Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mind Games

There's the silly comments online about the fictitious witnesses who are best pals with the management, the threats and insults, bla bla bla. Tiresome and boring and quite frankly, nonsense.

Now I've started getting calls from private numbers. They come at all sorts of hours.. I pick up, no sound nothing.

It was to be expected anyway, the bully tactics.

I have nothing personal against Zouk. I don't think anybody does. But to be beaten up, not be contacted for an apology, then slandered in the press for all sorts of rubbish to justify their actions, is just beyond my understanding or forgiveness. And now I'm getting these "Scary calls".

Come on this is ridiculous. You go for a night of fun you'd expect the establishment to have some kind of responsibility towards it's patrons. Not to beat them up and have the audascity to wipe their hands clean and get all huffy and upset because they feel you'd like to do something about it because decent human beings don't get treated this way.

Any kind of human being shouldn't be treated this way.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

aiyoh if you're getting lots of prank calls especially from private numbers, just take note of the time the call was made and make a police report.they can trace back the caller because private numbers are all registered linesand the police have the authority to order the telcos to give up that info. otherwise just change your number, its that simple.

20 November, 2005 11:43  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Thank you so much!

Will check it out then immediately.


20 November, 2005 11:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju- Lee, first off all, I want to remind you that I am not a supporters of yours, flamers or trolls or what-ever.

You said that people are calling you late night, as by your own words;

And now I'm getting these "Scary calls".

Well, you know what you going to get into when you started all this. You know the consequences that will occur and soon the chain reaction.
And you said that this calls you get, there were no sounds. Maybe, it is your friends that trying to scared you off. Or maybe, the zouk management "bouncers" trying to get even with you. Who knows? The answer is indefinte, unless the person speaks and leave threatening messages to you.

The point is , you will never know.

It as the same as your stories and we will never know.
You have fan supporting you till the end till one point that person is beginning to doubt you.
And not to mention you have bloggers going at each others. You just sits there and observed.

And where is that boyfriend of yours. Is he still injured? Or maybe hiding from all this scam. If you could do all this to the extend of going public, isnt he supposed to stand by you.
You willing to tell happen and he just keeps quiet? Oh right. He's retiner collasped. Well boo hoo.
You need to get a new boyfriend for the man aint good enough for ya or should I say the otherway.

YOu said that you wanted a decent apology from the management. That, I agreed. Maybe a apology from them for treating or manhandled you roughly.
If we can say sorry to a stranger down the road when we accidentlly bump into one, why zouk cant do that? UNLESS something did happen that it trigger from you.

I wont say sorry or ask for forgiveness for somethin I didnt do.
And why did malay mail retrieve back their article.

Speak women.

20 November, 2005 13:41  
Anonymous krang said...

As quoted by JuLee "There's the silly comments online about the fictitious witnesses .... "

These "fictitious" comments are just as fictitious as your story.

Right up until now, we still don't see anything that justifies your story.

20 November, 2005 14:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have nothing personal against Zouk. I don't think anybody does."


20 November, 2005 14:32  
Blogger slurrpy_rod said...

hi Ju Lee, i've read it all. no one shud go thru the way u did. no matter what. u and me and all those who believe in what u stand for shud team up. we all shud meet and plan our actions. let me know if i can be of any help.

take care.

20 November, 2005 14:35  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

That is just downright low, to make intimidating phone calls like that.

How in blazes did these creeps get your phone number?

Wish you the best in bringing these harrasing asswipes to justice.

20 November, 2005 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody who breaks the law should be punished. The club or the clubber.

20 November, 2005 16:06  
Anonymous Lick my balls said...

friend from texas..

You are believing that she got those prank calls already? So quickly?

"There's the silly comments online about the fictitious witnesses who are best pals with the management, the threats and insults, bla bla bla. Tiresome and boring and quite frankly, nonsense.

Now I've started getting calls from private numbers. They come at all sorts of hours.. I pick up, no sound nothing.

It was to be expected anyway, the bully tactics.

I have nothing personal against Zouk."

She has nothing against Zouk.. yet in the same posting she condemns them for their actions? holy contradcition.

Ju-Lee, your postings are becoming more and more.. how do i say Low and stupid..

Yea.. Low and stupid, you are starying so far from your cause that you can't even see the line! The line is a dot to YOU!

you still haven't addressed alot of REASONABLE questions.

