Friday, November 18, 2005

51% Of Malaysians Will Be Beaten Up At Zouk

If we go by Zouk's stand that making out in the toilet gets you a good bashing, (to quote their press statements to the Malay Mail regarding how and why we got assaulted) ...... I guess 44% of our countrymen are in trouble.

You can expect that they will subject each and every one of you out there to spot checks in the toilet, like how they so boldly claim they did to us. (Rubbish)

Cleaners are allowed to climb over cubicles and check on you if they hear "noises". (You would think someone making out in a public club toilet would be *quiet*) Heaven forbid if you're getting lucky. If you're really taking a dump I guess you're safe!

Then there's the additional 7% who make out in the club proper itself. Let's not forget them. I'm assuming they're not the private kind to go into the toilet so you can expect them out in the open dance floor.

God forbid if they get caught smooching their girlfriends in public! Remember this is a club that makes no qualms about physically letting even women know what they think about "immorality".

Way to go Zouk, moral authority of the country. Dragged to Federal Court for lewd dancers and still taking the highground when convenient.



Anonymous The Sandman said...

that is quite possibly one of the funniest things ive ever read. its not the message its the delivery. the keyword here? relevance

18 November, 2005 03:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with sandman. soon she'll talk about terrorism...ooh she's already mentioned that. let's see, what's next....Christmas?

hey julee, see if you can somehow link up Christmas into this incident. oh yes i know you can do it ;)

18 November, 2005 04:18  
Anonymous dr watson said...

hey i smooched this chick on the dance floor of Zouk once in full view of everyone. and i was groping her ass too. how come I didn't get bashed up? why, zouk, why?

am i being discriminated against? cos i'm chinese and not white?!

18 November, 2005 04:20  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

anonymous sandman was actually agreeing with me.

He was saying quite clearly, that it's completely relevant to the case.

And if you can't see it well....

Nevermind I won't point out the obvious, you've embarassed yourself enough.



18 November, 2005 04:50  
Anonymous The Sandman said...

yeah, actually i was agreeing with her. i didnt figure i would have to make my posts understandable by the bottom of the human intelligence barrel. i was citing the relevance of the image to the situation is what made it funny.

18 November, 2005 04:54  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Man that hurts!


Don't be too harsh on him Sandman. He can't be that smart if he didn't get my post or your comments.....

dr watson: Exactly my point the whole time. The number of people you see making out in Zouk in full view of everyone is astounding. And they have the cheek to claim that we got what we received because we were doing the same thing in a private cubicle... what's the difference? And besides, we were not! For crying out loud...


18 November, 2005 04:58  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

I forgot to mention this.

I shouldn't even have to but considering the fact that I've received so many complaints from people about the double-digit IQ arm chair critics... I probably should.

It's pretty Stupid if you ask me to try to knock someone by demeaning yourself and claiming you're too dumb to grasp a simple idea.

The lot of you have been doing that the whole time and it's quite frankly, ridiculous..... you expect sympathy for the fact that my posts are beyond your intelligence?




18 November, 2005 05:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

come read my blog!
I am an eye-witness...

i've got solid evidence

18 November, 2005 05:36  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Nice try.

I saw your pics.

That is not where the table was.

Get Your facts right first before you go around cussing and accusing people of being liars.

And if you were there while we were getting bashed up, why didn't you help?


18 November, 2005 05:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

christopher u didnt see yr parents screw so i guess u dont exist?

stupid mentality. didnt see means didnt happen.

one day i wont see him get run over a car when he's down the road then say he's lying that he got knocked down.

18 November, 2005 06:07  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...


Don't worry bout these trolls. You can rest assured that some of us do get the point you are trying to get across, i.e. unnecessary violence from those tasked with security. And some of us here do realize that this blog is not the place for you to provide evidence for public scrutiny, but merely raising awareness. Keep up your postings.

BTW, you still haven't answered my query on Mr. D (see the posting on Mr. D). Is he a classical musician/musical instrument stor owner?

18 November, 2005 06:11  
Anonymous Chris is a Zouk Slut said...

in regards to "chris"

you.... are an idiot. all that picture shows is, well, people gathered around a table. I can go to west texas and take a picture of a bunch people around a table and that doesnt make it proof that i was anywhere, except at a table. What this does prove, however, is that you were pretty hammered. judging by the alcohol on that table there was enough there to get twice the people sitting at that group roasted. Lets say you didnt touch a drop though, what were you messed up on then? you like cocaine i take it? are you getting paid in blow to make false statements? I guess assuming that you are an addict that it could be easy to see where you might make assumptions based on faulty parameters but, hey, addicts do that. You are not the end all and be all. just because you didnt see it doesnt mean it didnt happen. between the *whatever you were jacked up on* and all the environment noise its fairly easy to see that there is no way you would know what was going on if you were in the stall next to them.

if you are gonna pull shit like this, at least TRY to make it obvious that you are being paid by comming up with half-assed "evidence" half a month later. its cool though beacuse you have 'evidence,' like they dont have medical reports and Zouk doesnt have a history of this. i guess they just repeatedly tripped onto their faces for half an hour and then left. peddle your stupid elsewhere, all full up here.

18 November, 2005 06:41  
Blogger golden screen cinema said...


1)Once upon a time in the toilet

2)I know what you did in the toilet


4)Terminator 4:the toilet day

5)Scary Ju Lee Movie

6)Zouk Wars: Return of the JULI

7)Look who's talking

8)Kuch Kuch Ho Toilet Hei

9)Liar Liar 2


18 November, 2005 07:17  
Blogger golden screen cinema said...

dear julee.

did u have sex in zouk's toilet?

18 November, 2005 07:37  
Blogger golden screen cinema said...


1)Once upon a time in the toilet

2)I know what you did in the toilet


4)Terminator 4:the toilet day

5)Scary Ju Lee Movie

6)Zouk Wars: Return of the JULI

7)Look who's talking

8)Kuch Kuch Ho Toilet Hei

9)Liar Liar 2


18 November, 2005 07:42  
Anonymous zouk.abuse said...

im a liar !

18 November, 2005 07:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lieing stupid bitch.

Hasnt get laid in ages cause James is shagging her witness friend.

18 November, 2005 08:19  
Anonymous you must be blind said...

after reading Christopher, before i even start, can i highlight that you're an ugly child hahahhahh seriously. maybe with the dye on the hair but without it i think it's still the same hahahahhahaha face the fact , diggit

back to the story, you bloody drunk or dumb mofo, don't tell me you actually paid attention to everyone around you everytime you club??? Don't try to gain attention here, go somewhere like the garbage factory and maybe you can get some luck there.

from your blog, you're just a typical drunked and i doubt you even know what you're saying. spend some time groomming yourself and don't waste your time here. hey if you're trying to scare ppl with that picture, you did, i'm posting now in the morning and that ugly face of yours (seriously) really scared me.

18 November, 2005 08:48  
Anonymous golden screen cinema said...

yeah i agree, he really is an ugly child, everyone go check it out !!! chris the ugly son of a bitch

18 November, 2005 08:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now i understand the definition of ugliness, i once thought i was fat and ugly and now finally i found christopher, the ugliest piece of shit ever created and not to mention, dumb piece of shit.

18 November, 2005 08:52  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

to christopher wais:

Dude, what's your costume supposed to be?

Jinjang Joe on crack?

18 November, 2005 09:05  
Anonymous Joseph Lee said...

Well Ju Lee,
I know of this incident, and i dont like what u r trying to do. I was there in Zouk on that day. I was standing all night in front of the entrace of the upstairs toilet, as i had leg cramps from playing futsal the night before. So i didnt make it to the dance floor that night

I witnessed the whole thing. U are a liar Ju lee. I and 2 other friends can prove that.
I even have receipts for buying drinks on that night.
I saw the commotion. And i know for a fact that u are bullshitting everyone. And the poor ignorant supporters of yrs, who werent even there are fooled by yr lies.

I have called the zouk management, and i have offered myself and 2 of my friends as witness of that night. I know the management team fact i just spoke to the manager last night, and from what i gather, u are going down big time Ju Lee. U have no idea the depth of the hole u r digging.

The worst part is, u wont only be charged with defamation, u will be charged with a stiffer charge of making a false police report...a charge that carries jail time ..

Zouk is working closely with the police and lawyers. And Ju Lee, U will get it coming yr way soon.

To the ppl who blindly follow her lead, i guess u r not as credible as me. were u there? i was..
if u claim u were there, do u have proof? i do...

Oh yea, i forgot to mention, im not the only eye witness zouk has. The manager told me that they have so far been committed 20 other eye witness. And dont forget that they do have CCTV's, she did mention that its their biggest weapon against u , its being analysed by the police now ... doesnt look good for u ju lee.

Im no anonymous blogger, im putting my real name up and u can find me every mumbo jumbo nite at zouk. i'll be sitting at the same place every week.

18 November, 2005 09:11  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Bets are on. How long do you think before trolls respond to Joseph Lee's comment with:

"Wah, got leg cramp also can still go clubbing one ah"

"Where got can get cramps one when playing futsal? You liar la!"

"If you got leg cramp why you stand for, somemore in front of the restroom door where got logic one?"

Anyways, Joseph Lee, if what you say is true, I'm curious to see how long this blog will remain online or if they're gonna sue her into bringing it down due to defamation.

