Monday, March 13, 2006

Newspaper Article

This was on:

and page 3 of the Malay Mail, 13th March 2005

Couple questions delay in police probe


It has been more than four months since a Malaysian businesswoman and her British fiance alleged they were beaten up by bouncers at a nightspot in Jalan Ampang on Halloween night last year.
But it was only last Thursday that they were asked by Dang Wangi police to identify their attackers.

The businesswoman, who wanted to be known only as Ju-Lee, 26, was able to positively identify two men.

Her fiance, known only as James, however, said he could not positively identify his attackers as it happened some time ago.

James now questioned why investigations into the alleged assault, which occured on Oct 31 last year at Zouk Club KL, had taken so long.

“I don’t want to accuse the wrong persons. So I told the police that I am not 100 per cent certain.”

“The incident took place a long time ago. At the time, all I could feel were blows coming from all directions.”

The 25-year-old manager with a multinational company in China said they spent about five minutes each in a room with the suspects inside and were told by police to point out their assailants during the identification parade.

“It was traumatic for us as we had to recall the incident.”

Ju-Lee, meanwhile, said she is fearful that the attackers can now identify them after seeing them at the police station.

“We had to come face-to-face again with our attackers. Of course, I can remember their faces but over the course of time, some of their features like hairstyle and body size may have changed.”

She said she had changed her cell phone number, claiming that several weeks after the incident, she had been receiving strange calls.

She said they will continue with the lawsuit against the nightspot operator.

“We want to see justice done and don’t want the same thing to happen to anyone.

“We were never there (in the toilet) to ‘make out’ as the club claimed, and we want this to be clear. It has been a difficult time for us since the incident.”

The Malay Mail reported on Nov 5 that the couple were assaulted at Zouk after they were accused of ‘making out’ in the men’s toilet.

Ju-Lee had said that she went the toilet to attend to James, who had a health problem and was sick at the time of the incident.

Dang Wangi deputy police chief Superintendent Mohd Rodzi Ismail said the case is classified under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

He said as the case is a non-seizable offence, the police had to get the order to investigate from the Deputy Public Prosecutors before taking any further action.

“There was a lot of process involved before we can call for the identification parade.”

He said since the two alleged assailants had been identified, police would continue with the charge soon.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Return of the Jedi

I am back.... I didn't go back to Milan though, was glad staying in KL. Relatives say the winter there was one of the most harsh ever.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Chinese/mixed Chinese people/ everyone else who celebrates Chinese New Year. Personally I hope for better this year.... happiness and prosperity :)

James's operation went well. He had terrible internal bleeding from the beating and that did not heal well enough. A week before CNY he was in the hospital. We had to go back once because of complications but things seem fine now. It is terrible and ridiculous that one night out will result in thousands worth of hospital bills, and worse, this level of injuries. Potentially could cost someone his or her life.

The update on my case is as such: There is no update. I am wondering if the cops and the prosecution are sleeping. I have heard no news from them with regards to charging the bouncers who whacked us up.

The police in this country however, whilst taking their own sweet time arresting club bouncers who physically assault patrons to the point of hospitalisation, make it a point to teach old people a good hearty lesson that their past time has no place on the streets... Yes boys and girls, a bit of mahjong, harmless to everyone, will get you a good shaving and jail time to go with it.

However if you beat people up to the point in which they go to hospital, the cops will sometimes tell you (like in my case) that you deserve it, and you're left to wonder four months later, what really is happening with your case.

Makes you think sometimes about the way things are going. I hope all those articles I read about the police reforming are not just lip service... it's really frustrating, disheartening, and somewhat scary to think that the very men who didn't think twice about assaulting us in a public place could very well be walking around in my neighbourhood.


Public express indignation over shaving episode

PETALING JAYA: There has been widespread public indignation over the action by Kajang police to shave bald 10 senior citizens caught playing mahjong on the second day of the Chinese New Year.

The 10 men claimed trial in a Kajang magistrate’s court yesterday to a charge of illegal gambling at a public place.

A 31-year-old coffeeshop owner, who was also shaved bald, pleaded not guilty to allowing the 10 to gamble at his Hulu Langat shop.

The public expressed disappointment and puzzlement over the episode.

The Star received numerous calls and SMS texts saying the action was unnecessary.

Politicians described it as insensitive and an over-reaction as well as a violation of human rights.

Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Noor Hakim, however, defended his men's action, saying that under Section 9a of the Lock Up Rules, the police can shave a detainee’s head bald. “So, we are just exercising whatever the law requires us to do.”

Friday, December 23, 2005


Am taking a bit of a break from this blog..... the investigations seem to be moving pretty well albeit slowly. (biar lambat asalkan selamat, I'd like to think)

Brought in all the necessary medical records, they've been flown in, duplicated and submitted to the appropriate people.

I'm also meeting a healthy number of people who have been bashed up. It is quite alarmingly, shocking and appalling. But two heads... or should i say, more heads, are better than one.

Need to take a break. May head off to our apartment in Milan and then the country home in Como sometime soon for a nice chill, some shopping and a good detox since things seem to be moving fine. This time of the year is also great to ski, and the view from the back of the house faces the Alps... sunrise right now is breathtaking. It makes you forget about all your worries and concerns and opens your mind and heart to new feelings and possibilities. When I'm there I like waking up extra early, making a cup of hot chocolate and watching the snow change hues as the sun comes up.

I miss the people I have there too, family and friends and then there's just Italians in general.... such a colourful nation. And I think that after going through sooo much in Malaysia it'll be nice to see the others I consider family and that other place I consider home, just to relax and take a break. I am Malaysian and will always be, through and through, but getting beaten up in a public place and then encountering all these difficulties over what should be a small issue to tackle is distressing. How come there are so many beatings, why is it nothing much is being done on an administrative level, why is it such an uphill battle for a victim in a place considered "developed"?

First world infrastructure, third world mentality... that's what someone said to me once.

Hope I can make a change with this, there's no other reason why I feel so strongly about this whole thing.

p.s..... people who have apartments in Milan and appreciate the morning sunrise over the Alps do not "do" public toilets.


Saturday, December 03, 2005


Will be observing a silence in the comment box for the weekend till I decide whether to permanently remove posting rights or not.

Those who'd like to send me messages, please do so via email. Alternatively you can register to this blog as a member to comment.

I've just been receiving too many complaints from people about the swearing and the nonsense.

My apologies for the inconvenience.



Answering Questions

Cheerios people.

My apologies from being away from the blog. I have been so busy of late, travelling and work.

Anyhow, I've been receiving a lot of email from people wanting me to respond to these two particular posts. As you all know I do not quite bother with the trolls. Considering I'm telling the truth I really have no issue with adverse propaganda of any kind. It does look like it serves a particular purpose for certain parties, and those with intelligence can see this through and through.

Here are the answers to the relevant posts I have received most queries about.



Zouk.Abuse said...
you idiots.
dont want to believe me?
hope u all get bashed up for no reason.

all i wanted to do was to get sperm into my cunt. do i deserve to be bashed? do i? DO I?????

moron detractors..
just wait..if u morons ever make it hard for me to win this case because of the lies u all spill out as being witness even though u were not there, i will get my strong white bf to kick yr little asian / chinaman / indian ass!

morons! uneducated fools!



To the person who wrote this -

Firstly, your punctuation is grossly flawed. Whatever attempts to sound intelligent fell flat on your face. I make the effort to use caps lock where capitalisation is not only justified, but essential.

Secondly, I do not use words like "u" or "bf". Mixing that with big words like "detractors" to sound like me is a cheap shot.

By the way, I'm mixed "Chinaman" + "Indian" and I would never in my right mind claim that my people have "small asses". Far from that, I know what we're capable of. Half of where I derive my strength from is my heritage. Dream on me knocking my own people, the same Chinamen and Indian guys who know that hitting a woman and a sick man under any situation is Wrong.

This has nothing to do with race, do not turn it into a racial issue. I am not a racially motivated person, which is why I do not judge the colour of my loved ones or friends. This is not a racist situation because it is not. It is a simple tragedy about violence and unprofessionalism on the part of the management.

And I like signing off "///Z.a" and not "///Z.A".

To the party who attempted the forgery - find someone with half a brain to help you type something more believable.



Ok, I have just gotten a phone call from Ju-Lee asking me what I know about this case. Now who is scared?

Anyway, I told her like I tell everyone, if you believe you are so right, let's bring it to court and see where you stand. I'm sure after Zouk shows the CCTV of your bf trying to be a smart hero, the whole world will see who provoked and started hitting the bouncers first.

No wonder your boyfriend is smart enough to remain quiet. He is the real guilty party in all of this.

