Tuesday, November 22, 2005


There are some times in life when you feel the connection to the person before you even meet. There are only two men in my life who share that honour, one of whom I met this evening.

We got on the phone this afternoon and spoke about our ordeals. Both him and a friend were bashed up on the first floor, albeit in another toilet from the one we were in. Just like us, it happened quickly, unprovoked. Ridiculously violent.

They ended up in the hospital, completely bloodied from the experience.

There was an instant bond when we met. It was comforting to know we're both in this for the same reasons - we felt we were wronged, that this could have possibly ended up with someone being permanently injured or possibly dead. We did not want this ordeal to happen to anyone else out there.

This is a difficult journey but in a way it's comforting to know that neither of us are alone. Two forces are much better and stronger than one.

Sceptics.... Patience please. The story will be out in a minute. I'm not giving the game away just yet.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I know the 2 guys yr talking about.

Good u guys have met.

Good luck, dont be intimidated by all the nonsense in the blog ppl put up.

They're just tryin 2 intimidate you. Usual tactics of bullies.....


22 November, 2005 05:40  
Blogger Buckeye Sculptor said...

Interesting blog. How did you et so many people to visit your blog???

22 November, 2005 06:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting.. very interesting.. full of loopholes but yet interesting...

-miss angie-

22 November, 2005 09:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck zouk...

go burn it down...

you can say I know your ordeal...

22 November, 2005 09:32  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Z.A., do any of these guys have a blog detailing their ordeal at Zouk?

22 November, 2005 10:16  
Anonymous lilian said...

mr anonymous,

i dont see the so called bully tactics u have mentioned above. ju lee told her side of the story, but when ppl in zouk try to tell theirs, its called bully tactics.

so if someone tries to defend themselves from accusations, then they r bullies?

just becos someone comes up with a sad story then anyone who thinks otherwise are bullies, trolls and "retards" ?

i dont see why zouk shouldnt kick them out of the club. ppl having sex in their toilet can result in their lisence being revoked. they were protecting their rice-bowl.
As eye witnesses have claimed, ju lee was indeed making out in the male toilet. if the cops were there, ju lee and james would have been arrested and zouk would get their license revoled. they had rules of the house. they were merely enforcing the rules.

as someone mentioned, there is cctv evidence tht ju lee was not beaten up. and james merely received a slap on his face as he was being violent while being restraint.

why dont the ppl who support her wait for real evidence to surface. as joseph lee said, its a matter of time. having karpal singh defend u doesnt mean u are right. it just means u have karpal singh defending u ....

22 November, 2005 10:38  
Anonymous penang said...

Right on, Ju-Lee, glad u didn't gave up.

I actually like your persistency.

22 November, 2005 11:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

still awaiting the story on the two "gentlemen". and i thought it was 3 of them?

22 November, 2005 11:36  
Blogger extrinsic said...

Pleased to hear another victim who is willing to fight together. I hope more will contact you. All the best!

22 November, 2005 11:40  
Anonymous boston said...

BTW, Ju-Lee, the link to "Malaysia Deserves Better Security Personnel-Petition" is broken.

22 November, 2005 13:15  
Blogger scorkes said...


I don't think that Ju Lee will take all this trouble if she was unharmed and all James got was a slap on the face.

I really am not going to believe that CCTV story until I see it.

22 November, 2005 14:49  
Anonymous No Way Out said...

Well, i still thinks that if you are confident and have strong witness and prove... u wont need a strong lawyer to represent u! y waste all this money if u r going 2 win this case for sure?? I still belief tat malaysian are helpful kind of ppl, though not all but i dun belief u cant even find 1 in the whole haloween crowd that's willing 2 be ur witness in tis matter.... ;)
Jux make sure no more lies or.... even u hire all the singhs in malaysia oso can help u!

22 November, 2005 15:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


thanking my lucky stars that you have injected some sense here.

Her latest postings says she's not going to give it a away just yet... Now.. how childish is that?

If you re already going to tell/blog/inform your readers why postpone it? to create the suspenseful effect? pray tell..

And a fantastic point on Mr. Karpal Singh. I have had the privilege of working with him and he is brilliant lawyer. Lawyer not magician.

So let's wait for a bit. I know i am buying my popcorn already.

22 November, 2005 15:20  
Anonymous One of em trolls said...

and one question..

Why were the comments limited to team members.. a day ago? (yes i checked a few times to be sure) and then now its open to the public again..

Yea i shouldn mind.. cause i am one of the 'trolls' and 'flammers' jsut wondering why..

Notice the drop in comments.. after comments were disabled by anonymous people and now comments are coming in again..

You GETTING high on comments ke?

22 November, 2005 15:23  
Anonymous Ripcord said...

I have avoided making comments on this blog because i would gladly take part in a healthy mature debate, but with the recent 'trolls' going to the extent of calling Ju-Lee names they would normally call their mother, i'd rather not.

At the mention of another 2 extra victims who were also beaten to a pulp by the bouncers of Zouk, these children that used to claim Ju-Lee was lying have all but disappeared...like cowards running back to mommy and daddy. It is fairly obvious now these trolls are from Zouk, strong supporters of Zouk or related to Zouk somehow. These trolls have :-

1. thrown numerous insults at Ju-Lee
2. made threats at Ju-Lee
3. tried very hard to hurt her emotionally
4. behaved in such a childish manner trying to discredit Ju-Lee to the extent that only smart readers would see that they are really only embarassing themselves
5. in a most lacklustre pathetic attempt, tried to ridicule her
6. struggled to make her lose spirit

Stay in touch with this blog. I'm sure in the end, you will all see that Ju-Lee was telling the truth all along and that Zouk is guilty.