18 November, 2005 09:22  
Anonymous christopher said...

where is the humor in this, i was mainly trying to tell ju-lee that i can easily set up a site telling stories too. well it didn't work i guess, but that picture was indedd taken in zouk and that night itself. anyone familiar with zouk would know that the table was in salem recharge area. and about ugly people, yeah i guess there is a bunch here and i am glad they came out and admitted it.

18 November, 2005 09:32  
Anonymous christopher said...

and sorry ju-lee for making that stupid blog up, i was there but didn't see anything. i will delete that post dun worry. anyway, your story is just as doubtful as mine...thats the truth.

18 November, 2005 09:37  
Anonymous Joseph Lee said...

Frind from texas ;

"Wah, got leg cramp also can still go clubbing one ah"

I did have leg cramps, i wasnt in a coma. i strained my hamstring the night before.

"Where got can get cramps one when playing futsal? You liar la!"

This is too stupid to respond to.

"If you got leg cramp why you stand for, somemore in front of the restroom door where got logic one?"

i was standing near the restrom cos my table and drinks were situated there .. duhhh

i dont have to convince anyone anymore. just give them some time and u will know.....

18 November, 2005 09:48  
Blogger waterface said...

Friend from texas, how come when joseph lee tells his story, you kick a fuss.
It is ok for ju lee to write all tis nonsense but is it not ok for joseph lee to do.
FUCK you man. So what if I want curse. At least I'm not hypocrite. I believe that if you do something wrong, admit it. Dont point to other people or factors.

18 November, 2005 09:59  
Blogger waterface said...

friend from texas,

YOU are one typical CHINA-MAN have gone to texas because you cant compete with the rest of working class here, the malaysians.

18 November, 2005 10:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Friend from Texas

Of all state, why pick Texas....cause thats the only state in the whole of America that you know?....and if you American wanna be has so much shit in your mouth i suggest you go stitch your cloody asshole up and shit from your mouth for the rest of your shitty life. It is funny that you can say Christopher Wais ugly and all but we can talk bad about Ju-lee. Why? cause both of you all came from the very same shit hole!

18 November, 2005 10:09  
Blogger waterface said...

I agree to the above

18 November, 2005 10:13  
Anonymous Lau-yar said...

Its funny how Zouk abuse responded so many times to the comments here.. yet in others didn't even post a word..

selective? couldn't be bothered answering them?

You apologize that your postings are too intelligent for those 'people' yet aren't those uneducated people the group you want to raise this awareness with? Come on..

Joseph Lee, you re the only one who has spoken on Zouk's behalf and quite comprehensively might i add throughout this whole debacle. I can't say i believe you straight up but i am happy we have two football teams with equal players now.

Before it was like Manchester United taking on some shite team like Arsenal (Booo Low blow i know.. but Arsenal suck man.)

I am convinced though that if Zouk are required to gear up they will do a hell lot to make sure they are will prepared.

At the end of the day, all we msians know.. i would love to see this go to Court and actually sit through the whole thing. It's better than tv.

Ask most lawyers this and they will tell you that the side with the most money have the upper hand. That's no lie.

I am almost certain that 'Ju-lee' will not respond to Joseph Lee's comment as witnessed in other comments..

And.. 'ju-lee' sure sounds happy to me.

If i were you.. i would be researching together with my lawyer.. day in day out.

How do i know you re not? you may ask.. If you are then what good will it do to post and post and post here? If assuming this whole matter goes to Court and Lose (Personally i think based on what we have here, you will) What will become of your cause?

If you lose, i am sure the Malay Mail will report about it.. and all of use will hear about it..and then what?

As you say you re educated in law, and Friend from texas has indicated that yes you should reveal your evidence etc.. still action speaks louder than words..

Go and prepare your case, if a trial date has been obtained. Your assertion that the bouncers aT Zouk assaulted you places on you high evidential burden, though not beyond reasonable doubt.

On that alone, i find the burden of proof on your part hard to discharge. You don't even know the bouncers for starters.. you didn't get their name. Unless you immediately had them 'id-ed' i donno how you re allegation of assault will stand.. All chinese look the same.. all indians look the same.. all malays look the same.. what more to say in a place where the lighting is more suited for batman.

You don't have to tell me i am wrong, cause i will admit, i am basing my comment on what i personally know thus far. I could be wrong who knows, and i could be right.

All i can say is Good luck. Personally, as a lawyer, i would prefer to stand on Zouk's side. The mecenary in me says i can make more money from their end.

Oh boo you people who stand for human rights and all that. I make annual donantions to charitable organizations and do my part in charity work via the lions club. Does it make me a good man? no. Does it make me a good father and provider? yes. Money talks people.

Esp in this day and light. Best of luck 'ju-lee'

ps. Oh if you do win, i suppose you will be doing us in this trade a big favour.. imagine the floodgate that will open.. and the all the clients who were beaten up.. gee. I am liking all this.

18 November, 2005 10:15  
Anonymous Lau-yar said...

Correction.. Friend from texas said you 'should not' reveal your evidence.. there goes another client. :P

18 November, 2005 10:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


the durex survey you've got there is just a statistical result asking people where they would like to have sex and thats the result...not like they really had sex there before. Its a fantasy ok, not reality. I am curious here, so you're finally admitting that you're having sex in the loo right?..

18 November, 2005 10:33  
Anonymous Looking for salesperson said...

You are horribly misleading your readers la ju-lee...

51%? why cause you added up 44% from toilets to the 7% in clubs? You fool.. 44% in toilets.. read it says toilets! So clubs are the only places with toilets now?

I am a member of the migh hile club and that was in the airplane toilet.. not in a club. Sure airplane sex was what 2%? but my point is the about the toilet.

Horrible .. the fact that you manipulated that figure to make it sound big.. had you used the 7% i would have gone.. well yea i suppose.

to add in the 44%? now thats just uncalled for. Did the survey? you compiled the figures? i don't think so.. jeez.. i have made out in other places as well.. I am just saying.. don't simply twist this and that.. or manipulate things to go your way.. you re bending backwards. I thought you were transparent.

But if you now say.. that was just a figure of speech or whatever - la. That's still twisting the figures to your advantage. What if you put 7%? no one will read your posting? and if you put 51% you will?

Lets not forget the 7%? i dare say the 7% in clubs includes those who have sex in club toilets. And until Durex comes and proves me wrong, i believe the 44% includes toilets in the office, house, school, shopping mall, public toilets etc.

gee louise. You re are gonna get flamed for this posting i give you that. Ever thought of becoming a salesperson? you would do well Ju lee.

Please - la. Don mislead people. They are smarter than that, though i can't say for most of the people here. Am i smarter that alot of you. Yes i am.

18 November, 2005 10:40  
Anonymous as above said...

Maybe i should have done a topic like you too.

51% of msians will be beaten up at zouk!

Holy cause of action for defamation. :)

18 November, 2005 10:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a friendly observation.. i think the survey isn't a fantasy..

it does actually say "where malaysians have sex outside their bedrooms"

How true is the survey.. now that is something we can harp about.

18 November, 2005 10:44  
Anonymous NY said...

Come, come, Waterface and all the Anonymous people who do not know many non-vulgar words!!

I think you are confusing Texas and me. Texas and I are not the same person. I live in New York. Don't just flame Texas, flame me too. :-) Yup, it's me - the upper middle class kid; the one who is much, much better off than you! :-)

I see some of you are intent on proving how uneducated and low-class you are by continuing the verbal rampage in vulgarity. I see in sad lives of misery, this is your only outlet of expression. Don't worry - I will try to empathise with your need for catharsis (I KNOW you that you don't understand the meaning of that word - so go check the dictionary NOW!).

Ah well, I might as well entertain myself. I do need a little break from figures, graphs and reports every once in a while.

So, go on. Respond. Flame me with everything you've got. :-)

NOTE: Notice that I did not use a single vulgar word in my post above. I am truly BETTER THAN YOU. :-)

18 November, 2005 10:59  
Blogger waterface said...


dont go there man. Arsenal doest not suck. YOU SUCK. Dont divert to diferrent topic. Whetver you give as an example or not.

18 November, 2005 11:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju-lee, as a friend of yours in real life, I wanna just let you know, please stop posting and keep to the facts. The most postings you put up the more you dilute your message.

18 November, 2005 11:04  
Blogger waterface said...


Shut up. I do know many vulgar words. What is the point saying it when everyone is expressing it.
And how sad are you, pointing fingers at the rest us. You are no better than the rest of us as you find this rather amusing.
I am telling you, ju lee is smart lady because all this started from her and now she is making us look bad. She sits there and observe while we are at each other throat trying to trash each others by words and swearing and who can come up with more vulgarity that exists in dictionary. Why ya, you dont know some and you want poeple to educate you in vulgarity so that you can throw back at someone else.
How sad. And truly at first, I did enjoy reading this site and but then again I change my mind because the regulars arent here any more. Their blog are more fun.


18 November, 2005 11:11  
Anonymous Ripcord said...

I hope there are those among you READERS OUT THERE who are smart enough to know that the childish name-calling critics that have been haunting the comment thread on this blog are probably "Zouk Ambassadors" or juvenile strong supporters.

If there was some regulation requiring a minimum amount of intelligence necessary to surf the Net, more than half the comments on this blog would not have existed.

18 November, 2005 11:16  
Anonymous NY said...

Waterface, Waterface..

