who is Z.A? that doesn't sound like Ju-lee at all.

2. Where is the evidence everyone so craves for.

Your comment about having pictures but looking like criminals if you posted it.. is just weak. Come on. Anwar posted had his pictures published too man and for good reason.

Please evidence.. at least give throw me a bone as to what you have that will convince me that this is all real..

Here's paint, now finish painting.

3. i started off sitting on the fence.. to flaming other people who post silly comments to just flaming anyone i see fit.. as the truth is no longer relevant.. i now come here to pry reactions from my fellow kind.

Now, if i were you, yes if i were you.. i would post a comprehensive 'diary' as to your matter, as to the progress status.. i know its hard .. but i have and many would have seen other charitable websites.. personal websites.. who are much more comprehensive than this.

You and your lawyer, filed writ of summons yet? i know the limitation period for a tortious action is 3 years. (Yes i too am educated in Law) and knowing lawyers in Msia.. first advice is probably

a. Write letter to zouk and wait for their reply, in bid to work out settlement otherwise we take it to Court.

b. File an action in Court.. and eventually get a court date.. depending on the back log.. trial date set in 2007 or what have you. In the mean time work out a settlement.

You don't have to be embarassed. I would tell my clients to do that

Litigation is a very expensive exercise, and that's not a problem for Zouk but i am sure they don't want the bad publicity.. so your lawyer would have also told you that alot of civil suits get settled out of Court etc. etc.

IF my day dream is true in that Zouk contacted you and you all worked out a settlement.. Bear in mind that they may in lieu of settlement sought a declaration asking you to stop pursuing this matter in any form what soever. (I stand guided on that) but i am pretty sure they can as part of the terms of settlement. If that is indeed true (and i say this with an utmost clear conscience) YOU WIll end up in HELL for conning all the nice people who supported you and signed your petition because you will be no better than the average con man on the street.

All good and dandy if i am wrong and you are going to sue them kau kau.. I am just saying if you are.. kindly update us with more useful information..

Everyone has heard a story similar to Dr.M's encounter la.. it's a my-mum's-friend's-uncle's-daughter's had the same encounter kinda thing.

So no need to put a sad story on top of another as pointed out earlier. (Kudos mate).

Stop making posts with regards to the bigger picture.. deal with what's on your plate now. You re only adding drama to your cause, if that's what you re after then it's your style of fighting. Not mine.

I am sorry for the really congested comment.. But you seem very educated and i am sure you can filter out what i am asking.. and form a reply.

I am not asking to be featured in the main post. I will even give you some time to reciprocate.. but if i don't see anything pertaining to my request, i will cease visiting this blog.

To you buggers who say "Go la, she doesn't need you here fucker.." or whatever..

You re just as curious as me to see if this whole debacle does exist. So please. I am stopping my flames for now.

There are other blogs i can go and see.. tons.. in fact alot of gwai lo ones i have started visit and mock already.

I am sponge. Let me absorbed something substantial. Ju - lee (if you are) please don't dissappoint.

17 November, 2005 10:23  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Wow .. reading the above, i do apologise for the typo's and bad grammer.. its embarrassing.

Sorry guys. And Ju- lee (if you are her)

17 November, 2005 10:28  
Anonymous Mr Burns said...

Bloody lieing bitch.

17 November, 2005 10:32  
Anonymous notconvincing said...

flammer by profession and i am apparently ben,

kudos. good points you've brought up.

17 November, 2005 10:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOl you guys identified the biggest loop hole in her latest posting.

Seriously.. they are doing their job.. IF YOUR dr. M story is true.. kudos to the guards.. they are staying on their toes.

Fuck la.. if i was a paedophile / rapist.. you think i am going to say that i am a rapist paedophile? of course i will say that i am her father, uncle .. and shes adopted right? lagi bes.. created the AIDS thing to throw the guards off.. if that..

IMAGINE it was a rapist/paedophile and the guards didn't do anything...didn't go in...


If you are, i wanna fuckin see you go and apply to be a security guard .. jeez.

PR is not a security guard's job. Keeping the safety is.

Shut your hole! all of em. tee hee.

17 November, 2005 10:41  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

As usual, you asshats miss the point that she is trying to get across with Mr. D's story. She wasn't trying to defend him walking into the ladies room, or helping his sick child. The point she was bringing up was that the security personnel almost resorted to violence. That is the crux of the matter here....the tendency to resort to violence or bodily harm in order to influence an outcome.

Even if they had suspected him for a peadophille, there are other, less Neandherthal-like ways to deal with the situation. For example, to accompany Mr. D while he tends to the little girl, observing their interactions.....perhaps by observing they may have realized the kid was indeed sick, and that the situation did not warrant these apes thumping their chests and bellowing like the monkeys they are.

Just to preempt you armchair detectives.....peadophilles (and rapists) are opportunistic predators....they prey on the weak in an easy situation and are more likely to abandon the situation if barriers like security guards showed up....i.e. if he was indeed a peadophille, it wouldve been more likely for him to quietly comply and get the hell out of there instead of insisting on remaining where he is to take care of the kid.

The point is, persons in charge of security and order in Malaysia more often than not let their power get to their head and start to think they can mete out justice in the form of a clenched fist. I have personally encountered such individuals in Malaysia...from security guards to bouncers; they have some sort of complex going on. This is even so prevalent among the police as well...hence all those cases of trigger-happy cops executing suspected criminals in a so-called 'shoot-out'....forced-stripping and groping the breasts of foreign nationals, etc, etc. Do you fuckwads see a trend here?

As for her making generalized statements....I don't blame her as she may have posted in an emotionally-loaded environment...what with some of you half-wits posting nonsense here and calling her all sorts of derogatory names. You fuckers should go get a life. Why don't you have anything better to do than to flame someones blog and to jump up and down like monkeys calling her a liar. You're all a bunch of uncivilized fucks. I don't blame some ignorant Westerners for still thinking Malaysians live on trees. Some of you fuckers here truly behave like half-evolved cretins.

Leave her alone and stop the abuse. If you're suspicious, then fuck off....she's not dmeanding your sympathy.

17 November, 2005 11:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ju lee,

Your story is already BASI. So shovit. It is so pathetic that a person could go so long story to gain sympthy. And the reason I logged in is to see your how low can you go.

You are going nowhere young lady. I think you need help, you stupid bitch.

If you are in Survival, you are the first one to be voted off, you big-timer-drama-queen.

If your bf have hole-in-the-heart, you still go clubbing knowing tht hundreds will be smoking and music is loud. You bodoh or what.

17 November, 2005 11:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agreed on the above.

BITCH! no work ha, can go and write long2.


17 November, 2005 11:28  
Anonymous boston said...

friend from taxes...

you also shut your pie holes lah. you didn't witness anything shaddap lah. go back to your books. ju-lee is enjoying the show-lah, stupid phd student!

17 November, 2005 11:34  
Blogger waterface said...

friend from texas,

stupid or wat. noboby needs a miss-goody-two-shoes-here.go and do your ass licking sumwhere else.

your right, boston, ju lee is enjoying tis fricos....

17 November, 2005 11:44  
Anonymous penang said...

hey friend from taxes...

how the hell do you know the story she posted about he sick girl is not ammended or modified to suit her deeds? how the hell do yo know?

we all don't know shit about the truth okay? so shut your stink and fucking gob okay?

17 November, 2005 11:50  
Anonymous Flamers are losers said...

Seriously why can't you flaming trolls go back to school? Learn how to spell, how to type properly, using your brains and your hands at the same time instead of typing frantically to get across a stupid message just because your day sucked or even worse, your entire life sucks. It's obvious that you morons have nothing better to do and your life is so insignificant that you have to resort to flaming someone who has the right put up a blog to bitch about anything she wants in the world? You have the right to put up a blog too, go ahead if you know how to, set up one and bitch about your life for starters About how miserable and pointless it is and how you have to resort to pathetic flaming just to make yourself feel better.