Unlike those who were against Ju-Lee, throw an insult and then hide behind the mask of anonymity, I'm actually leaving my credentials behind. =)


22 November, 2005 16:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chin up,girl.
way to go!

22 November, 2005 16:33  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...


The most abusive of the trolls demonstrated a complete lack of comprehension for the written word and probably grew weary of having their stupidity pointed out to them over and over again in a public forum. Plus, they generally have the attention span of a fruitfly, so they're probably moved on to their next cause in trying to make themselves feel hip and cool : )

Anyone who went to Zouk this last weekend...did you notice any drop in the numbers or is it business as usual?

22 November, 2005 16:39  
Anonymous boston said...

I had just send to another 15 friends of mine to sign the petition.

22 November, 2005 17:26  
Anonymous boston said...

... and also to someone who works in a church. He'll help spread the words. The petition will grow.

22 November, 2005 17:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i believe my dick is bigger than your ang moh bf...

22 November, 2005 18:55  
Anonymous illeana said...

Oh what?? someone who works in a church to sign a petition boycotting a club, typical.

Look Ju-Lee, i support ur case against zouk if these allegations of urs are true but the thing is, it's become a bloody soap opera hasn't it?

I've been in a major fight in zouk due to an ex of mine. Let's just say he was in the wrong and the bouncers carried him out, once outside it took alot of provoking to get the bouncers to throw a punch, that ex of mine tried to run back in - and he was a foreigner too so there was no special treatment. After awhile, random people were taking kicks and punches at him, and i, being a girl (thinkin nobody would hit one) threw myself on top of him, the bouncers themselves picked us up off the floor and escorted us away once they saw that we were gonna be seriously injured.

If these things did happen then good luck in ur cause, however, i think u've drilled ur version of what happened so far in urself that u probably haven't got a clear picture anymore. Witnesses are so much more useful than 2 other dudes who got beaten up - their situation would probably have been different from urs, thus witnesses are the only guarantee of strengthening ur argument.

Liuke i said, good luck once again, helping our fiance or whatever it is u were doing in the toilets does not merit a beating, however, after reading ur blog, i have to say u've gone about this all wrong. U don't come across as very smart - well educated maybe, but not intelligent.

22 November, 2005 18:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh's defending her???? He ran out of cases or wat to take this case????

22 November, 2005 19:29  
Anonymous boston said...

illeana, it doesn't matter what's your back ground when you sign the petition, duhh! the numbers counts!

22 November, 2005 19:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If u got Karpal defending you provided with "convincing evidence", u don't need ur friggin numbers let alone a petition u 3rd degree moron!!!

22 November, 2005 19:52  
Anonymous boston said...

I don't have to argue with stupid animal... hee hee!

22 November, 2005 20:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't associate urself with others man.....if u r one superiorly stupid animal..doesn't mean everyone else has to be one like u.....anyway enjoy ur own stupid animal fantasies pal

22 November, 2005 20:58  
Anonymous gnk said...

looks like there are some new readers here... well for all its worth, i wana say this...following this blog for awhile now and based SOLELY on the happenings in the blog, anyone would pretty much see that julee has failed to convince us that her story is true... so much so that even if she did hire karpal, i would STILL not be convinced.

the most persuasive eye witness we have in this blog so far is joseph lee. and he says james merely got slapped.

lets say joseph is telling the truth. if you think about it, if julee and karpal focus on her being treated roughly, and james being slapped, they would actually have a chance in this case.

so why is this blog still up? why isn't she answering any intelligent posts? why doesn't she care about having supporters?...
maybe its because she is CONFIDENT in winning this case. then she can piss and gloat at all the people who doubted her.

but i tell you this ju-lee, win or lose you're still a loser to me for putting up this fib of a blog and churning out all this shit about being bashed up. even if you win it would not be on the account of the story you told us, that i'm sure.

all new readers, please read through EVERYTHING in this blog before reaching any conclusions ok? cool...

22 November, 2005 22:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

her lawyer is datuk shafee, the same lawyer for the Heavenly King fellar who just got out scot-free from prison despite being a famous underworld figure, btw karpal costs too bloody much man. 5k just to present your case details to him, ridiculous. this mamak will do it for half the price and get the job done better!

22 November, 2005 22:41  
Blogger Wais ~ Christopher said...

After reading your blog for some time, i have a few question in mind. how the hell did the ppl get your number when we couldn't even see your face (i did have a short glimpse of your pic in ripcord's blog is i remember correctly. the pic has been taken out now) Did you even contact Zouk?....My friend works in Zouk and she is incharge of receiving feedback or complain emails from patrons. She said she only received a few anonymous emails about how the club would let their bouncers do such things to their customers and they don't even leave their emails for my friend to reply to them. She has never received any calls from you either. Just how did anyone get your number and prank called you. Just wondering.....Then there are two guys you said that got bashed up in Zouk as well by bouncers...why aren't they here to defend you...Are you hiding them in your closet just in case ppl go and hunt them down....Come up with some solid prove like Joseph Lee and we will at least try not to doubt you. I've also heard from my friend that Zouk really did send you a "love letter"....so i know Joseph is telling the truth. At least i am out here backing up Joseph's comment...Why not ask the two guys you mentioned to come here and back you up.

