Saturday, November 26, 2005

Five and Six

Met two others today who were bashed up in Zouk.

That brings the number to five and six.

They got in touch with us through our Malay Mail article. They're going through a hard time themselves.... One of them was injured pretty badly. I'm glad he's in better shape now.

I won't divulge their stories as the press intends to cover it, want them to get the exclusive. I will however link it here when it comes out. I hope they publish soon.

I am surprised at the number of people coming forward. I think publicising this was the best thing I did, all of us thought we were alone. None of us could understand why we were targeted and how we got into this big mess. All the incidents were spur of the moment, out-of-the-blue, fits of anger on the part of the security personnel.

Now it's coming to light.... hopefully it will stop.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Arrests been made

Pertaining the case of the other two who were assaulted at Zouk before James and myself.....

The police went to make the arrests pertaining that assault last night. I got the call from one of the guys immediately. One of them made the identification of the suspects, and the evidence was also carted off. (they got whacked on the head with pretty heavy objects)

I'm happy things are finally moving for them.

I hope it will for us soon....

We're hoping their story will be covered in the press. Apparently there is yet another beating at Zouk, involving two brothers. Also by bouncers I believe. The press is waiting for Zouk's response on the matter.

Lawyer has sent off a legal letter to them for the assault and the defamation. Let's see how it goes from here. I'm itching to see justice done... I really believe strongly that being assaulted by anyone under any circumstances is a horrible, terrible thing.

Peace to all.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


There are some times in life when you feel the connection to the person before you even meet. There are only two men in my life who share that honour, one of whom I met this evening.

We got on the phone this afternoon and spoke about our ordeals. Both him and a friend were bashed up on the first floor, albeit in another toilet from the one we were in. Just like us, it happened quickly, unprovoked. Ridiculously violent.

They ended up in the hospital, completely bloodied from the experience.

There was an instant bond when we met. It was comforting to know we're both in this for the same reasons - we felt we were wronged, that this could have possibly ended up with someone being permanently injured or possibly dead. We did not want this ordeal to happen to anyone else out there.

This is a difficult journey but in a way it's comforting to know that neither of us are alone. Two forces are much better and stronger than one.

Sceptics.... Patience please. The story will be out in a minute. I'm not giving the game away just yet.



Monday, November 21, 2005

Interesting News

I just found out that we were not the only ones who were bashed up.

Apparently there are two other gentlemen who were assaulted in the same manner... from behind. Same toilet.

More details coming soon.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mind Games

There's the silly comments online about the fictitious witnesses who are best pals with the management, the threats and insults, bla bla bla. Tiresome and boring and quite frankly, nonsense.

Now I've started getting calls from private numbers. They come at all sorts of hours.. I pick up, no sound nothing.

It was to be expected anyway, the bully tactics.

I have nothing personal against Zouk. I don't think anybody does. But to be beaten up, not be contacted for an apology, then slandered in the press for all sorts of rubbish to justify their actions, is just beyond my understanding or forgiveness. And now I'm getting these "Scary calls".

Come on this is ridiculous. You go for a night of fun you'd expect the establishment to have some kind of responsibility towards it's patrons. Not to beat them up and have the audascity to wipe their hands clean and get all huffy and upset because they feel you'd like to do something about it because decent human beings don't get treated this way.

Any kind of human being shouldn't be treated this way.


Friday, November 18, 2005

51% Of Malaysians Will Be Beaten Up At Zouk

If we go by Zouk's stand that making out in the toilet gets you a good bashing, (to quote their press statements to the Malay Mail regarding how and why we got assaulted) ...... I guess 44% of our countrymen are in trouble.

You can expect that they will subject each and every one of you out there to spot checks in the toilet, like how they so boldly claim they did to us. (Rubbish)

Cleaners are allowed to climb over cubicles and check on you if they hear "noises". (You would think someone making out in a public club toilet would be *quiet*) Heaven forbid if you're getting lucky. If you're really taking a dump I guess you're safe!

Then there's the additional 7% who make out in the club proper itself. Let's not forget them. I'm assuming they're not the private kind to go into the toilet so you can expect them out in the open dance floor.

God forbid if they get caught smooching their girlfriends in public! Remember this is a club that makes no qualms about physically letting even women know what they think about "immorality".