The key to gaining knowledge is to read. READ, my friend. I said above and I quote: 'Waterface ... who does not know many non-vulgar words'. I know you probably failed English and BM (note: I got A1 for both at SPM, remember I got the scholarship? :-) ), but this basically means: Waterface ONLY knows vulgar words and not many NON-vulgar words.

Never once would I question your prowess with swearing and vulgarities. :-) I know that you are more than competent in that area. Indeed, that is probably your only area of competence.

By the way, I do not really believe Ju Lee's story in full either. But I do not resort to swearing and vulgarities to state my point. Therein lies the difference.

18 November, 2005 11:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ho ho ho .... the amount of stupidity is truly rampant. I'm not surprised that Ju-Lee can't be bothered to respond after a while. Why should she? Everytime she puts down one idiot, another one springs right up! Its amazing! They are like bluddy mushrooms. Unless you pull out all the roots, there is just no end to it! lol

Its hard to raise awareness when the idiots dont even want to listen and they blindly defend their precious Zouk like as if they own the damn club. So damn lame!

Joseph Lee what did you witness? Why dont you tell us what you saw? Im really curious. Because regardless of what you saw, the end product was them getting bashed up. So what if they were doing "something" in the toilet? I dont care if they were making blue films in there, IT DOES NOT GIVE THE BOUNCERS THE RIGHT TO ASSAULT THEM!

Someone told me this story of how this guy didnt want to get his hand stamped when he entered Bali club (near the sunway suspension bridge). The manager wouldnt let him in. The guy got pissed, called his buddies, and they got in a major fight with the bouncers. In that situation, the violence was almost unavoidable. It was almost justifiable.

But how can ANYONE justify the violence against Ju Lee and her boyfriend? I don't understand how you lame Zouk supporters can be so thick skulled and narrow minded. You blindly support Zouk and the bouncers without providing factual support. Instead you insult and make petty remarks against Ju-Lee. Criticise all you want. But make it constructive criticism. Stop being mindless dumbasses. You embarrass yourself and our country.

Clubs DO NOT have the right to ASSAULT their customers. Professional bouncers RESTRAIN and EJECT rowdy customers. Its part of the risk they take for their job. Did you all not read what our own Prime Minister has said? He DOES NOT condone violence to resolve problems. But Zouk made a statement saying they DO condone violence against lewd customers.

Who do you think is going to win in court now? Is Zouk bigger than the Prime Minister? Is Zouk going to say violence is OK and undermine our PM? Bye bye Zouk

Bottom line:
Even assuming that Ju-Lee and her beau did something wrong, the beatings are not justifiable.

*** I am going to predict 9 out of 10 people who read this still wont understand why Zouk & the bouncers are in the wrong.

18 November, 2005 11:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear anonymous above,

yes IF the bouncers did assault Ju-lee and her b/f, then they are wrong. the fact that we are flaming is because, Ju-lee is indeed just claiming the whole damn case. When i first read her story, i felt bad for her and all but after discussing it with a few of my friends, i started questioning. Where is the proof. And has she got any proof the bouncers assaulted them. IF she has none then shut up. I am not a fan of Zouk either but stop blaming ppl and make herself the victim here. of all you know, Zouk might the the innocent party here. Well sue Zouk and win it then ppl will shup up. I do not agree with ur statement
"I don't understand how you lame Zouk supporters can be so thick skulled and narrow minded. You blindly support Zouk and the bouncers without providing factual support."

Aren't you blindly supporting Ju-lee without any factual support. Now think first before you speak....dun flame anybody if you yourself is the dumb ass here.

18 November, 2005 11:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous here (Julee's friend). Just making more people not to believe you. I'm start not to believe you already!

18 November, 2005 11:32  
Anonymous failedenglish said...


why u insult the less fortunate uneducated people. i also failed my english so what? i don't curse people like you. so what if you know more vulgar words, to prove that you are educated? u r just proving that educated people like to curse people, where is your manners! u curse me back lah, that will just prove me right!

18 November, 2005 11:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Aren't you blindly supporting Ju-lee without any factual support. Now think first before you speak....dun flame anybody if you yourself is the dumb ass here."

You havent been paying attention have you? Let me break it down for you

Fact 1:
Zouk already made a press statement supporting the actions of their bouncers against Ju-Lee. So they admit it was their bouncers that beat them up.

Fact 2:
Ju-Lee has medical reports to prove she & James were badly assaulted.

These facts have been out and about since the beginning lest we forget. All of Ju-Lee's detractors have no facts. Only stupid flaming remarks.

You shouldn't even try to think. Dumbass.

This SHOULD NOT have happened. Ju-Lee is kind enough not to wish this upon anyone and i used to think that way too. But apparently the only way the idiots will learn is to experience it first hand. So i wish it upon all the idiots out there. Go get beaten up and then come back crying. Although i doubt anyone would get beaten up now since the bouncers don't want to get into anymore trouble.

Oh yeah, thanks for being one of the 9 out of 10.

18 November, 2005 11:51  
Anonymous NY said...


Please point out ONE curse/swear/vulgar word that I used. I did not use a SINGLE ONE.

That was precisely my point. We can argue, debate and criticise WITHOUT using vulgar words.

It is Waterface and all the other Anonymous people who keep cursing and swearing and expressing great hopes that Ju Lee gets raped, etc.

I was very annoyed by that, which is why I directed my attack on them. And I stress again: I DID NOT USE A SINGLE SWEAR WORD TO ATTACK THEM.

18 November, 2005 11:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ny although i agree whole heartedly with your attacks, and find them funny to no end, we should concentrate on the reason this blog was started rather than attack the flamers.

After all, as is clearly evident in the last few posts, they don't understand what you are trying to say anyway =) LOL ....

18 November, 2005 11:55  
Anonymous failedenglish said...


sorry, not you. it was friend from texas i meant (typed too fast & accidentally clicked the submit). he likes to curse people.

u r more polite in your argument. new york people looks smarter and better than texas people.

18 November, 2005 12:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fact 2:
Ju-Lee has medical reports to prove she & James were badly assaulted.

medical reports...???? where and when did you se it. as far i i have known i did not see it. alright the bouncers did assault them but were the assault heavy?. we don;t know...James kicked first remember...there is such a thing called self defence....bouncers are mean people and if someone kick them what would they have done...well if i am not thinking then you must be retarded then....and one more thing, would you advise julee to sue malay mail as well for giving the wrong information...i believe the newspaper more than her..(and who r u again? nobody trying to talk crap here....Read all the bloody comments before you far the isn't any evidence from julee...NONE...its all made up by either her or her so called support group with pig brains.

18 November, 2005 12:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol ...

Sure, she is suing Zouk without medical reports and she didn't actually see a doctor to treat herself and James. (For the slow witted, like yourself, i am being sarcastic). Continue to delude yourself.

Oh yeah, James let out one kick and in turn, was pummeled into the ground by a group of bouncers. You obviously did not read my original post.

It was unjustified violence. Bouncer's are supposed to RESTRAIN not ASSAULT.

Like i said, just stop trying to think. Your brain must really be hurting by now.

To quote a wise man, "Never argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience". Hence i shall stop posting and arguing with you. I've said my part and if you still can't open your eyes and be an adult about it, continue to be shallow husk of a human being.

God bless you, cause i sure won't.

18 November, 2005 12:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lieing Bitch hasnt get laid in a bit, while her witness friend is being fucked upside down by retard james

18 November, 2005 12:14  
Anonymous dr wartson said...

to Ju Lee: "Busted"

18 November, 2005 12:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah new york also richer. i went to chinatown there and never before have i seen so many pork char sui and roast duck and roast chicken in a chinese bbq shop! wah ny fella you're really lucky to be there.

but what's with the mentioning of your white gf and others being jealous of you? you're a sarong party boy for thinking that whites are better than asians. you seem like your still stuck in the 1800s era of thinking when the whites colonised asia and elevated their status.

18 November, 2005 12:19  
Anonymous jully said...

chris! your gf quite pretty. wanna exchange with mine for the weekend?

18 November, 2005 12:21  
Anonymous lau-yar said...

TO the anonymous who predicted that 9 out of 10 .. whatever cock talk.. and the break down of the facts..

You re a fuckin retard.

Please use a nickname so i can direct it to you easier.

You ask people to read.. i suggest you go read la..

fact 1: The press statement, they never said the 'beat them up' now did they.. fuck for all you know they dragged them out, still thats not a beating now is it. (if at that)

fact 2: medical reports? lick my balls and choke on my ass hair. You have seen the reports? Go - lee you re dumber than i thought you were.

Yu were right that even if Ju-lee and her dude were making out they shouldn't have been beaten up.. yes.. you re half right there i will give you that..

Were they beaten up? go home lick some balls boi.

And to the ARSE-NaL Prick.. Whats wrong with him supporting Manchester? they are not doing well this season but they have achieved more then Arse-nal will ever achieve.

Even Viera slammed them la wei.. read soccernet and read the star!

And before you laugh WATERFACE.. yes you have a new person to flame.. i will gladly engage.. i too like NY though i am not as highly paid ;) need a break from time to time.

Do you know that the number 5 is below 4? Well.. if you do.. then you will know that Arsenal are below Manchester in the EPL TABLES right?. So AT THIS POINT IN TIME! Any team below Manchester United suck. Use statistics la wei.. when arsenal climb higher up the table then you ask me to shut up :) i don't mind. WATERFACE, you too are a retard.