I just realized.. alot of comments have been removed by 'the author'

Why is that?

Come on. Please.. don cover up with these alleged phonecalls.. I get prank calls too.. and i didn't start a blog.

20 November, 2005 18:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





Please give me your phone number so i can hantam you personal. 'Hantam' as in scold you kau kau.

My number is 013-8869728. I will be waiting. Please prank ll me all you bastards :) you will recieve a nice present when i find out what your 'private number is'.

Come on Ju-lee. Bring it.

I can't stand people who speak and type from their ass hole.

20 November, 2005 18:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

..Z.A = Zouk Abuse.
There are intelligent questions, then there are stupid questions.

20 November, 2005 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah, got balls man!

I feel Z.A is just out to get publicity and sympathy. Playing on people's pity and all.

Screw that, you were screwing in Zouk, werent you? The bouncers wouldnt have time to entertain losers like you and make prank calls.

This is the last time I'm coming to this site. I dont see why I should generate traffic to this site.

Thinking of setting
and like you, do a petition on how much of a loser Z.A is.

Have you seen yourself on the camera Julie? I didnt see you get hit at all. Stop all this lies and bullshit. But i did see you ah boy, Cacat case, start the fight. THAT I DID SEE!

20 November, 2005 19:15  
Anonymous GNK said...

hahhaahahhaah prank calls? what will u tink of next?

and those of u who believe her, plz dunt be fooled. the only people who wud do thing like that to you wud be me, and the other flamers and trolls here. but unfortunately we dont have your number.

so who DOES have your number...the police, zouk, the papers, your lawyer....
you think they give a shit about you that much? don't flatter yourself...
the papers have even removed the article about you. go figure.

if i may use a bathroom simile here....if i had to wipe your mouth everytime for all the shit you've been spewing at us all,then by golly, the whole of malaysia would run out of toilet paper, AND trees to MAKE toilet paper.

and yes, that WAS an INSULT. you deserve it. sitting there snickering and amusing yourself with every comment and flame you read, masturbating yourself coz the very thought of being able to cause such a ruckus turns you on.
now before anyone disagrees with me, just read all the stuff in this blog. its dodgy and contradictory. she ignores her supporters and invites flamers to flame more.

ive followed this whole episode torn between believing her and disbelieving her. now the decision has been made, and its bloody obvious what it is! go ahead julee read this post and ignore it like you always do.

post something like "im strong and nobody can hurt me, i stand up for what i believe in blah blah blah"


20 November, 2005 19:40  
Anonymous dip and get low said...

aiyo stop it already la julz.

i have to agree with gnk here: 'post something like "im strong and nobody can hurt me, i stand up for what i believe in blah blah blah" - then genuine supporters may come.

otherwise, dont waste ur time.

as our friend fr texas said, ur claims are appearing to be 'low and down'.

u got no proof nothing to justify that zouk made those prank calls and shit.

do u actually think they have so much free time to conduct such lame acts?

move on la dei.

all talk and no action.

20 November, 2005 20:42  
Blogger Edison said...

AhahHAhaHAHaA!! i DuN UnDeRsTaNd ThIs PoSt... & i'm ToTaLlY BeWiLDeReD By HoW he/she/shim CaN JuZ IgNoRe My CoMmEnTs/QUEsTiONsSsS!!! <---- sorry for ppl who AbSoLuTeLy FiNd StUdLy CaPpInG/AlT CaPs AnNoYiNg!!

but rite... "Ju-Lee" / "Johan" watever... dun really care NEmore, cos, this will b more of an entertainment rather than ANYTHING ELSE 2 me... cos why?? BCOS u jz IGNORE ME, & only reply d stupid trolls/flamers... so can i ask u Y u ignore me? izit bcos u dun understand when i type in short-form? or waT? nola... relila... very weird y u answer stupid ppl/trolls/flamers... & yet avoid answering my questions... i mean.. not like i'm very smart or watever la... but then... i still think my questns or my version of ur story are still relevant.. no?? so then.. talking bout my version of d story, u din say yes or no 2 that?? means wat? silence is consent??