Way to go Zouk, moral authority of the country. Dragged to Federal Court for lewd dancers and still taking the highground when convenient.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mr. D's Story

Today I met a wonderful gentleman. Never seen him before in my life.

He asked me about what had happened to the both of us, he was away in Shanghai when we were beaten up.

I told him everything. His first question to me was, "What can we do?"

It immediately lifted me up. Amongst the sea of ignorant, rude, mean, armchair critics, there was someone who understood and wanted to do something good, someone who wanted to help.

He shared a story to me about how he almost got beaten up in a ladies toilet by two security personnel in K.L.

He has an adopted daughter who has AIDS. She gets horrid reactions to the medication, terrible vomitting ensues. She was in the ladies throwing up, and mind you she's five. He rushed in to help her and two security personnel went in soon after. While he was helping her throw up they threatened him, and he reallly felt fear. It almost became violent, they wanted to take him out and beat him up. They were harsh and horrid, right in front of his five year old child.

Luckily in his case, the manager of the establishment came and calmed things down. He diffused the situation by finding out what was really happening and then telling his bouncers to sod off. The gentleman received an apology from them immediately.

He completely sympathised and understood my story, he had to rush into a toilet to help his child and he did it without question. The fear one has when you're faced in a situation where your loved one can be hurt is overwhelming. He told me that when you have children, you have to be prepared to give your life to them if the situation arises, you drop everything and run when they need help. I could understand because that's what I felt for James at that moment when I was on top of him receiving blows to my face. I would do so again, rush into the toilet to see to it that he got help.

The ridiculous part of both our stories is, people cannot see beyond the sign on the door. The level of pigeon-brained madness is so severe they overlook the entire picture, that a person was in need of help, that the anxiety of a parent or a fiancee is larger than prejudice and petty mindedness. It seems as though they're desperately searching for the oppurtunity to make a mess of things.

It's sad that in Malaysia, running in to help your loved one gets you beaten up, humiliated and scorn. To those of you trollers - you're really not human afterall. I guess you're just not used to receiving/giving help when it's needed, you seem to think it's completely beyond imagination or capability. For that I pity you, and await your flowery and insulting comments, for in this country, there are some of us who still respect fundamental liberties like the right to free speech... Though you could not be bothered to respect or protect another's right to stay alive and to even go so far as to mock it, I look forward to being your saviour.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What do you call a gorilla in a suit? A bouncer

I'm sure I'm going to draw a lot of flak for that "joke" from the numerous armchair critics who have flocked to drive the hits on this blog up, up, up, and away.

It was taken from the website below, and just so everyone knows, it's as old as the English Language.

The United Kingdom established the Private Security Industry Act 2001 which regulates the quality of security personnel around the country. Why can't we have something like that?

Please sign the petition at the side... help see to it that these people who are entrusted with our safety are properly trained and can be trusted with our safety.

Below is an excerpt from the article, link is posted at the side and below.



Barring Entry to Bouncers: Licensing Door Supervisors

The joke is old, but for many 'door supervisors', as they prefer to be called, the image of their job is unfairly summarised by comments such as these. There are estimated to be 100,000 door supervisors working in the UK. This is only one-fifth of the total number employed in the UK security industry. Security is a very hot topic at present, with many companies, other than just pubs and clubs reviewing their security policy, if indeed they had one in the first place. 'Bouncers', 'doormen' or door supervisors to be non-gender specific, are there to improve the safety of pubgoers and clubbers as well as providing reassurance to customers. If this doesn't exactly chime with your experience of door staff, then perhaps this is about to change.

Half a million people are employed in the security industry in Britain. Work roles in this industry vary widely, including the following:

*Security guards
*Door supervisors
*Vehicle immobilisers
*Close protection officers (otherwise known as 'minders')
*Private investigators
*Security consultants

Under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, it is a criminal offence to be occupied in any of these jobs without first obtaining a licence. If convicted of flouting this law, the penalty is six months in prison or a £5,000 fine. The law came into force fully in mid-April 2005.

A door supervisor's licence costs £190 and is valid for three years. Two types of licence exist, though: one for front-line work and one for non front-line staff. The Security Industry Association, an independent body set up by the 2001 Act, talks of the change in law creating an 'extended police family' which aims to have a positive impact through:

*Reducing crime
*Cutting disorder
*Minimising anti-social behaviour
*Improving public safety, and
*Providing reassurance

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Terrorists and Abuse

An inspiring piece of advice from the PM.