17 November, 2005 11:53  
Anonymous penang said...

flamers are losers...

the same goes to you!

ju-lee, how's that? this is what you wanted right?

17 November, 2005 11:58  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

The two anonymous bloggers, boston, waterface and penang just prove my point.

This is what happens when monkeys are given the opportunity to use technology. They go picking around everywhere trying to look for lice, communicate like a bunch of jinjang joes and really have nothing intelligent to say. Come to think of it, I shouldn't be insulting monkeys....they have better social decorum than half you cuntrags here.

Regardless of whether Ju-Lee exists or is completely fabricating this, are your fuckin lives so empty that you need to troll around the blogosphere to visit abuse and ridicule on someone else.....not forgetting half you fuckers don't have any proper command of the language you try to communicate in.

You fuckers are all a complete shameful bunch. If none of you believe her story and are getting your fuckin knickers in a twist over this, then why in blazes are you coming to read this blog. What a bunch of hypocrites.

All you pieces of shit are the equivalent of the 'ugly Malaysians' that stand and gawk at car accidents and furiously take down numbers before helping.

17 November, 2005 12:37  
Anonymous penang said...

hey taxes,

I thought you are the one who stand behind and watched the man raped the girl and stopped the security guards from intervening?

study phd doesn't mean you are right all the time! good grammar doesn't he is not a rapist!

you are no different to a monkey which papers printed with a phd on it!


17 November, 2005 12:49  
Anonymous penang said...

hey taxes,

I thought you are the one who stand behind and watched the man raped the girl and stopped the security guards from intervening?

study phd doesn't mean you are right all the time! good grammar doesn't he is not a rapist!

you are no different to a monkey with papers printed with a phd on it!


17 November, 2005 12:51  
Anonymous Abuse what again??? said...

Quote: “It immediately lifted me up. Amongst the sea of ignorant, rude, mean, armchair critics, there was someone who understood and wanted to do something good, someone who wanted to help.”

So Julz, you are indeed admitting that the purpose of starting this whole drama ordeal is to get as many supports as you can, by using sympathetic approach?

You did mention countless times that the purpose of the site is MERELY just to educate ppl abt what had happened, nothing more.

Apparently not, I guess.

And with that, naturally, you will have to acknowledge and respect the presence of armchair critics as well, and not complain that they are just sitting there giving useless comments because, well, I do believe that the whole issue has nothing to do with anyone else in this whole world.

At the end of the day, it’s only between two parties – Zouk & the bouncers + you & your other half.

So don’t steer everyone (especially the gullible ones) towards issues all over the world, please.

You’re doing it the wrong way, girl.

Quote: ”It's sad that in Malaysia, running in to help your loved one gets you beaten up, humiliated and scorn. To those of you trollers - you're really not human afterall. I guess you're just not used to receiving/giving help when it's needed, you seem to think it's completely beyond imagination or capability.”

1. Darling, understand that the issue of bouncers relating to unnecessary violence has been here probably even before you were born, and that it happens all over the WHOLE damn world. So don’t go dramatic and all, putting Malaysia, Malays and Indians on the black list, just because you got unlucky that it happened to you one night, with your Caucasian bf in tow, at a club in KL.

If the same thing happens back in your bf’s country, what would you have done then? Badmouth about that country, and suddenly becomes a racist in that matter too?

I hate it when a person discriminates.

The irony is that it makes you no less greater a person than you already are either, compared to that of the bouncers, and that you’re just the same as them, intelligence wise.

2. Trollers not helping you. How the hell are the patrons suppose to lend u a hand, when they don’t even know what on earth is going on when you and the bouncers are having a bloody conflict???

It’s a club. Maybe minus the VERY loud music + dark environment with drunk patrons then perhaps some handful will know what is going on, and then move in to help.

But then it won’t be a club anymore.

And it defeats our purpose of going to a CLUB to party on a halloween night?

Time to move on, Julz.

If you wish to harp on some more, harp appropriately, and correctly.

God bless.

17 November, 2005 13:06  
Anonymous Flamers are losers said...

Props to Friend from Texas for being able to maintain a clear head and present a much clearer arguement and rebuttal.
Penang, you my friend, are a moron. Show us a live monkey with PHd certification please. Stop talking out of your arses and say something understandable. Good grammar means that you can get your message across like any other civilised, educated human being. Instead of making ridiculous comparisons to animals and PHd's. Your remark "same to you" what exactly is is that you want to refer back to me from my earlier post? I'm merely saying that you trolls,flamers have no life, no decorum, no respect for people, no self-respect nonetheless, and off course no brain. You can't even spell Texas: its not Taxes, taxes is what you pay to LHDN(the income tax department). I'm sure you must be paid by Zouk to come here and demean, insult and create distortion among the bloggers. For your information Zouk bouncers are a bunch of hooligans. I know of another bashing incident whereby one of the victims had to go for cosmetic surgery. So whether or not Ju-Lee and James were having a nice time in there, or as she says that she was helping her fiancee, its not your perogative to nitpick, judge and pass off inhumane remarks. Whatever it is the customer is always right, you never lay hands on the customer, be it even when the customer is aggressive, self-defense is a bunch of crap, how bout restraint huh guys? Thats Business 101 for you. Quote me on that

17 November, 2005 13:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haihhh if u guys really think shes lying then why the hell bother reading her blog?? u call her stupid? look at urself. calling her names and wat if shes lying..shes the one whos gonna suffer not sorry ju-lee im not on ur side either. i have my doubts too.

17 November, 2005 13:10  
Anonymous boston said...

"Regardless of whether Ju-Lee exists or is completely fabricating this, are your fuckin lives so empty that you need to troll around the blogosphere to visit abuse and ridicule on someone else.....not forgetting half you fuckers don't have any proper command of the language you try to communicate in."

You are telling the whole malaysia that people can create blogs to flame the entire security forces in malaysian due to four useless bouncers!

Wake up please!

17 November, 2005 13:11  
Anonymous Flamers are losers said...

The bashing incident I referred to where one vistim had to go for cosmetic surgery, it happened in Zouk. Sorry I left that out. Oh yes and Zouk is also a well known hang out spot for members of gang 36 and yes Tiga Line(some malay-based gang), and the bouncers are well-connected to them. Either members also or the head bouncer is 36. Don't believe me? Check out the people who get ushered in quickly through the VIP lanes, without paying cover charge. Thats something the police know but won't announce publicly.
High class night club, patroned by high-class hooligans. Go and see for yourself, but then again, half the trollers probably haven't even been to a club much less Zouk.

17 November, 2005 13:15  
Anonymous penang said...

flamers are losers...

you are so stupid-lah. that was just a figurative expression... where got monkey go study phd one, idiot! u find for me la!

Aiya, again very stupid-lah, if the message with bad grammar I put did not go thru' then you would not be responding me already, idiot!

Even the word taxes I purposely typed wrongly, sane people will immediately know its Texas, idiot! Just to test if any stupid assholes responds, idiot!

Again you are most stupidest person I've ever heard! I'm actually against her flaming the entire security forces due to 4 bastards! I did not flame her. I flame you!

Any by the way, this is not essay competition, wrong grammar or wat, as long as the message got thru', that should suffice. Not everyone is as lucky as you or the phd friend okay?

17 November, 2005 13:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boston, it's not just those four bouncers, there's thousands upon thousands of bouncers still around Malaysia. There's no legislation to control them or to regulate them or security services, what's going to happen when a big incident happens? The club authorities just give some lame excuse and the police refuse to act on the incident? Come on big clubs like Zouk, Nouvo, Atmosphere etc have undercover cops there all the time and they are on a sort of "payroll" too, from the club management. Free drinks all night long just to look out for trouble and to back the bouncers up in the event of a big fight, trouble. I know that very well because I club very frequently and know the floor managers, supervisors from these clubs and they all tell me the same thing.