By the way i suppose EVerton. Bear in mind i didn't say Everton are better than Arsenal asswipe.. though they did break Arsenal's unbeaten run.. and the player that did, now plays for MAnchester united Dick wad. Not relevant. cripes.. most half the things here are not relevant. YOu ass wipe. Don't be flaming a small comment. Oh.. i always choose the kiddie meal and Mcdonalds right? dick head.

18 November, 2005 12:25  
Anonymous zouk.abuse said...

Some of you people are fucked up.

If you don't support me, then don't come to comment on my blog.

Please act like you're educated at least. Cos I am, and I only want educated people to post comments here.



18 November, 2005 12:25  
Anonymous NY said...

but what's with the mentioning of your white gf and others being jealous of you? you're a sarong party boy for thinking that whites are better than asians. you seem like your still stuck in the 1800s era of thinking when the whites colonised asia and elevated their status.

It was strictly meant as a form of attack on those awfully rude people. I absolutely detest people who curse and swear for no apparent reason and who say things like 'X is getting raped, hope she gets raped, hope her boyfriend gets raped, etc.'. Those people fundmanetally have 'issues'.

Of course I don't think white people are better than Asians. I have lived in the West long enough to know that! :-) It was to drive home the irritation to those people.

I do apologise if you took it the wrong way.

18 November, 2005 12:27  
Blogger garageraver said...

In every obstinate discussion, the parties involved do not defend the truth but rather their own infallability...

18 November, 2005 12:30  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...


Seems pretty weird that all these inconsistent witnesses are popping up at this stage.

And tiring...


18 November, 2005 12:53  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Joseph Lee, I wasn't doubting ya dude...not one bit. Read my post again. I was making fun of the usual lines the trolls have been throwing around.

waterface said:
Friend from texas, how come when joseph lee tells his story, you kick a fuss.

Waterface, you are a stupid cuntfart who cannot read. Like I said, illiterate fucks like yourself should be culled from the internet. Maybe in BM?

Bodoh, kamu boleh baca tak? Tolong baca sekali lagi comment saya. Kamu dari kampong atau estate yang mana? Cikgu sekolah kamu tak ajar ke, macam mana nak baca? Awak memang mempunyai fakulti minda seumpama lalat.

waterface said:
friend from texas,

YOU are one typical CHINA-MAN have gone to texas because you cant compete with the rest of working class here, the malaysians.

How in the fuck did you assume I was a chinaman? Goes to show the type of kampong or estate mentality you have. You fuckin racist piece of trash. I'm no chinaman, but I'll tell you this:

Tiu nia ma chao hai!

How's that, do you understand that? Or maybe you're one of those tamil heroes who walk around thinking you're a nigger from Compton? In that case:

Podah pundak mamana! Amma po adi!

You want to start race-baiting, motherfucker....bring it on! Don't be surprised if the SB come a knocking on your door at 3am.

anonymous said (18 November, 2005 10:09):
It is funny that you can say Christopher Wais ugly and all but we can talk bad about Ju-lee.

You're another one of those illiterate fucktards trolling these boards. Go back and read my post. I didn't call him ugly. I was making fun of the black circles under his eyes....kinda looks like crack or junk addicts.....that was a cool get up if you ask me. Of course, the cultural cocoon you live in probably gives you the lack of a reference point for bad, motherfucker.

Guys, listen up. The internet has more than pictures that you wank off to. Sometimes, learning how to read helps you navigate this vast resource. Make a note of that.

18 November, 2005 13:32  
Blogger waterface said...

Friend from texas,

FUCK YOU. I am not going to justified to you low-ass-bitch whtever i am educated or not.
Your blog its so damn long that its bored me to the max. At the same time you are trying to point the same thing over and over again.


18 November, 2005 14:00  
Anonymous zouk.abuse said...

i made out in toilets before but didn't get bashed

18 November, 2005 14:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, friend from texas.

I think that is not the way you say about the person regardlless educated or not. That shows that YOU are the one are not EDUCATED enough to the extend of saying stuff like that. No woncder we still have racial problems exists in Malaysia. That is deep man.

18 November, 2005 14:14  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

waterface said:
Your blog its so damn long that its bored me to the max.

LOL! Admit it, you can't read properly, but merely know how to spout off after managing to grasp one or two familiar key words.

Ena macha! Ni bouncer kainge po sutu adi.


18 November, 2005 14:18  

You know.... this blog looks like a fan club to me rather than a blog that it was meant for in the beginning!

Please read this Julee, it is lengthy but will definitely benefit you, anyone here.

Let me be objective and not attack anyone. I'm here to help not attack. Anyone can flame me (especially her fans), I have no problem, but I will not respond. Once I'm done, I'll leave.

The blog needs public support! That's the whole purpose of setting it up. If the public starts to doubt and lost faith in this blog, this blog will turn into a fan club.

A blog with lots of public support will have a very good chance of fighting for a better security system, a better place.

When I say support, I did not mean the number of hits or comments. I meant, the number of people who BELIEVED in you, certainly not fans, Julee.

Of course you don't need their sympathy. But you definitely need their SUPPORT!

Some of the questions posted by quite a number of generous people were not answered. You should answer them if you need their support! They are not questioning like you are a criminal. They were seeking for justification to support you!

It's like when someone come to you and asked for donation, you would like to know which organization they work for and their name. You don't donate just because he told you a sad story.

Its natural they are seeking evidence like receipts and medical reports. If you are afraid of unwanted consequences, just show the doctors' report but blurr off the names.

The latest post will just make more people believe that you indeed did have sex in the toilet. I BELIEVED YOU DID NOT DO IT, but not all people think like me.

People may argue the whole point of the blog is bouncers bashing people, right? My point here is not the sex part (you did not do it, I sincerely believed) but the public believing and supporting your fight!

You are a strong lady. We are human, self is always the right one, the only one you should trust. However, we sometimes have to open up to opinions. The bad you filter, the good eventhough doesn't sound like your style, its WORTH a consideration.

The real supporters (not fans), you need to maintain them. Not making them SLOWLY TURN AWAY!

Its up to you to judge which one is the trolls or nonsense. This maybe a nonsense to some people.

Flammers use rough words but they are logical sometimes. By responding diligently, you can turn a neutral thinker to support you.

When more people support you, more people will responds positively instead of negatively.

Believe me, this site needs more support! By the time when people know you don't care, this site will slowly turned into a fan club like xiaxue's blog full of fans and cursing each other.

I wrote this because this blog really reminds me of hers. And I believed you are genuine in your fight, that's why I hope you don't turned this into a fan club!

But if you think this is a trolls, a nonsense that has no relevancy to you, I express my heartiest congratulations to you for your success and to all fans a happy blogging and bitching!

If you are maintaining your style in this fight, real supporters will leave but fans, trolls starts to come in cause that's what they like.

Lastly, don't give up but maintain real supporters NOT FANS!

- A Social Worker.

18 November, 2005 14:23  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Anonymous (18 November, 2005 14:14),

Although I'm not the one that started the race-baiting, I'll agree with you on that point. I should not have descended to that extent.....folks who don't read properly before shooting their mouth off annoy me. Sorry if my profanities offended you anonymous.

I'll stay clear from racial stuff now...cocksuckers like Waterfront can keep up the race baiting if he wants.

18 November, 2005 14:23  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

Social Worker,

Thats one of the best comments I've observed here in a long time. Kudos.

Ju-Lee, this blogger (and some other above, and in other posts) has raised some valid points. There were some really good questions you've left unanswered. Lookin forward to hearing your responses to these questions.

18 November, 2005 14:27  
Anonymous tracy philips said...

zouk sucks. I'm quitting to start a new club.

18 November, 2005 14:38  
Anonymous apek said...

Hali ini wa ade byk bikin untung jual itu getah sama pak hamid punya kilang. ini mlm wa mau amik wa punya bini pigi tengok itu celita hali pouter. wa dengar itu budak ade itu zolo punya tanda atas kepala ... betui ka? ini macam, wa kena bawak anak jugak la, pasal wa punya anak itu hali ala jatuh basikal. seluar koyak, dia kata zolo tadi datang kasi lukis sama pedang. ini citer ala apa-apa lelevan ka sama ini blog ... tarak. sama jugak macam itu budak juling, maaf juli, cakap pasal olang masuk jamban kasi kongkek ... apa kena mengena sama lu punya kes. Lu kena, sendili tanggung la, apa mau talik semua olang masuk satu jamban? Apa pasal mau kasi citer panjang-panjang pasal org punya anak masuk jamban muntah, org giler pigi letupkan dili ... sekalang pulak ini ... kalau lu talak suka baca ini semua, jagi bagi kita olang komen la. bikin senang kan. tapi wa tau lu punya puki pon ala gatal, itu pasal u buat macam ini. mau aksi, kena tanggung la ... apa lu bikin maki sama abang bangla ... meka kalu dgr bunyi misti la tgk. meka pon keja jugak ... kalau tak bikin kena potong gaji, lu mau bayar ka?

Lu ini pon satu, sudah buat salah, tapi boleh kasi hentam olang lain, boleh kasi citer pasal olang lain. Mau belas kasian olang, tapi senili pon kulang ajar.

Lu punya kawan-kawan pon satu, apa bikin mau cakap pasal olang ala blajar talak. kalau lu ade blajar, lu takkan masuk jamban kasi hentam la. Boloh!

Kita malusia bukan binatang ... bukan mcm anjing kucing sini sana boli kongkek. jaga maluah sikit la. Lu olang cakap olang mesia ini itu, tapi sendili masuk jamban hentam. tarak molal. Sula kena tangkap, mau bikin celita besihkan nama sendili.