NEways, i dun wanna waste my time, so lets move on to the IMPORTANT & HhHeXcITiNg pArT!! i would like 2 point out that, "Ju-Lee", u dun haf 2 b worried NEmore bout wanting 2 keep ur identity or watever & scared ppl will recognise u if u put pics of d bruises on ur face or watever. bcos... thanks to ur fren, 'littlenomad' & his support towards u... we can now ALL noe WHO is "Ju-Lee" & how she looks like... so since THAT'S not a hinderance anymore, u can safely post ur face along with the bruises (IF THERE ARE EVEN ANY) WITHOUT EVEN covering ur eyes or wateva out... & u WON'T LOOK LIKE CRIMINALS (which BTW, i think it's a really silly/stupid excuse)! YaY!! JoYoUs JoY!! so now... can show ALL OF US E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E WITHOUT ANY EXCUSE RITE??

actually... i hope "Ju-Lee"/"Johan" wudn't read this... cos i'm scared, l8r she/he/shim delete my comment... die...

to "lick my balls" : on ur "I just realized.. alot of comments have been removed by 'the author'
Why is that?" question... that means that the author of the comments themself deleted it, not the author of the blog, if it was "Ju-Lee"/"Johan Lee" that deleted the comments, it'll jz be deleted like it wasn't there... hope that ans ur question... actually, i shud jz let "J.L" ans it eh? wat for kepo & "help" her rite?? nvmla.. kind hearted lil bit... nvm1... :)

20 November, 2005 20:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous.. who said the stupid question bullshit..

"Anonymous said...
..Z.A = Zouk Abuse.
There are intelligent questions, then there are stupid questions.

20 November, 2005 18:48"

If you are intelligent enough to read all the comments and postings..

There are postings on this blog signed off as 'Johan' as pointed out. 'Ju-lee' and now Z.A

The point i am driving is.. if Ju-lee is the person behind the blog, why the need for so many pen names?

So what if Z.A is zouk abuse, you have been playing so many acronym games now have you? Give yourself a clap for being able to figure out that difficult code. FOOL!

If you re ju-lee stay with that name, why confuse people? Sure she never answered the question. 'maybe its too silly?'

But there are people who asked politely!

Intelligent questions, stupid questions. She doesn't answer both. What message does that send to her 'rare' supporters.

I mean, JEnnifer from previously postings use to come and post comments. She supported her.. now shes no where to be found. Blame the flammers? I blame the person responsible for this blog.

For posting lame postings such as prank calls.

Think about it. She has the time to TELL us that she's getting prank calls.

But she doesn't have the time to tell us the status of her fight against ZOUK?

What does that say? what she doesn't want to reveal anything right now to avoid jeopardizing things? Fuck off. No one.. not anyone ever asked;

"Are you recieving prankcalls?"


But alot of people have asked..

"What's going on now?" Or questions pertaining to issues like.. erm.. i donno.. EVIDENCE?

That sez one thing and one thing only. Bullshit. Clear and simple.

Why am i here then?

TO ANSWER ASSHOLES WHO THink figuring out an acronym is something smart.

Fuck you. Like it's funny twice.. Hell yea..FUCK YOU.

20 November, 2005 21:13  
Anonymous Lick my balls said...



Its surprising hey ? how she avoids all the questions?

YOu know who she reminds me of?


Everyone keeps bombing and bombing.. finding and finding.. and still can't find him.. keeps hiding in the cave. JU-Lee.. go find a cave and crawl in.

There are no clubs in caves.. maybe some cave men... but then again you will probably call them thugs right? something lame like that.


Bets are open for the title of Ju-lee's next posting. (thanks guys for the inspiration)

"I am tired of flammers" 15:1

"It doesn't matter what people say, I will continue to fight on" 10:1

"I will remain strong for this cause" 5:1


Bets close before the next posting.. whenever that is..

p/s Thanks for clearing up the comment deletion thing. Cheers.

20 November, 2005 21:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm i wonder why you guys still bother reading her blog? it was fun reading for the first few days cos of the logical arguments from the readers. then after that, Ju Lee just doesn't seem to reply. And she her posts just became dumber and dumber. yawwwn..... i'm finding better things to spend my time with already. :P

oh and yeah you silly texas bugger.....I think I can include you in my Nigerian scam. You'd be the perfect gullible victim!

20 November, 2005 23:47  
Blogger ninja-L- said...

If shes lying shes lying....
if shes not shes not....
but she DID say that she testified under oath bout everything.
And SHE DOES have a lawyer on the case....
Why waste money and risk getting in huge trouble for lying under oath?