The point is this, you people with limited knowledge on the nightclub industry and its' "side-businesses" can post-whore and insult and curse and make stupid remarks all you want.

for eg. in 2002, Espanda,Beach Club and nouvo owner, Ronnie Chong had to pay off a settlement of more than rm10,000 to a customer who was bashed so very fucking badly by his Nouvo bouncers, the poor customer had his hip broken, arms and legs broken, it was horrible.
The reason being the customer being drunk and aggressive had pushed the head bouncer and tried to sock him in the face.
Now before anyone starts bitching about this, I was there when it happened and the insider details were told to me by someone high up in the Nouvo heirachy.
In my opinion, the bouncers shouldn't have laid hands on the customer. Restrain him, drag him out of the club and chuck him on the roadside, thats more than appropriate. But NO@!! The stance you people take in attacking Ju-Lee's supposed lack of morality etc, just gives justification for violence. In other words, the Malaysian mind-set has to change. The UGLY Malaysian mind-set that is. It's true, it's true.

17 November, 2005 13:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penang seriously I've to say this, go fuck yourself you close-minded prick. Go post-whore and troll somewhere else.

17 November, 2005 13:29  
Anonymous pj said...

hey guysss... stop!

what are u guys doing! does all bullshits flying around help the victims?

grow up people!

17 November, 2005 13:35  
Anonymous Flamers are losers said...

You're nothing less than an internet warrior Penang, insulting and demeaning everything people say. You must live a really terrible life. Think you gain so much calling me an idiot and stupid? If you have any common sense at all you would read what was written properly and reply responsibly, and all this "comment-war" wouldn't even surface. Dude, seriously get professional help. Better still, find another place to post. Not here, and this goes for all your other trolls out there. Go corrupt some other post board

17 November, 2005 13:36  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Well said anonymous (17 November, 2005 13:27)

Half these idiots flaming in here have probably not stepped out of their village, or think that 'clubbing' is synonymous with standing in the streets of Jalan Telawi or Hartamas trying to look 'cool'.

17 November, 2005 13:37  
Anonymous dabomb said...

Friend from Texas

oh please... mind your own business. i think you've got more to worry in your own country rather than be typical american trying to police the world.

And its not that the people here are flaming for no reason, we do sympathize with what happened. Getting beaten up _without_ reason is unacceptable BUT baseless accusations?

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time"
-Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of US (1809 - 1865)

If you read the comments from the first posting till now, you will see a shift in sentiment. Many were angry and supported julee in the beginning. it has changed now. why?


Do you think we come from outside the states that we're stupid enough to let her prey on our sympathy?? boy, you've got lots to learn.

Go back and complain to the NRA for all we care.

17 November, 2005 13:38  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

dabomb said:
oh please... mind your own business. i think you've got more to worry in your own country rather than be typical american trying to police the world.

Considering you've brought up the point about whether I've read the comments over the last few days, you've just reinforced something I've observed over the last few days. Either none of you fuckin asshats can read, or you have the attention span of a fruit fly. Go figure.

Go back and complain to the NRA for all we care.

Typical fuckin troll.....pull something out of whole cloth that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand. You bastards don't have a strong point to argue on, so you bring in my present geographic location and all sorts of other unrelated bull.

You're a typical sheep with a stunted mentality capable of only exhibiting knee-jerk reactions.

17 November, 2005 13:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


17 November, 2005 13:51  
Anonymous Dr Watson (mind you i do have a flaming retards) said...

i say we nuke Zouk! but not before locking Ju Lee and her supporters inside it as well.

just a thought....has it occurred to any of you guys that there are less and less 'supporters' on Ju Lee's blogs nowadays? More of them are wising up. And as for few 'supporters' she has, I pity them la. Or maybe it's not them, but just Ju Lee herself posing as her supporters.

Oh yeah, go ahead and flame me. So you reckon that all these hundreds of flamers posts are actually written by the 4 bouncers from Zouk?

I hate it when people assume that one is uneducated just because they don't agree with the latter's comments. To these fools, I say grow up, and learn the difference between being educated and being street-smart.

17 November, 2005 13:56  
Anonymous penang said...

I agree with dabomb.

It is not that I wanted to be a freak. People like Taxes made me to.

You can call me prick or whatever word you like if you know all the vocabularies, I have no problem with that. I'm gonna still come here and see the PROGRESS of her case. You can call me post whore or whatever, that has no effect on me.

I wanted her to win the case. I signed the petition, you think I signed that for fun? You can call me petition whore, right? That's just personal.

But also we have to be considerate when posting stories, especially stories that claimed to be TRUE story.

You can say I come from the village, that's only personal. But you think I don't know some of the bouncers are related to gangsterism? I am against her flaming security guards. Don't tell me that man she described brought her 5 year-old adopted daughter to a pub or a club. Security guards are NOT bouncers and they are NOT the same. Many security guards are not related to gangster. Do you think that is fair to me and my uncle?

You don't know shits why I was so angry. Just as angry as Ju-Lee was because my uncle was a security guard, a dedicated one that serve the public for years and end up dead for saving someone else's live! What does he get now, someone saying security guards are not responsible, are ASSHOLES!

Now, you tell me that didn't hurt me.

Go fuck yourselves!

17 November, 2005 14:03  
Anonymous Make War, not love said...

hey Texan fool! I shall start classifying u as dumb as the George W Bush, who happens to be from texas too. yeah i'm narrow minded, and i generalise people who come from the same place. why? cos u just proved it to me.

Dubya Jr.

17 November, 2005 14:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last nite i was in velvet underground (the other part of zouk) there was a HUGE BRAWL.
This two guys were in a heated argumnet over who would take a drunk gal home.
I overhead the conversation, it went like.
guy 1: "I'll fuking take her home, her mum said she needs her home safely especially after her heart operation"

guy 2: "You piece of shit! i wanna take her to the toilet and fuk her brains out! dun stand in my way"

guy 1: "Nah, u cunt! you'll get punch by the bouncers the moment you walked into that toilet, bouncers are paid to do that"

guy 2: "why the fuk do you even bother to take her out after her operation? you got no fucking brains ah?"

guy 1: "if that ju lee's gwailo can do it, why cant i take her out?"

At this point of time, the bouncers heard the name ju lee and get really upset. He gets on his walkie and signals for ALL the bouncers to start a fight. Finally some real action for them and more guys to pick on.
Within 1 min, all the bouncers are surrounding the table of guys and that poor gal who just had a heart operation.

In a flash, Velvet underground has turned into a massive mosh pit with punches and kicks thrown around. Jugs and bottles are smashed on bloody heads and the shattered glasses are flying all over like raindrops falling from the sky. Everyone starts running out at this point. Before i could even move, i see a fist thrown straight into my face for no apparent reason. I fall onto the floor, being crushed by a stampede of human elephants running towards the exit. There is nothing i can do, but feel for Ju lee and her kwailo fiancee. They must have suffered my same fate. Innocent and outnumbered. Its a pain that no one will know. You can scream but people won't hear you. You can point but people cant see.
All Ju lee and I can do right now, is close our eyes.... and hope that when we open them, we can find our schizophrenic pills....

17 November, 2005 14:10  
Anonymous AH SENG said...

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17 November, 2005 14:12  
Anonymous flabbergasted said...

Ju Lee,

After reading this post, I realised that your not the only fool, but there are other fools like you.

Considering if this was a true story in the first place, how come Mr D would let his 5 yr old daughter, who is ill with AIDS btw, go to the toilet alone? Basic common sense would argue that he should've brought her with him to the MALE toilet so that he could supervise her.
It is so common around the world for parents to bring their toddlers with them even if they are of the opposite sex. If any parents don't do this, they shouldn't be parents. I mean, 5 yrs of age is still too young to be let out of a parent's sights.

And then there's the question of how Mr D knew she vomitted. Did she have a mobile phone with which she used to send her father an sms? Pretty damn unlikely right?

So there, another dumb-ass action by Ju Lee and co. that leads to a confrontation.