Sape yang bolo dan talak blajar?

Sebelum pigi jaga tepi kain olang lain, baik tengok sendili punya kain. Lu punya kain sula kotor masa lu hentam itu mat salleh punya budak dalam jamban.

Sekian saje.

18 November, 2005 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the apek.

18 November, 2005 15:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju lee - liar, liar pants on fire. Oopsss in your case, your ass on fire.
hahahahahahahahaha. apek is so farni....
love that ny guy too. Well said. friend from texas, I have no nice things to say about you. Where is Ah Seng, ah?
I am not a flamers, fans or what ever but one thing for sure I am enjoying this so much. Ju lee, admit it, you lied. And you are busted.

18 November, 2005 15:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


she's married to one of the most educated people in the world mah (and also one of the most sickly, but got got doctors - able to kick after surgery - maybe can intro to football clubs around the world), so that makes her clever as well. so of course must jaga nama and look good mah. But look at her actions, doesnt say much about her does it? I believe she had sex in the toilet! She claims to be all this and that, then still belittle people who she thinks are dumb coz they hold small jobs.

So i totally agree with you too!!! Lu tengok lah lepas nih die punyer kommen...mesti ada power punyaaaaa!! saya tak bersalah!!! tidak tidak tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!

18 November, 2005 15:28  
Anonymous Lick my balls said...

social worker, you the man..

Its easy la to show some evidence. she just don wan..

How la.. i tell you the people who left comments.. good ones early early on don even come back already.. its become a farce to them.. you think they come read the post then go ah.. surely if they do come back.. they will read the comments and digest them.

They are not donkeys. Its not like if you dangle a carrot infront of them that they will follow forever, we are msians.. after a while sien also. You wanna hang a carrot go ahead. let them, let the flamers, let the fans, let me have a munch. Then dangle again if you must.

But you have to admit judging from the comments here, if the prime minister was to go through this. How serious do you think he will take this?

The flamers are here by choice, you enable comments by choice. Were you hoping for a healthy discussion ? Yes. If you look carefully and filter through all the profanities and junk you may find a few sensible and worth to note comments. Who is going to take this seriously.

You go to a charitable website like go see if you have useless comments.. if any can they compete with the crap here.

Don't say it costs money to create a better website and all that. Its not an excuse.

I love flammers but i also hunger for sensible comments. That's why i am coming back. Not because of your posting.

Still, no reply from you on the misleading comment above.. tsk tsk.



Msia has like what 22 million people? so you re saying more than 10 mil will get beaten up.


Smart readers will get that it was referring to those who took the survey etc etc etc. Fuck that.

I am being that petty because that was a petty attempt to generate attention. You re straying from the point.. it's not my fault. It's yours ju - lee. Had the posting been more relevant i would have put a more sensible comment.

This blows. But i love being pissed.

18 November, 2005 15:44  
Anonymous I love retards like WATERFACE said...

Troll dolls are cute.

I had a few.

Not much to look at, but probably better looking that Arse-nal biatch "water face".

Biatch. They such, what's wrong with saying that? two seasons ago they invicible.. now licking my balls la WATERFACE.

ARSEne WANKER is the biggest fuck wad. And you saying they don't suck. WATERFACE, you are indeed retard of the week.

18 November, 2005 15:49  
Anonymous gary said...

helo again. ive posted before stating that i would LIKE to support you...IF you can convince me with more evidence...till now, ive seen nothing...

nothing except that in recent posts, you've been focusing more and more on "making out in toilets" rather than the power abuse by bouncers...especially the latest post...a survey of where people have sex?...ok, now this is getting ridiculous. there was nothing there about bouncers or beatings...and

" Cleaners are allowed to climb over cubicles and check on you if they hear "noises". (You would think someone making out in a public club toilet would be *quiet*) Heaven forbid if you're getting lucky. If you're really taking a dump I guess you're safe!"

...that looked to me like a personal attack on now, before anyone starts pointing out the obvious that she was just trying to strenghten her case that Zouk made a big mistake and that looking at it from a different angle, yes it does relate somewhat to her just trying to point out that julee seems to have quite the passion for defending couples making out in toilets. i don't like where this is going.

like what social worker said above...i am one of those turning away. i wanted to support you, but till now, you have ignored me and others who have wanted just a little more proof of the incident.

for those who think she woudnt be taking this to court if everything she says wasnt true...well, you simply CANNOT rule out the fact that people always lie a little (if not a lot) in court cases. People can't help it, if it will make their story more credible they'd say it. we can all support u julee, but it takes more than words to convince many.

18 November, 2005 15:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow....51% of Malaysians will be bashed up at Zouk. Malaysia has a population of 22 million, and let's say 1000 visit Zouk every night for Monday till Sunday.
So 51% of 22 million = 11 220 000.

Every year = 365 000 pple will get whacked up.

But Zouk will only finish bashing up all 51% Malaysians in 30.7 years. Year 2036. Uh oh....too long. Have to try to achieve it before Wawasan 2020.

18 November, 2005 16:51  
Anonymous Going to be x-supporter said...

GARY , right on.

I use to support this cause. Now i think she's just like one of the flamers here. Senseless and irrelevant.

18 November, 2005 16:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tracy phillip, I will join your new club. Maybe I will ask waterface to join. He is funny fellow. We need that type of supprters to bombastic ppl like ju-lee. Tired of all this bullshit. Ju- Lee, sorry, do not believe in your story.
I am quiting.

18 November, 2005 17:09  
Anonymous No Way Out said...

I totally agree with social worker and gary...

Y didnt you answer to their questions?? There's nothing to be afraid of if its the truth... There are even uglier photos that we have seen in the newspaper. (eg. the Indon maid being abused with hot water and hot iron)
Criminal looking or not, nobody will judge you from how you look when you are the victim there..

Frankly, if you cant even answer to their questions here, it'll be even worse in the court. Are you going to keep quiet too in the court when being questioned??

I suggest you not to go to the court because its going to be a waste of your time! Save your money and face while its not too late!

18 November, 2005 17:55  
Anonymous passer_by said...

yep, julee responds diligently, don't flame back (no point) you get more supporters.

if you look at, his blog had more real supporters compare to you. only a few trolls namely the lifeless fcukger.

his responds were quite cool! does not flame back, except directed to fcukger.

if you read his blog even the flamer, oldfart who was anti-him turned to support him later!

the only thing that blog dies off is because, the victim stopped fighting!

18 November, 2005 18:00  
Anonymous bruce bruce said...

I think the point the Texan is trying to get across is that some of these windbags here are quick to shoot their mouths off without bothering to read....and he's not the only one. Read further up and you see that others also say the same thing, especially about that waterfuckface. Cibai fella, simply assume CHINA-MAN!

Frankly, i think some of these clowns here deserved what they got from Texan, though he was harsh. Serves them right....that is probably the only language these ding dongs understand.

18 November, 2005 18:15  
Anonymous bruce bruce said...

Passer_by, maybe there is more troll here bcos all these low life good for nothing ppl only want to support their precious Zouk club. Plus, corrupted-malaysia blog is about social and govt issue (i.e. police abuse). Abstract issues like that cannot be grasped by these dumbos who come here to support their little 'scene' at zouk. Plus, all these bouncer-lover good for nothings who think they must blindly kutuk Julee bcos one of their machas are a bouncer.

18 November, 2005 18:24  
Blogger golden screen cinema said...

cut it off...stupid bitch !
its all prank!

18 November, 2005 18:26  
Anonymous passer_by said...

bruce bruce,

I agree with you on that.

However, I noticed the people who like to kutuk ENJOY responses. The more vulgar words you use, the more HIGH they are. LOL. but true.

The people enjoy the show 'coz we all curse each other. When some other people see it, they will cut in and join the cursing. More and more are coming coz they like it! There are responses.

But, this does not help the victim at all. It makes the blog looks bad!

If you really want to help Julee the victim. The kutuking of each other should be stopped.

I used to kutuk a lot, but I stopped already after I read Social Worker's comment.

I don't care if anyone kutuk me now, I will not respond.

But I hope Julee listens to some of the sensible comments, that's all!

18 November, 2005 18:39  
Anonymous ban me pls said...

HEHEHE i use to think that..

the itchyness of your fingers will make you respond.. when the right comment comes along.. kekeke

The blog looks sad.. because she's not doing anything. Posting all those comments.. you think senseless flammers care ka?

All the ones that care go to holland already.. they are not coming back because there's nothing to support..

you have cult also need things to stimulate attention. You want to lead a donkey.. give it a carrot.. the carrot finish replenish la..

Doesn't matter if the kutuking stops.. the supporters support support.. then? reach here then how? sign petition oredi then how?

Class: Next thing you do is read the postings i give post then you spread the word? come on..

How many of us know of trends that die out after a while.. this is going to join the pile.. something else is going to come up. Its human nature.. takle me for instance.. my attention span is so short i am embarrased.

Think about that. I am here for the fun man. If she wants to ban. she can hahahaha

18 November, 2005 18:49  
Anonymous above said...

So someone fuck my comment oredi..

I am lifeless.. been working too hard.. and its not time to go out yet so .. this is a good in between thing.

FUCK ME! not up the ass la. pain la wei.

18 November, 2005 18:52  
Anonymous passer_by said...

JuLee, its up to you now to clear up things.