I guess the moral of the story is, violence is evil.

To quote the PM, those who choose the path of violence are a loss to the nation.

I think you don't have to strap bombs to yourself or end up on BBC News to be a terrorist. If you have no inkling of harming the next person, you're one.... A terrorist, and a lost cause. Countries who allow terrorists are labelled terrorist nations. What about establishments that allow for violence towards patrons?

Personally I think those who condone violence are in the same boat. If you don't believe there's anything wrong with it, the violence goes on.

The only fighting should be done to stop this kind of thing, and personally I'm a big fan of Gandhi's passive approach to things.

I truly believe, Malaysia Boleh.


edit: A lot of people don't seem to be drawing the inference. I am trying to say do not talk about planes when you can't cycle. We have a problem on a grassroot level. The educted who blow themselves up are the minority and the least to worry about, we have cavemen running amok beating women and sick men up around the corner from the twin towers.

Look the situation is as such. We are busy condemning only the worst kind of violence possible, but the rest of it is still going on on an albeit regular basis. In fact when I told my story I now find myself subject to attempted bullying and petty comments. Apparently certain Malaysians think it's no big deal to "ask for it and be bashed up". Other Malaysians are now standing up against Malaysians who want to fight their best to end violence.

What's the point of trying to trim the top of the tree when your roots are tainted? The lack of education needs to be eradicated.

Hope that explains more.


Abdullah: Terrorism not the path to follow

News Update by MAZWIN NIK ANIS of The Star

PUTRAJAYA: Terrorism should not be the path for one to follow, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told civil servants here today.

The Prime Minister described bomb maker Dr Azahari Husin as a “loss” and said he was a good lecturer and an academician of “high quality”.

“However, he chose a path that had brought destruction to himself. Terrorism cannot be the path for us to follow.

“Allah abhors violence and those who cause destruction and chaos to places where development has taken place. We must take heed of this,” he said at the monthly Prime Minister’s Department gathering.

Dr Azahari was killed in a shoot-out with the Indonesian police in Malang, south Surabaya on Nov 9. The father of two was a lecturer with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Skudai, Johor.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Hello Everyone,

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their comments.... good and bad. Even the trolls deserve a mention, because they took the trouble to stand up for what it was they believed in.

Albeit the wrong thing.

Let me place my position on the matter very clearly.

1. I started this blog only to inform the public about what happened to the both of us. Take it with a pinch of salt if you must, but to tell you the truth, I'm not doing it for the public support.... It is my right and a matter of principle that all of you are informed as to what happened to us so you can make an intelligent decision about the potential dangers out there.

2. I have had a lot of comments saying my story is not "clear enough" or "believable". You are more than welcomed to doubt the veracity of the claims, it is your right to do so and I applaud it. However please read the story before you shoot off. I have people asking all sorts of questions which would be answered if they so much had read the blog properly. It's all there for you to see, please don't clog up the comment box.

I just have one thing to say to those of you who are being a bit on the mean side - I think personally it is not very nice as fellow Malaysians to be so open to criticising the victim. We complain about the police not being sympathetic and how Malaysians in general are not helpful enough. It somehow reflects poorly the fact that someone fights so hard to tell their story, and then there are the bullies who come on the page to harass and to pressure the individuals in question. One day you may find yourself in a situation where you're assaulted or in an accident and instead of receiving understanding you are treated with scorn. Personally, your ill comments do not affect nor reflect on me because for every one troll there are ten other friends and supporters who inspire me with their warmth.

3. If I was lying about this through and through and inventing this stuff, I guess I'm not only very brave but stupid to go to the police, lie under oath, lie to court one day, and sod my whole future off. If any of you can even suggest that I guess it's something you're capable of - not me. I don't have the b@lls. Think about the potential implications before you suggest that I'm lying and getting my friends to lie as witnesses. If I can get someone to lie to the police about something he or she is not a friend, she's a fool. If I'm lying to the cops I'm a bigger idiot.

4. I am not in any way saying "bouncers are bad people". I so happened to have been bashed up by a few rotten eggs and told my story. And there are other people who have been bashed up and murdered by bouncers. This has to STOP.