17 November, 2005 14:17  
Anonymous Obese Hobbit said...

hahaha i was at velvet underground too last night! damn i'm sorry man, anonymous, i remember stepping on somebody while running out. I weigh 130KG so I hope it wasn't you. :P

17 November, 2005 14:20  
Anonymous Funny said...

HAHAHAHAH AH SENG.. That has got to be the best commment today man..

i might need some re wiring for my astro actually.. my live epl games are very 'static disturbed'

17 November, 2005 14:22  
Anonymous Flamers are losers said...

I didn't say your uncle lost his life for nothing and neither did I degrade him for doing so. In fact, as your post goes, he tried to stop a fight on the street and lost his life. I've nothing but respect for him, why? Cos' there's probably only 1 in 100 Malaysian men who have the guts to do something like that. The other 99 either don't have the testicular fortitude to intervene, can't be bothered because they don't care about anything other than their own lives or they're just enjoying the "Show" as most would put it.
What a sorry state of affairs that Malaysians have gotten themselves into isn't it? No sense of social justice or responsibility. Tell you what, you think your uncle lost his life for nothing? Today he's in a better place being rewarded for his bravery dude. For daring to do something 99 other Malaysian men wouldn't dare to do.

17 November, 2005 14:24  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Anyways, i must say something here..

I would advice everyone (flamers) included to go back and read all the postings and all the comments..

Friend from Texas has been posting comments very early on. I don't know who he is but he has stated that;

1. He is not from America-la people
2. He is actually Msian

So Please you wanna flame someone.. don use the geographic location...that's just low la.

Read properly... 'Friend from Texas' don't mean he's born in America.. to the flammers who dissed him as to being american, you re just as useless as the people you re dissing.. for jumping the gun so quickly.

Oh and another thing, Friend from Texas has actually posted a number of neutral comments and might i add polite ones too. Only when flamed does he flame back.. all good and fair.

Politeness is something i can always tolerate, people who 'cock talk mouth happy' is something that i cannot.
Fuck, i flamed a few comments too.. but because they were silly and really nonsensical..

If you guys can read the old ones.. there are some.. notably, my reply to 'Suzanne' and 'Fart3r' in earlier postings. Sure, they were filled with coarse language that would deafen my parents but i backed it up.

I posted above to Ju-lee so thats a seperate issue. And i am looking forward to a reply.

Flame away if you must.. but do it appropriately.

To the comment that people shouldn come on and flame on people's blog etc.. it's the give and take of having a blog.. i mentioned already.. if you want to restrict these comments.. get a proper website with a proper login. its not that hard.

Ju-lee (if that's her) has a right to blog, we all have a right to comment, flame etc. If she doesn't like it.. she can restrict comments.

Ponder this.. If i don't draw my curtains i can't stop you from looking into my house now can i?

Come on peeps.. even when we debate.. its gotta be somewhat intellectual.

I can only talk that much cock.

Be good everyone.

17 November, 2005 14:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't really thought about whether I believe this story or not.

But what IS obvious is that there are many, many jealous people out here - why don't some of you just wake up and admit that you are jealous because you READ (not even believe, just READ) about an upper middle class Chinese girl - with a white boyfriend - who spent some time abroad and who is generally doing well in life.

It is so typical. If Ju-Lee (or whoever she is) was instead a poor girl, with starving parents, with a handicapped brother begging on the streets, and who then suffered police abuse, I'm sure you would all be more sympathetic to her ordeal. Face it - we FEEL GOOD when we read about miserable people, we HATE IT when we read about people who enjoy better lives than us.

It's perfectly ok to disagree, to argue and to question. But NOTHING AT ALL is achieved by wanton rudeness and downright vulgarity. For those who resort to using such words, please be assured that you are worse than whatever words you used.

17 November, 2005 14:40  
Anonymous KUOZREVOL said...

hey dumb ass blind supporters of ju lee,

u r missing the point here . especially that fuckin red neck texas man...instead of trying to pretend to fight for human rights in another country, i would like to bring yr attention to Waco,Texas. remember? fix yr back yard 1st.

back to my point...

The stupid asswipe supporters of ju lee has completely lost the plot. I want to get something into yr head now.. WE, the people who doubt the story of ju lee certainly do not think that it is OK for a man to beat up a woman.. get THAT into your pea-brain. WE all KNOW that it is wrong and we dont condone it.

What we are arguing here is if the attack ever DID happen in the FIRST PLACE. Due to the lack of evidence, even the most basic one such as an eye witness. COMPREHEND?

So absord that into your pea-brain b4 u start opening yr gap ...

17 November, 2005 14:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all of you. You all kutuk this blog and the writer soooo much, but all of you are addicted to it - judging by your repeated comments. I think Ju Lee is outstanding and brilliant - if anything, just because she is able to capture all of you losers. YOu call her 'bitch' and 'cunt', but come on - you NEED to read whatever this bitch and cunt writes, otherwise you won't be here!

17 November, 2005 14:44  
Anonymous The Sandman said...

woah woah woah. wtf? this is on topic? i mean you guys are hijacking an entire blog so you can spout your own bs? i mean i can understand flamming because you disagree on someones view of the subject but, flamming just to flame ranks between rock and moss on the IQ scale. If you have something productive to say on THIS subject then say it or flame it or whatever, but ffs if you dont use IM, Email, or any other means that doesnt involve the hijacking of someones time and effort. Quit taking away from the very purpose of this blog.
sidenote: for those of you who want to say something to the effect of "omg you are just doing the very thing you are saying we shouldnt do" you are an idiot. Go play in traffic so we can strip you from the gene pool.

17 November, 2005 14:46  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Kuozrevol : YOu are right on the nail on your point.. though.. please read my comment about friend from texas... he's not american.

anonymous: I personally never called her a cunt or a bitch.

But i admit she has attracted my attention.. i am a comment whore. But its diminishing.. at a steady rate.

17 November, 2005 14:50  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

flamer by profession...thanks.

Overall, some of the critics do bring up good points in a decent manner, e.g. posting/publicizing a photo of the injuries sustained. It does not have to be in the blog...even in the Malay Mail should suffice, medical report for James slackened jaw as a result from the ass whooping, etc. Eyes can be blackened out if you're worried about identification.

But, if what some posters have previously said about the gangland links among some bouncers, maybe there is a reason why the couple may be reluctant to have photos going out. Think about that. Her intention is to publicize the fuck out of this and raise public awareness among clubbers about the thugs at Zouk....not to provide detailed evidence for public scrutiny. That is not the purpose of this blog in so far as I can see.

Legal proceedings or settlement negotiations may be going on now....and its better to keep that in the quiet until all legal issues/strategies have been ironed out.

Myself, and I'm sure some of the other supporters here, do not really have a problem with those skeptics who are reasonable in their inquiry on evidence. Its the asshats who go around spewing allegations of being a liar and a whore and having sex in the toilet, etc. are the ones who are being targeted by most of our posts.

Mr. Penang, sorry to hear about your uncle. He did a noble deed. He may not be here, but his deed lives on and hopefully more Malaysians will learn to be like him instead of descending into judgmental apathy.

17 November, 2005 14:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read all the comments and i think better i copy this comment from one of the anonymous than repeat.

Aaa shuddap la. You are all idiots. She is playing you for fools. I waste time read all the fan and flame posts. Only 2 people in this blog and elsewhere make sense. Read la people.

"""" Mowkob said...

I have read most of the comments posted thus far and I have read the blog twice and get Ju-lee's 'Version' of the story.

I use 'version' people, because in a situation like this there's always another side to a story. Please consider that.

Some of us here have rightly pointed out that you should always. . . always hear what the other side has to say.

In a situation like this, it's clearly a 'he say, i say, they say' situation.

And pardon me for saying. With the exception of those being objective, those of you who are generous with your sympathies must really be naive to wholly believe Ju-lee's version without considering what the other side has to say.

For those who are going to ask me to shut up, it's not that i don't too.. it just irks me when people are 'chui kong, lampa song' which translates to, mouth talk dick happy. And yes i am that free to be here and comment.