23 November, 2005 00:18  
Anonymous matthew thomas said...

ju lee,

ppl get into fights in a club all the time. i have been in the KL clubbing scene for 20 yrs, and im almost 40.

the case of 2 guys being beaten in zouk may be true for all i care, but u cannot associate it directly to yrs.
if someone behaves in an abusive , drunken manner, they will be thrown out, NORMALLY these unruly patrons will behave violently while being restraint. U cannot blame zouk for this practice. If a patron behaves in a way that endangers others, u would want them out too if u were in there.

bouncers are human, if they get hit once, twice three time..they will retaliate. imagine having to handle abusive ppl 6 days a week every week.

u dont know for what reason those 2 are beaten up. they may appear sweet and innocent while being sober. u dont know how they would have behaved while drunk. i have seen angels turn into monsters with alcohol.

dont associate it directly to you ALLEGED attack. if u look hard enough , u will eventually find stories of ppl who have been roughed up by boubcers. as being a clubber for many years, trust me..ALMOST ALL of them deserve to be roughed up.. for the safety of other patrons..

Clubs cant win with ppl like u ju lee..
If they allow unruly patrons to stay in the club, then u will complain tht the club is not safe and business will drop. if they throw ppl out for being unruly , then they are called abusive..

23 November, 2005 09:09  
Anonymous boston said...

matthew thomas made a very good point, ju-lee, beware of the two witness with you, it may not help your case.

I'd to see more people like matthew thomoas who argue with reasons. Not like some pea brain assholes anonymous, just act like a cold blooded guard dog and bark..bark...bark... for no reason. Shit head! I don't buy any of your shit!

23 November, 2005 11:24  
Anonymous boston said...

christopher wais, since she is not answering, this is what I guess, and it is a posibility,

1. The police has her contacts
2. The bouncers are friends of the police.

It is not that difficult for the bouncers or the friends of the bouncers to get this number.

23 November, 2005 11:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are CCTV's allowed in toilets? i think not rite.

23 November, 2005 12:10  
Blogger uknotok said...

I've been going to zouk almost every weekend and i can say ppl get bashed up all the time. Makes me wanna start a documentary about fights at zouk.

23 November, 2005 12:13  
Anonymous Lucky clubber? said...

I have been to Zouk a few times and there was one time when i must have been very drunk.. the thing is when i am drunk i just feel sleepy and my co-ordination goes out the window..I don't say much at all.

A Bouncer, i can't remember the details, he was indian, but apparently he saw me stumbling around, yes i did have a few friends around at the time. But this bouncer actually asked them not say hotel staff polite .. but he wasn't rude either. He told them to get me off the dance floor and they did. Not only that, I am about 6 feet tall and weighed a good 85 kg at the time.. so it isn't easy helping me get on my way. (3 friends, 1 guy and 2 girls)

This bouncer actually helped me off the dance floor and out the club to get some air. He told my friends that i shouldn be in the club. And they told me that he wasn't rude. Just very matter of factly told them that i should be outside for my safety and the safety of others till i feel better.

I am very sure i actually heard the bouncer ask. "Are you okay? can walk?" He didn't hold me hand la ... in case you wanna say some shit like that, but he helped my friend so there was him on one side and my mate on the other side preventing me from 'colliding' with other people.

Then i sat outside and eventually, we adjourned to a mamak.

It was only about 11pm and i guess it wasn't as 'busy' as usual. But yea, if i get to see the bouncer i would like to commend him on doing a good job.

I had a good time, but would have had a better time if i wasn't drunk.

No i wasn't too drunk to remember that i was slapped or rough handled. I wasn't.

Like MAtthew Thomas said above.

I totally agree that 95% of the people 'ejected' from clubs deserve to be ejected, and most of them for being drunk.

So i am lucky? I think not. Had i been unruly and threw punches i am sure i would have gotten whacked but what can i sulk about that?

I bought the drinks and i drank.. they never gave me free drinks or forced me to drink, so getting drunk was my own undoing. Nor did they ever beg me to go into the club. I did. Simple as that.

I still go to Zouk occassionally, but i have since toned down. It's just mamaks, cafes for me now.

Think about that peeps.

23 November, 2005 16:08  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Boston has a point. This witness report seems to imply a camaraderie between cops and bouncers.


3rd post down.

23 November, 2005 18:42  
Blogger Edison said...

WaH~ only ONE day didn't come here already got SO many comments... really quite entertaining. well, NEway, 2 ppl who have read my other comment bout the link to "Ju-Lee"'s pic, it's gone now... n d owner of that blog put up something about me or rather... some personal insults... dunnola.. so long, dun rmbr. NEways, i was JZ pointing out that it was there rite? not like i HOSTED dat pic. :)

"Sceptics.... Patience please. The story will be out in a minute. I'm not giving the game away just yet."
ArGh~ y so long 1?? so sien already leh... almost getting stale redi this story... hhRrMmm... even though yea, yadax3... got other ppl get bashed up... but d thing now is... did SHE (Ju-Lee/Johan/Z.A.) BASHED up or not rite?? so wat, now d case is gonna be a whole... public vs. Zouk case?? then wat happens to all ur (Z.A./J.L) claims?? still hold?? or wat?? seems like u're watering things down now... *SiGh...

23 November, 2005 19:19  
Anonymous penang said...

I can back you up edison. I saw that pic too. The picture was like cropped, there should be a guy on her left.

Hmmm... i wonder who is the guy on her left, why is it cropped? why littlenomad put her picture there if he is her friend??? scratch head?

23 November, 2005 19:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

edison, I guess we have to be patient a bit.... it's not like you want to put a story, you can put a story just like that mar...

Let's give them the time to plan. Who knows if the two victims wanted to consult lawyer first, decide whether to make a press statement, etc, etc.

23 November, 2005 20:27  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

You'd think if all this was untrue and based on false allegations that Zouk would've got a court order forcing Ju-Lee to pull down this blog.....or they would've sued for defamation...I mean look how long this thing is going on and Zouk not doing anything about it.