So to people like elleashley, don't twist and turn this cause. I have friends who are bouncers too and they are outraged by this because they would never do such things to others. And even they want things to change for the better in this country, security personnel need better training. That's another reason why I'm trying to talk about it - to highlight this issue and get the public to pressure the authorities to reform the rules before we hire them. Not everyone who can fit into a black coat deserves to be a bouncer.

It seems odd that some are aspiring to bring the country backward into the medieval days of "bash thy enemy at will". Security personnel have to be trained to handle situations and perhaps eject clients if need be. Not take revenge, no matter how drunk and stupid and irritating the person may be. We are a civilisation - behave like we're in one, and not a disorganised circus.

5. I have nothing against Zouk per se either. I am pretty darn upset with the way they have treated us and yes, they will have to pay for their mistakes. They've done a bad, bad, bad, job handling my case. However I have never called for the place to shut down or for even a boycott. My blog is here to tell you what happened to me, and what you as the customer or the authorities decide to do from then on is entirely in your hands.

Take care and peace to all.


Those who do not kill me only make me stronger.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today I managed to speak to a more senior police official on the matter.

He questioned me till he was satisfied, I gave him all the details he needed and promised my full cooperation with the police.

Finally things are moving!

It doesn't make me particularly pleased though. Sadly you have to blow things out of proportion in the press and generate a public interest before things are done.

What if I was an ordinary Joe and didn't have the networking or pr skills? Not many people would think of doing what I did.

To be frank, I didn't. It was my friends who helped me make the calls.

I think the great majority of us have the fortune of not being bashed up. Or more like, the great majority of you people out there.

Personally for the both of us, it was a psychologically numbing experience. You take the physical abuse and then there's the time spent in your bedroom with the curtains drawn not wanting to go out.

I don't know whether it's different for women, but personally I took it horribly. My friends made sure I got out, they called me often, they took me out for my birthday... and helped me get the ball rolling.

Basically when you're in that state you don't know what to do for the next few days at least. "Why did this happen to me?" is the question that plays over, and over, and over again in your mind.

I do not wish this on anyone, that's what this blog is for. To give you, the reader, the oppurtunity to know what it's like and what's out there.

Whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice and personally I respect that. I've done my duty letting you know and it's up to you to decide things for yourself.

Peace and love to all.


Witness's Post

Hello everyone.

This is a post in the comments section by my friend who witnessed the thing and basically stepped in and saved us. I decided to highlight it in case some of you missed it... understandable considering the comments box is small for some browsers.

What she did was brave. All the other people around were just watching like spectators in a bull ring. She took a big risk, pushing her way in through the ring of bouncers and seeing to it that they knew we were not alone. For that I respect, admire and thank her for. I'm eternally grateful.

If there is a true hero in this story, it's her :)


Hey Julz,

Kudos on keeping your cool with some of these 'anonymous' spammers. Some people just can't make constructive criticisms.

In relation to concernedcitizen's comment that "It does NOT help them (or society) for you to build up public resentment against [bouncers] as a group."
--> you are right. We Don't want to create discrimination against them. What we want however, is to have some rules regulating their behaviour.

With regards to suanie's reference to "people sitting around doing nothing?"
--> sadly that was exactly what happened. When I found Julz and James, they were surrounded by bouncers on one side and curious on-lookers on the other (if there were any numbers to be taken, some would have probably bought 4D or toto numbers).

Here's my part of the story folks

Me and 2 other friends met up with Julz and James at Zouk.

We (minus the lovebirds) then went dancing when I got a message from Julz asking us to come up quickly. It seems James had been gone some time and she was worried. We packed off our guy friend to look for him.

Julz then subsequently gets a message from James for help and she rushes off to look for him and asked us to wait. (Our guy friend comes back later empty handed but we told him it was ok, Julz had gone to look for James.)

Some time passes. Some strange girl waves at me excitedly saying that my friend was looking for me. Puzzled, I followed her and turned to where she was pointing.

Shock and horrors!

I saw Julz on her hands and knees crying and James on his back on the ground! I pushed through a wall of men in black surrounding them (and curious on-lookers on the other side of a partition). One of the men (I believe they were all bouncers) tried to stop me by pushing me back but heck my pals were in trouble and no fat bouncer is going to keep me from getting to my friends!