I will list my points for ease of reference.

1. Firstly, i am sick of people saying that the big establishments 'suck' and that they prey on the little people and what have you. Please. If you think it sucks, don't go there.. there are tons of other places to go like say, i don't know, church? Gee peeps. chill. Don't like it don't go. Save yourself the cover charge right? (if you re not paying, just hang out at a mamak lo.)

And yes, we have all heard from our friend, cousin, uncle, aunty about bouncers beating up people.

Please bear in mind that i have seen for myself, bouncers beating people up here in Malaysia and Australia. Why they were beating them up is non of my business.

2. Ju - lee, if your story is indeed true, you must understand with those who show dissent that reading your blog leaves many unanswered questions.

If you are trying to get your story across, no one should diss you, they made a choice to read it so put up or shut up.

But if you re trying to make a point, which i think you are, then please do understand that most people need more concrete evidence.

'Substantiation' is the word i believe used by another person here. Call me insensitive, but its true.

3. I am not even going to go into the legal aspects of this matter, which i would gladly analyze. It just boils down to the fact there is nothing here that will allow a lawyer to form an opinion.

4. Know that i am not here to post a an opinion, nor i am not here to defend Zouk. (I don't go clubbing anymore)

Know that i am not against Ju-lee, or that i believe/don't believe in her story. Guys until there's more, really, just observe. It takes two people to tango man. It really does.

And yes, like i said above, i have the darn time on this Sunday night to write about this.

What i am hoping gets across is, people, don't take things just on face value, there's always another side to the matter. Considering both sides is the smart thing to do.

And that's what being a Malaysian is all about.

13 November, 2005 22:47 """"
Other one from outside link. I put my favourite here. The rest you go read at
""""Try this - create a blog stating that an Indian gang beat you up because you, a Chinese kid, was trying to court an Indian girl. Claim in your blog that they told you pure Indian blood should not be sullied by a Chinese pig. Throw in some racial slurs. Everyone loves a scandalous story like that. Next thing you know - the blog is as famous as Ju-Lee's blog with tons of people condemning the Indians.

Heck, if you throw in a sob story of how you, a sickly kid with haemolytic anaemia, had to fight off 5 burly Indians shouting Tamil obscenities at you before they stomped and broke your leg, you may even see Chinese boys going on a riot and bashing up innocent Indians.

The point of this story is.. well, on the Internet, any Tom, Dick or Harry can concoct any story they like. Taking time to create a blog or any story doesn't make it any more truthful than the latest gossip you heard from your friend, who heard from his friend's friend's friend.

Humans are very easily moved by words. As Hitler once said, the bigger the lie, the easier to fool the people. As you have seen, no matter how questions are raised about the validity of the various claims she has made, her supporters remained unfazed. They will support her even if the Supreme Court decides that she was lying all the time. Vice versa for those who disbelieve her.

IMHO, even she doesn't really know the truth anymore. She has hammered her side of the story into her psyche, forever and ever. The ONLY impartial witness would be a video recording of the entire event. That is something that can never be fooled by human emotion or words. """"
Can see some Zouk members are here. All shaddap la..

17 November, 2005 15:04  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Friend from texas: You re more than welcome.. it sickens me when people just.. spew shit.. i can't decide whether they have two assholes or not.

With regards to the points you just made, i have to say that i concur wholly with your view. The 'keeping quiet bit' and those who called her whore and all that..

Which is precisely my point for and against.. that people don assume this and assume that.

The only thing i don't really agree with is 'her intention to raise public awareness.'

It sure isn't working from the looks of it, and i believe there are better avenues of doing that. i.e. Not via a Blog.

Friend from Texas. . . i do believe we have made a dent here.

Flaming/debating - 101

17 November, 2005 15:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone here wanna play DoTA?

17 November, 2005 15:29  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Oh Let me add something...

With regards to the legal action and negotiations that might be going on, i am not asking for details i.e. date you filed action, summons number or even whether Zouk contacted her.

Just basic details, gone for a medical check up? done up a medical report? action has been filed? stuff like that. I know its a thin line. But the lawyer in me wants to know more.

She has also earlier indicated that Zouk will not get away with all this. (If it happened).

So i am sure she is motivated to an extent by revenge. Surely if it happend to me.. i would want to get back at them. I am not a saint.

I have gone through the blog again.. and i note the interesting post titled 'Witness Post' So i firmly believe that she is attempting to substantiate her story.

You may say that shes giving us all these news articles and stories to gie us a broader picture.. i am just saying that, that's not her whole intention. Even if it was i stand by what i said.. in that this is not the right place to do it.

And with your comment on not putting her pictures, thats an excellent point. But i must note that it come from you and not from her. You know what i mean?

Her reason for not putting a pic was because it made them look like criminals. She could have said it straight up.. and yes.. even if she did alot of people would still say she's just saying that..

It just would have made more sense if she forwarded your arguments for not putting her pic.

Seeing her pic from the back is like winning 50 cents in the lottery.

That's just my view.

17 November, 2005 15:42  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

flamer by profession,

The only thing i don't really agree with is 'her intention to raise public awareness.'
It sure isn't working from the looks of it, and i believe there are better avenues of doing that. i.e. Not via a Blog.

Actually, she did raise a hell of a lot of awareness on this. In terms of support, she may have failed. But not on awareness....even the nay-sayers will be a bit more cautious of bouncers in general (and especially Zouk bouncers). The next time some fracass happens in a club, I'll bet more people would pay attention to details.

Whatever the outcome, hopefully this would have generated enough of a buzz that thuggish bouncers will think twice before they decide to 'communicate' with brute least for a while. They will realize that the public eye will be on them for the time being....regardless of whether Ju-Lee's incident happened or not.

And I bet half the cocksuckers here who have been flaming her will have a little tingle in their testicles the next time (or if) they are at Zouk and a bouncer makes eye contact with them.

So, in sum, Ju-Lee succeeds in getting all of us here to debate, support, scrutinize, flame and (for some), to be downright asshats. Whatever your stand, you have to admit that you now have thought processes about this issue of bouncer violence activated in that melon of yours...and it will reflexively come to mind anytime you witness violence perpertrated by those who are responsible fo rmaintaining security and order.

Peace out mofos....I'm hittin the sack.

p.s. Ju Lee, if you do read this let me reiterate my first question earlier in this post:

....this Mr. D, is his occupation a classical musician and music store owner?

Sounds darned lot like my godfather, who has an adopted daughter with HIV...and whose shipment of musical supplies come from China (hence his trip to Shanghai). If he is, send him my warmest regards. He is a good man to have on your side.

17 November, 2005 15:49  
Anonymous from dusk till dawn said...

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17 November, 2005 16:24  
Blogger waterface said...

what did i miss? tis is better than than simpsons.

17 November, 2005 16:59  
Blogger waterface said...

friend from texas,

You must be jobless for writing so many things and trying to make people understand what they are doing and writing.

ju lee must be laughing her head off cos this all started because of her but now, she makes everyone( the bloggers ) turned on each other.

I say screw you man and stopping spoilling our fun of kutuking her.

I say we nuke Texas off to sky high. Ah Seng might be able to help.

Again for friend from texas... you stupid or what. Aiyah...keep for a while can or not.


17 November, 2005 17:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those who doubt her story without seeing evidence:

1)Do u belive in god when you haven't seen him/her/it?The only proff that god exist is only tru' books and teachings.Why do you in belive in god or satan then if you do not have hard evidence to support they exist.

2)Why do they use "In god we trust" on the US Dollar note when there is no subtantial proof that god exist?You mean to say that we must not belive in god anymore??!!

Just my two cents....

17 November, 2005 17:11  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Friend from texas: Touche~ but..

"Whatever the outcome, hopefully this would have generated enough of a buzz that thuggish bouncers will think twice before they decide to 'communicate' with brute least for a while. They will realize that the public eye will be on them for the time being....regardless of whether Ju-Lee's incident happened or not."