23 November, 2005 20:30  
Anonymous krang said...

To them, there's no hurry to shut this blog down. Went to Zouk last week and it was packed like a can of sardines.

This blog is not hurting them one bit, and it would be better to see what other stories she can cook up in attempt to mar their reputation so it can be used as further evidence in court.

Ju Lee, don't be stupid and choose a safer place to have sex next time ok?

23 November, 2005 21:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nuff said JuLee
Where in the hell are your pictures of bruises and such?

23 November, 2005 21:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mindless, drugged up, drunk clubbers dont give two fucks about what happens in the real world so long they can party on and the drinks keep flowing and the dj keeps pumping some good music. you think malaysians are so civic minded ah? boycott a club to demonstrate against the club's staff alleged bad conduct? they'll think "fuck you, you punk got unlucky and got ur ass served to you. shit won't happen to me".

23 November, 2005 23:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

friend from texas....
stupid shit, zouk cant do anything abt this blog even if they wanted to...sue for defamation??...freedom of speech idiot...however over exagerrated ju-lee has told her story, blamed zouk, made racial slurs and what not...no one can do anything about it, we can only sit back watch and listen to her crap all the shit thats coming out from her mouth..

yeah some of it could be true...but i doubt the whole lot of it. One things for sure it definitely did happen, how badly i dont know, all i know is no one would go through the trouble of having a court case against zouk for no apparent reason at all. However, if ju-lee has over exagarrated she has taken her supporters for a ride, if not she would be branded as a 'drama' queen. All i know is that Ju-lee should make an apology for generalizing malaysians, as unhelpful people, i know for a fact that they arent since they helped me when i was beaten to a pulp outside a club. I also think an apology would be much needed for simply insinuating that the bouncers attempted to rob you, thats simply childish and un-educated for a person of your accomplishments.

I believe that any violence from people that is meant to protect you in a club is totally unacceptable. Even receiving a slap, would not be justified. The bouncers are normally not allowed to touch the patrons even when retaliated against. The bouncers are meant to take legal action against anyone who does so. SO i think that whatever the case you would have a strong case against zouk. I hope that you and your fiance has recovered well.

Thats all for now, i hope you would post an apology thats all, it would help people understand the direction you are going to. Good luck:)

23 November, 2005 23:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry me again...
friend from texas i just realized after reading my comment that i was rather rude to what you have said, sorry, anyway just wanted to point out to you that zouk cant do anything about this webside, for defamation or what not. There has only been once incident of website removal in malaysia that i know of and thats the one of the comments of anwar on a blog a few months back, that was due to the NSA or something like that...

24 November, 2005 00:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey BOSTON! you think church goers so jinjang and like to go to Zouk meh?

24 November, 2005 00:45  
Anonymous ChulalongDick said...

i think zouk won't be worried about its crowd cos only the less intelligent and rowdy pple (who cause fights) will be listening to Ju Lee's advice and refrain from patronising Zouk. And Zouk can definitely do without those dumbasses!

24 November, 2005 00:49  
Anonymous JEDI NITE said...

hey Ju Lee, I have also been beaten up at Zouk! this time i was in the cleaner's closet getting a blowjob from my gf when the bouncers came and beat me up! Sob Sob....

I think I am CONNECTING with you!!! Can you feel me? I feel you through the FORCE!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!

24 November, 2005 00:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friend from TEXAS.....you must have serious issues hey, since you reckon that Batman Begins is the best movie for the year. Poor fuck...

24 November, 2005 01:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone commented on Ju Lee being educated, but not intelligent..... haha HOW VERY TRUE!
very often i hear dumb but educated people using their 'education' to gain leverage over others.

the smart and educated ones don't have to let the whole world know that they have an education.

24 November, 2005 01:11  
Anonymous sfs said...

ju-lee...if u shall persist on blogging such things..zouk is ready to sue after they settle your case..they might win although u ve a situation for pl to pity with u but if u shall persist like this it will get u no where..pls stp as it is..i did help to email zouk in singapore to do sumthing over in m'sia..as singapore owner is the main..so i believe they noe wat to do..so if u dun stop blogging sumthing will happen damn soon

24 November, 2005 01:53  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Anonymous (24 Nov 00:06),

No worries. I was under the impression that it would be very easy to harras a blogger...all that was needed was a police report.....and even though they can't tear down your blog, the men in blue would be there to confiscate your PC, take you in for questioning, harrass you, etc.

Anonymous said (24 Nov 01:05):
Friend from TEXAS.....you must have serious issues hey, since you reckon that Batman Begins is the best movie for the year. Poor fuck...

Hahahaha! Come on dude, name a movie that had a better plotline and characters and I'll change my profile.

24 November, 2005 03:37  
Anonymous carebear said...

Oh man....I love this....the story unfolding.....feels like some bubble is gonna burst big time. heheheheheh. I'm not a strong supporter of zouk even though i club there sometimes. But facts are facts at the end of the day, you just cant run away from them.

Hey everyone. These are the facts:
a. To date we have not seen any bloody photo of JL and boyfriend. Why? Because there isnt any. Wonder what they will show the court....hmmmm
b. JL like all girls in their mid 20s, and in advertising, like to overdramatise for attention. I believe that she believes that she is right. She psyched herself so much that she truly believes her story makes sense. Even though anyone with half a brain knows that there are some serious holes in the story. And most of what she said are some serious BS.
c. Whoever the idiot that posted to say that the website and blogs are untouchable, has no fucking idea what he is talking about. Read the front page of singapore straits times today! If zouk can prove that JL has defamed the club and reputation they can basically get her for defamation suit. Emails, blogs, sms, letters, witnesses are all going to be evidence.
d. If you think that zouk won't sue JL's ass, woah.....think again. The problem with JL, is that she is too overconfident that zouk won't sue....arent you?