People who supported you or neutral now starts to kutuk you because of your postings on the sex in toilets.

I know its relevant, but somewhere I read "flammer by profession" comments suggestions are worth considering.

You know... tell us hows' the progress is much much more better than posting this.

18 November, 2005 19:00  
Blogger Edison said...

alrite alrite alrite... k... hear me out... after like... FIVE HRS of reading ALL the comments... the WHOLE BLOG .. and AVTHING... (i noe... it's exam time n yet i'm doing SHIT like this... but hey... it's addictive... SsSsHHhH.. dun tell my parents...) well.. ok.. NEways... i have come 2 a conclusion that... "ju-lee"'s story is only HALF TRUE.... not the WHOLE TRUTH... bcos hey... we ARE after all... human... & yada yada yada... we tend to twist things/stories around 2 fit our situation... rite?? but STILL... doesn't gif d bouncers NE rite 2 roughen them up... so.. i think.... IMHO... that what TRULY happened was that... alrite... they were at the club rite... then... suddenly that thing happened... so.. she got scared, panicked... din RELI think straight.. but not her fault wat... it's her fiance ok... someone she was gonna marry for life... js txtd her... "pls help me" (which BTW, can b typed in 15 secs wif eyes closed so u silly buggers who say:"how can he still txt u & y not call" r js PLAIN.... silly... BTW, calling also probly cannot hear wif all d loud music wat)... wud b like.. "OMG... wat happened?!" so.. RUN... go in toilet... found him... she opened d door... & was like... QUICK... RUSH IN... locked d door... dunno y oso... but gif her d benifit of doubt that mayb it was JS A REACTION... rite?? 1st thing u do when going into a toilet cubicle(if u're a female.. cos men usually dun)?? lock d door la... NEway.. too 警张(gan jiong, panicky) redi mah... & so then NEthing during that time wud haf made sense la... even when she thot she was "thinking logically"... so... NEways... now 2 the part where 1 of d bouncers climbed up & saw them hugging & kissing... d one that was even reported in MM rite? well... maybe she was js trying 2 comfort him leh?? trying 2 wake him up?? telling him: "oh.. c'mon dear... it's gonna b alrite... we'd get help soon k?" then kiss on d FOREHEAD mayb? the bouncer say hug & kiss... din say they were gropping & all rite? (PLS clarify on this part, J.L.) n then... yada yada yada... bout them not wanting 2 leave d premises... i guess that's d part where she wantd 2 go get her handbag lo...

BUT... NOW... d interesting part.. & d part where i THINK has been (even Ju-Lee said it.. altho i'm not sure if she was referring to this) "blown out of proportion"... if d roughing up... i dun think it was BASHING up la... cos like what so many people say... no proof & all leh... maybe jus pushed them round abit... MAYBE slightly kicking... like prodding kind of kicking... like "eh... get up la..." bcos... after all... James was semi-concious rite & this JL was alredi traumatized.. so wat do women do when they're traumatized? "DON'T YOU DARE ROUGH US UP LIKE THAT YOU &!#!*&^*&!!" n then... emotions get in the way... misunderstanding... bouncers thot "他妈的!this gal think she got ang moh BF can talk to us like that la!!" n then mistook it that James was drunk/high...actually from ur account- "They lifted James off the floor and he kicked out in defence", JL, it depends on HOW they lifted him off d floor rite? maybe they were using both hands? n not like what we readers wud imagine.. by the neck or smth like that... but NEways... james tried 2 kick back... so... angry lo... then maybe they manhandled them a bit la... (bcos that's jz wat bouncers ACTUALLY HAVE 2 do sumtimes rite?? DuH! what if there were REAL troublemakers?) but BASHED?? i dunno... i dun think so... i think that's why JL has not shown NE pics of the bruises or cuts that she claimed have been made by the bouncers... bcos there weren't any... SORRY JL if they ACTUALLY DID... but then ur pictures from d BACK... like wat NUMEROUS ppl haf said... ur shirts, hair, arms & all... show no signs of serious beating/bashing... but i wud like to state again that... there shudn't even haf been a "scuffle" (as stated by the manager of Zouk himself) at all... the bouncers should have been more civilised by no.1: not ganging up on u 2 intimidate u. no.2: giving u both a chance to explain urselves... n SOLELY for the reason that "security personnels have 2 b more trained" ... i wud be signing the petition...

but JL, pls... if u have blown the whole thing out of proportion... n added salt, pepper & vinegar... pls DO RE-tell us the WHOLE TRUTH & nth but d TRUTH... cos i think if that WASNT d truth rite.. it wud b reli unfair 4 ur readers who sympathize with u fully js bcos u added a few bits & pieces 2 manipulate them... but IF u r still sticking 2 ur version of they ACTUALLY FREAKING BASHED u up INHUMANELY... then yea... some photos as evidence would REALLY REALLY help...
i liked the quote that one commentor gave from JFK or sumbody... bout "you may be able to fool some people all the time, or everybody for some time. BUT, you can't fool everybody all the time"

all the best in ur pursuit for justice & for a better system of things in M'sia. but don't let your personal agendas get in the way ya? i'm NOT saying u r... but jz... I think the reason why you have so many supporters is because of your "I started this blog only to inform the public about what happened to the both of us." statement... well, at least that's y I'M supporting u... so... stick 2 that pls... cos even though i'm not back in M'sia now... i wish one day the place i call home will be truly developed & without all these problems...

18 November, 2005 20:27  
Blogger Edison said...

BTW... i jz went 2 your petitions page... and at the bottom of it said that it was created and written by Johan Lee?? is that equivalent to Ju-Lee? isn't Johan a guys name? i dunno... i might be ignorant... so... was just wondering if that's your actual name?

18 November, 2005 20:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A SHIM ... damn, the plot thickens!!

18 November, 2005 21:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

18 November, 2005 21:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This bitch still hasnt get laid?

Her witness friend farking James S&M style now?

18 November, 2005 21:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IT is a very simple point.

No one is condoning sex in toilets lah. The point is these MAlaysians, and not Ju-Lee, does it. So if Zouk's point is to say that they deserve to be beaten up if they were making out is true, then half of Malaysians deserve to be beaten up because they do the same thing.

Simple simple simple. What's so difficult for you to understand?

You people think by sounding stupid you get others on your side. That is so lame. If you could put your face there I think you bring your name and family shame.

I want to see how you people would react if you get bashed up. You would just go ask for a bottle of JD and then kow tim because you are cheap and have no values. At least someone got the principles to stick up for you losers to make sure that you don't get bashed for your loudmouths... believe me it is very tempting when people behave as idiotically as you all.

18 November, 2005 22:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tan ah bengs got nothing better to do than to feng tau and sound stupid.

18 November, 2005 23:30  
Anonymous NY said...

Finally, after weeding out the crappy flamers and trolls, we are getting some substance.

Very good. Now I can add my own thoughts on the substance. I agree with the comment posted by Edison above that Ju Lee’s story is probably true to a certain extent, but that it is not the whole truth. Indeed, I would venture to suggest that Edison was perhaps a little more charitable to Ju Lee than I would be.

I believe that Ju Lee, her boyfriend James and her friends did go out clubbing at Zouk on Halloween Night. Ju Lee and James were making out in the toilet (I think this is pretty obvious by now, NOT from what anyone is saying, but from what Ju Lee HERSELF is saying). Maybe he was ill, and she did go in to check on him, but upon arrival, they couldn’t resist some fun. Whatever.

The bouncers found out, and ordered them to leave (probably quite forcefully and rudely). James, being a typical Westerner who is used to his rights – who is not used to being shouted at by some perceived ‘ruffians in the Third World’ – shouted back and probably reacted physically when the bouncers tried to touch him. The bouncers got annoyed and got physical, so they dragged both of them out. Some physical force was certainly used, but this was almost probably somewhat exaggerated by Ju Lee, in an effort to make her case (i.e. she describes them as being savagely attacked by the bouncers in public, which I find most unconvincing).

In conclusion, Ju Lee and her boyfriend were somewhat wrong in the first place. But this DOES NOT in any way justify the use of physical force (especially violent force) by bouncers against customers.

Of course, the above is just my opinion, which is formed through inferences drawn from the discrepancies and implausibility of Ju Lee’s story and some of the more intelligent comments here.

19 November, 2005 01:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i smell shit in here.

whoops there it is....Ju Lee just shat in her pants.

Guess she knows she's busted now and she's probably facing a jail sentence.

19 November, 2005 01:10  
Anonymous Tan Ah Beng said...

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my 'mayat' is civic got a lot so mani blue light it now look like space ship. damn fast wor. and then RUN FROM TEH JPJ. I stay in jinjang utara.

i think julee is lieing becoz i dun no her but for fun say lor. :0

i say by tok kok onli n say lie lie lie. also i like to say i c everything 1 but then i no lan go polis. heheheheheh. trablesem.

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wat is rights? rights and lefts lor.

if u tok kok u kena whack 2bad ah. dun rite in blog all dis shit ah. u masuk tandas sure skru. u tink i stupid meh. dunno wan dis tings.


19 November, 2005 01:17  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

I was actually looking forward to Ju-Lee responding in more detail to Mr. Joseph Lee.

New York, its not that flamers have been weeded out...its Friday night in Malaysia....all the asshats are at Zouk paying homage to their bouncer buddies.