I agree with you there.. but 'thuggish bouncers' that doesn sit well with me. Where are you going to draw the line?

A bouncer.. is by physical statute big.. most times they look mean.. thats what a common bouncer is.. if clubs employed a short person.. no offence.. wearing glasses... no offence.. to be a bouncer.. they might as well not have security.

Excessive force? how do you define it? Assuming a drunk lashes out at bouncers they should take the beatings.. but try their best to grab them by the collar and politely kick them out?

Sure in Ju-lee's case they should have asked first. You rightly pointed out 'if the incident did happen' right.

I am testament to bouncers politely asking me to leave when i am drunk.. when my friends are drunk. They don't lash at me immediately.

But they have also threatened that my friends that if they don't leave in an orderly fashion they will be ejected with the necessary force. Never have they thrown a punch first.

This applies to my local clubbing days and clubbing days abroad.

hell if i was a bouncer and some fool threw punches at me.. i would retaliate. Drunks are the hardest bunch to convince. But you may say Ju-lee's dude was not drunk.. we will never know.

I don't club anymore, but back in the day i was acquainted with bouncers and alot of them pleasant. You don't make a mess they won't mess with you..

So 'thuggish bouncers' how do you identify them?

And if so, as you say they may know the public eye is on them..

Don't you think that's very unfair to the bouncers who do a good job? to give patrons that freedom? and power? the awareness being instilled may not be appropriate.

In the words of Uncle Ben from spiderman.. 'With great power comes great responsibility' or something like that.

By saying that the 'thuggish bouncers' will think twice.. a sweeping accusation has already been made..

Readers who have never met 'thuggish bouncers' are probably freaked out now.

It's just unfair to say (Even if the incident did occur) that the Security industry should be scrutinized.

In life, one case differs from the other.. like i said.. one bouncer may differ from the other.. one encounter may be different from the other..

Some readers may be freaked out intensely already! maybe that's agood thing.. but the fact that some people may take advantage of this and undermine the authority of the bouncers? thats dangerous as well.

At the end of the day, i personally feel.. that in this industry.. in this leisurely activity we call clubbing.. there will be no way to maintain a safe environment. Truth is, you want to be safe stay away. You hear people getting in fights in clubs, pubs, places with alcohol.. way more then people getting in fights in other places like a mamak.

And i must end with this.. it takes two hands to clap, two to tango etc etc.. How often does a stranger walk up to you and throw a punch.. yes there are people who use excessive force just because you stared a wee second longer at them.. but it still takes two to tango.

We live in a society now clouded with violence etc. Is there something we can do? yes.. can it be done? i don't think so.

17 November, 2005 17:17  
Blogger waterface said...

to the above,

stupid or what.ju lee story is beyond reasonable doubt. Dont bring GOD into this.

You preach somewhere else....

17 November, 2005 17:18  
Anonymous REVOLKUOZ said...

FUCK!, seriously, FUCK!!
can u believe this shit....
save yr philosophical , reverse psychology 101 bullshit la ok? who u think ur kiddin? that fuckin rationale has been recycled over the net for ages..dont use someone elses shit to look smart ok kiddo..FUCK!!!

Anonymous said...
To those who doubt her story without seeing evidence:

1)Do u belive in god when you haven't seen him/her/it?The only proff that god exist is only tru' books and teachings.Why do you in belive in god or satan then if you do not have hard evidence to support they exist.

2)Why do they use "In god we trust" on the US Dollar note when there is no subtantial proof that god exist?You mean to say that we must not belive in god anymore??!!

Just my two cents....

17 November, 2005 17:11

17 November, 2005 17:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wuddup homies. yo texas homeboy. yeah yeah yeah! holy shit! go get a life and stop commenting. just let us poke fun at this dumb cunt Ju LEe.

some dumbfuck mentioned that we're just jealous cos ju lee's got a white bf and is generally leading a good life? lol....that's just silly. the only person who can come up with that statement definitely thinks being white is better. what an old-fashioned colonial-era attitude. i dated my fair share of white girls in aust. but asian girls are better la. nicer body. higher pitched screams in bed. :P

17 November, 2005 17:26  
Anonymous Flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben said...

Anonymous: Your comment with regards to 'God' is very irrelevant.

When it comes to religion, we call it faith.

A strong belief in religion based on spiritual conviction.

When you go to Church on a Sunday morning, you are connecting with that faith.

Try using that analogy on a judge.. :) it will be funny..

man.. i am seriously cutting down on the vulgarities.

and 'in God we trust' yes.. people trust in God because of their faith in God.

this here? trust shouldn even be brought up. Believe i think is more apt.

And to trust Ju - lee straight up? i think not.

At this point in time, i trust my dog not to chew on my leg when i go home more than trust this blog.

17 November, 2005 17:27  
Blogger waterface said...

You know, after a stressful day in the office, meeting clients and taking all the bullshits from clients and bosses. This is another way to break free and de-stress yourself by swearing at people that you dont know.

I dont care what friend from texas says about me. I just dont care. But ju lee stories is way to much lah. Tak boleh pakai lar

You gila ke aper. And to you, friend from texas why so busy body and trying to defend her. No work ha? Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.

It is really nice saying all those words without seeing people face to face.

17 November, 2005 17:27  
Anonymous HOLY SHIT said...

yeah what the fuck you bring religion into this?

People believe in God because of faith. Faith is different from believing liars, you dumb cunt!

you're like saying that people who believe in God should also believe in whatever lies others tell them. sheesh.... dumbest fucker i've come across. really.

17 November, 2005 17:31  
Anonymous i hate dumb arses said...

hey anonymous God lovin prick..

so u using the God rationale huh?

u likening ju-lee to God?
u likening her blog to the holy scripture?

Dumb ass cunt!

17 November, 2005 17:37  
Blogger waterface said...

yeah...stupis asshole-cunt-bitch!!!!FUCK YOU. Want to write bout GOD.

17 November, 2005 17:40  
Anonymous cheekong said...

i think that anonymous God prick has all the makings of a suicide bomber. what a whacko

17 November, 2005 17:41  
Anonymous holy shit said...

To Anonymous 17:11

you're so dumb that when you wanted to join a religion of your choice, you were rejected.

17 November, 2005 17:44  
Anonymous boston said...

If you believe in God, don't compare God with human errors. God is perfect and does not make errors. Human does.

Believing in God is different. God has been existed since mankind began, that has evolved into faith in Him. This story just started weeks ago.

17 November, 2005 18:12  
Anonymous penang said...

no phd holders come and tell me how to write a good grammar comments okay!

we all don't know which part she blew out of proportion. i don't care already. but we know it happened - assumed malay mail is the proof okay i agree.

who kicked first, who is right, who is wrong during the fight i don't care already. i'm no armchair detective to determine if the story is true or false so does everyone who support her.

but i wish julee good luck in her fight. and I hoped she win if she had filed a case with her lawyer.

i hope julee be smart and think thrice before posting any stories that may hurt someone, eventhough unintentionally, still hurt. the whole world is watching. if i were a security guard, i will have to hide my face while walking on the street. maybe won't wear my uniform or quit being one.

I agree with julee that bouncers should not behave as such, that's why I signed the petition. That's nothing to do with whether I believe her story.

My main point is, I still do not agree julee linked security guards to bouncers. julee, either you edit your post to correct your statement or tell me that little girl went into the toilet of a pub or a club.

Thank "flamers are losers" and "texas" for clarifying, but i still don't like you guys just because you guys like to use cursing words that's all.

I did agree with some of "taxes" and "ben"'s comments when they are neutral but not all the comments.

maybe "flamer are losers" is right about the 1 good 99 bad securiy guard, but i think the number is not as bad as you mentioned. maybe 30 to 70, again we are not sure of the numbers right? so don't jumped to conclusion lah.

Still, I sustained that the one good man does not deserve the bad reputation due to 99 bad men.

Also, SECURITY GUARDS are not the same as BOUNCERS in club, how many times I have to say.