Sigh....this is a juicy drama unfolding and I can't wait to see what happens. Whatever you do JL, saying stupid things now like "I have nothing personal against Zouk" is backtracking. Careful you don't backtrack so fast, you might slip and fall flat on your face.

If you dared to start this blog and campaign, don't start hesitating now!!! (btw only 200+ names?!?! thats pathetic) Hurl more abuses, go ahead and post those 2 bloke's stories and print like they are facts. Hmmm....wonder they their story didn't come out in the newspaper huh.....

The deeper you dig, the more fun for people like me as the drama unfolds....

24 November, 2005 08:22  
Anonymous Burns said...

Server is not in Msia, lawyers here cant do anything bout this website.

Anyway why bother?

Zouk still got their customers.

ZoukOut at Sentosa Beach,Singapore Dec 10th. 8pm to 8am, anyone fr Msia going? I'm going for sure!! Went last year too!!!!!!!

24 November, 2005 08:28  
Anonymous Burns said...

The case bout that racist slur fr Singpoare was done by the Government. As usual, in Spore, the government controls everything, so it's easier for them to do things.

24 November, 2005 08:30  
Anonymous caredog said...

Don't be naive. The comments from this blog can be presented as evidence. The legal angle is defamation. If you can use sms, emails, tape recorders as evidence, you can also use websites.....do your homework.....lawyer speaking here.....

24 November, 2005 08:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi mister lawyer caredog..is your dick as huge as mine?

24 November, 2005 09:16  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

I see the trolls have gotten over their weekend high at Zouk and are now back to lurking around the blogosphere leaving their usual trail of slime.

24 November, 2005 09:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah its true that the legal angle here they would most definitely approach this case would be defamation, but it would only be defamation if everything she said has been a lie. But if isnt a lie...what would happen Mr lawyer?

If you think about it properly, who would want to lie out of the blue defaming one of the biggest clubs in malaysia for no reason at all. Definitely something did happen between the bouncers and her at the club. I think that yeah she did have sex in the club, when asked to leave her fiance and herself were embarassed reacted the wrong way, and the bouncers MAY have man handled them the wrong way.

So Mr. Lawyer you are saying that every single website that has a link to Ju-lee's website, have a post defending her, or have a comment regarding this, zouk would be able to sue for defamation?...please...There is still the freedom of speech. So you are saying if i went and wrote a whole website on 'Zouk and the monkeys', i'll be sued for defamation?..if i am saying hELL YEAH ZOUK SUCKS, THE BOUNCERS WENT AROUND BEATING EVERYBODY, hmm i'll be sued for defamation?..shit you are the naive one. Its not as easy as you think to approach the angle of sueing for defamation. There alot of defences that ju-lee can take and most probably win. AND even if ju-lee manages to establish that zouk did man-handled her or her fiance a bit, she pretty much have the case in her hand already.

In my opinion why ju-lee doesnt want to put up any evidence is that no one actually did kick her or him, bruised him or whatever, probably a push here and there, dragging by the arm and hauled off her ass out of the club and she got offended. Then fiance try to be macho, received a slap, maybe a punch in the face that knocked him out entirely. That would already be enough for ju-lee to take legal action. It might not be justified, as it is due to ju-lee's own actions.

It all depends how the courts look at it, all these assumptions are no use unless we see what happens on the papers. So Ju-lee when is the court date?

24 November, 2005 09:58  
Blogger waterface said...

Well , apperently I did not miss much. I was away on a trip. Not because I am shying away on what a friend from texas have to say.

Ju- lee, at first your story was to create awareness among the clubbers and malaysian that violence do happen here in our every own backyard. Therefore, you hope that through your story, message will get through. And then when you started saying that how terrifying experience you and james had been through with blah, blah, blah - dont want to get into that anymore, you hope for sympathy but instead you get a whole new sets of chain reaction.

And now, you have witnesses in line to anticipate with you. So , are you expecting that people will stand in line to support you? Well, maybe. You already have few.

Choosing lawyers to represent you, that is your choice. Regardless how big names the lawyers had mapped themselves. So that is up to you.

I think you started this ride and you finish it. You see,the pen is mighter than the sword. At first has you can recall i did called you names.
When I wrote what all that, friend from texas commented that my words are limited and should I say to the extend of measuring my intelligence and coming to the end by calling names and including me in categories of which part of place I came from. That shows people can write all kind of things to make others believed. I lead to some believing that my level of education is low just because of what I wrote few days ago.
My point is ju-lee, you could write whatever you want till the cows come home but at the end of it you have to face the consequences. Look what friend from texas wrote when I called him chinaman. So what? Big deal.

Go on with life. So you had a bad exprience, move on.
Stop complaining.

24 November, 2005 11:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burns said...
Server is not in Msia, lawyers here cant do anything bout this website.

Anyway why bother?

Zouk still got their customers.

ZoukOut at Sentosa Beach,Singapore Dec 10th. 8pm to 8am, anyone fr Msia going? I'm going for sure!! Went last year too!!!!!!!

I'll be there for the ZOUKOUT!...first time for me, anything to expect. or not to expect...are there plain clothes police there...planning to do naugty things...hehehehe

24 November, 2005 11:14  
Anonymous Ms Angie said...

Ju-Lee's from the advertising industry from what I read somewhere. Somehow.. this blog has made me think abt her creativity.