AND SERIOUSLY... the lot of you "anonymous" ppl, you guys seriously dont have to be F***ing MEAN..
YOU DONT HAVE to call her bf cacat ok..
How would you like it if you were born with slight birth defects and ppl called you a cacat?!
And the post about Ju -Lee getting offf by reading all the flaming thats been going on.. seriously man....

THE WORST thing is some ppl saying that she should have expected this... So youre saying that if you stand up to authority and go public with something you should EXPECT to be harassed?

THE ONLY THING I CAN agree on is
Ju -Lee you DONT know if the calls are from Zouk ppl or not...
and you insinuated that their from Zouk ppl..
get the FACTS first k dear?

The Belgian guy who comes to my site and supports you asked if he can sign the petition or not.. .or whether its only for Malaysians…

21 November, 2005 01:46  
Blogger ninja-L- said...

oh and if youre gonna say something mean... at least have the balls to NOT HIDE behind "anonymous"

21 November, 2005 02:10  
Blogger ninja-L- said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

21 November, 2005 02:10  
Anonymous NY said...

I agree with Ninja-L. We can criticise and express disbelief without resorting to verbal violence. A little courtesy gets the message across so much better!

21 November, 2005 03:35  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Anonymous (20 Nov, 21:13) said:

Intelligent questions, stupid questions. She doesn't answer both. What message does that send to her 'rare' supporters.

Actually, she seems to be more motivated in egging on the flamers....which is highly suspect. Not a single decent question or comment has been responded to, or even acknowledged.

Well, if she eggs on the flamers, then they should hit her with everything they've got. I'll be damned if I'm going to defend her against lowlifes anymore, not that she needed it but just as a matter of principle.

Like I said in a previous post, if Zouk did not have a reason to sue you before, they do now after that last post on the 51% of horny Zouksters who will get bludgeoned. You'd be plenty stupid to not change the title of that post, and they'd be equally stupid to not sue you for it.

lick balls, actually I'm not surprised that she's receving prank calls. That was really inevitable, given the nature of this was a matter of when, not if. I'm surprised at how easy it is to get one's personal number. But then again, someone culd've searched the directory for a Johan Lee or a Ju-Lee (if that is her real name) and prank called every one of them in the book! Who knows. Or maybe someone from Zouk got a copy of her police report and her particulars were on it (just a guess).

Either way, Z.A or JuLee or Johan, you're all damaging your case by trying to get into a pissing competition with your detractors. Stick to the details of your case, and strenghten it with responses to those who ask intelligent questions. Start posting information that is better suited to tabloids (like said prank calls), then you can expect more visits and comments from those who are less inclined to respond with anything of substance.

Or maybe that is your intention. Sure seems like it.

Still waiting for your reponses to well-meaning and intelligent queries/comments from bloggers. Or at least, an acknowledgement to these folks.

21 November, 2005 06:39  
Anonymous roy said...

I've been following this blog with some interest, being a Malaysian away in Australia and I have come to an interesting conclusion.

At first I strongly felt that the two people in question were victimised and bullied/bashed.

Now I'm not so sure.

The facts seem embellished to a point that it has become a slanging match between all parties involved and the attacks on both sides have become personal and unrelated to any factual and substantiated occurences.

The more vehemently to supposed two individuals that have been victimised defend their position and encourage people to vilify them, the more I believe that they had incited the bouncers somewhat to act the way they did.

I'm sure that there was no recourse for the bashings, that is purely unacceptable even if they were rude and insulting to the bouncers.

But the point I am trying to make is this...

a) No reason for any attacks to happen. If they breached club rules and insulted staff, they could be removed from the club in an orderly manner.

b) By the same token, no reason for the victims to launch a slanderous and vehement campaign to garner support to their cause.

If i was beaten up and abused wrongly, as an innocent party, I would litigate, with the minimum amount of press and coverage it is usually the best way to get a resolution.

Surely the legal system is not dead and buried in Malaysia?

21 November, 2005 06:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Msia you can make silly police reports, bribe them and hope things will go your way.

The system here is so farked up, as long you have money and connected, you will win.

This lieing bitch still hasnt get laid? James cant get his stick up?