As I pushed through I saw one of the men in black aim a kick at James! Julz was crying hysterically at that point and said over and over again to me to please please grab her bag and let’s go! I was at that point in the middle of a group of men in black in what felt to be a rather volatile situation with my friend in tears and her fiancé prone on the floor with what seemed to be blood on his face. I didn’t know what to do. So I did what she told me to do. I ran back, grabbed her bag and handed it to her. We somehow made it out without being further accosted by the bouncers.

I also got So mad when Julz told me what happened when she tried to make a proper statement to the police much later. The policewoman who was taking her statement told her she should be ashamed of herself for being in the men’s toilet and that she should watch her behaviour! And when Julz wanted to make a statement in English, the policewoman asked her rudely why she was speaking the ‘white man’s’ language and not bahasa melayu. The policewoman claimed she did not understand English. (Note: you have the right to make your statement in the language of your choice). So Julz gave her statement in bahasa melayu. She had to correct the statement several times for spelling corrections because the policewoman’s command of her native language was obviously not exactly first rate.

God what happened to sticking up for your fellow women? I tell you sometimes it is our own gender that makes the worst perpetrators of discrimination, which is totally unforgivable.

Anyways. I’m just so mad coz Julz and James got bashed!!!!

One more thing, I went to the police station a few days ago to make a report as an eye witness but the policewoman told me I had to get the Investigating Officer’s approval first. Which is total crap really. You have the right to make an independent report of an event you have witnessed. Anyways, we went back again today with Julz lawyer in tow and the police took both my report and my statement. (Julz’s lawyer is the Best!)

Another thing (last one promise!) – if you are unhappy with the way a government servant / department has treated you – call the Public Complaints Bureau (Tel : 8888 7777, Web : Apparently they love hearing from the public.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


That's a petition against Zouk Malaysia's current policy of using violence on patrons when they apparently see fit.

There is no justification for assault by bouncers on patrons.

Please sign.

Stay safe!

On the 29th of October my fiancee and I were assaulted and beaten up by bouncers at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur. We went over for what we thought would be a fun Halloween night out. We expected to see costumes, and pumpkins, and receive the odd scare or two. Never did we consider in our wildest dreams we'd be "seeing stars" and spending time in hospitals soon after.

This is our story.

My fiancee's name is James and I'm Ju-Lee. We've been going out for almost five years. He has had a string of health problems from birth. As he was born premature, he came out with a hole in his heart and liver complications. Then he had a series of blackout spells from a few years ago - the underlying problem of which numerous doctors have not been able to diagnose successfully. Needless to say when my fiancee tells me he isn't feeling well and it could be serious, I take it seriously.

We arrived at Zouk at about 11.20 p.m. We had booked our table that was on the first floor facing the dance floor on the ground. The drinks came about twenty minutes later, our friends came a little over midnight. They headed to the dance floor and we decided to stay. Shortly after James told me he was feeling ill and he went to the toilet.

He only had two heavily diluted whiskies with water, so no it was not the alcohol. Nobody was drunk. The bottle was still quite full and we had poured enough for five people, not once but two rounds. I am sure he didn't have too much - I poured the drinks for him and everyone that night. Dismissing it as perhaps a tummy ache, I let it go. The thought didn't even cross my mind that it was the alcohol. It wasn't.

For twenty odd minutes he did not return. I was starting to worry. I signalled to my friends to leave the dance floor and come upstairs, which they did. I asked a male acquaintance to go to the toilet to check on him but he never returned. I found out later that being a first timer at the place, he went to the downstairs toilet because that was the only one that was around. He didn't find James.

I received an SMS from James. His exact words were "Please Help Me". My heart raced, I knew of his blackout spells, the countless health problems and numerous trips to the hospital - many of which were late at night, distressing emergencies that scared me each time. My fear and protective instinct towards my loved one kicked in.

I told my friend to look after my bag, and that I was going to get James because things sound bad. I mentioned specifically he was in the men's toilet and that I was going to get him. She thought nothing of it but the fact that I was going to see to it my loved one got help.

My heart was pounding as I ran as fast as I could to the toilet. I knocked on the main door and informed the cleaner that he was sick and that he needed to go to the hospital and that I was going to get him. I called out to James and the only response I got was James's hand extend out under the toilet door. He was already on the floor. I panicked.