24 November, 2005 11:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ms angie from whore house industry from some whore i've seen. Somehow.. this blog has made me think abt her bitchiness

24 November, 2005 11:47  
Anonymous Jedi Knightress said...

I am Ju-Lee's friend and I was in Zouk at the same time of the incident although I wasn't with her group. I saw them making out in the table and I also saw the bouncers ask them to stop making out in public. After that they made out in the bar counter and again the bar tender told the bouncer to stop them. Then they went to the DJ console and made out there. The DJ stopped them and told the bouncer too. After that they actually made love on the dancefloor and again the bouncer told them off. I can't believe she got caught in the toilet. Oh my god Julee, I hope that blowjob was so worth it.

24 November, 2005 13:42  
Anonymous Ju-Lee said...

To all my detractors out there, I have already settled for a princely sum of USD100,000 to drop all charges against Zouk. I hope this proves it and settles things once and for all. You all can go and lead normal lives now while I plan my vacation to Bora-Bora.


24 November, 2005 13:48  
Blogger waterface said...

Wow! What a hefty price indeed. So are you going to share with us?
Why to Bora2 when you can go elsewhere like the caribeian when you can make out in public and no one will bash you up. Instead they will enjoying watching it. You can walk naked for all they care.
Quiting so fast ya? Why ha? they truth catching up with you.
Want to bluff also bitch, Bluff properly lah.

24 November, 2005 14:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that was Ju-Lee's comment. USD100,000 is ridiculous.

24 November, 2005 14:30  
Anonymous boston said...

anonymous, i just sent to a friend who happens to work in a church-lah.

Are you sure ALL church goers don't party meh, though they don't zouk, this I agree-lah.

But I leave it to people lah if they believe the story or not. I did not force them or try to influence them. I just left a link to this site and the petition sites, that's all.

24 November, 2005 15:16  
Anonymous Zouk.Abuse said...

you idiots.
dont want to believe me?
hope u all get bashed up for no reason.

all i wanted to do was to get sperm into my cunt. do i deserve to be bashed? do i? DO I?????

moron detractors..
just wait..if u morons ever make it hard for me to win this case because of the lies u all spill out as being witness even though u were not there, i will get my strong white bf to kick yr little asian / chinaman / indian ass!

morons! uneducated fools!


24 November, 2005 15:19  
Anonymous SmartyPants said...

Gawds,some ppl can be so dumb!Of cause itz not her la,jeezzz!!She has never use her name to reply on all the comments.She used "Zouk Abuse"!Damn,how dumb can that guy be for posting using her name??!!Dumbass!

24 November, 2005 15:27  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

As tasteless as it is, I find the impersonator quite hilarious. USD 100,000...yeah right. Zouk will be forced to serve Sahip for the same price of a Black Label if that was the case!

24 November, 2005 15:29  
Anonymous SmartyPants said...

Oh, and another thing,the name 'zouk abuse' has to have a link..DUMBASS!!Can't even bluff!

24 November, 2005 15:38  
Anonymous SmartPants said...

Friend from Texas

24 November, 2005 15:40  
Blogger Edison said...

Quotes I like:

burns: " As usual, in Spore, the government controls everything, so it's easier for them to do things." <--- TrUe...

"Don't be naive. The comments from this blog can be presented as evidence. The legal angle is defamation. If you can use sms, emails, tape recorders as evidence, you can also use websites.....do your homework.....lawyer speaking here..... "
<---- really??? so then what if PART of her story is true... & part of it not true?? can they still sue?? NEway... for all we noe... it is not Ju-Lee who's posting all these right?? maybe it's Johan Lee (taken from here for the new people who r here & dun noe wat i'm talking about..."The Malaysia Deserves Better Security Personnel Petition to Malaysian Government was created by and written by Johan Lee (zouk.abuse@gmail.com)."?? her brother?? or smth?? so then sue who?? well... i dunno la... i'm no lawyer... but it WUD b an interesting case wouldn't it??

the FAKE Zouk.Abuse :
"You idiots.
dont want to believe me?
hope u all get bashed up for no reason.

all i wanted to do was to get sperm into my cunt. do i deserve to be bashed? do i? DO I?????"
<----- although d real Z.A. would not say that... (not on this blog at least) u CAN c/hear/feel the resemblance of the drama queen aye?? :P

"b. JL like all girls in their mid 20s, and in advertising, like to overdramatise for attention. I believe that she believes that she is right. She psyched herself so much that she truly believes her story makes sense. Even though anyone with half a brain knows that there are some serious holes in the story. And most of what she said are some serious BS."
<----- i've read of cases like this u noe... they can ACTUALLY psych themselves up SO MUCH till they even cheat a lie detector.... cool huh?

"I think I am CONNECTING with you!!! Can you feel me? I feel you through the FORCE!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!"
<----- HAHhhaAHA!! one of the funniest comments!! true... i was kinda wondering though... like her title: "Bond" & how she wrote like all nice & mushy "There are some times in life when you feel the connection to the person before you even meet. There are only two men in my life who share that honour," isn't that REAL GUD literary skills people?? WoW!!

Anonymous 24 November, 2005 01:05:
"Friend from TEXAS.....you must have serious issues hey, since you reckon that Batman Begins is the best movie for the year. Poor fuck..."
<----- y do ppl always get personal?? WHY?? this isnt about Friend from Texas now, is it??