21 November, 2005 07:42  
Anonymous Joseph Lee said...

I think she is refering to me when mentioning about "fictitious best friends of the management"

Ju Lee,
Firstly, i never did mention being "best friends". I do however know karen personally since 1998. If u want to comfort yrself by thinking so, u can go ahead and believe it. If you think that i am a fictitious eye witness, u can go ahead and believe that too.

Ju lee, the CCTV footage does not look good on you and yr story. And they have also sent you a "love letter" should be in the mail or with you already. in other words, karen says "see you in court". I will not reveal much more.

To the ppl who actually think she is telling the truth, prepare to be embarassed for believing a liar.

And about the prank call, i dont think any trolls in here are bothered to call u , no one has yr number except yr friends.

Dont try to fool ppl any more, admit yr guilt. admit tht u had sex in the toilet and was thrown out by the bouncers. while getting thrown out, yr bf received a slap on his face. THAT WAS ALL THAT HAPPENED.

As the police had mentioned to you outside of zouk that night ,"if the bouncers really did whack u , u wouldnt be conscious."

Enough of yr lies. besides ppl being fed up by it, u will only do damage to yrself when ur lies are exposed in the court of law.
You are not doing yrself any good . In fact , the more u lie, the harder u will fall.

btw, if u think that i am a fake, u can contact me ( and i will proof to you that i am real and what i had just said abt the lawyers letter, cctv and being an eye witness is all real. wake up.

21 November, 2005 08:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju-Lee you need a good spanking.
I guess you are addictive liar whereby you could not stop lying.

You lie and then another lie to cover the first one.

I say, you need a good spanking.

You can handle the truth.
Maybe we should get Ah Seng to rewired your head as it all as gone crazy.

21 November, 2005 09:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oopsss sorry

21 November, 2005 09:20  
Anonymous horatio said...

ju lee,
why dont u answer joseph lee with conviction?
its easy for u to just classify him as a troll and avoid his comments .

21 November, 2005 09:27  
Blogger Edison said...

aiyoh... finish liao la... 死了啦... die die die... 完蛋... FINISH EGG! HAhAHahA~ so.. again ppl, u wanna put a face to this Z.A./ J.L/Johan... read my previous comment...

& like i said... this is entertainment... & it IS entertaining...

21 November, 2005 10:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, pwned indeed.

21 November, 2005 10:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out the above link with a "pro" commenting on your fiction story as said.

21 November, 2005 10:26  
Anonymous NY said...

Oh dear. I must say I really do find Joseph Lee's narrative more persuasive and convincing. Unfortunately, if Joseph Lee IS right, then Ju Lee is in hot soup (I know my share of the law!).

21 November, 2005 10:36  
Blogger Edison said...

"while getting thrown out, yr bf received a slap on his face. THAT WAS ALL THAT HAPPENED."

so now it's probly jz a matter of.. WHETHER he deserved that slap or not... i.e. not being co-operative... n also, if Z.A./J.L. got kicked/hit/watever or not...

21 November, 2005 20:58  
Anonymous gnk said...

joseph lee,
was wondering when u wud post again! for a minute there i thought u were just making it all up.
well, this really takes away the "truth" part of julee's story now doesnt it?

julee take note. why cant you post something like what joseph did?

he answered your post directly,
laid things down in great detail,
made the post half believeable,
and most importantly MADE A FUCKLOAD OF SENSE.

especially the CCTV part. theres bound to be some sort of captured image of the event. so i guess julee's going to court and trying to sue zouk based on that slap...would have been possible...if not for the lies you threw in! i mean, your story's now totally saturated with dirt, it masks the truth completely.

even if joseph isn't an eye witness like he claims to be, at least he puts genuine effort into his writing,
unlike you and your worthless, implausible rants. you're not even trying....

21 November, 2005 22:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

slapping people is also an offence under section 323 of the Penal Code, maximum 5 years imprisonment still ;)
fine not included

dont drop the soap gorillas in suits!

21 November, 2005 23:21  
Anonymous No Way Out said...

guys and gals,
why r u still wasting ur time posting ur comments when ju-lee herself had kept quiet all together?? every now and then, she'll just log in and delete those comments which are telling the truth, which are hard for her to accept. then, she will also create some kind of so called victim that have the same luck as herself. i'm wondering how can this clubs keep operating if their ppl keep bashing patrons up....
Ju Lee.... stop creating those imaginative victims and show us the proof!! And i think if u r telling the truth, where is ur bf who is suppose to be by ur side supporting u?? instead he let u take this fight all by ur own when in actual fact he's the 1 who's been bashed up by those bouncers??? or is he afraid of being sued of defamation like wut u r going to face soon?? how come even ur fren who's the witness is not coming out 2 back u up now?? doubts....doubts.....