19 November, 2005 01:30  
Anonymous Jah Man said...

edison - I believe that saying is from Bob Marley's "Get up,stand up, stand up for your rights". And the sentence is "You can fool all the people some time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." And he was referring to the white government bullshitting the blacks, a liberation song of sorts.
Since you're in Australia, go meet up with some potheads in college, uni or whatever and toke on some of that sweet hydro and you'll understand more.

19 November, 2005 02:48  
Anonymous GSC said...

yeeennaaa dei!
julee, julee...ini macam tarak baik woooo..! itu cerita kalu tarak btul jangan kasi betul jugak....! itu bangla aaa jangan kasi bodoh-bodoh jugak tau tarak baik laa itu macam...bitch! sendiri mau bikin ini blog ah bole buat orang kasi gaduh tau! itu kalaripayat ka...itu kuntau ka..silat juga semua bole kluar tau..aku tengok aa lu skarang mau bikin semua orang kasi agree sama lu..pusing itu cerita kasi macam putu mayam juga ...skarang lu mau itu semua orang juga kata itu main dalam jamban juga tara salah...ayoyoyoyoooooo! lu kata lu manyak padai lagi itu bangla..tapi lu kira itu statitik pun tara betul...ini malaysia kecik saja..kalu gaduh-gaduh sapa mau julee please cut off this crap! you are running no where girl. kalai vanakam!

19 November, 2005 03:07  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Come on boys.

Is this the most intelligent crap you guys can come up with?

Try harder.

I don't sucker easy to rubbish or bullies.



19 November, 2005 05:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one is bullying you, dear JL, we're simply ridiculing you.

It's really not that hard to do when you come up with stories like you do.

Keep it up LOL

19 November, 2005 10:40  
Anonymous Frankie Four Fingers said...

Eagerly anticipating today's update JL, where are you?

19 November, 2005 13:39  
Anonymous Troll Fan No.1 said...

No flames last night, no degratory remarks whatsoever, you trolls/flamers went to Zouk to suck up to your bouncer buddies with printed copies of the blog right? Then you laughed with the oversized gorilla in the cheap suit about how "happening" you were, you actually meant how "LAME" you were cos' outside of spending all that money in Zouk, life means nothing more to you. How sad.

19 November, 2005 13:45  
Anonymous bruce bruce said...

LOL! friend from texas and troll fan:

That is actually one of the most striking observations in the last 24 hrs. The abusive trolls and flamers simply disappeared. I don't think we gonna see them today also....they will be nursing hangover during the day, then get ready to go back and kiss bouncer butt at night. Expect the torch wielding villagers to return on Sunday night. I'm sure my buddy Texan is sharpening his steak knives in anticipation!

19 November, 2005 14:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ju- lee. What more other articles or stories you would like to express. I am waiting for something more spicy stories. You see, in every story line,there got to be plot, drama and all that mushy stuff. But there is also climax or anti climax. But your story has gone way all pass that but there is not climax.
Come gurl, show us something. Something for us to go on reaching for the keyboard.You started this so finish it.
Do go on dagling us with your sob story and countine to see how long this blog can last. There are other ways to end this you. Plain truth. Nothing but the truth.
So, you think you can handle that.

19 November, 2005 14:25  
Anonymous Troll fan no1 said...

Anonymous - You see this is the problem with Malaysia, even if you're telling the truth, people still think you're lying or harbouring some facts. It's ridiculous, its the exact same attitude the police have all through these years. for eg, They bust one snatch thief in Bangsar, and they will pin point all previous cases on him, even though he may or may not have committed all the other snatch thefts in previous months, he's still going to get charged for it. Off course in the process of his remand period, he'll ge the bashing and torturing of his life. For what? Just cos' of one case he's gotta take the shit for all the other cases? Similarly what you guys are doing by belittling JuLee's posts is somewhat similar to that. You guys have read what she had to say, formed your own opinion without any physical facts and judged her and passed sentence by abusing her verbally with all the flames. I'd really like to see you guys get what's coming to you and laugh, right in your faces. Be kind and understanding, true she may or may not have been an angel but what gives you the right to pass judgement? You obviously aren't a judge, nor are you schooled in law or the process of justice. You just know your own version of justice(judgemental type) which is definitely biased no matter who you may be. So if you aren't supporting her, and you just want to nitpick at her posts and post nasty,rude comments, don't. It's that simple, leave your comments to yourself, better still chat about it with your friends but don't spoil the atmosphere in here. I like to think of this blog as a place for "intelligent and critical discussion". So if you must criticise, do it diplomatically. Not like the ah-pek, anneh or makcik in the fish market would make an arguement, making ridiculous comparisons, posting rude and CRUDE remarks, cursing. You wanna do that, please not here ok? It's simple, you don't want me to go shit on your front door right? So why are you coming to Ju-Lee's "front door" and making a huge mess of the shit while you're at it?

19 November, 2005 14:50  
Anonymous Lick my balls said...

zouk.abuse said...
Come on boys.

Is this the most intelligent crap you guys can come up with?

Try harder.

I don't sucker easy to rubbish or bullies.



You didn't even respond to the sensible comments la. We are still waiting for it.. Those of us who care..

So who is Johan Lee?

Answer friend from Texas, Does DR. M operate a music store etc?

Why did you mislead us with the 51% at least justify yourself, cause before you were transparent now you re resolving to tactics of this sort?

Is this the most intelligent crap you can come up with? whats that? an invitation to fill this blog with more crap?

You re more mental than i thought. Like Hitler.

Lick my balls.

19 November, 2005 15:00  
Anonymous lick my balls said...

Troll fan no.1

Please. You obviously loved Pendidikan Moral in school. I got a P6 but that doesn't make me more immoral than you.

Don be saying that people are passing judgements and all that.

You re dissing the flamers.. what about those who passed judgments on Zouk? the bouncers? what about those who already sentenced them saying that "THEY have to be punished etc?"

You say what gives the people right to Judge Julee, what gives you the right to judge them?

Tepuk dada tanya selera my friend. Before some fucker says i am a malay, i am a china man. A smart one at that.

You seem to be on side.. defending her from the 'trolls'

Let me ask you this, is her story true? Do you believe her 100% maybe thats not relevant.

The doorstep thing.. You want to shit on my front door? go ahead! if you can find one.

This is the internet and this is the blog. I believe Ju-lee or the person running this blog has the POWER to disable comments. What she wants to get her message across thus she needs the comment box? rubbish. The biggest success she will have is with the people who read her postings and were steered to think about it.

By creating a blog, one is subjecting themselves to all these flammers. Do they deserve? maybe not. But to use the shit and front door analogy. That's piss weak my friend.

Disable your comments and you won't have a front door for people to shit at. It's part and parcel of creating a blog.

Intelligent and critical discussion? even the big hats who go for those apec summits don't have intelligent and critical discussions. (Well.. not all the time)

This is the net. And until she can formulate, nay establish a proper website etc. expect to see all these crude and rude remarks.

It's also called shut up or put up. You might say, don't visit this page then. Who are you to ask them not to?

She has the right to make a blog, every other troll has a right to come and read it and post as they will.

As i said. Disable comments and that will do the trick. Though you would be taking the drama out of it i suppose and i dare say that's the reason why it's still enabled.

Troll fan no.1, stop being such a dickward.

Think about that.

19 November, 2005 15:12  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

lick balls, good points raised. Can't remember if I was prior to this, but henceforth I shall not pass specific judgement on Zouk's 4 (or how ever many) allegedly abusive bouncers and Zouk's management.

But, I still stand by my point that bouncers in general are a bunch of Neanderthals....not to mention their homo fans here who blindly support them in return for a little bouncer-love ; p

troll fan does raise some good points too. Mainly the prevalent mindset that vicitimizes a victim even further for coming out with his/her story. Seems to be the general culture against those who speak out....remember that deputy fire chief who got his ass nailed to the wall for being a whistleblower on corruption in the fire dept?

Other than that, the quality of discussion here has increased by a factor of 10 without the usual bottom-feeders lurking around.

19 November, 2005 16:25  
Anonymous Just my 2 sen said...

Malaysia is a country that victimises it's innocent and/or victims, remember that quite recently the Attorney General ran out of good things to say and recommended Electronic Tagging for Prosecution Witnesses? How ridiculous, how stupid. He even went as far to compare Martha Stewart who is also tagged. The difference being, Martha Stewart is a convicted criminal/felon whatever it is they call them in the USA. Prosecution Witnesses aren't criminals, they're there to help the AG and by making such a moronic suggestion, rest assured that the public won't be so eager to make a report in the event of a crime happening. In a way it's the AG saying, "oh you wanna give us extra work? then we'll tag you guys like wild animals to keep track of you". Stupid isn't it? In Singapore they use Electronic Tagging on newly released gangsters and loan sharks. Maybe AG should consider using Electronic Tagging on them rather than rely on the PCO(Buang Daerah) system, which by the way is so corrupted. People who are PCO's routinely return to KL to attend big "tabletalks" and such. The local balai is bought off the moment the PCO steps foot in the town. Malaysia Boleh!(said in jest)

ps Ju Lee u better pray this Electronic Tagging thingy doesn't happen otherwise both u and ur fiancee will be wearing tags around ur ankles until the case goes to court. Which by the way will take absolute ages when they keep postponing the mention dates and such, you know, defense counsel not well prepared, medical report not given to the defense team etc.