"I can back you up edison. I saw that pic too."
<---- thank u! :D

AnD NoW LaDiEs & GeNtLEmEn.... the MILLIoN DoLLaR QuEsTiOn tHaT We'vE ALL been waiting to be AnSwErEd----->
Anonymous 23 November, 2005 21:56
"Nuff said JuLee
Where in the hell are your pictures of bruises and such?"
<---- We'LL b right back after these short messages....

what happened to people/commentors like "REVOLKOUZ", or "flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben"??? esp the latter... he/she is the one that's always giving good sensible comments... but ah well... can't blame them rite?? their/our questions never get answered... & i guess this whole thing becoming a little basi already... :/

24 November, 2005 16:40  
Blogger uknotok said...

This blog is a testament to how Malaysian's love to feed on the misery of others. Makes you feel better knowing JL's going thru all this crap does it? Sicko's. Do all of us a favour and go back to your sad pathetic lives and give the girl a break. Ju Lee don't take their abuse to heart. They're just trying to make themselves feel better about their dull mundane lives.

24 November, 2005 16:58  
Anonymous REVOLKOUZ said...

what happened to people/commentors like "REVOLKOUZ", or "flammer by profession and I am apparently Ben"??? esp the latter... he/she is the one that's always giving good sensible comments... but ah well... can't blame them rite?? their/our questions never get answered... & i guess this whole thing becoming a little basi already... :/

-> im here, following this blog for any progress. much to my disappointment.

24 November, 2005 17:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uknotok, don't be a moron, if the girl could state her case in a classy, less whingy and smart way i think she'd have a bloody nation of supporters but look at her friggin posts man!

The world has no patience for stupidity whether her case is justified or otherwise.

24 November, 2005 20:42  
Anonymous damryn said...


just as you call JL bullshit so can I reasonably say that Joseph Lee's (lol JL as well) CCTV story...or -the- CCTV story...is bullshit as well.

just as you ask Julee to show proof to all of us why don't you show your CCTV footage as well. link it up. :) I'd really like to see it. we all do.

24 November, 2005 21:47  
Anonymous Joseph Lee said...

Ok, I have just gotten a phone call from Ju-Lee asking me what I know about this case. Now who is scared?

Anyway, I told her like I tell everyone, if you believe you are so right, let's bring it to court and see where you stand. I'm sure after Zouk shows the CCTV of your bf trying to be a smart hero, the whole world will see who provoked and started hitting the bouncers first.

No wonder your boyfriend is smart enough to remain quiet. He is the real guilty party in all of this.

Scared now eh Ju-Lee? I'm sorry...but I cannot help you and I am not on your side.

Please stop calling me.

24 November, 2005 22:09  
Anonymous jospehine said...

since ju lee took the money n drop charges nw i m not going to be on ya side!!
bitch u r nuts..u make it that u r innocent n demand justice to be done n yet u took the money..this show that u r guilty too!!bitch u r a liar man

24 November, 2005 22:59  
Anonymous jedi nite said...

Case closed.... or is it? Fucking hell...wasted my 2 weeks of anticipating the climax in this incident....which never came! what a scam! what an anti-climax! i tot i was gonna see Ju Lee go to jail or Zouk get shut down.

pls, Ju Lee, don't stop....and when are you telling the story about the men you connect with? keeping us in suspense issit? the suspense is killing me!!! you kena writer's block already issit, dunno what story to concoct already issit? come lemme help you write la.
what a dumbass way of saying things. i'm not saying that i think it's alright for those two gays to be beaten up by zouk bouncers, but i just dun believe ju lee's story anymore.

25 November, 2005 01:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

texas you poor fuck, the best movie for you shoud be Jackass The Movie. :)

25 November, 2005 01:48  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Anonymous said (Nov 25 01:48)
texas you poor fuck, the best movie for you shoud be Jackass The Movie. :)

Hell yeah! I loved Jackass! Johnny Knoxville roolz!

Ok let's cut our personal conversation and get back to this blog being about Ju-Lee and Zouk!

25 November, 2005 05:14  
Anonymous amazon goddess said...

any lawyers out there, correct me if i'm wrong.
when a party sues another party for defamation don't they need to prove damage that there was a negative outcome to their finances, business etc. as a result of the comments, lies that were made about them?

if that is the case, and ju-lee has infact blown things out of proportion, i doubt zouk will sue for defamation.
if anything, all this hype has probably brought zouk quite a bit of free publicity.

but if this really did happen to her and her boyfriend, i commend you on having the balls so many malaysians lack, a result of our wonderful education system that discourages critical thinking and speaking up when wronged.

25 November, 2005 05:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, amazon goddess.

jospehine, that remarks was not by Ju-Lee but an impersonator.

Whatever claims to be true by Joseph Lee, until I see it, I dont wanna say who is more convincing, anyway they are just words. Not much credibility like the others has said before.

25 November, 2005 08:10  
Anonymous social worker said...

I guess you guys have to be patient a little. It is tough on her. For she is doing this ALL ALONE!

Have you guys going thru a legal suit before? It is hell of a hassle and it's not like you open up your PC and start typing, it's not that simple. Give her time!

For those who says James is the guilty one, you can flame and attack the victims, that's your right I guess, but I hope you don't attack just because you saw some comments saying she is a liar or James does not response 'coz he felt guilty.

As you have all said, those are just words without solid evidence, the same goes for ALL comments here including mine.

Unless, your main motive is to hurt the victims emotionally so that they'll stop persuing the case? Maybe you wanted her to stop this blog? For whatever reasons, it's up to you people to judge. Not trying to convince or confuse everyone here, but that's my judgement.

If she wouldn't have written this article, how many of you would'v known her case so WELL. How many would really care when we read something on the newspaper that someone is rape, assaulted or killed? We don't care, coz' there's no comment section for you to write on the newspaper, even if there is a reception department specifically for comments at the daily press, people wouldn't care to go there and drop comments coz' its not convenient. Even if you go and drop a comment there, there wouldn't be any feedback or reply.