I expected the cleaner at this point to assist by getting help but he kept complaining about about the fact that there was a woman in the men's toilet. At that time I thought he was just a cleaner with not much education, when someone higher up finds out they're going to know James needs help. I'll just explain the situation and it will all be over.


I went into the cubicle which was tiny. James was slumped on the floor, I had pulled him up and sat him up. He was floating in and out of consciousness. His eyes kept rolling to the back of his head, his head cocking backwards and forwards. His tongue was stuck out, mouth wide open. I was wiping his face, dirtied from the bathroom floor when he passed out. I was in a state of utter panic. If he blacked out completely it would be hell trying to get him downstairs through the crowd and then outside and then to the hospital.

I locked the toilet door when I got in, thinking logically that someone might accidentally push open the door thinking the cubicle was vacant. James was sitting right beside the door and I didn't want him to be hit by it, basically . That proved to be a good move because soon after I did, a bouncer comes not knocking, but banging.

He was shouting at the top of his voice, full of rage. He demanded we get out of the toilet now. I couldn't possibly go out with James in that state, he was too ill. The man kept banging at the door and shouting, saying he will beat us up and trash us as soon as he gets his hands on us. That it's obvious we're doing "funny business" in the toilet and we should get out now. I continued to plead with him, I even apologised for my presence and said that I had no choice - I had to go to help immediately, and he needed to go to the hospital. He kept abusing the door with his fists - I was shocked, scared, and took his threats for real.

I opened the door to prove to him that James was really ill and needed help. The real nightmare now began.

He immediately dragged James off the floor, tossed him too his feet. He then grabbed my wrist and threw me out the door. I asked him what right did he have to touch customers like that? I demanded his name so I could speak to the manager about it. I certainly was not going to take pushed around and more so, having my sick fiancee pushed around over this.

He came right up to my face - I could feel him breathing right on me. He pointed right to my eyes and said, "If you want me to tell you my name, I'll take you outside and SHOW you my name". Not wanting to get into a fight or brawl, I decided imbeciles best be left alone. My priority this point anyway, was getting James to the hospital. James and I walked arm in arm out the toilet towards our table to retrieve my handbag and leave. He was still having trouble with his vision, walking was difficult and I helped prop him up with my shoulders. The sudden jolt off the floor kickstarted his brain but he was still feeling quite ill. That's the last he spoke to me before "the incident".

As we were going to the table which was about twenty feet away from the loo, we found ourselves surrounded by four bouncers. They started pushing and pulling us from all directions. There were two Malay and two Indian bouncers, including the lout from the toilet. They were rough housing us and shouting questions about our directions at that point - "Where are you going?/Kamu pergi mana?" The pushing and pulling got so violent I was screaming on top of our voice that we were going to get my handbag, that's all.

I just want my handbag and we will be going.

I need my handbag because my keys are in there.

My wallet's in there.

My identification card was in there. Please, just let me go get my handbag, for chrissake.

They screamed back at me - I was not allowed to get my handbag. That was that.

They lifted James off the floor and he kicked out in defence - God knows where they were going to throw him. It must have been difficult for him to have kicked them because he just had an operation on his ankle. He probably did it in desperation, even walking hurts him.

It got worse. They pushed him on the floor and in a second I found myself pushed on top of him. Then the beating began. All four men started kicking. I remember lying face down on top of James, and then receiving blows to the left side of my face. The pain was intense, sharp, and numbing. James however, sick as he was, got the brunt of the beating.

The patrons around us looked in disbelief but did nothing. We were helplessly being beaten up and people just crowded to watch. I was shouting and crying, begged the world for help - but realising soon that no one would get involved, I screamed at the patrons to "Get my friend with the blue top sitting over there". Somebody went to alert her.

In what seemed like hours, she turned up, saw us on the floor, bouncers kicking away. She tried to get into the circle of bouncers but got pushed off by one of them. She forced her way in - the most courageous thing anyone that evening did - and loudly announced, "Oh My God, what's happening to you guys?"

The bouncers realised immediately that we were not alone that evening. The last kick was delivered and they stopped.

I screamed at her to get my handbag and that we were leaving.

I was hysterical. Beaten, bruised, crying. My mouth was bleeding, the left side of my face swollen. Later that evening when I removed my make up did I realise how blue black my face and eyes really were. The inside of my mouth on the left side was cut - the blow to my face made the inside of my cheek impact my teeth, ultimately cutting a deep gash open. The teeth on the left side of my mouth still hurt till today.