"taxes" and "flamers are losers" i warn you! don't come back with cursing words. i did not use any in this comment. we all are grown- ups, let's behave as such.

17 November, 2005 18:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


She did mentioned the little girl went into the toilet. Vomitted, step-father went in, security personnel followed.

She mentioned it was bouncers the manager sod off and not security guards. So you don't have to feel sad. Therefore, the establishment must be a club.

He must have brought the little girl who has AIDS to a club to have fun! And things nearly go bad! Wonder why the step-father brought his adopted child who has AIDS and sick to a club????

17 November, 2005 18:39  
Anonymous kan ni na said...

hahaha i agree with penang.

don't u motherfuckers use anymore curse words, i fucking warn you cocksuckers! or else i'll fucking bash your lan chiau until it looks like a cheebye!

17 November, 2005 18:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i believe in ju lee's story la. oh btw did i mention that i am actually stupid? hehe i'm doing my PhD now tho. but i still am really stupid. stupid me :P

17 November, 2005 18:45  
Anonymous highschool kid said...

hehe i'm so amused by this whole damn blog. i'm evil cos i laugh at others' misfortunes. or more like i laugh at others' stupidity.

tomorrow i have an exam and this whole blog is so addictive. it's real fun watching readers flame each other and ju lee here.

17 November, 2005 18:51  
Anonymous Mr.Bean said...



You guys made my day man!

Much more funnier than my show.

17 November, 2005 18:54  
Anonymous russell said...

lol all thanks to ju lee. if she hadn't started this blog, there wouldn't be all her stupid supporters to flame! ahahahaha

17 November, 2005 18:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh my bit torrent downloads are so slow. :(

17 November, 2005 18:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from now on i'm going to start laughing at every interracial couple (white guy and dumb chinese girl) i see in KL. yes i will be generalising all of them cos of one stupid couple.

17 November, 2005 19:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does ju lee want us to sympathise with her or is she just making this blog to warn us of this incident? hmmmm....

17 November, 2005 19:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

of course she wanted to see peoples comments lah otherwise she would have disabled all comments already!

17 November, 2005 20:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from one anonymous from another anonymous ... which bit torrent site do u recommend?

17 November, 2005 21:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bit Torrent
and for tv shows.

17 November, 2005 21:24  
Blogger Edison said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

17 November, 2005 22:08  
Blogger Edison said...

WwwwwwEEeeeeeeEEEeeeeEEE!!!!!! HAhHAhA! have been ReAdInG & ReAdInG... AAAANNNDDDDD READING.... shit... all this is MORE interesting than when i was reading bout that stupid X.X's post bout KaY - EllE (trying 2 ACT COOL)... u noe y? bcos ... the ppl, trolls, flamers watever ... that post here... ACTUALLY talk sense... well.. MOST of them do la.. but then OF COURSE... u also get those that 口讲屁股痒... HehE... :P

but but BUT.... u noe which is the comment i'd NEVER FORGET?!!? the one by Ah SenG!! HAhHAHA! OMGOsH! made me laugh my head off!! HAhHAA!! well.. HhRrMMm.. ok.. will continue reading... :D

17 November, 2005 22:11  
Anonymous Skeevybob said...

Ju-Lee, I think you should write for Readers Digest. I'm sure they could use talents such as yours when they run out of real stories to tell.
By the way, just wondering...where is your fiancee in all these? Have not heard a single word from him.

17 November, 2005 22:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate pple who talk in caps and small letters. so annoying.... :P

17 November, 2005 23:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my experience, sex acts don't get you thrown out. :P

Back when I was studying highschool in OZ, I was dating a daring lady 8 yrs my senior. We went to a club which was called Metropolis back then (i was still underaged). My girl got pretty high and we chilled on a couch in a corner. She was pretty damn horny too so she unzipped my pants and proceeded to give me a blowjob there in the midst of the crowd! A couple of bouncers were about 30 feet away and I swear they saw our act. It was pretty hard to miss, a girl's head on the lap of a guy....facing downwards. Thank goodness tho, they were more interested being voyeurs than throwing the both of us out. LOL.

But me being a teen and not quite the exhibitionist then, I had struggle to lift my girl's head back up by her hair, and zipped my fly back up.

Guess you chose the wrong club to get it on, Ju Lee.

17 November, 2005 23:39  
Anonymous anonymous said...

first,u wrote a story of u and ur bf, then a girl friend of yours story, after that ur MR.D. what's next? mr f, g, h, i ,j-z, ur grandma and ur late grandpa ? lmao.
drama queen, kudos!

17 November, 2005 23:48  
Anonymous Mata chia said...

aye tomorrow onwards don't lide a motorbike without a helmet hor! Mata all coming out to catch those with no helmet

17 November, 2005 23:54  
Anonymous asian and proud of it said...

i have a boyfriend who's white too.

18 November, 2005 00:25  
Anonymous asian and proud of it said...

i have a boyfriend who's white too.

18 November, 2005 00:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my boyfriend is black though.

18 November, 2005 01:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this white bf is a coward. nvr post a single word. maybe he fears god and dun dare tell a lie?

18 November, 2005 02:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha perhaps! or maybe he doesn't even exist?

18 November, 2005 02:41  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

waterface said:
I say screw you man and stopping spoilling our fun of kutuking her.

Anonymous said (17 November, 2005 17:26):
go get a life and stop commenting. just let us poke fun at this dumb cunt Ju LEe.

You cocksuckers just prove my point.

Mr. Penang, we cool now. Sorry if I hurt your feelings by flaming you before.

Flamer by profession, didn't mean to generalize all bouncers....just those who think nothing of using excessive force on another person. What's excessive force? No point getting philosophical about it....I've seen bouncers throw the first punch/kick. I've seen them land kicks on someone already down. I've seen bouncers be needlessly provocatvie when trying to eject a client. That's what I mean by excessive force.

Are there good bouncers? Sure there fact, I bet most of them are. But, why harp about the good majority when it is the thuggish minority who do the most damage to others lives and limb. Trying to rectify the violent few is more productrive than closing one eye and focusing only on the good.

18 November, 2005 02:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

or maybe he's already dumped her cos he won't stand by Ju Lee concocting this story.

or maybe he broke up with her after the bash up and Ju Lee's just feeling sore about it and decides to blame Zouk for that.

18 November, 2005 02:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your in texas now. so shut the fuck up and focus on your PhD!

studying PhD and still got so much time to come and post comments on this blog?

wah if so much free time then i also wanna do PhD already!

18 November, 2005 02:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas freak: Why you go texas to do your PhD anyway?

wanna be a cowboy poser issit?

18 November, 2005 02:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU, TEXAS fool! your so stupid that when you filled out the job application form and was told to sign on the dotted line, you wrote OK.

I say you shut your fucking face, motherfucking cocksucking shit-eating piss-drinking fart-breathing retard of a fool sister-fucking butt-licking dickless lan chiau bin!

18 November, 2005 02:51  
Anonymous Mister Dee said...

I am Mr. D, and I don't exist. I only met Ju Lee in her dream during her afternoon nap today.

18 November, 2005 02:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju Lee said: "I could understand because that's what I felt for James at that moment when I was on top of him receiving blows to my face."

that sounded quite funny. i quite like the girl to be on top. that way i can just sit back and relax while she does all the work.

18 November, 2005 03:01  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

To the 3 anonymous morons (or are you one and the same?):

Why, did I hit a raw nerve?

Are you homos offended that I said something that relates to your boyfriend who is a thuggish bouncer? Are you disappointed now he will be less rough when he plugs your ass with that little willy of his?

wah if so much free time then i also wanna do PhD already!

You already seem to demonstrate advanced Permanent Head Damage, so yes you could say you have PhD and no one would argue with you.

18 November, 2005 03:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


studying PhD and still got so much time to come and post comments on this blog?

wah if so much free time then i also wanna do PhD already!