22 November, 2005 14:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh we can leave comments again?

22 November, 2005 15:14  
Anonymous melissa said...

funny how it seems the thrill of 'makin out'in a public spot would put you in a great mood, but ol' budy boyfriend here was either bloody embarrased or he had a bad case of Mr Floppy... either way, Ju Lee isn't happy and a bouncer got kicked. Some people forget that a good 50% or so of us own camera phones........ :)

22 November, 2005 19:50  
Anonymous melissa said...

oh wait, on another note..... the red marks all over Mr Hero Boyfriends mouth.... i was confused that night with what i saw.... at first i really thought he was puking blood for gods sake! Turns out it was lipstick...What color do you wear, Julee? and btw, you looked ab fab. Nothing wrong with you at all if i may say.

Oh yeah, One last thing....Did the cop who smelled the rat in your story find the 'bad guys'yet?

22 November, 2005 19:58  
Anonymous connie lee said...

if i was ever discovered by a bouncer, getting laid in a cubicle of a club, i would most probably giggle myself silly from embarassment, apologise between their laughter and mine and leave... sheepishly, but i would leave... even if i didnt get thrown out, wouldnt you? I'm truly embarrassed on Ju Lee's behalf if she isn't.
Why stay and fight and turn tables around on the bouncers the club? Im pretty sure your bf is scared shitless cause he hit a bouncer. That could cost you both alot more than you know... trust me. This probably isnt going down well w Zouk, is it? Heard you got a 'love letter' from them. Lady, you are going up against camera proof, eye witnesses plus you changed your story!!! that bit, my Ju Lee, is extraordinary!!! Who in their right accusing mind would change continue this losing battle?
And you, are hiding behind this blog because you are scared your REAL story isnt REAL enough. Sorry JuLee, better luck next time with everything.... thrills in a cubicle, a calm boyfriend, no bouncers at any clubs keeping things in line..... sigh... you do realise that the whole world knows it is a bouncers job to secure the club... i bet there are very very few clubs in this region that would encourage intimacy in their washrooms, yes? ..... have a good week.

22 November, 2005 20:23  
Blogger Edison said...

oh yes, BTW ppl.. the link on my previous comment, well... the one about "Ju-Lee"'s pic, it's gone now... replaced by some personal insults to me... :) well... it wasn't MY bright idea 2 host (& show) her picture right?? :D if i wanted to "expose" her or had NE ill-feelings towards her... i would haf saved that photo & created a permanent link... but all i did was direct attention to what was already there... :)

p.s. littlenomad: y u say i'm attacting hits to my site? isn't that link on YOUR site? weren't u d one who came up with the bright idea of showing the world her pic?? :)

23 November, 2005 19:34  
Anonymous Pantsonfire said...

Liar Liar Pants ON FIRE!!!!
OMG omg omg.....this girl's brain is deteriorating by the MILLISECOND. THe problem with liars is that they cant keep track of what they said and then they end up contradicting themselves. CLASSIC SYMPTOMS!!!

this is my first and last post here.

I just wanted to say can you face going out ever again??? Your entire social life must be totally destroyed by now. Not to mention, you have to look who's behind you all the time. Maybe the bouncers they had to fire watching your move. I have absolutely no sympathy for you. You are one pathological mess. Aren't you the least embarrassed with what you put yourself through? You are already starting to say things like I have nothing personal against zouk. HUH?!?!?!?!!! WTF girl?? Do I hear the REGRET SPEECH coming???

YOu know what would be best for you right now? And I hope you take my advice cos its the best advice you're gonna get......


24 November, 2005 08:34  
Anonymous no balls said...

pantsonfire, from your statement, it's clearly you have no balls. so what if she embarass herself to defend what's right? only chicken little like you are afraid of anything. plant some balls before even speaking man

24 November, 2005 12:15  
Anonymous SmartyPants said...

KUDOS to JuLee for standing up for her rights!At least she doing something rather than sitting down and let the world pass them by, unlike some people, just criticise and not do anything about it.

24 November, 2005 15:51  

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