James was in a worse state. His mouth was bleeding profusely. It cannot close properly anymore, his molars no longer align. They kicked him so bad his retainers behind his lower teeth in the front were bashed off, the wire exposed, cutting at his tongue. His front teeth are cracked - his mouth can't shut. Permanent damage. No one should suffer this, let alone a sick man.

He has bruises from head to toe, literally. When he came home he sat on the toilet thinking he was passing motion - it was blood that came out. He bled from the abdomen internally.

His left wrist was swollen beyond compare. He had scratches all over there - he distinctly recalls having to fight off one of the bouncers who was trying very hard to pull off his Omega watch. They were obviously trying to rob us. Trying to pull off his watch, not allowing us to get my handbag - they obviously wanted to retrieve that for later. There is no other logic to not letting me get at my handbag. We seemed like easy targets - a foreigner, possibly a weekend tourist, and a young woman. It didn't seem like we had friends till someone stepped in. We were probably targeted.

Zouk has till today, not bothered to contact us. I left messages with the gentleman I booked the table through - a "Zouk Ambassador" - asking him to get the management to contact me. I even asked the reporters who interviewed us to get them to call me back. Not a phone ring.

They don't care. The sheer arrogance is astounding. They are a big club and we are just two individuals, the little guys. I am not calling to complain about a fly in the soup or a bug in the salad, and even if I was, professionalism would dictate they call back. Their employees failed to assist when we asked for medical attention and proceeded to assault and try to rob us. Even if they think it is our fault, the least they can do is call back and answer to us. Tell us to our faces if you think you're right!

What is the point of having ambassadors when you have no sense of diplomacy?

And now they have the gall to release statements to the press claiming we were "making out in the toilet" and we were asked to leave, and that James proceeded to attack the bouncers afterward.

We share several homes together - due to the nature of James's work, we travel and keep residence in several countries. We have been going out for five years and intend to tie the knot soon. Our grannies know about us. We have a rock solid relationship and do not need to resort to making out in filthy club toilets. The suggestion that we were making out in the men's toilet is beyond comprehension and idiocy.

It is beyond insulting - to be bashed up and then humiliated in public, no less.

Then there's the question of a PhD holder known for his geekiness and health problems more than his brunt and braun attacking four huge bouncers. He kicked them apparently, two months flat after an ankle operation. He apparently attacked them but they didn't lodge a police report against him even though he's this violent individual who goes after massive bouncers. I don't think I need to reason that out with the logical, really.

And they claim in the press that I changed stories when questioned by the police - when in actuality I had not released any statements at the time and being the victim, I was not subjected to any kind of questioning. The police deny ever saying such things to them, they are in the midst of an investigation and have no apparent reason to state such facts or take sides.

Zouk is trying to discredit us in an attempt to salvage their business reputation. Ultimately they're saying their four bouncers had the right to bash us up because we were making out and James apparently kicked them. I guess that would make the public feel safe if it were true - get caught making out and you'll be bashed and ejected and then humiliated, that is our company policy.

We have a right to bash you if the circumstances justify it.

Common sense - you mean to say no one kisses and makes out in Zouk? You see that everywhere on the seats and the dance floor out in the open. So what if we were making out in the bathroom, compared to let's say, the dance floor? You mean that justifies a beating?

This is the club that's been hauled to court for lewd shows and they want to take the moral highground where making out is concerned. Give me a break!

The police have not been helpful either. I have had to justify numerous times as to why I was present in the gents.

If a woman jumped into the sea to save her loved one and drowned, people would herald her a hero. She instinctively dived in to save his life, how unselfish.

But when a woman runs into a men's toilet to save him, she's stupid. She has no pride. Why didn't I get a friend? Why didn't I get the bouncers? Why didn't I get the waiters? I've had to suffer the humiliation of being interrogated, harassed and questioned as though I was a criminal.

Sometimes I think based on all the questions and comments, I would probably suffer less flack if he had been left there to fend for himself and got really ill. That is the part that sickens me the most.

I did inform the cleaner and ask for help. Shouldn't that be enough? Aren't all their staff trained and told that if a customer needs medical assistance, to provide it? This is a club. People get asthma attacks, they get drunk and royally sick. Isn't everyone trained to help out when asked? Isn't it common sense to fetch someone and call the hospital when pleaded to?