I say you shut your fucking face, motherfucking cocksucking shit-eating piss-drinking fart-breathing retard of a fool sister-fucking butt-licking dickless lan chiau bin!

(and all you people who insist on using such vulgarities like 'fuck', 'bitch' and 'cunt')

You must know that when you post things like that, you display how poor, uneducated (hence your exceedingly poor vocabulary) and low-class you are. :) Stop being jealous of the upper middle class people who get to do PhDs in the US. (go on – FLAME me! Lol).

And yes, I am the typical upper-middle class kid, had a great life of privilege, got a scholarship to study in the US and got a job in New York paying over US$100K a year (at age 23). And I have a beautiful white g/f. Jealous? Deal with it! :-)

18 November, 2005 03:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, we are all the same! well, at least 2 of us are.

yeah i got a thuggish bouncer boyfriend but at least he's still got a dick. you've got nothing cos you cut your dick off yourself at age 7. you thought that dick was your umbilical cord. i bet you sound and speak like a castrato.

but in agreement with the 3rd anonymous, I think you're a fucking asshole! you're sucha retard. you must be really ugly only in texas can u wear the cowboy hat and face scarf to hide your fucked up grotesque face!

Damn....this is the last comment i'm making on this blog. spending too much time here. if i stay on any longer, i might just look like this texan cunt!

18 November, 2005 03:33  
Anonymous 9 inch schlong said...

wow, can i come to the US and rape you and your white gf?

18 November, 2005 03:36  
Anonymous NY said...

9 inch schlong said...
wow, can i come to the US and rape you and your white gf?
I don't mind. But unfortunately, in New York, the police are accustomed to protecting people and are quite violent to criminals and thugs. And again, most unfortunately, the police are exceptionally nice to the 'upper middle class'. :-)

So, I think it might be a bit difficult.

18 November, 2005 03:41  
Anonymous reiko said...

oh dear, so much flaming! gee, this is no place for an upper middle class educated person to be hanging at. go go before it corrupts your clean mind! :)

18 November, 2005 03:47  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

anonymous moron said:
but in agreement with the 3rd anonymous, I think you're a fucking asshole! you're sucha retard. you must be really ugly only in texas can u wear the cowboy hat and face scarf to hide your fucked up grotesque face!

Ironically, your stereotype of Texans is analogous to ignorant hillbillies here who think Malaysians still live on treetops. The similarity is striking.

As I've said before, the blogosphere has become infested with half-evolved cretins, like yourself, who have been wrongfully given the opportunity to use technology. You fuckers should all be culled from the internet....and possibly the human gene pool as well.

18 November, 2005 04:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

come read my blog!
I am an eye-witness...

i've got solid evidence

18 November, 2005 05:18  
Blogger golden screen cinema said...


1)Once upon a time in the toilet

2)I know what you did in the toilet


4)Terminator 4:the toilet day

5)Scary Ju Lee Movie

6)Zouk Wars: Return of the JULI

7)Look who's talking

8)Kuch Kuch Ho Toilet Hei

9)Liar Liar 2


18 November, 2005 07:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju Lee got so many dogs now. Woof woof, just follow whatever your master bitch says.

18 November, 2005 08:23  
Blogger waterface said...

geez, christopher. How ugly!!! Pttuiiih..

18 November, 2005 10:05  
Blogger waterface said...

you think going out with amoh, you are instant celebrity huh? They might look nice outside but inside, they are dirty buggers. They dont shower often and for your information, they are rejects from their country. That is why they come here and try their luck.
BODOH lah people who goes out with AMOH

18 November, 2005 10:09  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

If the Internet had a rule that you had to have an IQ of above 80 (beneath which you're a certified retard) to post, the lot of you wouldn't be allowed on. I am surprised if your parents taught you guys how to tie your shoelaces, considering you're capable of so much less than that.

Let us summarise what the <80 level people have been hitting at.

1. Racist remarks because one of the victims happens to be a foreigner;

2. Racist remarks because one of the victim's happens to be engaged to a foreigner;

3. Empty, useless threats;

4. Hitting back on the fact that someone is willing to complain about the issue and push it forward because there are some things more important than life than having a stupid drunken night out (like life for example)

5. Rubbish;

6. And more rubbish.

All of you are a bunch of cowards. Sure I let you post on my board but remember this.

I'm the one with the guts to stand up for what is Right.

I'm the one hauling a big club to court because we were assaulted and slandered.

I'm the one who went to the cops and will walk into court stating under oath what exactly happened because as a Malaysian I'm proud of our justice system and have no hesitation using it.

I'm the one still listening to your rubbish and letting you post on my website.

I have yet to censor anything or forbid any of you nonsense anonymous posters to so much as exist. You don't even need to log your email addresses and I have every right if I choose to enforce it.

But I don't. I let you post on and on and on and on. Don't you think it's becoming pointless and tiring?

Still waiting for an intelligent remark from you trollers. Your score is high in the negative.

All you people do is prove that Zouk is such a crap place that attracts not only violent bouncers but morons too.

Try again.



19 November, 2005 06:35  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...


Actually, some posters have left intelligent remarks and reasonable questions in a non-judgmental, non-confrontation way. Some of us who believe in what you are doing are still waiting for you to address these reasonable questions....of course, reasonable is the key word. I don't think anyone expects you to plaster the blog with pics of your injuries etc. pointless cos the trolls will claim they were faked. But anyways, you know who are the ones with reasonable questions. Respond to them.

Keep it up. And all the best in getting this thing settled and moving on with your life.

19 November, 2005 07:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of moving on, ju-lee keeps challenging the trolls, keeps insulting them and keep bloody attacking them. Why pay them so much attention? I WAS sympathetic.. but seeing your attitude.. how noone is allowed to be sceptical, how you talk like you're so superior, then generalizing us all as if all of us are the trolls, how the hell are we supposed to be supportive? One minute is Malaysia boleh, I trust Malaysia legal system, blablabla, next minute is 'Malaysia, running in to help your loved one gets you beaten up, humiliated and scorn'.
I don't know if your story is right or wrong, but judging from your attitude, whether you get beaten up or not, get justice or not, who cares!

19 November, 2005 16:11  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

zouk.abuse said:
....because as a Malaysian I'm proud of our justice system.....

Oh boy...I'm starting to think you've lost your marbles : )

19 November, 2005 16:29  
Anonymous Christopher said...

She has not only lost her marbles but her marbles are everywhere in this blog, she said she was mainly helping her sick b/f in the toilet and then she post some stupid survey on having sex in the toilet and how 51% of the malaysian will get bashed up ( nonsense!). Are you admitting that ur were making out in the toilet?....if not then that was an irrelevant post...furthermore, we have the right to post or comments and this is not your site. So now its you having the guts to post here...and you're the superior one now...well you highly educated ho! pls answer all the question being asked here and we will shut up. If you have a bloody high IQ, you wouldn't be here posting all this shits and going to the club with your sick b/f....who is dumb now gal?

I let you post on and on and on and on. Don't you think it's becoming pointless and tiring? by Ju lee

yeah is pointless cause you're not going to get supporters now cause most of your supporters are tired and they don;t trust you anymore.

ask them if you will....its also bloody tiring for us to explaing to you or even ask you to show evidence...or at least some support. stop throwing irrelevant facts at us and blame the country that you are currently in.

quote, "there are some things more important than life than having a stupid drunken night out (like life for example) by julee

you were having a drunken night out before all these things happened didn't you....

Shut the hell uo and we will leave you alone...ok

20 November, 2005 06:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am not ofering an opinion on the ju-lee issue because i think that the truth is prob. a middle ground btw what she described and what the bouncer's version was, but feel like i have to address this little sentence by Friend fr Texas:

'Are you homos offended that I said something that relates to your boyfriend who is a thuggish bouncer? Are you disappointed now he will be less rough when he plugs your ass with that little willy of his?'

The way i see it, theres already enough kinds of abuse going on without adding gay-bashing to the fracas?

22 November, 2005 17:47  

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