19 November, 2005 16:42  
Anonymous Just my 2 sen said...

Left off from the earlier post :
So if the case keeps getting postponed, you two are gonna be wearing those tags for easily a year. Ridiculous isn't it? Well thats Malaysia for you. The AG royally fucks up a case, then can't do anything to salvage his reputation or fix the problem, and in return shoots his mouth off to sound smart but doesn't analyse the situation first and thus buries himself even deeper.

19 November, 2005 16:46  
Blogger Edison said...

zouk.abuse said...
Come on boys.

Is this the most intelligent crap you guys can come up with?

Try harder.

I don't sucker easy to rubbish or bullies.



ok... so now.. are you referring to me?? hhrrrmm... maybe you haven't read my comments?? well, if you haven't, pls DO READ THEM... & then... PLS answer my questions... can?? or else rite... jz answer THIS question----> WHO is Johan Lee?? ur brother or who?? YOU?? W-H-O??

ny: thank u.
jah man: thanks 4 d info. but can't that quote still apply? did u NEED 2 add a personal attack tho?? HAhA~ n BTW, no, i'm not in Aussie.

19 November, 2005 20:01  
Blogger Edison said...

ok ok... am pretty convinced that you HAVE read my comments.. cos, i posted d same comment in the comments part of ur (Ju Lee/Johan Lee) other posts.. but now they're all gone, so u must haf read them, & deleted them... yes?? so then... i'm starting 2 get suspicious, y still no reply/ans 2 my questions or watever? at LEAST a yes/no/maybe so?

19 November, 2005 20:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey edison, she's not only a SHIM, she's a schizo who makes us stories. That's why she's shying away from answering you LOL

This twat JL is just what she is ... a lying twat.

19 November, 2005 21:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FILTHY LYING DAUGHTER OF BITCH! PLEASE DELETE THIS IF YOU FEEL ITS TOO VULGAR, mother fucking ass fucked, triple penetrated whoRE!

19 November, 2005 21:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant believe i wasted 15 minutes reading this piece of shit .

19 November, 2005 21:58  
Anonymous Jah Man said...

edison - you can get some of that hydro in NZ too.. and read the comments i directed to you properly please, its not an attack but rather me just correcting you dude. an attack would consist of some very rude and condescending language. ;)
you can quote people, but quote them correctly otherwise you do them no justice dude.

19 November, 2005 23:14  
Blogger Edison said...

jah man: aight, jz thot.. bout d potheads & all.. u noe... but yea, no offence taken.

19 November, 2005 23:33  
Blogger zouk.abuse said...

Let me get this straight.

I'm a *whatever it was that's too vulgar and crude to repeat* because I got attacked with my fiancee, decided to speak out and not wish this on other people?

That's fantastic. What a no-brainer.

20 November, 2005 00:42  
Anonymous gary said...

ju-lee! oh've read the comments. do you even CARE about what we say? not the trolls i mean the ones who actually WANT to take your story seriously?

you have been avoiding ALL constructive questions and have instead decided to respond with a challenge to flame you better?

have you noticed your supporters have been waning and even i now believe that i am a fool for wanting to support you. its a good thing i didnt. from now on, in my eyes you are "guilty" until proven "innocent", not the other way around....sorry.

Friend from texas has been loyal to your cause since the very beginning, but i'm sure he has plenty of doubts now.

ju-lee, you made a big fuss out of this matter and pursued it diligently by creating a blog and making reports and employed a lawyer, i don't see why you refuse to follow through.

20 November, 2005 01:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucking hate clubbers who think it's cool to be dancing to techno and dance. fucking shit new-age bullshit. all you people can follow this 'pressure' to be cool by being immersed into pop-culture crap. "oo, i go to zouk/atmos/rush i'm cool". dumbfuck ah bengs/lala chais who constantly deny being what they are can go to hell. so, go on wearing wrist-bands, listening to commercial music aka 'da latest hitz', shuffling shit, in the end you'll dance reaper. fuckheads.

20 November, 2005 01:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haih.. who cares if Julee really gets beaten up or not, if she gets justice or not, if she's lying or not... this has become a mess of flamers and trolls, the intelligent posts and questions are ignored, and Julee doesn't give a shit on what anyone thinks except the trolls and flamers, apparently. Maybe they're on to something, since she's focusing so much on them.

20 November, 2005 02:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Anonymous post thats located above me has a point. I was supporting Ju-Lee at first but right now, she seems interested in only answering those who flame her. If you're really in the right, then who cares what negative things people say about you? Instead of focusing on your case and your plight, you spend time answering flamers rather than the constructive questions being posed. So what if they dont believe you? At the end of the day, only you know what happened and if you're right, then screw all others.

20 November, 2005 04:43  
Anonymous physco said...

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20 November, 2005 05:28  
Blogger extrinsic said...

People, let me tell you something...

I said before I won't come back but seing all these comments couldn't resist-lah!

I was one of the earliest people who posted comments here. Indeed, I signed the petition! What a fool I am! Damn!

Seeing the direction this blog is going, I think this must be the logic-lah,

When I first come to this blog (Novemner 10 before lunch malaysia time) there were very few comments because only blogger with blogspot account can make comment, I had to log in. Then, suddenly after lunch, she allowed anonymous comments! That time I didn't suspect anything-lah!

Now, I noticed her obvious motives already. Since then of course a lot of comments comes in lah. She felt HIGH a bit of course seeing so many comments.

There was once she mentioned she thanked us flammers and trolls for helping her site obtain high hit rate! Now, she even talk like xiaxue!

And of course she won't answer all the questions from the people she'd been fooled, if no answer then people will get more curious by more of her post! more people will come in! higher hit!

Damn! I'm fooled! Flame me-lah, Julee or shall I call you Johan?

I think you deserved what you had now for being so ignorant to so many cared supporters! Hmmm... maybe I was wrong, you indeed succeeded in your motives! Damn!

I'm leaving, bye forever!

20 November, 2005 06:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why malay mail removed the articles!

20 November, 2005 07:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q: What is this blog about?
A: Warn people

Q: Then why enable comments
A: Julee, your call!

Q: Why you didn't answer people questions?
A: To many, may skip, no time to read all I guess 'cause she is a business woman, probably busy on work at the same time have to attend to legal issues regarding the assault.

Q: Does she care about the blog's image?
A: I think yes.

20 November, 2005 07:40  
Anonymous malaysian said...

friend from texas,

I'd hope to see what you think about this.

You have been supported her from the beginning till now, may be there are others but you are the obvious one. People with such a good heart is rare nowadays! Kudos!

20 November, 2005 07:54  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

malaysian, her last couple of comments seem to border on the ridiculous...its like she's egging on the flamers after a drop in their postings.

BTW, Ju-Lee, change the title of the post. The joint probability of getting your ass whooped in Zouk's toilet should be 3% (assuming everyone who gets it on in Zouk's toilet gets their ass whooped). If Zouk didn't have a case to sue you for defamation, they have one now.

20 November, 2005 09:04  
Blogger extrinsic said...

ripcord is Ju-Lee's friend. He has said something about James and Julz. Now I believed, the assault indeed DID happened. And she is not creating a blog for fun, in my humble opinion-lah!

Sorry Julee, i take back all my words above (you can remove that comment). But, I still wonder why you enable comments if this is just information to warn the public? The puzzle really doesn't fit-lah!

20 November, 2005 09:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zouk might sue you girl... Run away to USA! Quick!

20 November, 2005 16:12  
Anonymous gary said... sorry, but ripcord's blog doesn't convince me one bit about je-lee's story. it looks like a little side track from his normal everyday blog to me...just for the sake of posting something up.

he wasn't a witness, he didnt even know julee was beaten up till she told him on msn.

so arises the issue of her not being beaten up at all. If he had seen her after the abuse, what with her scars and "permanently damaged" bf he would have immediately known something BIG went down near the toilet, and on the other hand if he didnt see her at all, his words would hold as much weight as mine...which is ZILCH!

nothing gained, nothing lost. if anything, it just shows that her friend doesn't actually want to get involved with this whole thing...

20 November, 2005 19:17  
Anonymous lick my balls said...

Yeap i have read the thing too..

Ripcord is swimming in the same pond that we are..

Except a few of us... i would like to think you guys agree with me on this one..

Texas, Gary, Edison.. and some others.. sorry to miss out..

We are on jet ski's already.

He too didn't see it.

The fact that he 'corroborates' her allegations doesn't make it real.

The end.

20 November, 2005 21:36  
Blogger Friend from Texas said...

lick balls, agree with ya. What ripcord has is merely some posts in support of JuLee and to raise awareness of the situation. Nothing more, nothing less.

21 November, 2005 06:48  
Anonymous josephine said...

ju-lee...if u shall persist on blogging such things..zouk is ready to sue after they settle your case..they might win although u ve a situation for pl to pity with u but if u shall persist like this it will get u no where

24 November, 2005 01:51  
Anonymous lol said...

just leave the whole thing to julee. she wants to lie, go ahead, she wants to tell the truth, go ahead. she can say watever she wants, coz at the end of the day she is the victim and she & her other half will be at court with zouk. at the end of the day none of us get anything from flaming julee or flaming each other. its fun reading tho but the whole flaming here and there and adding some spices to the stories doesnt make much difference in court. truth lies in the eyes of God. and as for now, the judge that walks on earth decides. even the papers cant do nothing except get money from the stories they write. and, there's no point calling people names and telling the whole world how smart and rich u are. nobody's perfect, neither am i. and who said life is easy?

chill people.

28 November, 2005 01:58  

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