No I was told - cleaners are stupid. Apparently they're just Bangladeshis, they have no brains. I should have worried about this fact and looked for someone more qualified to help me.

Apparently my mistake was not getting the bouncers. They have the ability to help out. The same people who bashed us up I am told are the ones with the power to save our lives. It was my mistake I didn't inform these "highly qualified" security personnel.

This is the reason why Malaysians think twice before they stop by the side of the road to help strangers. If you do so you will find yourself in a position where you have to justify your presence and your actions. It may land you in trouble. Helping is for fools, if you want to save yourself, you walk away.

This proves it. I didn't try to help just anyone, I tried to help my fiancee, the man I want to spend the rest of eternity with. And I've been judged and ridiculed and questioned for it, my intentions, actions and dignity.

Many can't see beyond the scandalous sign on the little boys room door to realise there's a bigger issue at stake - someone asked for help and it was given without question.

What's the wrong in running straight into the fire when you hear the word "Help"? Where is the care and compassion? Where is the sense of unconditional sacrifice?

This is the only country in the world where you have to justify going to someone's aid, where the mentality is so pigeon-brained there are those who are more concerned about the sign on the door or what others think before the actual situation - that someone needs assistance immediately, that he needs to go to the hospital.

I find that I've had to justify myself time and time again, as though I'm the criminal, and they're the victims, the big discotheque that now finds itself with a lawsuit and several articles in the newspapers. We've had to pay physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as reputation wise. Where is the justice in that?

As a human being I have my rights. Even if we were misbehaving there is no excuse to assault anyone. There is no justification in the law, if you're the authorities you should know that and protect the innocent. Not question them and make them feel awful.

Getting beaten up is no joke, watching your loved one get bashed up right in front of your eyes is even worse. It is a fate I do not wish on anyone. I hope people would be more understanding and less judgemental about this, we're having a tough time as it is getting through our physical and emotional scars.

I say this and I stand by it - I would give my life to James. I am proud I didn't think twice to run in and to help him and I would go wherever in the world he asks me. Be it a mountain top, or the sea, or the ends of the earth. Even a men's toilet, yes. I love him and I would give my life to him. I want to be his wife one day.

I will never forgive those people for hurting him.

Know this - if they can do it to a woman and a sick man, they can and will do it to anyone.

I want to get our story out.

I have a lot of people coming forward telling me their experiences being beaten up our threatened by bouncers. It's apparently common. For sharing their stories, I am eternally grateful.

Please keep them coming in - I have opened an email, . I hope to highlight this problem to the authorities, that more needs to be done to make the Kuala Lumpur club scene safer. It is a lovely city and does not deserve this sort of thuggish behaviour from a few rotten eggs.

To our friends and the many strangers who have stood by us and supported us - I have no words to describe what we feel for your help and care. Though this has brought out the worst in people, it has brought out the best as well.

And to the many Malaysians who love this country and want to make it a better place - Malaysia boleh.

Sign the petition to better regulate Security Personnel in Malaysia. It's too much to stomach that bouncers are apparently allowed to beat the living daylights out of customers if they see fit.

I hope that this will create awareness as to the ongoing problem in Malaysia with regards to security personnel - they are not trained, they are not vetted for criminal records. They are sometimes thugs and gangsters. They do not face the brunt of the management or the law when they harm others. They act with fists and not with brains, they pick on the small. Be it security guards, bouncers, or other security personnel - more needs to be done to educate them. They need to be checked for diseases such as AIDS because like it or not they may bleed on others if a fight or stabbing breaks out. Why aren't there these rules in place? We have the tallest building in the world but certain regulations are still primitive.

I want to collect as many signatures as possible and to see to it that there are better laws in place. I know not all Security Personnel are bad people - I just think that the time has come to create a more desirable career oppurtunity for people who are serious about the job. They deserve better pay and training. The rotten eggs who are there to cause trouble and bring the good workers a bad name should be thrown out.

Take care.
*Press Reports*

These are the various articles that have covered the issue.

Our plight has also been highlighted by China Press and Sin Chew Jit Poh, I unfortunately do not read Chinese and do not have the links. If anyone can help, that would be great.