Some of you asked why James doesn't make any comments and backup the issue... again, this is my own judgement, and I never say you have to believe me coz' all of you have smart brains. IF, James is as hurt as claimed, probably has undergone certain surgery, he would've been hurt emotionally and physically. If I were him, I wouldn't have the MOOD to make any comments here. Ju-Lee is doing this not only for James, but for herself and someone in the future, if they are unlucky oneday!

Now, before you start to curse and say "where the hell is the evidence!". I had consulted a lawyer recently, she has a point not to show any evidence on this blog. Showing too much information here would lead to unwanted results in her legal suit. With easy information here, it would be easy for the defending lawyer to counter attack.

Do not ever under-estimate anyone!

Anyone seen the news this morning regarding the Chinese national who's been asked to strip by the police during custody? The police had underestimated the Chinese lady for saying she had no evidence to prove anything. AEC news today shows to the world, a VIDEO of the event, the Chinese lady stripped naked in our own well reputable police lock-up, doing frog situps! What a shame!

25 November, 2005 09:53  
Anonymous gnk said...

u know, sometimes its not so much the proof that's important but the way she conveys her message. people here including me would not have insisted on seeing proof if she had written a little more convincingly...

yes i know we're all not Martin Luther King, sometimes its hard to put thoughts into words, but after the comments started coming in her replies and posts started becoming more and more suspicious.

coudn't she had at least REPLIED the intelligent questions? and its not like she was trying to protect the evidence...like in her EARLIEST posts she said she didnt want to put up pictures coz they "made them look like criminals" and they wanted to show the "softer side of things". also, concerning joseph lee's posts she said "i read it and it didn't quite warrant a response". so the flamers get responses but posts like joseph's doesnt?

dont you think thats bullcrap? its hard not too under-estimate someone who time and time again gives us another reason to...

25 November, 2005 11:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The msian police.. a farce.. seriously.. the video.. just proves it.

I don wanna pay taxes no more man

25 November, 2005 11:51  
Anonymous Roy Ho said...

Seems to me like KL is slowing going down the toilet route (pun intended).

25 November, 2005 11:56  
Blogger waterface said...

social worker,
though your point is clear but the video is isolated case. It do not reflect the whole police team. And for your information, the naked woman in the clip is not one of them. So I guess, it is not right to start to accuse the whole malaysian police for that. And yes, I read the newpaper too . ( dont be surprise , friend from texas ) it do not look like a lock up to me. looks like more in a locker room.
But couple of days ago , the news paper reported that there are a lot of chinese national staying in malaysia with or without visa. If they seems to get all this beatings from the police, dont you think they be leaving already? No. they loved staying here.
Anyway lets focus on ju lee, for all she is the one who started this blog.
So , ju- lee, any more intereting witness you meet today. lol

25 November, 2005 14:57  
Anonymous social worker said...

waterface, nevermind about that video, agree it is an isolated case.

That case shown with the video is not that pretty Chinese girl. It is another Chinese national case (there are so many now). Yeah it is a locker room, claimed to be the police locker room. Sorry about what I typed earlier.

But I have to say that I'm not accusing the whole police. I meant the police who did those illegal abuse.

Anyway, lets get back to Ju-Lee's case.

25 November, 2005 15:30  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

waterface said:
But couple of days ago , the news paper reported that there are a lot of chinese national staying in malaysia with or without visa. If they seems to get all this beatings from the police, dont you think they be leaving already? No. they loved staying here.

Isn't this the running theme within this blog? To downplay and invalidate the injustice suffered by a few just because the majority are not affected?

Pathetic. No wonder the cops get away with what they do...because folks like you TOLERATE it and DOWNPLAY it.

25 November, 2005 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

something to enlighten everyone... evidence! a policewoman and the chinese victim.

25 November, 2005 17:49  
Blogger waterface said...

friend from texas,

Read properly lah my friend. I'm just simply correcting social worker. Did my blog really shows that I tolarate violance? Could you point out to me? Am just merely saying that you should not blame the whole police community. And yes, the theme goes along with ju-lee blog whereby if you could recall that she began blaming on everyone that leads to this at the every first beginning.

I think you have some issues to sort out within yourself. No point if you have disccusion if you want people to see your opinion ONLY.

That is what ju-lee is doing. She wants people to believe that she is the victim here and only she is right. You are right, she is among few who suffers injustice. But the thing here, if she comes out with the evidence that she indeed being majorly,brutally victimised at least have the courtesy to show it in black and white.

If you flip in the morning newspaper and see a child being torture with bruises and stuff, malaysian will irked with digust. And then, you see them calling to vent their anger and etc.

So, my point story here is dont blame on few for not being caring. We are educated lot. We read the evidance and later re-act. How come you never asked ju-lee why did the malay mail editor retract back their article. If you do some homework, the major newpaper never heard such case.

Malay mail is like tabloid newpaper. If there is juicy news, they print the stories to sell them. Tommorrow will be old story. You can find most of them in major roti canai shop waiting to be 'tapau'

Ju-lee, like the saying goes, how to cover fire with paper.?

25 November, 2005 18:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think friend from texas is a little too trusting for his own good

26 November, 2005 03:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u betta be careful of the two "gentleman" as you call them.. do you know their background at all? are they criminal-record holders? do they have any pending cases? have they a record in the balai? that could be detrimental to your case.. check em' out first!
i heard they got bashed because one of them pretended to be royalty but he isn't.. check it out

29 November, 2005 08:37  

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