Scared now eh Ju-Lee? I'm sorry...but I cannot help you and I am not on your side.

Please stop calling me.

24 November, 2005 22:09


Joseph Lee.... Who in the world are you?

If you would like to identify yourself to me please, do send me a contact of some kind. Actually no don't bother because you're obviously a waste of time.

Sending out blanket comments on my blog claiming that I've been calling you is ludicrous. Why would I bother to call you when my phone numbers will turn up on your mobile phone, or if I have been calling a landline, how would you know it was me unless you made the effort to go to the police station and lodge a report, following which I would have been reprimanded for harassing and stalking you.

A person who publicises her plight on a blog and then begs someone for help covering things up.... that's believable.

Secondly, the only reason why my beloved fiancee is not replying to this mess is because he has been recouperating from the sorry state the bouncers put him in. Do not a sleeping tiger as being harmless o' foolish one.

Your claims about the CCTV is complete rubbish. I've made this very clear. If there is any kind of CCTV, release it to the police - not only for my case, but the other cases where other people have been bashed up. Send the truth in all the cases out. I would jump for joy watching the footage of bouncers beat people up in a court of law.

Because under any circumstances - whoever provoked whatever in any of the cases or whatever justification they may have had at the time - hitting a person is still assault. The CCTV if it even exists will never come out because it will implicate the parties involved through and through.

So if you are in the position to bargain for the CCTVs release - DO IT.

And the fact that you can talk about the CCTV makes me reallly think which party you are really from. I do not think that you are an insignificant little troll. Tell me Joseph Lee - who do you Really Represent?

What do I care if I have Signor Joseph Lee on my side. Just another nobody. That's probably not even his real name. And besides I'm not looking for supporters. People come when things are right. I am looking for justice. It is an infinite and deep concept that certain parties think they can avoid with the strength of muscle and bullying.

Hrmmmm. Right now I'm torn. I've got a lot of requests from people to actually censor and curtail the comments in this blog because the silliness is a huge pain to the eyes.

Then again, people like Joseph Lee really do leave behind surprising clues amidst the scatter brained commentary.

Will think about it but do not be surprised oh trollers if I do change my mind.... abuse of free speech is abuse nonetheless.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Five and Six

Met two others today who were bashed up in Zouk.

That brings the number to five and six.

They got in touch with us through our Malay Mail article. They're going through a hard time themselves.... One of them was injured pretty badly. I'm glad he's in better shape now.

I won't divulge their stories as the press intends to cover it, want them to get the exclusive. I will however link it here when it comes out. I hope they publish soon.

I am surprised at the number of people coming forward. I think publicising this was the best thing I did, all of us thought we were alone. None of us could understand why we were targeted and how we got into this big mess. All the incidents were spur of the moment, out-of-the-blue, fits of anger on the part of the security personnel.

Now it's coming to light.... hopefully it will stop.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Arrests been made

Pertaining the case of the other two who were assaulted at Zouk before James and myself.....

The police went to make the arrests pertaining that assault last night. I got the call from one of the guys immediately. One of them made the identification of the suspects, and the evidence was also carted off. (they got whacked on the head with pretty heavy objects)

I'm happy things are finally moving for them.

I hope it will for us soon....

We're hoping their story will be covered in the press. Apparently there is yet another beating at Zouk, involving two brothers. Also by bouncers I believe. The press is waiting for Zouk's response on the matter.

Lawyer has sent off a legal letter to them for the assault and the defamation. Let's see how it goes from here. I'm itching to see justice done... I really believe strongly that being assaulted by anyone under any circumstances is a horrible, terrible thing.

Peace to all.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


There are some times in life when you feel the connection to the person before you even meet. There are only two men in my life who share that honour, one of whom I met this evening.

We got on the phone this afternoon and spoke about our ordeals. Both him and a friend were bashed up on the first floor, albeit in another toilet from the one we were in. Just like us, it happened quickly, unprovoked. Ridiculously violent.

They ended up in the hospital, completely bloodied from the experience.

There was an instant bond when we met. It was comforting to know we're both in this for the same reasons - we felt we were wronged, that this could have possibly ended up with someone being permanently injured or possibly dead. We did not want this ordeal to happen to anyone else out there.

This is a difficult journey but in a way it's comforting to know that neither of us are alone. Two forces are much better and stronger than one.

Sceptics.... Patience please. The story will be out in a minute. I'm not giving the game away just yet.